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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  August 8, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business, offering specialized solutions and
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capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> welcome to "bbc world news." from our studios overlooking the olympic park in london. i am george alagiah. coming up in this program -- fears of more heavy flooding in the philippines' capital. the government's capacity to help is limited. that's the warning from the president. over a million people have been affected, with tens of thousands made homeless. they 12 of the olympics. she may be small, but she can pack a punch. the indian mother of two hoping for boxing glory.
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>> the bravery of the british runner. >> hello and welcome to day 12 of the it london 2012 olympic games. china still leads the medals table, the three clear of america in the top spot. the 10,000 meter champion has booked his place in the 5000- meter after finishing third. jamaica's showman's printer, bolt, will be back in the 200 air finals. first, the flooding in manila.
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8,000 people have been displaced and marooned. schools and businesses are shut. the president has warned that the emergency services are stretched to the limit. he says the government does not have infinite capability. from manila -- >> it has been ringing almost constantly hear and many people feel they have no choice but to leave their homes and everything they own. more than eight hundred people have now been displaced by the floods. more are still stranded. police and volunteers are combing the roads that have become rivers to find them. aid workers are waiting to help them. >> there is also extensive
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population that has been affected by this. the latest figures are 1.2 million people who have been affected. we estimate. >> officials have turned schools and even basketball courts into evacuation centers where people can get food and clothing and shelter. it is only a temporary solution. these people look lost and frightened. >> [speaking foreign language] >> it is difficult here. the sleeping conditions are not comfortable. it is not easy to get food. >> [speaking foreign language] >> i do not know how we can live. we cannot conclude or work in this situation. >> the people in these evacuation centers are desperate to go home. some of them are worried about their possessions. others said there would be nothing salvageable by the time they go home. the rain is still pouring down. it could be here for a long while yet.
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bbc news, manila. >> meanwhile, in the northern india andn province, 20 people have lost their lives in floods caused by heavy rain. 19 workers were swept away over the weekend. a number of people have been cut off from the rest of the country after several bridges collapsed. now, staying in india and are main olympic story this hour, and in little less than two hours, the eyes of a nation will be on a boxing superstar. the 29-year-old will be fighting for a place in the flyweight finals. mark kom's home -- where excitement is mounting ahead of today's fight. this is an extraordinary woman.
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. >> she is, george. an extraordinary woman and in extraordinary rise to get where she is. she is a five-time world champion. she is fighting above her weight. she is fighting in a category she normally does not fight in. a number of opponents she has had to face so far are much bigger than her. she is small, but she is quick on her feet and she packs a real plunge. the excitement has been tremendous. we came here a few moments ago. at her house, apart from her family, of there are cousins and small children gathered there. a number of reporters have flown in from delhi. this is a part of india that's not well known. there. amazing to see these people here. >> a part of india that is not well known. also, one of the less developed
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parts of india, as i understand it. >> that is right, george. one thing that can illustrate how underdeveloped this is, they are used to massive power cuts. the one thing everyone is worried about that maybe there will not be power when the match is televised live. that is the pressing worry here. it's in the northeast. there has been a violence urgency here for many years. drug trafficking is a major problem. you really get a sense of the odds mary kom has had to fight. many people are hoping that by winning her medal -- she has already won a bronze medal. they are hoping that the rest of the world will pay more attention and possibly put in some more resources here. that is what is desperately needed. >> the very fact that we are talking about mary kom -- there's another question. why aren't there more mary koms
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out there? india is punching well below its weight. >> that is right. three medals until now. once that happens, it will be the best ever performance by india in an olympic games. that gives you a sense of how much india has underperformed over the years. many people are wondering why india does not get more medals. their hockey team has done well. they were hoping for a better showing by their main boxers and archery team. i'm sure there will be a lot of questions asked. you,as i'm speaking to there's a game of football on just a few meters away from where i am. this is one part of india that has a sporting culture. maybe it will infect the rest of the country and they will be better prepared for brazil. >> thank you very much. thank you.
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let's start. we were talking before you came on the studio. viewing figures are through the roof. >> first of all, the ioc has recognized the importance of digital broadcasting. digitally, compared to traditional broadcasting, this olympics has gone through the roof. there's more digital broadcasting for these games than any other olympic games. the first twitter olympics, as well. in terms of the official figures, according to the ioc, the olympic games have reached 4.8 billion people around the world. >> there were already about 8 billion. the >> apparently 88% of the u.k. population hasn't watched some part of the olympic games.
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that is phenomenal. when you take all of the broadcast partners, of which the bbc is one, in beijing, 61 hours in total. london is expected to broadcast 100,000 hours in total. everybody is living the collective experience. what we are watching, some kid in india is watching. >> unlike me, you are getting to go inside the stadium. you were there yesterday when iran won a medal. >> i was not there in make official capacity. i took my kids. he was leaving for most of the disk is final. the significance of the iranian -- the first-ever olympic medal of any color for
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iran. >> no olympic games should be finished without some controversy. there is some around this algerian 1,500 meter runner. >> not as far as the athletes are concerned, but as far as everyone else is concerned, there was something amiss. he arrived fine and took part in the 1,500 meters deep in the semifinals. he was storming in those and then suddenly he was the favorite. the algerian olympic committee forgot to withdraw his participation from the eight hundred meter. cannot do the double anymore. last night, just before the 1,500 meter final was the 800 semifinal. when he took part in the heat, he ran 200 meters and then he dropped out. the governing body said you did
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not put in a bonafide performance. he got a doctor's note. he was reinstated. there was no sign of injury last night. it was reminiscent of the great little algerian runner who won olympic medals in the past. >> in britain, it's all about team gb. they surpassed the beijing total and all that. there are other countries -- india, the australians, wondering what's going wrong with those countries. they are not delivering. >> the australian olympic committee has said that one of the problems they now have is that the schools are not providing them with enough raw talent. that is part of the story. the other part is that the australian olympic committee believes there's a certain lack of commitment. the australian athletes are really upset about that.
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>> a lack of commitment from the athletes. >> even the australians have said it themselves. only a quarter of what we do is about talent. three-quarters is about the effort you put in. they are thinking back in australia that possibly there athletes are not committing as much as previous olympic games. you cannot say that about selling. she won the olympic medal last night and afterwards, she said she wanted a cheeseburger. >> thank you very much. thank you. egyptian security officials say military helicopters have fired missiles on suspected islamist militants in the sinai peninsula after 20 people are reported to have been killed near the town following attacks on checkpoints in the region. >> the sinai peninsula has been
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an increasingly lawless place since the revolution in egypt last year. there has been anger in the main city of al-arish after the attack on sunday that blamed on islamist militants. local people gathered outside the hospital where some of the wounded have been treated. >> [speaking foreign language] response haslitary been decisive. it has included the use of helicopter gunships, the first time egyptians fired missiles in sinai since the 1973 war with israel. in cairo, they have been absorbing the latest news that 20 suspected militants have been killed by security forces, in response to what happened on sunday. >> [speaking foreign language] >> the egyptian attacks should have come sooner, said this man. sinai peninsula been empty for more than 30 years. egyptian leaders have promised
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to reimpose full control of sinai, but this is an important test of credibility for the government of morsi. >> let's have a look at some of the stories. jordan has confirmed that the defective syrian prime minister -- the affected syrian prime minister has emerged. the opposition has described the defection as a major blow to president bashar al-assad's regime. three members of the international peacekeeping force in afghanistan have been killed in an attack by two suicide bombers in the city ocapital ofe province near the border. one civilian was killed. the taliban has already claimed it carried out the attack. the judge in the trial of a russian punk group accused of hooliganism has announced he will star reading of the verdict
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next friday. members of the band performed a protest song in front of the altar of the orthodox cathedral criticizing applied rare putin. prosecutors are seeking a three- year jail term for each band member. this is "bbc world news." still ahead -- quick reflexes, sharp eyes, and a cool head under pressure. the qualities required of an olympic shooter. meeting one, peter wilson, just a few minutes. >> staying with the olympics, and on the track today is a young competitor from pakistan. the 20-year-old was awarded the wild card entry in the women's eight hundred meters. she admits a winning a medal is highly unlikely, but that does not stop her from enjoying the olympic experience. we caught up with her training before she left for the games.
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>> i am 20 years old and i am running the eight hundred meters at the london olympics. i have been competing for three years now. i started running one i was at school. now i am the champion of a local team. 10,000rrently pakistan's meter champion. i have won five gold medals in pakistan so far. i train for two hours in the morning and at night from 6:00 until 8:00. i do running in the morning and waits at night. some of my relatives did not like my running because i used to go running alone, but i was inspired by other girls who ran and i knew i wanted to become a medalist and perform well. my parents took notice of my passion and started coming with me to practice.
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now they want me to go abroad and win more competitions. when i meet them at the airport, they put flowers around my neck and are happy when i win. it has always been my dream to compete at the olympics. i used to pray to god, please tell me go abroad to compete. now my prayers have been answered. it is my heart's desire that i win a medal at the olympics and celebrate the victory by draping the pakistan flab around me. >> this is "bbc world news." live from london, the headlines -- more flooding for manila. 1.2 million people have been affected by torrential rains. india seeks to add to its slim medals tally as its star boxer
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finds a place in the finals. to win a gold medal at olympic shooting, you need quick reflexes, sharp eyes, and a cool head under pressure. peter wilson certainly has all of that. he won gold. he also had a little help from royalties. his coach says he is a prince who also happens to be an olympic gold medalist. i'm happy to say we can go over to our studio on the other side of the olympic park and talk to peter wilson. yours is one of the early medals for team gb. you really started something off. >> i think so. maybe giving me and little bit too much credit. it is exciting. >> it is exciting. i was watching you shoot.
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i could not believe how excited -- it struck me that unlike a lot of other sports, where its explosive, you seem to suppress all of that. can you even take a breath? >> you are doing everything in your power to keep your compassion and your cool. you're focusing on your technique and also trying to enjoy it. >> did you enjoy it? from where i was, i was not enjoying it. it was rather tense. >> it was tough. i wanted to come into the competition and have fun and do my best. also, i am here to enjoy it. if i do not enjoy it, there's no point in doing it. i hope to do the country proud. >>
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medals glory. before all of that, a lot of hard work goes into it. you're waiting in a bar and that kind of thing? >> it is not always easy. if it was easy, it would not be worth doing. again, it has been an exciting journey. i've loved every minute. it has not been totally easy, but i thoroughly enjoyed it. >> i mentioned you had help from royalty. give us the background. how does that happen? >> i met a member of the ruling in todubai over those years, we became friends, really talking about squash and his involvement with squash. i just had an interest in squash. in 2008, he quit. he pulled the plug of the olympic games in beijing.
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it was an opportunity for me to talk to him about possibly coaching me. thankfully, he said yes. >> we will leave it there. congratulations. thank you for being with us. >> thank you very much. >> let's get an update on all the olympic news. >> what a fantastic few hours it has been for hungry. two gold medals. in the men's kyack doubles, portugal and germany in a close match. 5/100ths ahead. in the very next event, the women's kayak -- team hungary won their race.
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they crossed the line first, ahead of germany. this time, belarus claimed bronze. norway won gold in the men's single event. germany won the bronze medal. there's another to tell you about. germany, a gold in the men's conducing will sprint. he only made it to the finals games. spain, nearly a second behind to takes over. canada took the bronze. the world record holder has set
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a blistering pace in the first event of the decathlon. the american, who set his record in the olympic trials, went to first place after the first round. he has jumped another 3 centimeters. the former champion and the man whose world record he can break from the czech republic, has pulled out of the decathlon after the 100 meters in which he posted a slow time of 11.54 seconds. the olympic 10,000 meter champion has returned to the track where he told over the weekend as he attempts to win another gold medal. the finals take place on saturday. his training partner from the united states finished second in the 10 k. he came through the neck semifinal was the fastest loser.
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every medal from every nation. we will bring it to you first. >> thank you very much. thank you. the bravery of a british runner and the brilliance of a belarus gymnasts, and they all had to make the barcelona olympics feel special. look back to 1992 when the games went to spain. >> the barcelona games, which opened at the olympic stadium, where the first after the breakdown at the soviet union and the end of the cold war. germany competed as one. south africa were also back after the end of apartheid. no nation boycotted the games. for the first time in years, the olympic spirit was not dampened by world politics. one of the stars had to be the man who dominated the men's gymnastics like no one else ever had at the olympics. he won six of the possible eight
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gold medals. only michael phelps and mark spitz have won more gold. >> just down on the track, it had nothing to do with winning medals. in the 400 meter finals, the british runner for his hamstring millrace. after collapsing, he picked himself up and limit the remaining distance, helped by his dad who joined him on the track. the ovation that he received from the crowd on the stadium when he crossed the line was a true olympic moment. >> tom in barcelona, reminding us of some of the great moments of the 1992 games. we have lots more memories from athletes and correspondence to share with you in our series every day here on "bbc world news." you have been watching london live. i am george alagiah.
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a reminder of the main news. severe floods in the philippine capital manila have been known to kill at least 16 people and forced around 800,000 to leave their homes. that's it for me. i am george alagiah. please stay with us. there is plenty more to come.
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