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tv   Newsline  WHUT  April 17, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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pressure points. united nations delegates respond to north korea's launch of a rocket they say used missile technology. u.n. delegates have issued some words of warning for leaders in pyongyang and strongly condemned the launch last week of what they called a rocket and it blew up minutes later over the yellow sea and underlined suspicions the goal was to test a ballistic missile. reporting from new york. >> reporter: the council met monday to discuss north korea's launch attempt.
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the 15 member body issued a strongly worded presidential statement. it condemned the country for violating u.n. resolutions banning ballistic missile launches. the statement threatened further action if the country launches another missile or conducts a nuclear test. u.s. ambassador susan rice, the current council president, said the statement was adopted with unprecedented speed. >> the swift and unanimous adoption of this strong presidential statement shows that the international community is united in sending a clear message to north korea that such provocations are serious and totally unacceptable. >> reporter: rice said the statement provides for new sanctions. these include freezing t assets of north korean companies. it also calls for stronger enforcement of existing sanctions. the presidential statement is a
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unanimous call from the 15 council members, including china. traditionally north korea's closest ally. ambassador rice noted that last week's launch attempt caused grave concern in the region. widad franco, nhk world, new york. chinese officials say they agree with this statement. china is north korea's closest ally and its leaders have been reluctant to condemn their counterparts in pyongyang. a spokesman from the for ren ministry said the statement reflects a basic understanding shared by the international community. the said dialogue is the only way to resolve issues. officials agreed in february to suspend the uranium enrichment program in exchange for food aid from the u.s. chinese government leaders are
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encouraging both sides s implet the agreement. they've wean cautious about pressuring the north koreans and concerned they might carry 0 oua nuclear test. and they agreed to the statement because it is non-binding. praising the latest statement. telling reporters the statement takes into consideration the position japan has been maintaining. >> translator: the japanese government supports the statement. we will continue to work closely with relevant countries to resolve north korea's nuclear and missile issues.
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the united states is stepping up pressure on pyongyang. it submitted to the security council a list of north korean entities for additional sanctions. the move follows the council's presidential statement directing its sanctions committee to designate additional entities and items? m the u.s. government has declined to say what exactly is on the new sanctions list. japan is preparing to submit its own list to the security council. officials in north korea say they will continue to develop their satellite technology. they say the launch was the first of a if 92 year space program. the online version of the newspaper quoted the north korea committee on space technology. the probe pyongyang general associationing of residents in pyongyang said
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the article said the launch was a boost to the economy by developing the space program. it said the committee has already begun developing the next satellite and the rocket to carry it. economist say japan is clawing its way back to health in a moderate recovery. members of the japanese think tank say the economy may soon shrink to the point where the country will no longer be considered and advanced nation. the people at the 21st public policy institute say even in the most optimistic case, the economy will shrink to one-third the size of india's by 2050. if the productivity keeps growing at a steady pace. the most pessimistic pace suggests the gdp ranking could drop to 18th lower than south korea's. and they predict the gdp will plunge to 28th place by 2050. they called on government to take appropriate measures including fiscal reform and free trade packs. >> translator: japanese people
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should be aware that if we do nothing, the country could really be brought to ruin. but if we tackle the problems head-on, the economy could regain its strength. >> the world bank has chosen a korean born american health expert as its new president. jim yong kim will succeed robert celek. the largest stakeholders backed kim. so did those from japan and canada. he is 52 and a pioneer in the treatment of hiv and tuberculosis. he worked for the world health organization and harvard university. he was the first asian-american to serve as president of dartmouth college. his five year term starts in july. the bank was founded in 1944. all 11 presidents of the bank have been americans. internet service providers
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around the world are preparing for a new standard set to go into effect in june. but japan's biggest service providers still working out the details. the internet protocol version 6 or iipv6 will support more devices than the current protocol. major companies like google and facebook plan to urge la a new website with the protocol and will run with their existing si sites. managers of ntt say they have to connect a glitch before they can switch over and users of their service may experience a delay of one second when they try to access websites using the new protocol. some 16 million customers are expected to be affected. ntt managers say they're working with service providers and operators to address the problem? japan's fair trade commission is expected to file a criminal complaint against
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machinery parts makers for price fixing. the commission raided four companies last july on suspicion of violating the anti-monopoly law. those firms were nsk, ntn, jtekt and nachi. source familiar with the case say the companies together hold an 80% share of the market for bearings with annual sales about 5 billion dollars. they say the ftc has already begun discussing the case with prosecutors. that's after the commission concluded the price cartel allegedly formed by the companies is malicious and having a major impact on the market. the fdc is expected not to file a complaint against jtekt. that company independently reported the wrongdoing prior to the raid. people in japan's northeast are focused on overcoming the challenges of the 2011 disaster. but it won't be easy. they have to rebuild homes, businesses, entire communities. we'll show you their struggles
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and their successes on the road ahead, every wednesday at 1:00 p.m. japan time, here on "newsline." preparations are under way for the complex job of removing nuclear fuel rods from the number 4 reactor at the fukushima power plant. an explosion severely damaged the building following last year's earthquake and tsunami and they must be removed from the fuel pool before the plant can be demolished. the plant's operator will use a special crane to remove the fuel and construct a cover to prevent radioactive materials from leaking from the building. the structure will cover the upper part of the pool and will provide a filter to prevent the spreading of radioactive materials. they expect to complete it by autumn of next year and then store it on the plant's
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premises. now, this documentary shows what life has been like for people in fukushima ever since the film, "ordinary life," is the work of a cameraman from northern japan. >> reporter: about 400 people turned out for the premiere in late march. >> translator: i'm afraid people ll discriminate against me because i lived in fukushima. i'm also worried i'll have to live differently than other people. >> reporter: cameraman taizo
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yoshida interviewed people for his 18 minutes documentary. they described how they coped with radiation. >> translator: we might be able to return home in ten years. >> translator: we won't be alive then. we'll be dead in a few years. >> reporter: yoshida arrived in fukushima a month after the disaster. while working as a volunteer, he shot the film. >> translator: people in fukushima have to go about their daily routine while protecting themselves from radiation. that is their ordinary life now. i think it's hard to put all their feelings into words and approach them sincerely, they'll give me good answers. >> reporter: the invisible threat of radiation has affected
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the people's lives. this woman is measuring radiation levels outside her home. mothers trying to protect their children. >> translator: the most shocking thing of all was something my young son asked. mom, how long will we live? he's just a child, much too young to worry about things like that. >> reporter: hidei suzuki is one of the mothers who appears in the film. her son, a college student lives outside fukushima. >> translator: even though there's less than a 1% chance of radiation, it could still affect
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my son, so i keep saying to him, for your mother's sake, don't come back to fukushima. the last time i saw him was new year's day, 2011. >> reporter: suzuki attended the premiere. speaking as a mother, she asked the audience to stay interested in the people affected by the nuclear incident. >> translator: we adults have to think about the future of the generation that follows us. it's our responsibility. i hope that people will continue to hold onto the memories of the ordeal in fukushima. >> translator: people who live far from fukushima don't understand what it's like to deal with radiation everyday. eventually, they will spend less and less time thinking about it.
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through this film you can listen to the residents and think about them. preparing the english translation of this movie, he's hoping to screen the film in canada and the u.s. this summer, and he'll keep filming in fukushima for a sequel. a norwegian man who confessed to killing vech people last july is pleading not guilty and that he was acting in self-defense. >> breivik admitted to killing 77 people on an island and detonated a car bomb that killed eight people in oslo. he appeared in court the first day of his trial and said he intended to deal a blow to the pro immigration governing party and wanted to protect europe from being overwhelmed by muslims. they originally found him insane
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and a second that he was fit to stand trial. judges have to go with what diagnosis they find most believable. other stories we're following this hour. iran may seem seek a compromise with the u.s. and europe about its nuclear program. the foreign minister has suggested his country is willing to stop enrich iing uranium. he maintained his country has the right to make weapons grade uranium but could be flexible if the u.s. and europe drops their sanctions and guarantees a supply of the material. representatives from six nations discussed their program last saturday but many issues remain unresolved. the parties will resume talks in the iraqi capital baghdad next month. u.n. general moon says they must ensure they have the freedom to monitor syria's
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fragile cease-fire. an advance group arrived sunday and 24 will join them later, all unarmed. they are expected to ask the security council this week to increase the total number of inspectors to 250. a u.n. brokered cease-fire began last thursday but syrian forces continue to attack opposition fighters, raising doubts about the government's commitment to the cease-fire. fighting between sudan and south sudan is intensifying in the oil rich region, separating the two nations. sudanese forces on monday shelled a peacekeeping camp in south sudan. no u.n. personnel were injured but there are reports of civilian casualties. last week, south sudanese troops advanced into sudan to take control of the border region. sudan's military has responded with air strikes. south sudan gained independence from sudan last july. the u.n. is calling for
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restraint on both sides. when chinese see blossoms on plum and peachtrees, many feel spring has arrived. now, another blossom new to the country is making chinese think of spring and other things, too. "nhk world" reports from shanghai. >> reporter: so pretty! >> translator: it's so beautiful and makes me feel spring is here? . >> reporter: the park is open in the suburbs of shanghai just three years ago? s. in china, famous for spring blossoms like guam and peach but not cherry. it was only last year that the park won its reputation as a wonderful place to view cherry
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blossoms. it was at the same time the city held its first cherry blossom festival. this year, the park doubled the number of its cherry trees to 12,000. so far this year, 800,000 people have visited? . >> translator: cherry blossoms appear passionate but they are also graceful and pure. >> translator: some people find it's more than the blossoms that attract them. taking advantage of the romantic mood created by the flowers, the park organized a match making party. about 150 people took part. at the end, they all wrote down their info and attached them to a cherry tree and then prayed
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their wishes would come true. >> i wrote that i want to get married this year. >> reporter: nurseries are cashing in on the popularity of cherry blossom. shuyang grows many of championship's streets. nursery owner arrives in style. >> just over there. >> translator: this is my nursery. as far as you can see. it's 40 hectors big. >> reporter: he used to produce a kind of hedge and now it's mainly cherry trees. in recent years, the price has risen sharply. last year, he netted about $150,000 in profits. this year, he expects to sell
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88,000 young cherry trees, 60% more than last year. it's no wonder he can afford three cars and three homes. >> translator: cherry trees have given me a better life and filled my wallet. other cities have joined shanghai in holding similar festivals. cherry blossoms are now becoming china's new symbol of spring. "nhk world," shanghai. and sayaka morrie is mori with weather. >> thunderstorms, gusty wind and even hail is possible. most of the precipitation should be gone quite quickly so dry conditions will come back from tonight.
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tomorrow, things will get better than today but light showers expected along the pacific coast in the afternoon hours. meanwhile, the korean peninsula and northern half of china will stay dry under a high pressure system but very heavy rain across southeastern china. raining the past several days, however, an additional 100 millimeters still expected over the next 72 hours, mainly in gowni gone dong province and any additional rain is not good news. we've been talking about severe weather over the eastern half of the u.s. of the americas and move. ing over eastern canada and producing heavy, wintry bracing across ontario and quebec and heavy thundershowers into the. parts of the deep south will continue to see flooding rain as
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well as receive thunderstorms overnight. tuesday, things will get better across much of the northeastern state in eastern canada. however, unstable conditions will remain in the southeastern u.s. there will be a slight risk of severe thunderstorms, large hail, damage iining winds and tornadoes in south carolina and georgia on tuesday. towards the west, this low pressure system producing widespread snow showers in the northern rockies will move towards the east and get intense before reaching the eastern great lakes region tuesday evening. towards the west, another low pressure system towards the 234e69 producing heavy thundershowers across the coast and mountain snow. temperature-wise, 13 degrees in seattle and 9 degrees in winnipeg. towards the east, much cooler than what we saw on monday in december. 24 degrees expected and 55 in
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boston. the combination of dry weather is leading to a possibility of fires. and heavy thundershowers, gusty breeze and hail and some precipitation starting to move to the western continent. the south unstable conditions are continuing in southern italy and the southern peninsula and another low pressure system moving task formove moving towards the 2340r9 and will affect finland and sweden, producing a wintry mix on your tuesday. however, central europe should stay dry under high pressure system and we will see the same setup the next several days. dry across central europe but the rest of the area will remain very wet and unstable.
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temperature-wise, up to 13 degrees in london, strong winds feel much colder than this actual number, 11 degrees in paris and to the east, warmest in moscow with 12 degrees and 15 degrees and some rain. here's your extended forecast.
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our top stories once again, the united nations security council condemned north korea's launch using a satellite missile with ballistic technology. all members approved the declaration and called the launch a serious violation of u.n. resolutions. u.n. ambassador, susan rice said the speed of the response was a warning to pyongyang. >> the swift and anonymous adoption of this strong
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presidential statement shows that the international community is united in sending a clear message to north korea that such provocations are serious and totally unacceptable. >> the statement warns of rther action if north korea conducts another launch or nuclear test. the united states is stepping up pressure on pyongyang. it has submitted to the security council a list of north korean entities for additional sanctions. the move follows the soinl's presidential statement directing its sanctions committee to designate additional items. the u.s. government has declined to say what is on the newings tas list. japan is preparing to submit its own list to the security council. s. >> more news for you. preparations are under way for the complex job of ev removing nuclear fuel rods from the
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number 4 reactor at the fukushima daiichi power plant. a hydrogenseverally damagedt last night's tsumi and more than 100 rods must be removed from this fuel bin before it can be demolished and will use a special crane. they will also construct a cover to prevent radio rioactive materials from leaking. it will cover the upper part and a filter to spreft the spread of radioactive materials. the radio operator of the plant e expects to complete the cover by autumn of next year and remove the spent nuclear fuel and store it on the plant's premises. that's it for now. that's it for now. thanks for watching.
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