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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  August 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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city leaders are taking actions to keep people safe. the team of reporters will break it down for you tonight. first we want to get you the latest information. the mayor announced the 10:00 p.m. curfew for 17 or younger will be reinforced tonight. they have ordered sherman park to close at 6:00 and remain closed until 6:00 tomorrow morning. the overnight closure will happen until further notice. >> you are look at last night. the sheriff ordering sherman park to close after two nights of unrest. this is a live look as the park is being closed. we will check in with matt coming up. >> first, let's go to let's go news" mike anderson who joins us live on the ground. you spoke to a group not happy about the decision to close it
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suppose today be closed and empty per sheriff clark's decree. he said he wanted to close it until 6:00 tomorrow morning until further notice. it is met with 6:00 tomorrow mo until further notice. it is met with criticism by the sherman park community association. the group's leaders met to discuss it and concluded it before they get better. >> if you set them off there may be retaliation by them. >> they have no place else to go -- >> they have no place else to go. there's some youth out in the park that don't even have a home to go back to. so i think it is a bad idea. >> and we did reach out to the sheriff's department to get further clarification from
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and they said the sheriff took that action because large places of rock throwers and agitators were gathering there to stage their attacks. there is still people here. it looks like they are starting to clear out right now. reporting live, mike anderson. "wisn 12 news". governor walker is speaking right now at the police headquarters. let's go to him live >> it is a special place for us. i want having children born nearby. having lived and raised nearby. that sherman park neighborhood is an incredible place to live and there are great people there. and i want to make it clear the people across the community, across the state and across the country this is not a reflection of the vast majority of people that live in that community and in the state. we believe first and foremost, we want to ensure their safety.
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up to for assistance not only through back up with the national guard, but yesterday during the day we shifted 26 more members to the wisconsin state patrol. 24 members and superviors in milwaukee county. there was some concern there may be a shift to the fair grounds. thankfully that did not occur. but it allowed freeing up staff from the milwaukee police department to assist others in the state of milwaukee. in addition to the guard, the state patrol and mutual aid to others if need be are available, but our hope is tonight due to the help of many great community leaders, particularly through faith leaders, pastors and others in the faith community and various different backgrounds, not only only around sherman park but the city of milwaukee have been outspoken
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obviously there's lots of issues people want to talk about and dialogue but there's a proper way and time to do that. certainly for those of us committed to working together at the state level and with our counter parts at the federal level, but we want to make sure people know there is a proper way to do that that provides the safety people need to live comfortably in neighborhoods across the city and across the state. >> i want to reinforce it's important that in light of the initial action that many pointed to that led to what we saw saturday night and sunday morning, that wisconsin is the first state and today one of the few states in the country that has a law that requires an independent review. an independent investigation. any time a law enforcement official is involved a shooting that leads to a death, that that is not done internally by law enforcement agency as it was
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it is done by the department of justice at the state level. they will conduct a thorough investigation and it's one of those -- it's good for everybody involved. it's good for the family and loved ones of the deceased to know exactly what happened. it's good for law enforcement that if any of those individuals in any point whether it's here in milwaukee or across the state is doing the job they were trained to do under difficult circumstances abiding by professional conduct. doing so in the way they were trained to do so and that independence investigation would validate that. and in the extremely rare occurrence it might not be, they will be held accountable. wisconsin was the first to have that law. a bipartisan piece of legislation that is now the law and i think sit a motto for sorry states across the country. >> so we are here in part to say thank you and get an update. our hope obviously again tonight
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set for teenagers. and the actions of the sheriff asked that sherman park be closed at 6:00. we hope people will go to their homes and make sure that particularly the kids their homes and of all ease things up. i hope that if we have subsequent nights it will help us in the future. with that, i will take questions. >> the video, the mayor and police chief clearly shows the suspect ages, it is with the gun. do you want that released and how soon? >> the key is i want to make sure they follow the law and it doesn't impeed their ability to have an objective investigation. histoically the district attorney made a determination in
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investigation. if they can do that sooner and still keep their investigation to be complete, i think that's the key. we don't want to rush the investigation. the gun. do you law is important to have independent review. not to rush to do it for other reasons outside. and in terms of the specifics of the video, i will leave it up to the attorney general to comment on because that is an independent review. i'm not going to comment on the subject matter what is on the >> [inaudible] at what point would the national guard be called in? >> right now it's one of those, i acted with the intent we work with the city of milwaukee and milwaukee county. the request was made by sheriff david clark from milwaukee county. prior to making that public i called and talked to the mayor to talk about what the intentions are. followed up later and talked to the common council president in
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sure they knew our intentions were to activate the guard but to send them separate and remove them where the incident command was near sherman park and have it be a request. statutes allow for a local official to make that request. that's what sheriff clark did. but i have delegated the responsibility to our general, major dunbar, to work with law enforcement here and try and balance. when you have two major agencies, the milwaukee sheriff office to work in partnership and the same way you do with an incident command for this and any other issue when there's multiple jurisdictions. >> do you think the guard should be more involved with the escalating situations here? i think it is imperative the role of the guard is to support local law enforcement, not to take the place of it.
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know what the issues are -- >> i know there's issues, people said. i don't know from this instance if we interviewed everybody. some people said that. i think there are larger issues aside from what happened this weekend and are important to address and look at. we've been meeting senator taylor and i talked yesterday about some things we've been working on for several months targeting the 53206 zip code. and help with transition jobs and work forceel opportunities. we met a mon month or so ago with the district. those are issues not just rising to the top because this weekend, those are issues that lawmakers had raised serious concerns and we are willing to work on. so we are going to do that regardless. as to what specifically did this, an array of different issue that is got us to where
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right now first and foremost important responsibility is public safety. if you don't have public safety, you don't have anything else. if people can't live in the communities and neighborhoods without fear, everything else is irrelevant. the first objective is to give the city of milwaukee and milwaukee county to give the citizens of this neighborhood, this city, this county and state are safe. >> are you going to appear with why, why not? >> well, i changed plans. i was supposed to be at something tomorrow night but i thought it is important to be here and continue to be in consultation with the general, the mayor, so a lot of this depends on what happens in the next 24-hours, i suppose. if we are here and not in the middle of things like this i would be in the past when i appeared with the governor.
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i would anticipate my hope and prayer in this community and state. i think things will be well under control. >> you said you wanted us to be an appropriate dialogue. what needs to happen -- [inaudible] well, again, that's something i think is a discussion to have in our focus is on until we have public safety. everything else is kind of -- aside. there's a lot of issues in terms of jobs and education. income levels and things like that. things we have been a done in the past. we've been working on with lawmakers. the main focus is to support the men and women in the milwaukee police department.
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providing assistance. the national guard and give them the assistance they need to help the neighbors here. >> the governor saying the most important responsibility he feels he has is public safety. if people can't live without fear everything else is irrelevant. >> i want to send it back to the sherman park crews. ben, the squad the entrance to the park? >> they are blocking all of the entrances and within the last two minutes we were told we can't be on the sidewalk. they are closing down the park and sidewalk. there were 20 people hang out on the playground. a lot of people we spoke with aren't happy. if we look over to the left. all of the vans were brought in. they were loaded up with deptice
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deputies. the senator taylor was here and she -- doesn't agree with the level of services. this is a place for people to go like the boys and girls club, but we have to move off and deputies are scaling the area, making sure nobody is here. when the camera is here at 6:00 and deputies showed up at that time. they pushed people from the park. they were respectful. hey, the park is closing. a lot of people didn't know about it at the time. but they respected the time. but now we have to move our crew across the street because they are closing the sidewalk as well. ben hutchinson, "wisn 12 news" milwaukee police are standing by their tactics after they were targeted with herred rocks, bottles, bricks and even some bullets.
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much of the day, it was boarded up. in the last few minutes it has reopened here. that was because of some threats made and shots fired in the area. the police chief says in responding to demonstrators as they did last night, they knowingly make themselves the target. >> sunday night a group seen from news chopper 12 could be seen throwing rocks and other things at police. >> some ways we focal point, but better us the focal point than innocent community members or stores being set on fire. so we accept the risk that engaging makes us the target. okay? we have to rely on our training and protective ar and movements to keep us safe. >> there were rocks and bottles.
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because the same people we are trying to control we have to protect ourselves. and we are not going to break ranks to tackle somebody to the ground or taze them or hit them with something. the goal is to clear the streets and make the neighborhood safe. not to win a fight >> it is a response essential to their strategy. >> i think some folks watching these videos think we are in some sword of war with the -- some sort of war with the community and we have to win the fight. no, we have to mata it is a risk to take and one that our officers did with great restraint. >> they plan to use the similar tactics but says sit a fluid situation and they could adapt if necessary. the national guard troops remain on stand by last night. so far they have not been utilized out here but the chief says it's nice to have that asset available if they should feel the need to call on them. reporting live at the district 6
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question that many of you have been asking, who are the demonstrators? the chief says many are coming from outside the sherman park neighborhood. >> we had some folks from chicago come to town. the revolutionary congress of chicago showed up. they tried to take over sherman. >> the people of sherman park are the agitators. >> they want their neighborhood back. and they want the outsiders that are coming into their neighborhood to leave. >> milwaukee police say 14 people were arrested for disorderly conduct last night. all of them from milwaukee. let's send it to chopper 12 in the air. matt? >> and kathy, right now we are looking at sheriff deputies that ben was telling you that came
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they are putting up the orange snow fencing around the perimeter. they came walking out of the building with long boxes. i was wondering what it is that were in the boxes. it is the -- they are putting it around the perimeter. they are working their way around the north and northeast corner of the park here near 41st street. at this point they've begun putting the fence up. they have cleared out the parking lot. some folks were having a picnic. they drug their feet a little without incidents. one sole vehicle left in the parking lot at sherman park. we will continue to keep an eye on it. back to you. >> a total of 12 milwaukee police officers and sheriff deputies have been injured as they respond to the unrest. there have been a total of 31 arrests. 10 squad cars damaged, two of them totalled. seven businesses on fire. several of which were destroyed.
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afternoon. 23-year-old smith was shot and killed by a police officer at a traffic stot saturday afternoon. the officer involved in the shooting was also african-american. body cam footage shows smith was holding a gun as he was running away. an autopsy confirms smith was shot in the chest and the arm. >> obviously pieces of the investigation will come out. somewhat disconnected from each other, but i'm confident when the total picture is told we our understanding of what occurred. >> police say smith did have a lengthy arrest record but not a convicted felon. the officers involved in the shooting are being interviewed today. >> many local businesses are beginning to assess the damage from the weekend violence. one long term business owner lost everything. kent joins us from 22nd. >> many probably saw the images
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it housed the liquor store. this business adjacent to it was a wholesaler for soft drinks. this took the hardest hit. it gutted the business. it is one of the many businesses in this area hoping to recover. trying to rebuild. it includes a corner stone business. a neighborhood bank, fire ripped through the branch on fon du lac leaving many wondering if the a spokesman tells us at this stage we are early in the process of assessing the damage to that branch. the primary concern is the safety of our employees and customers. and employees had been moved to other branch locations but no word yet on the future of that bank. meanwhile, the long time owner of the beverage supply business wondering about the future, he's not able to get into the building to see exactly what
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that and the thought of rebuilding his livelihood. >> that was pretty strong today. you know. af lot of family, a lot of friends supporting me and said they had to come down to help. >> he says he hopes to stay here if he can. investigators from the building not clear. interestingly one of his biggest customers is the b.p. station that was also destroyed by fire. the owner of that business declined to talk about what he has lost. we checked with bp corporate and also with o'reilly auto parts, another business that was destroyed by fire. both of those said they were not prepared to comment at this time. but i will tell you for a lot of these businesses, it's still very early.
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severe the losses are or what it will take to start over. reporting live on the northside. "wisn 12 news" a livelihood lost. it was a tense and violent weekend. let's look back at the past 4 will -- 48 hours. police shot and killed a man they say was armed. the unrest began. seven fires set in and around the sherman park neighborhood. seven squad and officers were hurt. a teenage girl was also shot. she is expected to be okay. sunday morning, dozens showed up at the scene of violence to begin the process of cleaning up. the national guard was put on stand by. 125 members have been activated but not deployed. sunday night another tense time. four officers and deputies were hurt when the civilian was shot
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neighborhood. that vehicle later exploded. we will keep you updated on the latest information on the 12 news app. download the app to get breaking news sent directly to your phone. >> a few showers this evening? >> a good idea to bring it along just in case. a few of the showers making their way it up to the north. additional rainfall. >> our hearts go out to who is affected weighs in on the unrest in milwaukee. >> and president obama mother-in-law hired by the milwaukee ducks. coming up. >> good evening everybody. i'm ben wagner. tomorrow on "wisn 12 news" this morning we'll have any breaking news about the unrest in milwaukee. catch up on the morning headlines before you head out the door. and meteorologist will be on the weather watch as you make some of your plans.
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our coverage continues on the unrest in milwaukee on this extended addition of 12 news at 6:00. this is a live look at the sherman park neighborhood from news chopper 12. law enforcement will strictly enforce the 10:00 curfew from minors across the city. all kids off the streets by 10:00 tonight. sherman park closed early as a safety precaution. this is what you are looking at now. the orange fencing going up across the area. the park will remain closed until 6:00 tomorrow morning. >> many milwaukee residents stopped by to look at the burned out buildings at sherman park. >> this is what is left of the b.p. gas station.
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he left the state for work and was gone the whole weekend. he heard about the unrest on facebook. he came home late last night and came here first thing in the morning. >> i left here, the city was fine. come back to my city. my city is crying. you know what i'm saying? people dying and stuff like that. it hurt me so much to see this happen. you know what i'm saying? >> fire crews could not initially get to the gas station because of security concerns with shots being fired in the area. is sending shock waves across the country. the packers quarterback aaron rogers says his thoughts are with sherman park and hopes the community can find peace. >> my heart goes out to those affected down there and you know, this is a connected world. and any time there's a disconnect like that, it's disappointing to see and our thoughts and prayers go to all those affected and we hope that the violence doesn't continue
6:28 pm and our mobile app. look through a gallery of videos and photos and watch the full news conference from city officials over the past couple of days. >> to commitment 2016 donald trump is getting ready to return to wisconsin. the presidential nominee will be here for a fundraiser. his running mate mike pence has made three stops in wisconsin the last few weeks. joined the ranks of the milwaukee police department. the group was sworn in at the milwaukee police academy. the recruits begin six months of training. they are schedule today graduate in february. >> president obama's brother-in-law has joined the milwaukee bucks. the team allowed craig robinson will serve as the organization vice president, of player and organizational development. he was head coach at oregon state for six years. he is the oldest brother of
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>> one augustin -- warm august continues, still in the 80s? >> we've been in the 80s and more 80s to come as we head throughout this week. all the changes will be april -- arriving. we do, but the best chance of rain won't come until saturday. that's when a p that will make a big difference in our forecast. thereto are a few pockets you see sun coming through. easterly winds at 8. it is still sticky. we just can't get the dew point down. that will change this weekend as well. if you are one of those that are hoping and waiting and saying i want to get my windows back open have a breath of fresh air, it's coming.
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81 degrees the high today. above average yet again. the average high is 79. not that far away. but fairly low record low for this time of year of 93 degrees and the 15 days in a row with temperatures 80 plus. you can see we are in the 70s here. 90s out to the west and 80s and we will still stay warm for another week. as we head into sunday and monday temperatures cooling down to the 50s or 60s. a couple of scattered showers dotting t s this is falling apart. it is not much more than a sprinkle or two and that's all i'm expecting as we head out the night and tomorrow as well. mat jort of the rain stay -- the majority of the rain stays through the east. not completely sunny. not completely cloudy. again another passing shower. maybe a thunderstorm. better chance on wednesday. a decent chance to mow the grass.


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