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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  September 23, 2010 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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>> somewhere in america, there's a doctor who can peer into the future and a nurse who can access every patient's past.
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because the hospital is working together, there's a family that can breenl easier right now. the over 60,000 people at seimans is at it again. >> a common wealth crisis. more nations that are improvements before they fly out for the games. the first look at the housing for athletes called unfit for humans >> welcome.
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the world of news and opinion. defending his record and extending his vision, president obama prepared to address the un. grinding to a halt, looking into a dispute of a retirement age of public sector work rers. it's midday and in deli a sporting event turning into a crisis. teams around the world are calling for a rapid improvement to the teams' villages earlier
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this week, it called on this seer vis. australia stepped up the number of officials it was sending and told the australians traveling to the games to exercise caution. >> it is made clear that there is a high risk of terrorism in new delhi. since 2000, there has been at
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least 14 terrorist attacks in new delhi. the construction work that has fallen behind work and is substandard is behind 20 competing initiatives. $2.5 million dollars up to a whoping $15 billion. >> now reaching the climax of months and years of preparations for the games >> we are not worried about it.
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we'll focus on things and make sure everything is going to be ok. >> new zealand will be the latest country to delay the arrival of its athletes. other nations have threatened to stay at home. each day is uncertain. the country portrays itself as shining india. i am joined from india from the sports journalist. these pictureds we have seen, it just gets worse, doesn't it? >> definitely horrible photographs. it's not the find of picture anyone wants to see. these are things you see happening. you can understand it got
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flooded and so on. the rest of it had to be ready. not the day before, a week before it's just an example of how bad he planned. we all know stories of people who are a part of the organization people come in at 8:00 in the morning and don't leave until midnight it just requires cleaning and a few
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licks of paint they've had seven years to prepare, construct and finalize. they just haven't done it. why has it been such a lax operation? >> unfortunately, there were 17 different agencies. the civic bodies, police, government. a lack of coordination since then. if you gave a company this massive project to handle, handle the computer electric, they would handle it. >> is this damaging him
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domestically? >> absolutely the option government is the one that gave the government a blank check there are people in the street that say the government will loose the next election. thank you for that you go go to our website and find background on the couldn't row versy. more of those extraordinary pictures on the state of some of those accommodations let's look
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at some of the stories around the world today. president obama will make a passion gnat call on a middle east peace deal. he'll call on the teachings of peace that lie at the heart of three great religions. it's the nuclear stand off at hand between he and the president of iran. president obama is the top speech billing today. last year, he met with great expectations because of his debut. we are expecting him to outline
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what he will call. one year after the american engagement, president obama is return together world's stage we will reach out from war to peace. . president offered new position for american aid. more likely, he will be sent his record. washington with a driving force behind tougher sanctions. the president has shrugged them
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off. he has his own views. i hope that the european union and america authors will continue to negotiate this letter the president did seem to offer a small olive branch before coming combi releasing a jailed american hiker. she arrived in new york the same time he did. >> earlier this week, his remarks got lost in translation problems. both sides are saying they are open to negotiations but on their own terms. there are many other that's will come up one of the main concerns
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this year is sudan. there's a lot of concern about what that might lead to. a high level meeting will lead to that as well. the russian prime minister has rejected talk. and discussing talk that he was confident this could take place in the spirit of partnership. israeli forces showed totally unnecessary violence. nine people were killed aboard a tur kish ship. israeli said they acted in self-defense. >> cambodia sentenced a leader
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to jail. he spent the past year in france said he simply down loaded the document from the internet. >> widespread strikes in france have caused schools to close, flights to cancel and chaos on public transport. raising the age of which think will retire saying he will stand firm. they are looking to get a million people out around france. these pictures from paris. are they getting out the sort of support they were working for. they were hoping for 2 million
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demonstrators today. 250 in all, i would say the initial signs are the first of these two national strikes. certainly, we are seeing a lot of frustration out in the country about these reforms going through. perhaps the representative is the fact that it is expensive to strike. it is unlikely they will increase from 60-62 and that the governments will retreat from that.
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the demonstration seemed to be the language if you bang on long enough and hard enough, the government will seem to lament. there has been strong attachments. they expect the state to pay for it there is a huge deficit when it comes to the pension fund. people did recognize there needs to be changes. the population grows older. there is fewer work in employment. there is a general accept answer in countries like britain and
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germany. >> thank you very much. we are watching with more to come. swinging to the right. we look at anti-immigration politics throughout the country. >> police have shipped 7 tons of drugs found in a shipping container. it may have originated in iran. after a tip off lead them to search, the police's patience was finally rewarded. hidden behind sacks of powdered milk, they found a load of explosives. 7 tons split into hundreds of blocks.
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inside the packages, we saw the white powder. the authorities believe it began its journey in iran. similar uses have been set up by i had annian police forces before. the huge amount has caused them to look into the suspects. i don't think the suspected group is behind this story. i think it is import they could lead such an international affair. >> if italy was never intended
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to be more than a stop off for illegal cargo, the question remains about where it was headed. >> the headlines. the indian prime minister is called in on anger over the housing for athletes in the world game. president obama comes to the world dpenl assembly in new york. >> time now for business news.
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president obama in new york today. chinese prim ear and japan's prime minister are facing american criticism. china went about defending his country's currency policy saying 20-40% would lead to bankruptcy information. japan's prime minister will a dregs the assembly this week. away from this building, he will also meet with president obama to talk about the world's trouble spot, the global economic recovery and the japanese yen. last week, the bank of japan met with markets to guarantee the jen yen. that move was met with dismay in the u.s.
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this currency manipulation is seen as breaking international agreements. the leader has voued he will overcome the last 20 years of deflags in japan. he will not meet with one of the key actors. that is the crime he's prim ear who will also be sitting down with president obama on thursday. >> reporting for bbcs in new york. >> block buster has filed for bankruptcy protection. all orders are on line rather than going to the shop. the firm is more than $900 million in debt.
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demand has fallen off dramatically. looking at the markets. see the euro holding its own against the euro. there's a bit of worry there. we are seeing the strength it went up to 85.5. that's the business news. back to you in sweden, a far
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right party was elected for the first time taking a look at some places in europe where they have made headway the first time since april they have won many seats. the anti-immigrant, freedom party came third in an election last june. it would emerge as the strongest in the country. sweden democrats won the first 20 seats. benefitting from a backlash which let in tens of nows of iraqi refugees. joined now from central london. thank you both for joining us. if i could start with you and
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sweden, is it as simple as saying, this is really about economic hard times. these are the events of the last couple of weeks. the most start willing immigration. the sweedish model was going to give expression to growing anxiety about immigration. it is the country with the most liberal stance. for example in the netherlands. it become necessary to have a political expression of concerns about immigration. >> what is it, if you agree with that that makes the consentual politics such a difficult area for tackling immigration? >> i'm not sure it's just about
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immigration or that it is completely new. we have many decades of the far right, protest parties. popping up in europe, we had the npd in germany. we had a party in france. >> this is a wave? >> these parties are pretty unsuited to exercise the possibility. they get in parliament and do rather badly. i'd be caution of saying this is a long-time trend. is it as simple as saying what we will now see is the main parties once again stealing the emperrer's clothes?
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it is never simple with immigration. it is not a security issue. you can't do anything about immigration. you can only roll out sensible policies. in any other area, the policy and actual media and public discourse, the gap is huge. it comes down to two basic pieces. you need to take away the oxygen given to the far right. you've seen the uk government do that. reality tv shois showing immigration teams wandering the countries looking for people that look illegal and you have the other liberal argument which is no, no. you can't fan those flams. you have to get out there and show leadership. >> it's interesting. if people speak out, it's true
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that quickly they are branded as reactionary right wingers. how do you take away the citying ma of that debate? >> to make 9 case in this country, immigration and free movement of labor is a benefit. there's a strong free-trade case for immigration. it's important that rules are enforced. all over europe and other countries, things are generally illegal. we saw in france. police would say something about shop lifting. we have run out of time for now. ed and hugo.
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thank you. that is just about it for this edition of bbc. a crisis in delly over the state of ven u for the world games. jo funding made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stoe vermont and honolulu. the newman's own foundation. union bank.
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