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tv   Newsline  WHUT  November 5, 2013 7:30am-8:00am EST

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chinese authorities have branded it a terrorist attack. the americans say they will make their own assessment. >> we will look into what happened before we make a broader statement. >> on monday of last week a sport utility vehicle veered into a crowd of tourists and crashed and burst into flames. chinese authority arrested five people in connection with the incident. all of them are believed to be members of the wieger ethnic minority group. an organization called the east turkistan movement was involved, but experts say the group is currently inactive. envoys to the six party talks have been engaged in a series of meetings. they're looking at the possibility of restarting the negotiations. chinese envoy wei arrived in pyongyang on monday to meet with north korean leaders. he visited washington last week
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with a proposal for restarting the talks. u.s. representative glyn davies discussed the proposal with they south korean counterpart. >> in all of about four hours of discussion, very wide range. we talked about all aspects of the north korean issue. and we will come back to the table tomorrow. >> davies plans to sit down with a senior japanese official on wednesday. ihara is chief of the foreign ministry's asian affairs bureau. negotiators to the six-party talks last met nearly five years ago. north korean officials want to resume the talks without preconditions. china chairs the forum and its leaders back the north's position, but officials in the u.s., south korea and ja fan want to see concrete action first. they're calling on leaders in pyongyang to make progress on denuclearization.
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japan's financial authorities are reinspecting the mizuho bank to see if the bank unintentionally filed a false report on local loans to criminal syndicates as the bankers claim. they say its officials didn't investigate thoroughly and that they made a mistake in saying that the top executives knew of the lending policies. the financial services agency wants to verify the results of the in-house probe. it decided to hold further inspections of the bank and his holding company. the regulators will analyze corporate documents and interview officials to see whether the bank attempted a coverup. the regulators will then examine the need to issue further administrative punishments. the authorities are also insp t inspecting the practices of two other banks. now smartphone maker blackberry has abandoned its plan of sale to a group led by
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canadian investment firm. blackberry officials also announced chief executive officer thorston heinz will step down. they said in september that it would sell all its shares for $4.7 to a consortium headed by fairfax financial holdings, blackberry didn't say why the deal collapsed. there's speculation the investment group couldn't raise the funds. the officials say they plan to gather $1 billion from investors and work toward rehabilitation. the united states and the european union are entering a round for free trade agreement. it will encompass almost half the world's gross domestic product. the u.s. and the eu will begin their five days of talks on november 11th in brussels. they'll focus on liberalization and investment and services sectors. some european officials say the eu should suspend the
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negotiations to protest the alleged illegal surveillance of telecommunications by the u.s. national security agency. the first round of talks was in july with a second originally scheduled for october, but officials postponed the discussions due to the u.s. partial government shutdown. japanese automakers are reaping the rewards of an operational move overseas. they've been using mexico as a production base for the north american market. turns out drivers there have become some of their best customers. now managers of these car companies have their sights set on another country in latin america. nhk world reports. >> reporter: honda motor held a ground breaking ceremony for an auto parts factory north of mexico city. when it's completed in 2015, the factory will produce as many as 700,000 transmissions a year. >> translator: as mexico's
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economy grows, the auto market will expand. and so will domestic demand for cars. >> reporter: mexico's economy is the second biggest in latin america, trailing only brazil. the middle class is growing. and consumers are enjoying greater purchasing power. this man is 40 years old. owns a house in the suburbs of mexico city. pena works for a security company. he says that during the past five years his income has nearly doubled. he bought 2 cars this year, each with a 36-month loan. pena is not alone.
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more and more mexicans are buying cars as their income slides. >> translator: after paying off this loan, i want to trade in my car for a nicer one. >> reporter: but honda motor is facing some new competition in the market. nissan is also building factories in the country. besides, its vibrant domestic auto market, mexico is ideally positioned for exports. mexico has concluded free-trade agreements with most of its neighbors in north and south america. as a rule, no tariffs are imposed on exports to these nations. and shipping costs are low. another advantage is mexico's demographic mix. the country has a young,
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low-wage workforce. that means cars made in mexico are competitive overseas. japanese automakers are hopeful about brazil as an export market. they expect the economy to pick up as the country prepares to host the 2016 olympics. cars in brazil are relatively expensive. mainly because of high import tariffs. but cars from mexico are affordable because they are not subject to the tariffs. >> translator: this one, that one. those are from mexico as well. >> reporter: but the situation may change. brazil's economy has been sagging.
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and they are expecting mexican imports to protect the domestic auto industry. >> translator: we have no idea what would happen if cars from mexico disappeared from our market. what can we sell? >> reporter: japanese automakers have been enjoying strong demand for their cars in latin america. but increasing competition and an uncertain economic outlook may dampen their momentum. nhk world, mexico city. and here's a quick look at our global economic calendar for the rest of this week. first, on wednesday, the bank of japan will release the minutes of its policy meeting in early october. over in the u.s., the commerce department will release initial gdp numbers for the july to september quarter on thursday. between april and june, the u.s. economy grew at an annualized pace of 2.5%. on the same day, the european
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central bank will hold a policy meeting. investors are focusing on whether the bank will keep its key interest rate at a record low. and a key indicator of japan's economy for september will come out. the coincident index dropped for the first time in two months in august. finally, on friday, we'll find out what happened to the u.s. job market in october. the september report showed unemployment standing at 7.2%, but nonfarm payrolls were far below what many market people had expected. chinese leaders have seen their economy shift gears. growth has accelerated for the first time in three quarters. and the chinese say their economy will stay in the fast lane. they've shifted strategy as well, helping tech companies stay competitive. nhk world reports.
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>> reporter: buyers from the middle east, india and other countries took part in this trade fair. this chinese company exports speakers. it says its business has been hit by the recent rise of china's currency. the firm exports speakers to brazil. now it sells them for $200. up from $180 6 months ago. >> translator: the export price has gone up due to the rise in the chinese yuan, and the local price has increased accordingly. it's too expensive for customers and the emerging markets. >> reporter: rising labor costs have also had an impact. now it's harder for chinese companies to compete in selling goods overseas. those exports had been enjoying economic growth.
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software park is located in chengdu. it's an industrial park built 80 years ago for i.t. businesses. more than 400 businesses with about 45,000 employees operate out of there. in the first year, businesses paid no rent. in the second, they paid half the going rate. as well. they also received tax benefits. this company started operations here three years ago. its software processes images on mobile phones and other devices. the company says its product is free on its website. over 100 million customers worldwide use it. the company's ceo says the local government gave support through rents and other means.
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>> translator: the municipal government introduced us to an investment firm after we achieved a certain level of growth. our business has grown since we were able to receive swift investment and funding from banks. >> reporter: the company says investors from around the world have put about $15 million into the firm. software park provides younger low-income employees with housing units. the rents are about half the local rates. the local government says it aims for innovation in the i.t. industry by nurturing it as well as supporting industries such as financial services. >> translator: innovation should be the driving force for the economy in the future. the government should implement a policy to provide an environment that encourages
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innovation. >> reporter: the question is whether china can develop from being the factory of the world to a maker of more sophisticated goods. business competitors around the world will be watching. nhk world. populace, prosperous, pushing ahead. china's rise brought it wealth power, and problems. an income gap divides its people. pollution threatens their health. and disputes at seas strain relations with its neighbors. find out about the challenges china faces, on "newsline." experts are examining a collection of modern art seized by the nazis and stashed in a german apartment. the works include paintings by picasso and metisse. experts estimate the value at about 1 billion euros or about $1.35 billion.
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the weekly german magazine "focus" said the collection came to light two years ago in munich. investigators made the discovery while searching a home of a man accused of tax evasion. the collection consists of about 1,500 pieces. the magazine said the nazis seized the works during world war ii. some of the owners were jewish. some were found amid piles of rotten groceries. it said the father of the man who hoarded the works was an art dealer. experts hope to track down the owners or their families. executives and entrepreneurs in japan are turning their attention and their noses to a technique they've long overlooked. they're finding that fragrances have the power to change moods and stimulate their bottom line. nhk world reports. >> reporter: around 200,000 people pass through the station in suburban tokyo every day.
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the staff often sees people at their most flustered or confused. so last year they came up with a novel way to help their customers stay calm. they installed an aroma diffuser near the information desk. the machine releases a soothing citrus fragrance. the station workers say it's a subtle but effective way to modify their customers' moods. >> translator: people are in a hurry for all kinds of reasons. we think they need a fragrance that helps take their stress away. >> reporter: now one company has come up with a way to share fragrances with friends, via their smartphones. instead of ringing or vibrating, your phone can now ping you with an aroma. this application actually connects with facebook.
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and once you press like the puff comes out and sprays scent. an elegant floral fragrance. >> i would say this is a smell phone. you just add this scent gadget to your smartphone. via the audio jack. and as soon as you put this gadget to your iphone, the smartphone's going to give, emit the scent. >> reporter: the company offers a range of cartridges, each loaded with a different smell. you can have lavender one day, and grilled meat the next. and other businesses are starting to see the benefit of getting up their customers' noses. advertising executives are testing ways of using fragrances with augmented reality to pitch food. >> translator: it would be
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really interesting if food packaging used augmented reality with recipes and serving suggestions, sending out the smells of the ingredients or the finish dishes. i think that would motivate shoppers to buy the products. >> reporter: so is scent the next frontier for marketing? one expert says it could be if companies can figure out what their customers really want. >> translator: scent is difficult to quantify and triggers different reactions from person to person. people who want to make use of scent need to think carefully about when to use it and who they are targeting. >> reporter: scientists say our sense of smell is surprisingly acute. the signal reaches our brains faster than sight or sound. it plays a key role in forming memories. and it may soon be leaping out
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from packaging and poking us from our smartphones, too. nhk world, tokyo. time now for the weather. let's find out the latest on those two storms in asia from our meteorologist sayaka mori. >> hello, there. november is the month where we usually see the tropics quieting down, but this year is exceptional. we have a couple of developing tropical disturbances. one here is a tropical depression with strong winds and high waves. and this one will become a tropical storm within 24 hours and could hit vietnam by wednesday night local time. and to the north of it is an area of heavy rain which was once a typhoon. lots of heavy rain is on the forecast for much of vietnam for the next couple of days. now, on the right sides of the screen, we have another system.
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this is a severe tropical storm. and this is currently packing wind gusts of 126 kilometers per hour. and it could intensify to a strong typhoon and probably make landfall in the central parts of the philippines by your friday. so lots of rain, lots of winds are going to be pounding across this location. so the philippines and vietnam are in the path of a series of tropical disturbances this week. different story for the korean peninsula as well as japan. a big high pressure system is exerting its dominance creating clear conditions. nice conditions to go out. and these are the pictures taken by our meteorologist. and we can see colors are golden and reddish, beautiful fall foliage across outside of the studio. and nice conditions will continue across most of japan, throughout the day. now back behind it we are seeing clear conditions across northeastern china but hazy conditions are still continuing.
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in and around harbin. but tomorrow looking nicer because sleet is in the way that could improve the hazy conditions, finally. now, across the americas. lots of snow across central parts of canada, especially saskatchewan and manitoba. lots of snow is on the way for most of the western parts of the u.s. on your tuesday. especially heavy snow from colorado into the high plains. western colorado, excuse me, western nebraska could get hit with the heaviest snow with up to 250 centimeters likely into the next 48 hours or so. ahead of this system lots of rain from eastern canada down toward the south. thundershowers are likely for the south. and a series of lows is dumping snow in the mountains and rain in the area of the pacific northwest. very strong winds are occurring out there. dry for the south of california. fire weather is likely on your tuesday.
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temperatures are on the high side in los angeles at 26 degrees. plenty of sunshine. very chilly for the north. only zero degrees for the high in winnipeg and 1 degree for denver with snow and 8 for omaha. that's about 5 degrees colder than average. all right. finally across europe, then, lots of clouds across most of the continent. we have a strong low pressure system coming into france and the british isles causing flooding rains, thunderstorms and gusty winds. that's expected to move into inland areas such as central parts of europe. now, toward the south, another area of severe weather across italy and the balkan peninsula. and to the north, a mixture of rain and snow. temperatures are on the low side in paris and berlin as well as vienna, but warmer in moscow with 10 degrees as the high. here's the extended forecast.
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and that's all for now on this edition of "newsline." i'm yuko aotani in tokyo. thank you very much for joining us. tavis: good evening.
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from los angeles, i am tavis smiley. nenight a conversation with an lamott. her book deals frankly with how to find answers to life's most ethical westerns. she does so with insight and with humor. we are glad you have joined us. a conversation with the always wonderful anne lamott emmy up right now. -- coming up right now. ♪
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>> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: they are the big questions that confront all of us. how to find meaning in chaos, how to start over in the face of devastating loss. how to cope with suffering. lamott began writing "stitiches" following the
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newtown connecticut shootings. good to have you on this program. >> give me your state of mind after those shootings. stunned, i was speechless. i felt i did not understand how we would go on from there because what i teach my children , they are loved and chosen and safe. i would say who is wearing a black suit with a lewd tie with white stripes? ok, you are loved and chosen. you are safe. how can you tell children after -- that after 20 of their fears have been slaughtered by someone who have -- has one of the 3 million guns in this country. i thought it would show up and tell them i am 59 and the light still shines in the darkness and not once has the darkness extinguished that.
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i have a four-year-old grandson periods goals are supposed to be sanctuaries i was grief struck. i always told my students to write but they would like to come up upon. i would like to come up upon someone making some sort of sense or casting a little bit of light on this. >> i will come back to the shooting itself and the guns and other issues you have raised in that one answer. let me start with this age-old question because you have insights that make me think. what do you say to young people, what do you say to yourself in answer to that age-old question about why good things, why bad things happen to good people? >> this is a violent place and we are a violent species. cain is still killing abel. we saw that at lax.
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i do not think god caused the shooting. i do not think god caused the swami. i loved what mr. roger said. he said his mom always said after tragedies, look to the helpers has the helpers after crisis, you will see the love of god. i do not know if we can understand the question except god does not cause the stuff. he comes in and pushes back his sleeves and says we have some healing to do here. tavis: it is hard to ugbir ignoe that issue. what is your take on this notion of the explosion of guns and our society?