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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  March 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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a comeback for a sold out crowd on senior night. super tuesday lived up to its billing.... at least for two candidates.... super tuesday lived up to its billing.... at least for two candidates.... hillary clinton and donald trump are closing in on their party's nomination. good evening. i'm erin kiernan. i'm dan winters... clinton and trump both added to their delegate leads tonight... and everyone else could be in trouble... we begin with the republican race... 14-states were up for grabs today. at this point trump has won six of them... the states in red. texas and oklahoma.. several others are still too close to call. senator marco rubio, governor john kasich, and doctor ben carson are yet to win a single state. presidential candidate "they're declaring marco rubio the big loser of the night, which is true. he didn't win anything. he hasn't won anything. period po-149tupo-147tu once we get all of this finish, i'm going to go after one person that's
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we're still waiting on the results of three more states. alaska... north dakota.. and wyoming are all holding republican caucuses tonight. look for those results tomorrow on today in iowa starting at 5-a-m. on the democratic side it was big night for hillary clinton... the nomination is within reach... clinton won seven of the eleven states that were in play... the states marked in yellow. senator bernie sanders won two... including his home state of vermont. clinton may not have clinched the nomination tonight... but she sounded like the nominee... presidential candidate"it's clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher. and the rhetoric we're hearing on the other side has never been lower . trying to divide america between us and them is wrong,
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to let it work ." the next big day for the candidates is this weekend. voters in five state will cast a ballot on saturday. the u-s supreme court will likely be short one justice at least through the end of the year... today iowa senator charles grassley met with president obama and other lawmakers at the white house. the two spent about 20-minutes discussing the supreme court vacancy. senator grassley wants to wait until after a new president is selected to consider a nominee. senator harry reid wants the senate to do its job now. both sides say they have the constitution on their side. nevada "we have that nasty little constitution that says they are obligated to hold hearings, they're obligated to vote that's what it saysgrassley from tonslite 05:25-05:41 we have the role of advice and consent. so that consent can be voting for the nominee, it can be voting against the nominee, or
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particular point and we're inclined to do the latter. that stance will again be put to the test. senator reid says president obama is closer to selecting his nominee for the supreme court. the director of the university of iowa's department of public safety is accused of interfering with a drunk-driving investigation... the incident happened in june but this was just now made public... channel 13's mike dasilva joins us.... mike.. this started out with an investigating into the director's step son... that's right...this all started when a johnson county sheriff's deputy heard radio traffic about a hit and run in the area of highway six and riverside drive in iowa city... by the way we should point out that ryan foley of the associated press first broke this story... the allegations surround an incident involving the ui campus police leader's step son and a car crash that occurred outside a local bar.... police say 33-year old sean crane was drinking at this bar, the eagles club in iowa city on june 25th. crane
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step father...david visin. police were searching for crane that night because he reportedly crashed his truck into two cars in the parking lot outside the eagles club. and would later recieve treatment for "road rash" on his back, which he suffered after being ejected from his truck during the hit and run accident. police say crane left the scene before officers arrived. an officer then visited crane's home.. and learned from his wife that he had left and was with visin. the officer spoke with visin over the phone in an attempt to get him to pull over. police say visin refused and continued driving because he wanted to drop off a trailer he was pulling. despite being ordered to stop.. police say visin let his stepson out at a gas station. police located crane walking along the road at the corner of 500th street southwest and oak crest hill road southeast in riverside... according to the incident report he was only wearing shorts... and had an obvious wound on his back. police say crane also had a blood- alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit. later that night.. police spoke to visin.
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visin had few answers for police. it reads in part quote, "at no point did visin offer any explanations to his actions other than he wants sean out of his truck, he didn't know what was going on, he didn't want any part of this, and that he wanted to get the trailer home." the officer also noted in the report that he quote, "told visin i thought he was lying and that he deliberately interfered with my investigation." in a statement, the university of iowa says visin disclosed information regarding the incident with his stepson to the senior vice president for finance and operations, shortly after it occurred, and that the university is not aware of any charges filed against visin. a des moines man on trial for vehicular homicide claims his life was in danger ...just before he crashed into a telephone pole last november. his passenger died on impact. today, the court heard from the man
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story.. king 06:09:23 the vehicle involved in the accident was unrecognizable a mangled mess of metal... a car ripped in two. the man behind the wheel last november... nats 10:56:55 troy lee mure jr took the stand in his own defense. troy mure claims he and his fiancee, scalicity perez boyd, were being chased. troy 11:16:44 i said they had a gun and she said go mure reached speeds of close to 90 miles an hour.. during the pursuit, he says the other car tapped his rear bumper and he lost control. mure's defense offered a reason why he was running... mom 10:26:54 different people was talking about killing my son.. just a lot of threats 04 his mother explained those threats stemmed from rumors that her son was involved in a deadly shooting earlier that month at evolution night club. but prosecutors question what he did and didn't do right before the crash. troy 11:32:08 your phone was on you, correct? yes. and you never called 911. no. you never handed the phone to scalicity or call 911. no 14
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doesn't support his claims.. king 08:15:53 i do not believe mr. mure bumped by another car but mure says he never meant to cause boyd any harm.. troy 11:24:15 did you feel that your life in danger when you saw that gun? yes i did. mine and hers 21 it's now up to a judge to determine if he's to blame for the violent and deadly crash. in des moines jt channel 13 news. vehicular homicide by reckless driving carries a penalty of up to ten years in prison. a judge will now determine mure's guilt or innocence. in some parts of iowa, march definitely came in like a lion. this is the snow that fell on waterloo last night and into this morning. the city received bout three inches.. and could see a little bit more snow later this week. chief meteorologist ed wilson is checking in. ed.. yesterday you said march is known for snow... see what you did... this winter has also cost boone
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the wagon wheel bridge across the des moines river was damaged by huge chunks of ice floating down the river last month. the county is now making plans to remove the bridge before it collapses. it was built in 19-10 and is on
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as iowa deals with snow and cold... parts of louisiana are recovering from an e-f-3 tornado... " i had never seen the sky swirl so pretty, it was gray but it was pretty so first thing you think, 'let me tape it i want to show people.'" this is the video kyra johnson shot last week. she says she she was focused on the sky... and didn't even notice the growing tornado in the shot... by the time she did.. it was too late. when the wind picked up... she ran to a nearby hardware store... the front doors were locked and the customers inside were in a backroom and unable to hear her... when the tornado hit.. johnson's only shelter was standing next to a vending machine outside the store.. "i just braced myself right here between the coke machine and i wasn't even holding on, it was just to brace myself." "god! there's no explaining it, god because after i seen the video, i didn't know what it really looked like, i just figured i was in a tornado." not only did johnson survive.. she also escaped injury. those inside the store were also uninjured.
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she also escaped injury. those inside the store were also uninjured. just three weeks ago, the hawkeyes had a conference title within reach... now they're struggling just to win a share of it.... and even that depended on a win tonight..... later in sports.. were the hawks able to snap a 3-game losing streak in the final home game of the season. 104710 - not only can it affect the aesthetic value but it can also effect its performance people who drive cars like this... want to show them off... after the break... the law that could make hot rods look a little sleeker... and why police are against it. iowa lawmakers are considering a bill that could allow 17-year old kids to shopping for an suv? well, this is the time. and your ford dealer is the place, to get 0% financing for 60 months on a ford suv.
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vote in the primary elections this june. right now you must be at least 18 in order to vote. the iowa senate wants to change that... this is how it would work... right now the primary election will take place june seventh... and the general election on november 8th. under the bill approved by the senate... if a person turns 18 by november 8th... they would also be able to vote in the primary leading it up to it. the bill now goes to the house. another bill involving juveniles is headed to governor branstad's desk... that bill would limit access to juvenile criminal records. currently all records are public. the new proposal would make juvenile records confidential except in cases of murder, rape, kidnapping, and other forcible felonies. the senate has already approved the bill and the house did the
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lawmakers are also taking up a proposal that could save the state a half-million dollars per year.... channel 13's jodi whitworth shows us why car collectors support it... and police officers have their concerns. 103201 - were kind of entering a new age of car ownership where there is a pride of ownership is unprecedented since the 60s not many customers are willing spend a hundred grand on a new car... 142500 - this is the 2016 corvette, this is the z06 model but those who do -- buy for looks... 112902 - millions and millions of dollars are spent developing these beautiful cars the front plate is a turn off for car collectors and enthusiasts... most sports cars don't come with a front license plate bracket. 101007 - the license plate would be located at the nose of car, somewhere between the logo to half way through the grill car experts at shottenkirk chevrolet say not only is the attachment aesthetically unpleasing .. it could also ruin the performance of the car members of the house transportation committee proposed a bill to get rid of
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together 030727 - i think the physical characteristics trump the license plate tag itself - josh byrnes but those against the bill say it could make their jobs more difficult... 090824 - if you take on plate away its 50 percent less opportunity to identify that car - sgt. jason bryan police say having both sets of plates is not meant to be a cosmetic enhancement but a tool to aid in criminal investigations 091807 - if you got both plates there's a better chance your gonna be able to at least get some of the plate, all of the plate - sgt. jason bryan an issue opposing sides will have to bridge -- if they want to settle the front plate debate 034008 - maybe not every vehicle in the state of iowa needs to have their front plate removed but maybe the folks who are the car enthusists... we reach a compromise that way -- rep. josh byrnes the iowa department of transportation says the license plate change would save the state about 5 - hundred thousand dollars each year. currently 19-states don't require a front license plate. big game for the slumping
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straight losses...
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senior nighit's senior night in iowa city. adam woodbury, four year starter
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also, honored all big ten player, jarrod uthoff, the transfer from wisconsin. sold out crowd, let the seniors, like anthony clemmons and mike gesell really hear it. fran mccaffery not a fan of these ceremonies before a big game, and tonight won't change his mind. 1st half. clemmons buries the 3. hawks lead indiana by 1 early. more from deep. gesell from downtown. hawks lead 8-5. and they stay outside. jarrod uthoff hits the 3. back and forth in the 1st. but the hoosiers hit 8 threes in the first half to lead 47-41. second half, yogi farrell hits a 3, iu leads. by 14. it feels over. but it's not. the loud crowd helps iowa come- back. nicholas baer, the walk-on, hits a three, and iowa ties the game. but great players, make great
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yogi ferrell hits the three! iowa doesn't go away. down 3, peter jok can tie it! no. indiana wins the outright big ten title, 81-78. iowa has lost four straight, five of six. #22 west virginia too much for iowa state, even at hilton coliseum. back to back threes by the mountaineers, it's all west virginia, 82-57. day two girls state basketball, and like day one, the girls compete against a college basketball senior night for attention, but today, far more central iowa teams took the court. that includes ballard, a team with a reserved parking spot at state. bombs away against keokuk. taylor larson for three. bombers up by one. then gabbie doud surrounded by
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half of nevada shows up to see the champs play sioux center.. surprisingly, the cubs trail early. cubs lexi koudelka kuh-del-kuh scores to tie sioux center at 22. 2nd half starts with a barrage of cub three's. abby stephenson starts the shooting spree. nevada keeps it going, 59-44. kati cassabaum/nevada senior 00-05 abby stephenson/nevada junior 17-22 junior 17-22 undefeated pocahontas area taking on overmatched mount vernon. ashlyn weidauer 3 pointer, 43-22. end of the first half, elle ruffridge beats the buzzer
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ruffridge finishes with a game high 24 points. indians break three tournament scoring records, including points in a 3-a game, points in a quarter, and combined team points. 83-43 the final. manson nw-webster against iowa city regina. regina 24-0, but manson nw-webster stays close with the three ball. cloie herzberg from the corner, webster trails, 38-31. manson creeping closer. same corner, same result. emma rae snell cuts the lead to 5. but regina pulls away down the stretch, stays perfect 59-47. brenna peters/manson nww senior 00-05 cloie herzberg/manson nww junior 05-10 for up to the minute live
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use the 13 now app, or log on to boys state basketball starts next week. tonight, win, and you're in. fans show up strong for ankeny and dowling. the hawks bringing it. second half, steal by drew maschoff. and drew throws dow! back and forth, tense game. for dowling, brendan dock-er-ty gets it done. the maroons are onto state. dowling pulls away at the free throw line, and the maroons punch their tickets to state, 69-58. also going to state, hoover huskies 31 ames 24 f -------- valley 68
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save your celebrating for the end of the game... after taking a one point lead this week.. a rhode island team then stole the inbound pass... after the steal.. the player tossed the ball into the air to run out the clock... and the celebration was
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now take another look... keep an eye on where the ball goes when its thrown into the air.... an opposing player caught it and quickly called a time out. and that led to this... with just one second left they were able to inbound the ball and score a quick layup to win the game. now the timing is right for a
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- margot robbie -- michael mckean -- science expert kevin delaney --


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