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tv   Today in Iowa at 530  NBC  March 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive. american family insurance. win a majority of the super tuesday states up for grabs. we have a breakdown of the results.. flying danger. troopers are asking drivers to plan for the unexpected along iowa's roadways. the odd danger that kills millions every year, and how to
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saving for school.. how a new program lets high school students earn scholarships. and why it will make college more affordable. it's wednesday march 2nd.. today in
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i-80/35 @ douglas i-235 @ e.
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first on 13.. final results are still piling in today from a big day of voting. overnight, all eyes are were focused on alaska. results there were still too close to tell until just hours ago... ted cruz is now projected to win it by just a sliver. he trumps donald trump by just two percentage points. that's about one of just a few
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he picks up half of the 14 states up for grabs. you see those states in red here. senator ted cruz gets four -- texas, oklahoma, colorado and alaska.. marco rubio took minnesota. governor john kasich, and doctor ben carson have yet to win a single state. another sweep in the democratic race. hillary clinton takes seven of 11 states. bernie sanders gets four. north dakota and wyoming are still technically up in the air because their voting process continues into next month. saving for college is going to get a little easier for some select des moines students today... later this morning, the university of iowa is rolling out a new scholarship program that will reward students for completing specific tasks. channel 13's josh nguyen joins us live this morning from east high school, where they will hold a press conference to announce the program. josh, what can you tell us about the
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college readiness incentive called is program being introduced to iowa hs students wednesday. it will allow them to raise money for with micro- completing tasks students can monitor and track progress by visiting students can use those schools across the nation. univ. of iowa, drake and dmacc are local one where its available. the limit for scholarship money earned is $1200 per students in iowa. students can retroactively go back and earn for classes they have taken. this program is being offered to students in 99 school districts throughout iowa. they picked the 99 districts based on the highest 'free/reduced lunch' ratio. dmps has 23,733 students on that program.all students in those districts qualify for those this program the deadline for current seniors is april 1 earn $25 each for earning a minimum grade of b in algebra i, algebra
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meanwhile the university of iowa is dealing with a controversy among its police force today. david visin -- the university's public safety director is being accused of interfering with a drunk-driving
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it happened back in june, but is just now being made public. police say the case involved visin's son- in-law -- 33-year-old sean crane. the two were apparently drinking together at a bar the night police were searching for crane in connection with a hit and run. visin later refused to pull over when officers tried to stop them. crane was later arrested. in the police report, the arresting officer accuses visin of lying and deliberately interfering with his investigation. the university released a statement defending visin yesterday and says they aren't away of any charges against him. the state patrol is warning drivers of an unpredictable danger -- flying debris. it causes more than 50-thousand crashes nationwide each year... just last week -- an iowa man was killed when something smashed through his windshield along interstate 80. police say there are ways to protect yourself... like following the
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that gives plenty of time to react or hit the brakes if necessary. "the sooner you see this situation or the hazard, the better chance you have of not being involved in a crash or being hurt because of it." troopers also suggest staying in the right lane as much as possible. they say drivers have more options there to avoid trouble. we may see a decision today in the case of the des moines man charged in a deadly high-speed crash. troy mure junior is facing vehicular homicide charges after a november crash killed his girlfriend and passenger. mure has requested a bench trial... so it's now up to a judge to decide his fate. yesterday he took the stand himself, testifying that he thought his life was in danger when it happened. he claims a car was chasing them. 11:21:45 did you feel like you had any other options other than to drive fast down that street? no, my main
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away from the cadillac or at least make it to price chopper where there would be a cop sitting out there all the time 11:22:01 closing arguments are set for today. this winter has cost boone county one of its landmarks... the wagon wheel bridge across the des moines river was damaged by huge chunks of ice floating down the river last month. the county is now making plans to remove the bridge before it collapses. it was built in 19-10 and is on the national registry of
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clouds will begin to move back in from the west this morning as another weak system approaches. we'll become mostly cloudy with temperatures that will be a bit milder this afternoon as we pick up a southeast wind. highs will be in the upper 30s and lower 40s. a chance of a rain/snow mix is possible by the late evening hours tonight wrapping up through the overnight hours. central iowa will see up to a dusting of snow, but a mix of precipitation could create some
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the area. the largest amounts of northeast, but still only about an inch of
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coming up next, david geiger joins us with this morning's
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report. then... a holiday today will have many of us thinking back to our childhood. plus, tuesday's big political test was a record breaker for one side..
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in a vote of 14 to 6, the biotechnology labeling solutions markup passed today in the senate agriculture committee. according to the draft, it would require usda to set a voluntary national food labeling standard for genetically engineered foods, preempt state labeling laws on both gmo foods and seed, and require usda to provide consumers with information on the benefits of biotechnology. ag committee chair senator pat roberts was pushing for the legislation.
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representing parts of the whole food chain supporting the chairman's mark. roberts says, "never before have we seen such a coalition of our constituents all united behind such an effort. their message is clear. it is time for us to act and it's time for us to provide certainty in the marketplace by approving the mark before us today." in july, vermont will implement a mandatory genetically engineered labeling law. former ag chair senator patrick leahy from vermont says the senate bill undermines the public right to know and it tramples on state rights. he says replaces them with a voluntary standard that already exists and would block other states bills like alaska's and virginia's, "i think it's a solution looking for a non-existent problem. it's a last minute attack on vermont's laws. vermont is right to set priorities at the state government level." leahy adds there is a grace period of a year after the vermont law goes into effect. iowa senator joni ernst is also
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at her home of montgomery county where household incomes average in the $40,000 range. she says mandatory labeling could affect all consumers, "if we are to go ahead and implement vermont's law, and as that would affect consumers nationwide to the tune of about 1,052 dollars per household, we're already stretching our incomes pretty thin." ernst says she understands the need to know but there's an impact to consumers and it is challenging for low to moderate income families. final results are still piling in today from a big day of voting. and as expected -- it's a huge sweep for hillary clinton and donald trump.
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final results are still piling in today from a big day of voting. and as expected -- it's a huge sweep for hillary clinton and donald trump. trump picks up half of the 14 republican states. ted cruz gets four, marco rubio gets one. for the democrats. hillary clinton takes seven of 11 states. bernie sanders gets four. the winning candidates were quick to take the stage... both clinton and trump are celebrating big wins, but they're staying focused on the next hurdle. presidential candidate: "i am a unifier. once we get all this finished, i am going after one person - that's hillary clinton." presidential candidate: "instead of building walls, we are going to break down barriers." the next big day for the candidates is this saturday. that's when voters in five
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democrats are hoping for a better turnout than yesterday. overall, numbers were down from 2008. republicans on the other hand saw record turnout almost everywhere. vermont was the only state of 14 that didn't break 2008's record. whole foods is out with a recall this morning. the grocery store is recalling maytag raw milk blue cheese nationwide -- over a possible listeria. recent tests done here in iowa showed the presence of listeria bacteria in two lots of products. the recall involves cheese sold in packaging like that shown here. so far, no illnesses have been reported. and finally... today you may want to pick up a book full of rhymes. that's because it's doctor seuss's birthday -- also known as national read across america day. it's celebrated every year on march 2nd... in california, they're doing it up big with
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still ahead this morning... light the night. we'll tell you how this altoona light display will give people a thrill come
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new results.. donald trump and hillary clinton walk win a majority of the super tuesday states up for grabs. we have a breakdown of the results.. saving for school.. how a new program lets high school students earn scholarships. and why it will make college more affordable. plus a university of iowa


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