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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  August 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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erupted after a fatal officer involved shooting saturday afternoon. we begin tonight with nick who is outside district 7 police headquarters. nick? >>reporter: the police chief says in responding to demonstrators as they did last night, they knowingly make themselves the target. >> the community was a victim of the disorder and the damage more than anybody else. >>reporter: two nights of disorder though sunday was much improved over saturday. still, there were more direct confrontations between demonstrators own police. something the chief says was orchestrated. >> some folks from chicago came to town. what is it called, revolutionary communist party of chicago showed up. actually, they're the ones that
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marching and trying to take over sherman. >> they want their neighborhood back. they want the outsiders that are coming into their neighborhood to leave. >>reporter: the mayor says the people of sherman park are the victims of outside agitators. >> those individuals in my mind are deliberately trying to damage a great neighborhood and a great city. they are deliberately trying to damage sherman park and this city. >>reporter: the mayor says police will do what it takes to protect the residents proud to live in sherman park. >> they do not deserve this. the fact that you've got some angry people who want to cause problems is something that we will not tolerate. >>reporter: there were 14 arrests in the violence overnight here.
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females according to police. all of course over the age of 17. the strategy that police are using to combat this situation, the chief saying it remains fluid. we'll talk more about how they're approaching this tonight on 12 news at 6:00. reporting live, nick bohr. thank you, nick. ben hutchenson continues live coverage continue from sherman park. >>reporter: i want to show all of our viewers this large green space behind me. there's a playground here. it's a nice, positive part of the community out here. a lot of the people out here don't want to let the violence define what's going on around
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closing at 6:00 o'clock tonight per orders from the sheriff. we're not sure how they're going to enforce that. right now there's no law enforcement out there but we'll continue to keep everyone posted. >> technical difficulties there. but four milwaukee police officers were hurt overnight including one officer whose helmet was grazed by a bullet. the officer is okay. four milwaukee sheriff's deputies were also hurty throwing rocks and concrete. this all started a little more than 48 hours ago. 23-year-old sylville police was shot by police during a traffic stop saturday afternoon. the officer was also african-american. body cam footage shows smith was holding a gun while he was running away. an autopsy was conducted today. >> the wounds the decedent received were consistent with what we understood to be the
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chest wound and an arm wound. >> smith, we're told, had a lengthy arrest record but was not a convicted felon. the officers involved in the shooting are being interviewed today. >> i just went to bed and my nephew called me and said your place is burning. >> a livelihood lost. his is one of the businesses set on fire saturday night. that business owner emotional emotional as h spoke with kent. >>reporter: this is a charred out store front right now but it was a to z wholesalers, a soft drink supplier. the man who's immediate this business his livelihood for 14 years today is struggling for
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next. as flames tore through this building saturday night, many watching at home believed the fire was in a local liquor store. gary mulheron knew better. i don't know how much damage is in there, you know. mulheron owns the soft-drink wholesale business that shares the building with the liquor store, and a family member called him to say that's what was burning. i said a little prayer, you know. i'm hoping that nothing happens. but unfortunately it happened. he still hasn't been allowed inside to see the damage, or know exactly what he's lost... as a second day passes. i was pretty strong until today. mulheron lives nearby, and knows the impact the rash of violence has had on his neighbors. the bp on sherman and burleigh, one of my best customers. one of my best customers, and now look at him. and even on his young grand-daughter. he started crying and she was
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he believes that it'll be alright for her, and for the neighborhood where he plans to stay. so what now? >> i'm hoping to repair and getted back to business. >>reporter: it's still a crime scene. police still on the scene securing the area. federal investigators from the atf were here just moments ago and are expected to return tomorrow once they clear the scene. a family dollar store was also damaged overnight. this is near 35th and north. you can see the front entrance is smashed out. employees tell wisn 12 news people broke in and stole items from the store. news chopper 12 was also over a car fire overnight. it eventually exploded. this is in the area of 45th and hadley. matt salemme has been part of our live team coverage all weekend long. and he joins us live in news
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>>reporter: we've been orbiting the neighborhood here scoping things out. this is the auto parts store from above that kent was just talking about. the jet beauty is all boarded up as well. just a couple of buildings down here from the corner here. right now, seems to be quiet over in the sherman park neighborhood. things looking pretty normal. a couple of kiday basketball. some selling water bottles on the police are also watching the crime scene at the bp gas station. they still have a police presence there. on the way over here similar to last night, milwaukee police is staging close and clear. there are literally hundreds of squads nearby ready to react if there are any more problems coming up this evening.
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>> we can't get so frustrated that we stop doing those things that do make a difference. >> one of milwaukee's most devoted civil rights activists lives in sherman park. mike anderson is live and, mike, many people know dr. howard fuller. >>reporter: that's right, they do. there's a number of people you see behind me here that live here as well. the kids are giving water bottles away as well as free cupcakes just to show their love for one another they say. and for someone like dr. howard fuller whose commitment is stronger than ever he tells us. >> this is not the first time. >>reporter: dr. howard fuller lives a few doors down from where smith was shot and a short walk to the bp station that went up in flames.
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marquette university has for years protested where he thought there was injustice and advocated for children. >> these things go so far back so when a specific things happens, it's not just that specific incident. it's all the things that surround it. >>reporter: he says that includes things that people don't want to talk about it. >> i'm not excusing burning down a gas station or anything le that but the reality of it is there's a lot of pain in our community. there's a lot of people whose circumstances of living are desperate. >>reporter: he says all you have to do is look around at what's building before things get out of control and do something. he says what many are looking for now is a quick fix and there is not one. >> for those of us who are doing things every day, we got to continue to do those things. we can't get so frustrated that we stop doing those things that do make a difference because it doesn't solve the overall problem.
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has lived in sherman park since 1988. he says he could move but he's not going to. he plans to stay here and be part of the solution. here's what we know right now about the damage and injuries last night. eight milwaukee police officers have been hurt. ten squad cars damaged. police have made 31 arrests. seven businesses were set on fire in all. the sheriff's office tells us four of its deputies have been this story continues to develop the best way for you to follow any updates or on our website, or on our mobile app a milwaukee man is shot after noon. the 28-year-old was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. there's no word on what led up to the shooting. police are searching for a suspect continuing coverage tonight of the unrest in milwaukee. coming up, a look at the impact on nearby businesses.
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going crazy. >> his store is across the street from one destroyed by fire. how he's now defending his business. plus. >> start by raising your right hand. [applause] >> beginning their journey as future milwaukee police officers, what this means during a time of unrest in their city. plus, rain is not too far away from us right now. chances that it makes it here and cool us down is next. >> good evening. tomorrow on wisn12 news morning, we'll have any breaking news from overnight about the unrest in milwaukee. catch up on the headlines before you head out the door. plus, sally is on weather watch
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our coverage continues tonight of the unrest in milwaukee. this is a live look at the sherman park neighborhood from news chopper 12. protesters took to the street saturday night following a fatal officer-involved shooting. the milwaukee county sheriff's office will close sherman park tonight at six. law enforcement will also strictly enforce the ten o'clock curfew for minors. again...all kids under 17
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tonight.>> as we mentioned, sherman park is closing early this evening. that's where ben joins us live tonight. >>reporter: we're about a block and a half away from the bp gas station here behind me but as you can see here, the park will be closing but there are people out here right now. they're playing on the playground. pay lot of people like to come out to this area. there's also a group on the benches over there. we're not sure right now if they know the park is closing at 6:00 it will stay closed until 6:00 in the morning. that's the orders of the sheriff. we'll continue to follow this because right now there is no law enforcement out here getting ready to enforce the park closing. >> thank you, ben. we've been sending out breaking news alerts through our mobile app throughout the unrest. it's making national headlines. >> it's also a topic on the
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mentioned milwaukee today in pennsylvania. >> look at what's happening in milwaukee right now. we've got urgent work to do to rebuild trust between police and communities and get back to the fundsmental principle. everyone should have respect for the law and be respected by the law. >> donald trump will be in wisconsin tomorrow. there will be a fund raiser in milwaukee and a rally in west bend. trump was in green bay last week and his running mate mike pence has made three stops in wisconsin in the last few today, 45 new recruits began their journey to become milwaukee police officers. ben wagner was there as they're now training to serve the people of milwaukee one day after one of the most violent weekends in the city's history. >> raise your right hand. >>reporter: with their arms raised, 36 men and 9 women began a career that would make
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day. but today the danger is even more visible. >> i worry. he's my grandson and i worry. i worry about the responders out there. i worry about the communities that have to deal with this. it's a hard time. >>reporter: her grandson, charles, is 21, ready for six months of training at the academy. his mom works at the police department too and knows how hard recruits prepare for the job. >> face. >> it's helped her a lot. grandma is a little more nervous than i am. >> i am. >> i look through the whole 60s thing. went to riverside high school during that. that was a disaster in milwaukee. i worry. >>reporter: worry might seem like the word of the day for them but many are just as excited to see their sons, daughters, husbands, and wives take their first step toward a
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the police achieve says he hopes the recruits will carry the enthusiasm today with them through the next six months of training and hopes to see all 45 of them back here in february of 2017. the recruits will graduate in february. milwaukee police wouldn't let us talk to the recruits after the ceremony today. a little bit cloudy today, but we still managed to make it into the 80s. mark, the streak continues. >> i don't know why i find this fascinating. every day in august our temperatures have been at least 80 degrees or warmer. that's only happened one other time in august history back in 2010. then we had 16 days in a row. we're going to beat that record tomorrow. but the all time streak is 22 days in a row which was set back in 1921. we're 77 right now. east, northeasterly winds fairly
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dew points still sticky out there. i know temperatures weren't as bad but you can definitely feel the moisture in the air that could lead to patchy fog. gorgeous spot here from racine. temperature 80 degrees where there's been a little more sunshine in our northern counties, clouds down to the south. in milwaukee right now, 77. the dew point is up around 70. that's certainly sticky air. easterly winds at 9es milwaukee. 77 right now in kinosha. the dew point to measure how much moisture is in the air, any time it's 65 and up, you can certainly feel that. so we'll watch for the potential as that temperature and the dew point temperature pretty close together that could lead to fog heading throughout the night especially in some of the low lying areas. especially the river valleys. showers try to work their way
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there's low pressure down to the south of us. counterclock wise flow swinging that around. maybe an isolated shower are two. it's not going to last long. right over pleasant valley right now. this is moving to the north, northwest at about 15 to 20 miles per hour. kind of the only game in town here. the bulk of the precipitation is the southside of chicago towards champagne. that will stay to the east of us. can't rule out an isolated shower tonight. but that will be clouds though and an isolated shower too. tomorrow, not a whole lot of sunshine. maybe a little more than today. a few little showers may pop up from time to time. heading into wednesday same story here. might be an isolated shower or thunderstorm. but for the most part it's going to be dry. let's show you what's happening to the west. we're not done with the heat. it's sitting out there. one week from today though, it's going to be cooling back down in the 50s and the 60s.
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to be prepared much cooler air is moving in. that streak of 80s will come to an end. 70 tonight. isolated shower or two. patchy fog. 83 for the high temperature tuesday. mostly cloudy skies. still on the sticky side. if we're cloudy all day tomorrow we might not get to 80 but i still think we have a chance. wednesday thunderstorms come in and then overall temperatures on the mild side especially throughout the rest of the week. saturday we'll cool things down after some storms come in and then we get cooler again. 70 is the high temperature on sunday and monday which will feel pretty chilly compared to what where we've been. >> coming up, we continue our coverage of the unrest in milwaukee. >> we talk to a business owner trying to get back on his feet. >> you just got to pick up
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he's making sure
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when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringing ] ...what do you think they talk about? how the koch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin, even green bay, as he voted their way 90% of the time and supported special tax breaks for big oil polluters? whatever senator johnson and the koch brothers talk about, it probably isn't you. edf action is responsible
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tonight at 6:00 o'clock by order of the sheriff's office. some businesses opened up today after being shut down for safety reasons. one owner is determined to see his neighborhood bounce back. >> have a good day there. >>reporter: for 17 years, raymond bader has been running all for us, a convenience store at the corner of 35th and du lac avenue in sherman park. >> we were closing here saturday night and got a call a friend's gas station was on fire. >>reporter: his business was spared but across the street, jet beauty and o'reilly auto barts burned and now are in ruins. >> stupidity. you're taking out businesses
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service this area. >>reporter: he reopened monday morning, badge around his neck and gun on his hip. >> it helps keep peace in here. you can't control everybody but you do the best you can. >>reporter: but this father of three says he's not angry. >> do you feel safe in this neighborhood? >> yeah. always safe here. a lot of these kids you see here now, i watched them grow up. now they have kids. >>reporter: and he says he's not going anywhere despite the devastation. >> no. never. you can't just pick up sticks
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people are gearing up for irish fest this weekend. how's the weather looking? >> it might be iffy on saturday. we'll see. in the meantime, we have a shower or two we're watching right now. it's gradually moving to the north. you could have a sprinkle or quick shower though. temperatures hang on to the 70s. dew points rather sticky with patchy fog throughout the overnight hours. >> all right.
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tonight, as we come on, several developing stories. the deadly floods. the rushing waters, the state of emergency and, tonight, we hear from the rescuer who helped pull this woman and her dog from her submerged car. also tonight, the wildfires, out of control right now. nearly 200 homes and already destroyed. breaking now. the curfew in place tonight in milwaukee. after officers are targeted and injured, bricks thrown at their cars. all of this after an officer shoots and kills a man who police say was armed. donald trump, amid reports of turmoil within his campaign, his new plan tonight to vet immigrants to this country. and we have the list of specific questions he now wants asked. and the joe show.


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