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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  September 17, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> bbc world news is presented by kcet, los angeles. finding a possible by the freeman foundation of new york. the john and catherine macarthur foundation, union bank, and " bright star," a new film by jane campion. >> union bank has put its
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financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can it do for you? >> he was a dreamer. she was a realist. with every word he wrote, inspired the romance that would live forever. >> i must warn you -- >> "bright star," now playing in select cities. >> moscow welcomes the news from washington. the united states is shelving the anti-missile system. a suicide bomber in afghanistan kills six italian soldiers and 10 civilians. an oil trading company offers to
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pay damages in a case related to trading -- to dumping toxic waste in the ivory coast. welcome to bbc news. coming up later, the manhunt for indonesia's's most wanted militant looks to be over. he is killed and a police raid. in new technology to grab a magazine readers. advertising that move is. -- that moves. it was always controversial, one of the biggest points of tension between united states of -- and russia. obama has abandoned a missile defense system in poland and the czech republic. he says a redesigned system will be cheaper and more effective.
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russia's president medvedev has welcomed the american change and is a major american policy shift. >> it was aimed against a newly emerging threat. birgit said there was a need for a different kind of shoe. the new president needed a new policy. he promised a new system, designed to have maximum diplomatic impact. >> good morning, everybody. , he said the change of tactic better protect america and europe. >> the best way to advance our security is deploying a missile defense system that best response to the threats that we face and utilizes technology that is proven and cost- effective. >> the old plan was to base missiles at this air base in poland along with a radar system in the czech republic.
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the russians were furious and fall plan was to turn the base into a forward base that threatened them. they threaten to move missiles to the very borders of eastern europe. the defense secretary from the bush administration at first recommended the original plan. now he's changed his plan -- his mind. >> i believe this provides a better capability for our forces in europe, for our european allies, and for our homeland than the program i recommended three years ago. >> the pentagon says things have changed since then. iranians are not developing a long-range missiles that could hit the united states as quickly, but they are investing in shorter range misses barry denied the state has developed technology that means that radar
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can be deployed. the republican critics say this is a bad day for american security. >> i believe the consequences of this decision may be, albeit unintentionally, and courage for our belligerence on the part of the russians and a distinct loss of confidence on the part of our friends and allies in a word of the united states. >> hitting the reset button with russia was one of the obama administration's first priorities. >> the russian president went on tv to praise this responsible move. >> provides a better place for the relationship. the administration is trying to seek additional cooperation, sanctions. i do not think that was in their calculation. i do not believe russia is going to be supportive enhanced
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sanctions against iran. , this is what it is all about. the fear is a nuclear program. >> our special correspondent in washington has more on the story. , the president says his shift will offer greater defenses against missile attacks, but there are plenty of voices in washington who beg to differ, including mike turner, a republican congressman. perhaps the two biggest players we're looking at are russia and iran. obama says there is a different threat from iran. we have to change our weapons technology. >> there is no evidence the intelligence has shifted. today i was speaking to representatives from defense and the indicated it is not a
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diminished threat. anybody who watches the news says iran is progressing in, missile capability, and nuclear capability, that would pose a terrible threat. , the focus should be on the short term and more medium range missiles? >> not really. it is a false choice. iran is pursuing both. our goal should be to pursue defenses in most areas. the plan he just scrapped was one that would have provided the united states the defenses it needs but also europe the medium protection it deserves. >> you feel there is no justification for scrapping this. do you think is appeasing moscow? >> it is an odd strategy. the president is entering into the start negotiations. russia has made it clear they wanted this concession. he has gotten nothing in
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concern. he wants russia to be more active in persuading iran from its particular program. there is no indication that iran will do that, and there's nothing that would show it would be successful. >> what about the cost? there was criticism that this defense shield was unproven technology and expensive? , there are two components separate the plan moves the calendar back toward significantly. this system would have been available in 2013. this plan is available now in 2018, 2020. this has been studied, and there is a classified report that indicates that the plan he scrapped was the most cost effective to provide protection for europe. i called on the defense department to declassify the report. since we know already it has been rude, the plan he just scrapped was the most cost effective one. >> this is going to keep
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rumbling. we will keep you up to date. >> six italian soldiers and 10 civilians have been killed by a suicide bomber. in response, the italian prime minister says we are all convinced it is best for everyone to leave afghanistan soon. he said italy would not take any unilateral decisions. amid the latest violence and fraud, hamid karzai has said last month's poll was fair. >> it came without winarning. up close, its impact was deadly. a suicide bomber rammed his car, packed with explosives, between italian vehicles in a convoy, and then wreaked havoc. but this is one of the most sensitive parts of the city. the american embassy is right down the road in that direction. the target was a moving target,
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a convoy of the italian vehicles. you can see from here that one vehicle in particular took the full force of the blast. , these vehicles also took the full impact. the civilians who died died here. the dead italian soldiers lay aside their vehicles. one had been in the country for less than 24 hours. the shakes their commitment to the war here. tonight the prime minister questioned the value of international forces been here at all. >> we are convinced that it is best for everyone to get out soon. >> he added italy would not withdraw unilaterally. the italians have been part of the collection since the beginning in 2001. their withdrawal would be a blow to the coalition.
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across kabul, afghanistan, president karzai declared last month plus election a victory, despite allegations of fraud. >> the response of the country was, hundreds of voters came on election, but even people came there and voted. , but he did not yet declare victory. a u.n.-backed investigation has begun into massive fraud. that could the night in first- round victory. the man who will make that call is a canadian official who is now re-examining hundreds of thousands of ballot papers. you will make a judgment? >> once we cleared those complaints, yes. >> quite a responsibility? >> we do not think about it. it is our responsibility.
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it is part of the electoral law. their complaints to make sure that they are dealt with in a thorough and transparent matter. >> karzai knows that his western allies are dismayed and angered. this raises the question, how long can coalition governments keep persuading their own populations that this sacrifice is worth it? >> the deputy commander of the african you peacekeeping forc in somalia has been killed in a suicide attack in mogadishu. peacekeepers also died when bombers packed with explosives drove into the main u.n. compound. they have repeatedly attacked the peacekeeping force. forces in northern yemen reported that there are 80 people who have been killed on an air raid on a makeshift
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refugee camp. they targeted a can in the province. many were displaced by at fighting when rebels entered the area. the bbc has learned that trafigura has offered to pay damages in a peak -- in a case related to toxic waste dumping in the ivory coast. a u.n. report said there was strong evidence that death and injuries reported in the area were related to the dumping. the company had persistently denied the waste was dangerous to human health. >> this landfill and ivory coast's biggest city is where hundreds of people live and work. three years ago petrochemical waste was dumped here. people were overwhelmed by a foul smell truck loads of guitar quartet all over. tens of thousands of people felt
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sick. the waste had been brought to west africa on board the ship. it had been generated by the trafigura. the company has always insisted the waste was not hazardous. they told bbc two years ago and has not damaged anyone. >> this material was not damangerous. >> the company had first tried off was the waste in amsterdam. the company is being prosecuted in the netherlands for misrepresenting the nature of the waste. greenpeace wants them to face further charges for shipping it to west africa. the report presented to the united nations in geneva finds a strong evidence that the reported deaths and adverse health consequences are related to the dumping of the waste from the cargo ship.
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trafigura it might be settling the case, but the company still maintains it was not responsible for what happened. >> still to come, a report on the u.s. military's approached the counter insurgency in the war against the taliban. a shipwreck thought to contain radioactive waste has been found off the italian coast. an informant had told authorities the wreck is one of three ships he blew up as part of a scheme to make money from the waste disposal industry. if the cargo is confirmed, the hunt will start for more sunken ships. a boy wielding an ax has burst into a school in southern germany, throwing petrol bombs at students. 10 were injured at on spock, germany. -- ansbach, germany.
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violence in the classroom, these the scenes after a student went on a rampage. 700 children were inside the school at the time. some students said the attack came right out of the blue. >> we heard the alarm and had to leave the school immediately. we gathered in the yard. that's where we saw a teacher whose arm was covered in blood. >> once inside the school complex, the attacker threw petro bombs and tried to get teachers and fellow students with an ax. police were left with no option but to open fire. >> because he threatened to use his weapons against the police, officers opened fire. they injured him and then arrested him. >> this is now the second attack on a german school in the last six months. in march, tim kretschmer shot 12 people at his former school in
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when it did. he fed the building, shot three more people, and then killed himself. for the authorities now, the task is to find out what made a student with no criminal record attack fellow students and teachers. >> see the news unfold. good to to experience the expert reporting of bbc world news online. click here to watch the 1-minute news summary. you can read the latest headlines, get the top stories from around the globe, and see the video report. discover more about the subjects that interest you and find out what issues the world is talking about right now. the bbc world news online. good to and watch the
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news unfold. >> latest headlines, moscow is welcoming washington's decision to shelve plans for an anti- missile system. a suicide car bomber and afghanistan killed six italian soldiers and 10 civilians. barack obama has played down talk for troops surging in afghanistan. he said there's a decision pending. a top commander, stanley mcchrystal, has delivered a plea assessment of the war and is urging a new approach. >> u.s. soldiers on foot patrol. their new strategy talks about putting the afghan people first.
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it is not just about finding the enemy now. it is about finding and keeping friends. in the village, there is a warm welcome from a person. >> how are you? >> good. >> they know a bit of each other's language. this 24-year-old from america as a big job. he is one of the many new faces in the counterinsurgency, and that is the point. it is safe to face. this meant lists the problems here -- the schools, the wells, but they were promised them. >> it is never good when people promise them and nothing goes through. >> this work has gone on for
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eight years. now the next generation is watching. this is how relationships are built here in afghan society. it always starts with warm words and food issues, but ultimately the truth emerges. this is about building relationships and trust and support. in this college, there is some way to go. the day was a good start. the taliban is here to. it can exploit broken promises. ultimately, this mission needs an afghan face. a new security force is being recruited. the afghan public protection force. it is a local militia meant to be drawn from men in the community the project. it is piloted in parts of this province. here at least security has improved. the taliban warned local people not to join this force. these men came from another province. the need the work. >> -- they need the work.
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>> 10 of us are from other provinces. these people do not join because they are afraid of the taliban. they say they will kill you. we need the jobs. they told us we would get 13,000 afghanis, and we are only getting 6000. it is a way to stay like that. >> everyone recognizes the need for a new strategy. there are new ideas, now they need new results. >> indonesia's president described as a victory the reported deaths of noordin mohamed top, southeast asia's most wanted militant. it is not the first time he's been claimed killed. fingerprint evidence confirms that. the report now from jakarta.
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>> in a packed police briefing in jakarta, the head of the police force proudly announced that after years of hunting they had finally gotten their man. >> we have found identical points in the fingerprints. when compared with our records of the person we wanted to capture, we had identified him as noordin mohamed top. >> he is known as the most wanted man in southeast asia. he is believed to have masterminded attacks on two luxury hotels in july. police have been looking for him for several years, but so far he has deluded them. indonesia up's president says his debt along with the death of another militant in 2005 is a
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significant victory for the country. >> i am hoping, i believe, that we could reach a certain mass of areas that are threatening indonesia. >> the death of top is a huge coup for the anti-terror unit. his death is a big blow to the extremists who wanted to follow the al qaeda line of waging war on united states and its allies wherever and whenever possible. >> analysts have also said that his death does not mean the end that threats have this care. other members of the network remain at large and are capable of carrying out similar attacks. >> check out the spirit is a
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version of tyrannosaurus rex. it is almost identical to the king of dinosaurs, but this is almost 100 times smaller. it is believed to have lived earlier than tyrannosaurs record the remains were found in northeastern china, and smuggled out of the country. if you thought moving images on newspapers only existed in a fictional worlds, welcome to the future. a magazine in united states is making a bus with its latest ad campaign. >> in a crowd advertising world, it is harder and harder for companies to their products notice. could this be a breakthrough? magazine ads that move. this is an experimental campaign
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by a tv network and a soft drink company. when you turn a page, the screen comes to life. >> advertising is always looking for something new. >> the company that developed this says is using technology in a traditional setting. >> all the things to get from digital, we now can deliver to you through a print medium. it is a nice way to have something from the old world and something from the new. >> these are that cuts of the technology. a rechargeable battery, a small speaker, and a screen the same size that you get on a mobile phone. to get a message like this, it costs an advertiser $20. that is per copy. this is far more than a magazine cost. people remember advertisements that move. on the streets of los angeles,
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artest brought mixed results. >> the novelty factor is cool, it catches on, but every magazine does it or every magazine has multiple ones, then able eventually wear off. but smart, different, it pops. it is bulky. the thing would annoy me. , in the coming years, the screen should get thinner. some doubt it is a revolution. , i do not think it is going to save print or hard print in any way, but if you go on the internet, you can see phidias for advertisements all over the place. -- you can see videos for advertisements all over the place. >> it could be -- there could be uses, and this is a a use for a wedding album. the company is paying for this
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trial and is unlikely to recoup its cost. the gimmick will be another weapon for our attention and our money. >> briefly, a reminder of our top story obama announced he is shelving busch's plan for a missile defense plan in europe. this a project that has become an irritant between united states and russia. there will be redesigned defense system that will be cheaper and more effective. republicans disagree with that. thank you very much for being with us. >> funding a possible by the freeman foundation of new york, still vermont and fat -- and hulloo. the john and catherine macarthur foundation. and "bright star," a new film by
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jane campion. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> he was a dreamer. she was a realist. with every word he wrote, inspired the romance that would live forever. >> i must warn you -- >> "bright star," from jane campion,
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