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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  May 25, 2010 6:30pm-6:52pm EDT

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collects a gunbattle on the streets of kingston, -- >> and gun battles on the streets of kingston, jamaica. eds >> in the commercial heart of this capital city, people are being forced against the walls. this police station has been attacked. normal life is on hold. >> market's tumble across the world. fears about the stability of the euro zone spread across the world. a memorial service for the workers killed in the gulf oil tanker explosion. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- pomp and circumstance in the british parliament. queen elizabeth's new sober economic message. and he is loved and loathed in equal measure. the controversial south african youth leader accused of stirring
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up racial tensions. hello. jamaican security forces are saying they had nearly regained control of two areas of the capital which erupted in a violent when they tried your best i powerful gang leader and extradite him -- tried to arrest a powerful gang leader and extradite him to the united states. at least 26 civilians have been killed. three members of the joint police and military operation. followers of the men are fighting to protect him. matthew prices in kingston. >> it does not feel safe in downtown can stand today. especially now for the police. -- in downtown kingston today. especially not for the police. they watch for the snipers.
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and the armed gangs you may come at any moment. the army has moved in in force, trying to take back control from gunmen allied to an alleged drug lord the u.s. wants extradited. this is a disaster for jamaica's reputation. the main offensive is taking place about a mile from here. even at this point, and in the commercial heart of the capital city, people are being panned against the walls. this police station has been attacked. -- people are being penned -- pinned against the walls. with up to one man who had fled the dangers down, whose relatives are left inside. >> when i woke up, she said there were a number of persons on the street and there were persons inside who had been shot, who could not get medical attention.
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>> this is to the authorities are up against. heavily armed gangs fighting for the man they call "the president's." unman the u.s. government says it runs -- and man the u.s. government says runs a massive drug network. he is being fought for as a protector, a champion of the poor. it is how he maintains control. across the small island, they're in shock. the fighting is taking place and in the prime minister's own constituency. politics and the gangs here are intertwined, making it tough to see where this leaves. even if the army brought out its injured, officials determined -- expressed their determination to capture the drug lord. those loyal to him are intent on stopping that. they are holding their breath tonight, waiting to see who will
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win. matthew price, bbc news. >> more of the main news for you. north korea is cutting off all relations with south korea. this is their response to south korea breaking of trading relations with the north. china is sending an envoy to talk about the latest steep decline in its relations. the former prime minister of thailand is saying the country should be called to account for human rights abuses in bangkok last week. a warrant for his arrest has been issued on terrorism charges. eight people died. hundreds were wounded. 16 russian tourists were killed in a bus crash in southern turkey. they returned to the center of the country from our resort near anatolia. five people were pulled injured
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from the wreckage. iran has released a man after two months in custody. the acclaimed filmmaker had been held in prison since he voiced support for an opposition candidate in last year's disputed election. this has been referred to a revolutionary court, so he may still face trial. stock markets around the world have fallen sharply again because of growing concern about the impact of the debt crisis on those countries tied to the europe. there are worries, too, about the tensions between north and south korea. the london index closed at its lowest level in eight months. we have this. >> nowadays, the stock markets are becoming too familiar again. in asia, europe, wall street, shares fell to a level we have not seen since last summer or so, with anxieties fuelled by
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north korea and south korea moving closer to a possible conflict and strain on the euro zone. >> we are not in a financial armageddon. it is a critical moment. the crisis is always unprecedented. that is the whole point. >> investors are fixated on the libor rate, the interest rate at which banks lend to each other. in normal conditions, the libor rate does not move much. if a central bank such as the bank of england does not change their interest rates. but look at this. here is february. the libor rate has been moving higher and higher. it is double where it was 90 days ago, even the central banks have not changed their interest rate. why? banks think the risk of lending to other banks, especially
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european banks, has risen. here is one of the need to listen to what libor is saying. in september 2008, libor soared when lehman brothers went bust and banks had to be bailed out all across the world. to be clear, the rise when lehman collapsed was faster and bigger than the recent rise. but it still matters, especially to european banks, where it has were sent. >> i do not think we will see a rerun of what we saw in the u.s. banking sector up a couple years ago being replicated the euro zone. >> the concern is that banks have lent more than is prudent to help governments in europe and to help deal with distressed property, especially in spain. if borrowers proved unable to repay debt, there would be dark days and huge losses for some
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banks. but countries are a too much, their ability to allow banks a second time would be significantly affected. >> president obama will be traveling to louisiana to review efforts to counter the disastrous oil spill in the gulf of mexico. that news came as a memorial service was held for the 11 workers who died in an explosion last month that started this bill. we have this report from washington. >> in this huge disaster, 11-all but forgotten. -- 11 lives all but forgotten. not today. this was the final farewell to the many were killed when the oil well exploded over a month ago. >> all longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch. you may not understand why they left this earth said san or why they left before you were ready -- so soon or why they left
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before you're ready to say goodbye, but little by little, he began to remember not just that they died. but that they lived. >> said the scenes on capitol hill where republicans smelled -- so the scene on capitol hill where republicans now political blood, attacking the president for doing too little too late. >> it is unclear who is in charge. here is today's "washington post." "administration torn on getting tough with bp." >> along the coastline of louisiana, that inaction is lacking at the marshes. the slippery, lethal film of oil is slipping. it out and see, plugging the league is just as tricky. -- out at sea, plugging the leak is just as tricky. the new plan is called cop killer, injecting heavy drilling
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fluid but -- called top kill, jack the -- injecting heavy drilling fluid into the lake. for those who make their living from these waters, bp needs to make six as saying. bp is compensating this man is lost income, right now. but it puts him in an odd position. >> they need us and we really need them right now because without them, we would really have no income. absolutely not. >> for everyone, this oil has to stop, but possible solutions are as murky as the waters in the gulf. >> in london, the queen has been giving details of the laws proposed by the new government. after the inconclusive
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election, liberals and conservatives agreed to work together in what they called a new kind of politics. the coalition still feels like anything, even though today's killed its surroundings look very old school indeed. -- gilded surroundings looked very old school in deed. this analysis from net robin said. >> it is a journey she has made many times before. this is the 50th time the majesty has -- her majesty has opened parliament. not one leader, but the two, emerging from downing street to wall to the comments. -- to the commons. every new government hopes to begin life with a fanfare. but there is a problem. it had been leaked to the papers. what is still surprising is the makeup of this new coalition.
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there is baron as margaret thatcher and shirley williams, united as surely they never expected. also familiar -- these two who clashed week in and week out. the prime minister who faced harriet hartman as the leader of the opposition. >> my lords and members of the house of commons cannot buy government's legislative program will be based upon the principles -- , my government's legislative program will be based on the principles of responsibility. the first priority is to reduce the deficit and restore economic growth. >> it has been two weeks since david cameron and nick clegg to their political marriage. today they promised to deliver more so-called free schools in
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england and introduced new officials in england and wales and a referendum on a new voting system for the comments. >> the first day of any parliament begins with light- hearted speeches from hand- picked government-backed ventures. today's where more barbs. first of former torn ear -- tory minister -- of former tory minister wondered what to call the new allies. >> how about my hon. partner? >> since it went from a joke to a warning. >> the dismay many people feel about getting what they did not think they were voting for is a warning about the dangers of coalition. >> it was not lost on equal lib dem followed him. >> it is ironic i began my
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parliament career by unseating a tory and now i am sitting with them. >> harriet hartman is keen to increase the discomfort. >> while the happy couple are enjoying the thrill of the rose garden, the in-laws are saying they are just not right for each other. she said labour -- >> she said labour would fight. >> cancelling jobs for young people is not cutting waste. it is hurting their prospects. the country does face a severe challenge to reduce our deficit. what the country needs now is that the government will do so in a fair way. >> the prime minister welcomed her to her new role, but said there was something missing in her speech. >> not one word of apology for the appalling mess that has been
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left in this country. nothing to say about leaving britain with a deficit that is bigger than that of greece. this speech marks an end to the years of reckless government and the beginning to good government. it means better schools for children, real hope for those out of work, a stronger england -- britain for everyone. >> others will pick out what they like and what they do not. >> there are id cards, which are accosting mask. they are wasteful. >> david cameron as that today marks the end of politics of of"cor blimey," and the beginning of business as usual. >> still to come -- art or
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propaganda? and north korean painting that reveals another side -- real or not -- to the shattered country. -- shall we country. first though, the european union observers expressed concern over the fairness of the poll and human rights activists allege that people were intimidated into voting. our east africa correspondent has this from ethiopia. >> ethiopia's prime minister state's farm -- firmly in charge. opposition was obliterated at the polls. he does not want the election criticized. human-rights watch says the state pressure people into joining voting for the government party. he called the election multiparty theater staged by a single party state.
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>> it is we that decide on our country. we elect our leader. >> minutes later, and the chief observer from europe was a darling of line from "animal farm." -- borrowing a line from "animal farm." he said that some were more equal than others. >> this was leaning in favor of the ruling party in many areas. but the governing party has seen steady economic growth. it says -- >> the governing party says -- has seen steady economic growth. it says that is why it won. new structures are being put out. 15 new classrooms are being built. this government has a reputation for getting things done. but should the west is used to
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speak out strongly, they would risk losing a key ally in a troubled region. bbc news, ethiopia. >> the latest headlines for you on "bbc world news." @ gun battles are still raging on the streets of jamaica. security forces say they merely regain control of the stronghold of an alleged drug king. add stock markets around brother concerned about the debt crisis in the euro zone emphasis on the tension on the korean peninsula. he lobbied state youth league, but his party took measures against them. how is he dealing with the political reprimand? -- he leads the state youth league, but his party took measures against him. >> he's accused of stirring up
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racial tensions, of being on the body in the making. -- mugabe in the making. he has been ordered to take and their management classes. has he repented? >> i did not do anything wrong. >> you have not done anything wrong? >> -- >> this is why they are in trouble. he refused to stop singing in inflammatory line from an old racial song. he has lashed out at critics, defying his own party. and yet, many still believe he is being groomed to fill big shoes. >>you compare yourself regularly with president mandela.
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a lot of people would say that is insulting. they see you as a divisive figure. >> and nothing. -- they know nothing. the gap between the haves and the have nots continues to grow and it is rationalized. does become more rich are white. -- those who become more rich are white. >> and articulate populist, he does have a real following among south africa leggings growing underclass. but is he a champion of the port? or is he threatening the country's welt -- hard-won stability? he praised president mugabe's land seizures. up to a point. >> you must never use violence.
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in south africa, you must


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