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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 19, 2016 7:00am-9:01am CDT

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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, two of the u.s. swimmers at the heart of the rio robbery scandal arriving back home moments ago. now, ryan lochte and another teammate still in rio facing possible charges, accused of vandalizing a gas station and lying about the terrifying robbery all along. footage reveals. also new this morning, trump's regrets. what donald trump is now saying about some of his tough words on the trail. >> and believe it or not, i regret it. >> as the candidate now heads to louisiana this morning to meet with communities devastated by the storms. are we witnessing a big change in tone? his campaign manager joins us live. severe weather hits the midwest. a waterspout strikes off the
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an hour. now, texas to iowa on alert as the west battles dozens of wildfires and record heat moves in. and lightning fast. >> he makes it look easy. >> usain bolt proving once again he's king of the track as team usa's ashton eaton becomes the world's greatest athlete again. >> the world's greatest athlete. >> and on the track the u.s. women get a relay redo and team usa soars over france on the court. now heading for gold medal glory as the greatest gymnast in the world, simone biles, joins us live. >> announcer: live in times square and rio de janeiro, this is "good morning america." >> we do say good morning, america. happy friday, great having david muir with us. >> so fun with you, robin. >> better than a gold medal. >> thanks. i would have taken the bronze.
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incredible crew, too. how about overnight? team usa hitting 100 medals overnight. >> in fact, now the women's track team has the chance to go for more, robin, after that close call bumped by team brazil during a preliminary heat. allyson felix dropping that baton but they got a redo overnight with the track all to themselves. much more coming up. but first, the latest on the growing scandal in rio. those two american swimmers landing in the u ago. one swimmer, though, still in brazil, jimmy feigen meeting with police overnight negotiating a deal after new surveillance footage from that gas station incident surfaces. abc's matt gutman is on the scene there for us in rio and has the very latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. what happened at this gas station has become an international incident. now, those two u.s. swimmers are back in the u.s., and jimmy feigen, the man you mentioned, the only swimmer still here, he agreed to pay $11,000 to a charity to get his passport back
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charging all four of them. abc news was on that plane with them overnight talking to olympic swimmers gunnar bentz and jack conger, the two men seen in this exclusive video traveling without an entourage keeping to themselves after their night of partying sunday with teammates ryan lochte and james feigen turned into an international incident. >> we have just landed here at miami airport on the flight from rio to miami. gunnar and jack are still in the back of the plane and i spoke to gunnar in the middle of the flight and he said they're really looking forward to being back here in the united states. >> reporter: the last of the four swimmers stuck here in rio, feigen spending hours overnight at a police station. his attorney saying he'd have to pay about $11,000 to a charity to get his passport back. this as new videos are coloring in some details of what happened that night. lochte had said robbers had held
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gunpoint, but brazilian police saying the men weren't victims they were vandals destroying this gas station bathroom. after leaving club france at 5:47 a.m. cameras capture the group walking around that gas station around 6:00 a.m. watch as one pulls a sign off the wall. lochte seen here stumbles out of the bathroom. police say the swimmers kicked down the door, then vandalized the bathroom inside, then those four swimmers continued on here back towards their taxi and at this point, they allegedly ripped a poster off the wall before being confronted by those security guards. after the men get into their taxi, one of the men police say was a security guard confronts them. they get out of the car. the tape then cuts out for a three-minute chunk. you next see the four swimmers sitting on a curb with their hands up. lochte here in the middle standing to get something out of his pocket. police say a security officer detained them at gunpoint until they paid about $50 for damages.
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news they were actually forced to hand over $400. overnight, lochte's attorney telling abc news, no matter what happened at the gas station, the swimmers were robbed. police questioned the story from the start, especially after seeing this video, the men returning to the olympic village from the gas station with watches, wallets and phones. overnight, the u.s. olympic committee calling the athletes' behavior unacceptable saying "we apologize to our hosts in rio and the people of brazil." robin, i want you to take a look at that surveillance camera up there. it captured those four swimmers sitting right down there, a man standing over them with the gun. now, what's amazing here is that both sides, the lawyers for the swimmers and the police say the video proves their point. so the big question is were these four swimmers being extorted for $400 or were they simply being asked to pay for the damage that they allegedly caused? >> trying to get to the bottom
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matt, thank you. we bring in dan abrams. you've seen the headlines here, liar, liar, speedo on fire, real police call lochte liar. not victim. >> there's no question in my mind that he lied, right. when he initially said publicly we were pulled over in this taxi, and then a gun put to my head by these people pretending that they were police officers, that's not what happened, right? furthermore, we didn't know about this vandalism and this incident at the gas station. with all that said, he also may have been robbed. to do what he did at the gas station, he may have been wrong to publicly embellish the story and it also may be robbery to say to someone with a gun, yeah, you may want to pay us 50 bucks, we're going to take 400. >> so, what happens now? >> for ryan lochte, nothing. meaning, he's now in the united states and he won't get extradited as a result of this. feigen is the one who really needs to be concerned because he's there. he's the one trying to negotiate
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filing a false police claim or for vandalism, et cetera, it's the last thing he'd want, right? regardless of what the sentence would be up to six months potentially for filing a false police claim, additional for vandalism as a practical matter, what the brazilians want is their reputation back. >> sure, they do. >> you know, it's not -- they don't need feigen behind bars. they want to be able to say to the world, we did what we promised. we kept rio safe, and if they can be able to say that in good faith, i think that this will all be worked out in some way or another. >> and the american authorities weighing in saying this is unacceptable behavior. >> i think that's very helpful in resolving this because, again, it says to the brazilian authorities we get it. we get it. this isn't what it initially seemed to the world. >> there was a firestorm on social media, they're referring to them as kids. they're not kids, these are
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>> the saga continues. >> dan, thank you. we're going to turn to the race for the white house here this morning and donald trump striking a bit of a new tone overnight expressing regret in his words over some of his comments and announcing that he's heading to louisiana to meet with communities affected by the devastating floods this morning. abc's tom llamas is on the trail in new orleans and joins us live. hey, tom. >> reporter: david, donald trump and governor mike pence expected to tour that devastated flood area around baton rouge. now, this trip was put together very quickly. it was never on the official schedule. and it comes at a time that trump wants to show his softer side. overnight, a first for donald trump, admitting at times he's gone too far in his personal attacks and now expressing remorse. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. and believe it or not, i regret
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>> reporter: this trump, a stark difference from the man who has attacked a gold star family. >> she was standing there, she had nothing to say. she probably -- maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> reporter: and hurled vicious insults at other foes. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. now the poor guy, you got to see this guy, i don't know what i said, ah. i don't remember. >> i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. >> reporter: but now this. >> and i do regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain. >> reporter: this never-before-seen side of trump now extending even to the victims in louisiana. >> we are one nation.
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>> reporter: the clinton campaign calling it all an act. in a statement saying, donald trump literally started his campaign by insulting people. but trump sees it a different way accusing clinton of lying to voters. >> so, while sometimes i can be too honest, hillary clinton is the exact opposite. she never tells the truth. >> reporter: and this morning, donald trump out with his first television ad of the general election. >> in hillary clinton's america the system stays rigged against americans. syrian refugees flood in. illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay collecting social security benefits, skipping the line. our border open, it's more of the same but worse. >> reporter: now, as that ad launches, trump does have some catching up to do. in the last two months alone the
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spent more than $60 million on television ads. this right now is a $5 million ad buy for the trump campaign. it's going to run in five battleground states, including ohio and florida. >> tom, thanks. joining us kellyanne conway, the newly tapped campaign manager for donald trump. welcome back to the program? >> thank you for having me. >> congrats on the new role. >> thank you. >> he said sometimes along the way in the heat of the moment you say the wrong thing. but he went further. donald trump saying i do regret it particularly where it may have caused personal pain. what was he talking about? >> he was talking about anyone who feels offended by anything he said and that's all him. you know, he took extra time yesterday going over that speech with a pen so that was a decision he made. those are his words. and i hope that everybody who has criticized him at some point, david, for being insensitive or for mocking someone at least shows some recognition and some forgiveness. >> but you mentioned anyone who's been personally offended by what he said. you know, john mccain early on when he said, you know, he's a
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i like people who aren't captured. will he reach out to the khan family personally? >> he may. i hope they heard him and i hope america heard him because of all the people, david, who have been saying, hey, let's get trump to pivot, let's get him to be more presidential. that is presidential. it's also presidential today to have him and governor pence going to louisiana in a decidedly nonpolitical event, no press allowed, going to help people on the ground who are in need. that these were his words, he worked on this speech personally, but you're a couple of days in as the new campaign manager. what he said about the khans was weeks ago. why the regret now? some people might say was that you? >> it was not me. that's all donald trump. he's the candidate. i'm not. >> why the regret now? >> it's an expression of regret. perhaps he felt it before but he expressed it now, and i think if you look at the full measure of the man, this is somebody who those of us who know him
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campaign manager without ever mentioning to you my gender, which i think is quite remarkable. i'm insulted routinely by liberal men everywhere yet a conservative man promoted me to campaign manager. that's very symptomatic of who he is, all the women he's promoted and compensated at the trump organization. and i think that story is going to be very important to voters as well. you need to look at the full measure of the man. >> as we move forward we've heard this line of attack about hillary clinton's health saying that she doesn't have thnt isis and our many adversaries. hillary clinton is 68 and donald trump is 70 and suggesting that she has stamina issues. how do you think this will sit with some? you heard the new pew numbers down significantly almost 20 points down to hillary clinton with women. >> david, we'll fight for everybody's vote and we recognize that all issues are women's issues. i have not in the 28 years of doing this ever heard the term men's issues.
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handle issues and we can only talk about health care or education. we can handle pretty sure as women. >> on her stamina, do you think there's a real question about her stamina. >> donald trump is difficult to keep up with him and hard to remember he's 70 on a daily basis. more energetic than most of us on the trail. hillary clinton insults donald trump every time she's asked about a policy position of her own she takes an opportunity to insult donald trump. she's going to insult do the voters and i hope, i absolutely hope that this campaign pivots to substance because we want to challenge her on the issues. we want ask her to own obamacare. pulling out of 30 states and 11 of the 15 states saying they suffered 1.5 billion in combined losses just because of obamacare, the affordable care act. that's right, people feel less prosperous and less safe. i would rather lose an election that was based on style and a content-free cacophony if it
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substance. >> we have to go. the trip to louisiana, safe trip. kellyanne, thanks so much for being. >> thank you. we're going to turn now to louisiana where those deadly devastating floods have killed at least 13 people. thousands are still in shelters there this morning and president obama is under fire for not cutting short his vacation and visiting the state. abc's jon karl joins us now and, jon, what are critics saying and how is the white house responding? >> reporter: robin, the president's facing some tough criticism from those in images of him playing golf in martha's vineyard while their state deals with the deadly impact of those floods. "the advocate" newspaper says he should back his bags and get to the state. it's time for president obama to visit the most anguished state in the union. last month torrential runs brought destruction to the area. last week it brought misery and the president continued his very indication at martha's vineyard, a playground for the posh and
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vacation, the white house points out, he's been getting regular briefings on this. he's dispatched his homeland security secretary and the fema director to the state and offered any assistance the administration can offer. >> i know the locals there are very happy with the fema response, but they are questioning about president obama. all right, thank you so much. and the president not the only one under fire. we the national media also being criticized. this is the worst storm since sandy and they feel there should be more coverage on what those people in louisiana are going through t trying to put it on the map every single night but we are thinking about those families. in the meantime, we'll turn to last night at the olympics and a lightning fast evening, you could say, superstar athletes stealing the show on the track. team usa bringing home a slew of golds and usain bolt proving once again why he's called the fastest man alive second only to abc's t.j. holmes. he's at our olympics desk in rio this morning. hey, t.j. >> hey, good morning, guys.
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i'm so upset i missed the race because i blinked. also yesterday, a very bizarre scene on the track for the u.s. women's 4x100 relay team. you got to see this to believe it. check it out. and there's the gun as bolt jumps out of the box. >> reporter: it was a lightning fast night at the olympics. usain bolt sprinted into the history books. >> he makes it look easy. >> reporter: the fastest man in the world won gold in the 200-meter for the third straight olympics. bolt cruised past the finish line with, of course, a smile. >> he sees how much of a lead he has and he eases to the finish. >> reporter: the jamaican superstar celebrated his eighth gold medal with his lightning bolt pose. >> disaster for the united states. >> reporter: for american superstar allyson felix, more drama on the track. >> allyson is bumped. >> reporter: with felix botching her handoff in the preliminary heat of a 4x100 relay but watch, team brazil's runner steps over her lane, making contact with felix before the handoff.
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>> reporter: the u.s. filed a protest and was granted a do-over. the team took to the track again nearly eight hours later. this time all alone. they posted the fastest qualifying time and tonight will go for gold. >> better run, he's got it. >> reporter: ashton eaton proved he's still the world's greatest athlete. >> he will come across the line, the world's greatest athlete. >> reporter: defending his title in the decathlon and becoming the third man ever to win back-to-back golds in the event. dance her way into history for the united states. >> reporter: helen maroulis became america's first woman to win gold in wrestling, a major upset over japan's three-time champ. >> taurasi lining up another three. >> reporter: and team usa's women's basketball team beat france and now defend their streak against spain saturday. all right, we'll be back with more from rio in just a bit.
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robin. either way, love you both. >> okay, we love her too. your local weather is in 30 seconds. >> the sponsor is chico's. thunderstorms possible this morning. temperatures are starting in the 70s. look for a mainly dry afternoon with highs in the upper 80s to near 90. another chance of thunderstorms in the forecast this evening. the weekend starts unsettled with showers and thunderstorms. sunday brings cooler and less
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ryan lochte under fire after that scandal in rio. now facing possible charges but it's not his first run-in with the law. with
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trail of clues and messages. "is this something you could believe?" "no" and a struggling actor - leading police to the killer? or is he putting on the performance of a lifetime? "who can write a script on that?" 20 -20. tonight on abc. w-i-s-n 12 news time is right now -- milwaukee police are investigating an overnight shooting in the heart of downtown. morning near old world third street and wells. police say a 34-year-old man was shot on the street after a fight. the victim was taken to the hospital after flagging down an officer for help. police tell wisn 12 news the suspect ran away from the scene and they are still looking for him. the victim is expected to be ok. w-i-s-n 12 news time is . let's take a live look outside as we head to break. a check of your forecast and morning commute -- up next!
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morning commute,
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thunderstorms. sunday brings
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r's end. that's food as it should be. ? welcome back on a friday morning to "gma." you're looking at new video just coming in of those team usa swimmers arriving back in the u.s. moments ago. surely relieved they're back home after the robbery scandal in rio. one of their teammates still there, jimmy feigen trying to negotiate a deal. also right now, emergency personnel are on the scene after a fatal bus accident nearby in new jersey. at least one person has been killed. nine injured after two buses collided. likely at high speeds. we're following the latest this morning on that. and donald trump is striking a new tone saying he regrets some of the language he's used on the trail as he heads to louisiana to meet with communities devastated by those floods there. also this morning, we have a
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breakout country star kelsea ballerini is performing live. fans so excited they're already gathering. look at that. she is a real friend of the program. glad to have her back. >> looking forward to hearing from her in our last half hour. but first in the half hour, a lot of eyes on olympian ryan lochte possibly facing charges for a false police report. he's one of america's most decorated olympians but also known for his actions outside the pool and abc's linsey davis is here with a closer look. good morning, linsey. >> good morning, robin. as fast as he swims it's the waves he makes outside that have people talking. lochtegate is on full blast online. while some are laughing it off others are using this moment to point out a cognitive dissidence that, while many are making boys will be boys for lochte, at the same time gymnast gabby douglas can't seem to catch a break. it's becoming what's known as an international lochte mess. headlines calling out some of swimming's biggest stars for allegely telling a telltale.
7:32 am
these comments by the ioc defending ryan lochte and three of his teammates following their now-infamous gas station confrontation. >> these kids were trying to have fun. let's give the kids a break. >> reporter: people on the internet pouncef. one said shoutout to all the 32-year-old kids out there. new york giants wide receiver odell beckham jr. tweeted out, "double standards." others compared the claims to gymnast gabby douglas who last week was called out for her form during the national anthem. douglas not putting her hand on her heart equals travesty. 32-year-old drunk white man trashing property and lying equals just a kid." >> it's unusual to see an olympian with this kind of bad boy reputation. >> reporter: it's not the first time lochte's had a run-in with the law. court records show he was charged for public urination in florida in 2005. five years later he was charged with disorderly conduct after police say he was caught
7:33 am
both cases were dismissed after reaching prosecution deals. lochte who's currently dating a "playboy" playmate became a household name after making a huge splash at the london games in 2012 where he took home five medals, sported these controversial american flag grills and made this word popular. >> jeah, j-e-a-h. if you say it like how it's spelled it's jeah. >> reporter: the celebrity status earned him front row seats at fashion shows, races with prince harry in a vegas pool and a starring role in his own reality show on e! "what would ryan lochte do?" >> i remember what megan looked like. blonde hair, great upper body. >> reporter: while he might be giving tv a second chance, when it comes to the water, some critics say he shouldn't be given another one. >> i think lochte is looking at a significant suspension and we may never see him again in the pool. >> reporter: multiple experts
7:34 am
post-olympics is not exactly going swimmingly and people are retweeting his old tweets saying he's about to turn that expletive upside down and that the country doesn't know who is about to roll through. interesting stuff. i think he's going to be unscathed. >> what would ryan lochte do? >> right, yes. >> you're right, social media was on fire yesterday about this. >> people are really pointing out the difference between the treatment of some versus others especially with gabby douglas. >> when you say kids versus young adul >> he's 32. exactly. >> not even so young. linsey, thanks so much. we're going to turn to a frightening moment for one family, a toddler's foot getting caught in an escalator at a resort in hawaii while he was wearing a pair of crocs. the family suing and kendis has the latest. >> reporter: from airports to subways, escalator falls lead to more than 10,000 e.r. visits every year. this woman found out the hard
7:35 am
during a trip to hawaii. >> his left foot was pretty much sucked into the left side of the escalator, and by the time the escalator stopped, we could really only see, you know, his ankle and the rest was completely gone. >> reporter: the little boy was wearing crocs, the popular pliable shoe, when his foot got stuck trapping the toddler for more than an hour. now, flora and david kang are suing crocs because they say the shoes are "negligently and improperly designed" the texas couple also suing hilton hawaiian village for failure to operate and maintain the hotel's escalator. crocs didn't respond to request for comment and the hotel saying they do not comment on pending litigation. issues with crocs and escalators have been going on for the past decade. chloe johnson was wearing them when she had an accident back in 2006. >> chloe said, oh, my toe, my toe. it was frightening. >> i wish that somebody had told me that this is something that could have happened because i
7:36 am
david and i is that this is not the first incident, and so, you know, one child is more than enough. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kendis gibson, abc news, new york. >> all right, kendis, thanks so much. to robin at the big board. >> you'll join me on the big board because uber, huh-uh announcement, adding self-driving cars, what that means for passengers. then could the filter you use on your instagram photos indicate how happy you are or not? and the secret to finally getting good sleep. could a new therapy help? our insiders will discuss us. i remember it was a good sleep. it was before i worked here. i used to sleep -- yeah. u about, i downloaded a song. oh, and full disclosure, when we were just chatting about that song thing, someone arranged a date. guilty. the point is, life is digital. so, carmax, created a site where you can reserve a car online. come in when it's convenient, your car will be waiting.
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time now for our big board. our team of insiders standing by live for more on the top stories including dr. jennifer ashton here at the table. your topic in just a minute, jen.
7:39 am
self-driving cars. the ride-hailing giant is set to test them in pittsburgh this month. first time the technology has been offered to the general public. okay, becky worley, you're going to weigh in on this. so, has the time arrived? this seems like we've been talking about this for awhile. it's going to happen? >> well, the technology for autonomous driving is ready, robin. i'm not sure the passengers are. uber partnering with volvo to roll out this pilot program in pittsburgh. you will a notice they chose volvo not tesla or bmw. because what do we associate volvow safety. autopilot aspects, they'll phase them in during this test and others gradually. for one we need laws for autonomous vehicles and more importantly, people need to see incremental steps. they need to get slowly comfortable with this idea. so, in this uber test, real people in the driver's seat to take over as needed. short jaunts with autonomous driving in a volvo known for
7:40 am
discount with uberx, not go driverless. you have firsthand experience with this, becky, right? >> i got one of the first rides in google's driverless car back in 2010. it was jerky, it was conceptually wild. flash forward to now. i got a ride in bmw's driverless car, it parks itself. i sat in the backseat with no one else in the car. weird to see the steering wheel moving all by itself, yeah. but in this day and age, david, we adapt to innovation so fast, by the time i got back home, in my minivan i was ticked off, it couldn't drive itself. experts say, though, 10 to 60 years for full autonomy, with my life school pickups, rushing to soccer practice, grocery store, driverless cars, i can't wait. >> only becky worley rocks the minivan, i love it. i love it. we'll turn next to the next headline about social media and
7:41 am
on your instagram, hmm, indicates how happy you are. i thought i was just being artistic. dr. janet taylor will tell us probably something else. if we use a filter a lot what does that indicate? >> well, it's just not using the filter a lot. what this harvard study showed is that individuals prior to having a diagnosis may pick filters that were darker, grayer, bluer, and you can pull up the filters for an example that may indicate their mood and so what they did was use visual social media, the pictures that they took, how many people are in the pictures, what the words they said, that as a predictive factor that may, again, it's a screening tool diagnostic marker, i mean a screening tool, not diagnostic, that may indicate someone's mood may be more depressed. on the left, you'll see that there is a filter that's happier and on the right darker. >> all right, you are a professional. is this going to lead to amateur instagram psychology here? >> well, it's not diagnostic but certainly as individuals we should pay attention to how we feel, and if you find that maybe
7:42 am
your mood that you could talk to someone. your health care provider, your parents or friends about how you feel. so it's not diagnostic but certainly may indicate how you feel. and the goal is to feel happy but knowing that our emotions change every 20 seconds so they -- it fluctuates. but if you have a sustained feeling of sadness, if you're not eating and sleeping, talk to someone, get some help. >> okay, that's something to think about. thank you so much. speaking of sleep, now to what could be the secret to finally getting better sleep. "new york times" out with the headline this week out a therapy that harnesses the power of positive thinking to help those suffering from insomnia. okay, jen, so what's behind all of this. >> they're talking about something called cbt, or cognitive behavioral therapy, mainstay in psychotherapy. think of it as goal-oriented problem solving practical. this is like the antithesis of freudian psychoanalysis when you're on the couch and takes forever.
7:43 am
to study a lot of different therapies for different disorders. now, the thinking is should it be first line therapy for insomnia? the american college of physicians a few months ago said, yes, we should be recommending this first. now this article is all about could you do this online? now, studies -- the verdict is kind of still out. some has shown it's no better or worse than in person cbt, the therapists, the experts, dr. ashton, like dr. taylor, will say, look, this is not cookie cutter. you need one-on-one and make sure there's not something worse going on. >> everyone is nodding. >> what if you don't have access to that or medication, are there other things can you do on your own? >> you know, i actually did a study, a sleep test a few years ago, you guys might remember. i found for me it was my environment. so i changed my bed. i got a bigger bed, darker blinds, that can be important. excluding medical causes and then, you know, you really have to take it to a good therapy. meds are not the long-term
7:44 am
>> i know because a lot of people feel that's the case. >> short-term, okay. long term, no. >> with the twins when is the last time you got a good night's sleep? >> whew, i think that was in the '90s. yeah, i love my bed. i love my bed. i love my bed. >> anything you do, dr. taylor to ensure a good night's rest? >> well, you know what i try to do, obviously want to avoid alcohol because that can stop you and then just try to relax yourself. i start from head to toe and just think relaxing thoughts with every breath. >> that's good. >> sleep is my favorite word that starts with an "s." >> doing "gma" and "world news tonight" will help you too because you pass out as soon as you say good night. >> bless your heart. thanks to dr. ashton, dr. taylor and to becky. thank you so much. coming up, the best, the worst, the weirdest moments of the olympics from all that gold medal glory to the so-called phelps face. we'll talk about it. it can't be over. i love the olympics. .
7:45 am
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back now on a friday morning with the best moments from the olympics. >> say that again, friday morning. >> friday morning. >> friday morning. team usa making history in the pool on the mat and on the track. t.j., oh, i love this shot. up in the penthouse again. hey, t.j. >> stop calling this a penthouse, all right. you got to come see this place. all right, we're talking about the olympics here. there was a finger wag, photo bomb for the ands, a green p but it's probably going to be remembered most for the dive that did not take place in the pool. >> and as expected, ledecky is on her way to history. >> reporter: a young american phenom setting records in the water, a long-legged sprinter proving lightning can strike three times. >> 200 triple. >> reporter: the rio olympics have been full of good, bad and absolutely unforgettable moments. we were thrilled by team usa's sweeping the podium in the 100-meter hurdles. >> one, two, three for the americans. >> reporter: but it was nia ali's picture perfect son titus
7:48 am
and what about the two simones. we'll remember one for how she soared. the other for that look of shock during her historic moment. >> no way. >> yes. >> reporter: and we were happy to make one super fan's dream come true. >> they would give medals to spectators i would for sure get a gold for my rformance. >> reporter: how about a round of applause for this guy? who is as good at dancing as he is at weightlifting and the ladies of the russian synchro team. i still don't know what this is about. however, rio did have its issues. an olympic official arrested. that weird green pool and a controversial dive at the finish line ultimately costing american allyson felix the gold. does this change anything about your olympics? >> it's going to take a lot of time to get over. it was just a tough way to lose. >> reporter: and you remember this, lily king wagging her finger at a russian
7:49 am
it worked. he had another golden games to finish his golden career. well, he says he's finished. i know you're sure this is your last. >> it is, yeah, being able to sit back and look at the results from this last week, there's no better way to top it off. >> all right, robin, top of your head, top moment for you. >> top moment? i think it's so hard. i mean obviously phelps. his final gold after the string of golds, i think that was my favorite. >> the two simones, the two let's ask the real expert, dominique dawes. >> t.j., stay with us. we want to bring dominique in. what was the best moment? >> the best moment was the raw emotion from simone manuel, that's not my sport at all, but she was shocked that she won and made history at the same time, how amazing is that. >> what do you think people will remember the most from the games? >> i think there's the dominance of a number of athletes. michael phelps, who has been dominant for so many olympic games in the pool.
7:50 am
him and he might even come back for another olympics. who knows. simone biles who i love dearly and i hope she continues to train and then ledecky, katie ledecky is from the maryland area so she's my girl. >> lasting lessons from this? >> oh, lasting lessons, i would have to say, you know, really have fun, enjoy the moment, hope those athletes stay for the closing ceremony, that's one thing i did not get to do but to recognize the importance of being an amazing part of a team and thank you for having me here these two weeks. >> you get used to it. everyone behind the scenes, you have been wonderful to my husband and two girls. i love you guys. you have been wonderful. >> our gold medalist right over here. >> thank you. >> we have not seen the last of dominique dawes. >> thank you. >> dawes-some. >> back in the day. one-on-one with golden girl simone biles making history and, boy, is she inspiring children all over the globe. back in a moment. ? . coming up, "gma's" concert
7:51 am
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we're watching three tropical disturbances in the atlantic. fiona will go nowhere to land. tropical wave could go into the caribbean. we'll be following. your local weather right after
7:55 am
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7:56 am
demolition crews will continue tearing down buildings destroyed during the unrest in milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood. and o'reilly auto parts store were two of the eight businesses set on fire on saturday night. federal officials say the damage could exceed several million dollars. those buildings were set on fire by protestors following the officer involved shooting of 23- year-old sylville smith. there is a 10-thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest. the state department of justice has set up a tipline for information into that shooting. investigators want any eyewitness accounts of what happened before, during or after the
7:57 am
must fill out an online form. we have a link on w-i- s-n dot com and on our w-i-s-n 12 news app. traffic watch 12 -- and a check of your morning commute, let's take a live look from our department of transportation cameras. this is i-94 at ryan road. there is a disabled vehicle on the shoulder of the northbound lane. and your current travel times are on the screen. now to weather watch 12, here's meteorologist jeremy nelson -- your forecast. good friday morning! currently: keep an umbrella on standby today. showers and thunderstorms likely this morning. temperatures are starting in the 70s. here's the doppler 12 radar network. downpours possible in a few spots. a thunderstorm over brookfield and elm grove right now. look for a mainly dry afternoon with highs in the upper 80s. another chance of thunderstorms in the forecast this evening. the weekend starts unsettled with
7:58 am
sunday brings cooler and less
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and new this morning, two of the american swimmers at the heart of the robbery scandal in rio landing in miami just hours ago. their teammate left behind and ryan lochte is still under fire accused of lying to police and facing possible chars. out of the hot zone, the new cluster of zika cases this morning now reported in miami. health officials on high alert. all over florida. and big questions now about how well a vaccine could work as they look for volunteers to be injected with the virus. ? i got news ? failure to launch. more 18-year-olds to 34-year-olds than ever before are now living at home home with their parents.
8:01 am
fridge. how to get your grown children out the door and your life back on track. ? on the verge of the rest of our lives ? best in the world, simone biles is the golden girl. she's joining us live and we've never loved hearing anyone say this so much. >> good morning, america. ? the eye of the tiger ? ? dancing through the fire ? ? i am the champion and you're going to hear me roar ? that's an appropriate song p oh, there she is, simone biles, and we're going to talk to the superstar fresh off winning five olympic medals. we cannot wait to hear her favorite moments from the game. has she been able to enjoy herself? >> yeah. >> enjoy the olympic experience. >> a little kiss from zac efron. five medals to bring home. >> i think she had a pretty good i'm. >> she can say good morning, america, any time. country music morning here in times square. kelsea ballerini is here, how
8:02 am
huge performance coming up. >> she is excited as well. first let's turn to abc's cecilia vega with the morning rundown. good morning, cecilia. >> good morning to you both. the big story this morning, two u.s. olympians returned to the states leaving behind an international scandal in brazil. gunnar bentz and jack conger arrived in miami just after sunrise. the pair leaving rio after police announced that the story of their robbery at gunpoint was a lie. teammate james feigen remains in rio where he met with police overnight. abc's matt gutman is right there with the latest. matt. >> reporter: and good morning, cecilia. that's right. it was a marathon session at that police station and after four hours inside at 5:00 in the morning, the lawyer for jimmy feigen, the only swimmer still here in rio, coming out and saying that his client had agreed to pay $11,000 in order to get his passport back but police here in rio have not closed the door, they say, on charging all four swimmers. they say that they were not victims of a robbery as they
8:03 am
bathroom at this gas station and they say they have the video to prove it. those cameras all over this gas station. now, the major question is, were these swimmers held up? were they extorted for $400 as they say, or were they, in fact, told to just pay for the damages? but one thing that may help smooth things over, the u.s. olympic committee saying it condemned their action and apologized to the brazilians. cecilia. >> a lot of questions still, matt gutman, thank you. trump heads to hard-hit baton rouge today to tour the flood zone. the trip follows a stunning admission from the republican nominee. for the first time trump has expressed regret for pain he has caused saying he sometimes says the wrong thing. and big changes could be in store for the clinton foundation. if hillary clinton wins the white house, the organization will stop accepting foreign and corporate donations and bill and chelsea clinton would stop raising money. there is a new warning this morning about the zika virus.
8:04 am
cause brain damage in adults as well as fetuses. this as the u.s. begins testing vaccines asking for volunteers to be injected with the virus. and there is also new concern this morning that zika is spreading in florida. officials believe two new cases transmitted by local mosquitoes have been detected in miami beach, a popular tourist area. and back to the olympics now, usain bolt tonight looking to land another record, the jamaican sprinter now with eight ac winning the 200-meter for the third straight time. he will go for his ninth in the 4x100 relay today. and american helen maroulis takes history -- makes history on the mat. she is the first american woman to win gold in wrestling and that brings the u.s. medal count to an even 100 in rio. 35 of those are gold. congratulations, team usa. we are all cheering you on. and finally this morning, newborn triplets were the talk of their tennessee hospital.
8:05 am
jack, stella and luke, they all tipped the scales at a combined 20 pounds, that's nearly a world record. mom kate says she was shocked. she says it was like, you know, having a little toddler in her tummy. the triplets -- >> a toddler. >> they've got two big sisters and they are doing great but, by the way, do you know how many diapers triplets go through in a day? >> no. >> about 30. >> i would have thought more so -- >> yeah. >> really? that's because there's three of us here. >> way to go, cecilia. thank you. now t.j. is popping in with "pop news" from rio. t.j. >> you guys have given me the worst segues this week. >> come on. >> yeah. all right, that was a monkey in a diaper earlier this week. you remember that? let's do some olympic "pop news" now. katie ledecky, simone manuel, missy franklin are back on american soil. team usa athletes are now
8:06 am
their friends and fans are rushing to see the gold medalist katie ledecky with open arms. looked that. she stepped off the plane in d.c. a little further south simone manuel touched down, houston, texas, her high school's marching band and cheerleaders greeted the record setter with a golden routine. and after a tough stay in rio, missy franklin, her head was up getting love in her front yard. it was filled with heart-shaped supportive notes from neighbors and hometown glory, doesn't get much better but getting all kinds of love. there's going to be more love given. more athletes will be going back. next up, they are the breakout golden girls of the olympics. both named simone. simone manuel and simone biles that's sitting to my left as we speak. the two gold medalists now igniting the internet with a 230% spike in the google searched simone baby name. now, it's been six years since this many people have searched
8:07 am
parents to name their little ones after the powerful athletes. manuel got in on the fun, she was tweeting, "maybe my daughter will be simone jr." that's pretty cool. you're laughing at it, simone. but that's pretty cool. >> that is. >> a little weird. and olympians, of course, they're actually just like us, ask runner emma coburn who tweeted about her hair scare. she was ready to compete in the 3,me her hair tie so luckily, who jumped in, this guy, runner evan jager who has a man bun. he was on hand to lend his hair tie to her. she went on to take the bronze in her event and then returned the hair tie to him. he competed in the men's race, took silver. coburn tweeting, "must keep this hair tie safe. it's not the hard work in training and years of preparation. it's the hair tie." and i swear, guys, "gma" will do anything to get a story in about
8:08 am
hey, t.j., we know it's a special day. >> yes. >> it is your birthday. >> yes. >> so happy birthday to ya. so happy birthday to ya. the stevie wonder version. but somebody else wants to say happy birthday to you. take a look. ? happy birth -- happy birthday to you ? ? happy birthday to you ? ? happy birthday to daddy ? ? happy birthday to you ? >> ah. okay. okay. that's good, guys. okay, that's good. that's good. that's my girl. >> ah. >> we miss you, t.j. >> that's my girl. and she's been missing me lately
8:09 am
help this morning to be able to see that video. >> we saw that instagram you posted, t.j., of her hugging the tv, hugging daddy and i love that. >> yes. >> the way she sings -- does she like her -- >> is she seeing herself? >> she can see herself there, t.j.? >> she was seeing herself in the phone, so she's checking herself out like her daddy looks in the mirror checking herself out. >> it's in the genes. >> you heard what david said, in the genes. we believe that. >> listen, we love you, teej. happy birthday, you've been great in rio. >> thanks, guys. >> here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma mog it's a gold medal morning. olympic superstar simone biles is sitting there next to t.j. she's going to join us live in rio. and failure to launch, are your adult kids still living at home? how you can get them out and on their own feet. and jonah hill is here opening up about his new movie and stars like leo dicaprio. country breakout star kelsea ballerini is performing live. she's been out there. >> she has been.
8:10 am
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8:14 am
? i got the e ? i got the eye of the tiger ? i just want to look at these pictures over and over again. olympic superstar simone biles going for gold in rio, and she got it, four gold medals making history, five medals overall and she is joining us live. she's sitting next to the birthday boy. so, simone, thank you for being there. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> as i said to you in the break, i hope you feel the love back here in the u.s. that we're
8:15 am
competition for the most part was in the first week. have you had a chance to enjoy yourself a little bit and soak all of this in being an olympian, the experience there in rio? have you? >> well, today -- well, yesterday was the first day we got released so got to see our families again for the second or third time. and so we're going to try to enjoy rio and we want to see christ the redeemer and go to the beach and hopefully attend diving tomorrow. >> oh, good. that's what we're hoping for. we want you to be able to enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed seeing you all there. let's see. when you talked to our colleague amy robach, you mentioned something about zac efron then, boop, he just popped up and kisses you on the cheek. what was that moment like for you? were you really surprised? >> yes, i was very surprised because a couple of days before she told me what if we brought out zac, and i was like it's not going to happen and then the day after or like a couple days after, she was like, simone,
8:16 am
she started walking towards the door. and i was like, you can't play me like there. like it's not funny. if he's not back there i'll be very angry then he came out and i was just so shocked. i thought i was going to die. >> okay, but how about this, robin, what do you think, simone, if i gave you the option, you could either have one of these gold medals, just one, or the kiss from zac efron, which one would you take? >> i'll take the gold medal because in the end i could probably still get it somehow. >> oh. she went from mrs. ephron back to miss biles real quick, didn't she? but to this point we have a box here. i don't know if you can see it, robin, or our viewers. are you ready for what's about to happen to you when you get back to the states? you are the golden girl of these olympics. >> yes, i'm very excited to go back to the states and try to get back into normal life but we have the kellogg's tour so that will be crazy but super, super fun.
8:17 am
can't -- you don't know till it happens. >> robin, i can't imagine what it's about to be like. i mean, she's still here so i don't know if she has a good handle on what's going on back there. >> i heard america is going crazy. >> oh, we are. we are and we'll have a big pizza party. we know you love pizza. we'll have a big pizza party in times square for you. >> thank you. >> will you take a little vacation? aly was talking about maybe she would hone in on your vacation time. >> yes, yes, we all want to go probably a couple of them. so we have to guide where we want to go first, but i don't know. we all want to go to belize together and then after that we'll probably do family vacations and stuff like that. >> okay, so we're talking about vacation. i'm sorry, robin, i have to follow up vacation and talk about going back to work. when do you have to get back to work and when do we start talking about 2020? ooh! >> well, as of now, i nknow whenever the fierce five got back, aly and gabby told me they
8:18 am
to be like and we'll just enjoy the time because like aly keeps telling us, we deserve it. and so we'll just have fun and get back to work whenever things slow down, which i imagine will be a while. >> you just take your -- >> robin, was it too soon to talk about 2020? >> you do that with michael phelps and now you're doing it with simone. leave them alone. let them enjoy the moment. finally in the time we have remaining, simone, what do you want to say to a little boy or little girl that's to be an olympian and go for their dream? what do you say to them? >> i would just tell them to always work hard and have fun in what you do because i think that's when you're more successful and it has to be -- you have to choose to do it and not anybody else telling you have to do it. >> we hope you had fun because you are a whole lot of fun to watch. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> all the best to you. >> thank you so much. >> give our birthday boy a little hug for us, would you do that? >> i will. >> i know -- i know he's no zac. >> yes, happy birthday. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> we love him.
8:19 am
>> he's no zac? robin, that's what you leave me with? >> nothing but love for both of you. enjoy. coming up, thank you. as more adult children move back in with mom and dad, how you can get them out the door and on their own two feet. come on back. mom! strike! sfx: "boop" ? complete pair of eyeglasses, 1 year replacement warranty, $38 save money. live better. walmart.
8:20 am
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8:23 am
>> you left your phones at home this morning? >> i know. i'm good. we're good. >> back now with that failure to launch inspired usa op-ed about the growing number of parents still supporting their adult children still living at home. abc's juju chang has a closer look at the trend and how you can help your children get on their own two feet. >> reporter: marisa pyatt sleeps in the same bed she did when she was 10 except now she's 24, an adult still living at home, and she's not alone. living with parents is now the most common arrangement for millennials ages 18 to 34. her parents vicki and bob who work three jobs between them are allowing marisa to say rent-free while she pays off her student loan debt. >> i don't really make her give me money for every little thing like i should do. >> reporter: personal financial expert peter dunn says having a plan to fly the coop is key.
8:24 am
become anyone else's financial problem. >> kind of makes me mad when i look at all my loans. >> reporter: marisa graduated over a year ago from a big university. she has about $57,000 in loans and pays down $700 a month. she has a full time job making $2,000 a month. >> you have someone with a ton of student loan debt that when they took it on didn't think about the implications of what's going to happen when i graduate. how much do you think you could save right now which would then prepare you to live on your own? well over $100. >> 100? you can do more than 100. >> i probably could. >> reporter: first things first, budget, and figure out where you're spending your money. bob and vicki realized they're spending an extra $300 to $400 a month on marisa. and it's eating away at their own savings. >> the difference of putting that money away now until the day you retire, a $176,000 difference. >> wow.
8:25 am
home will cost her parents $18,000. if she stays for five years, that's well over 80 grand. >> bob, you're going to be working deep into your 70s. >> i don't want to have to work till i'm 70 or 80 or just fall down dead. >> reporter: marisa learns she actually makes enough money to live on her own if she spends wisely. the plan, pete gives marisa two options, save $800 a month for three months to prove to herself she can live on her own or start paying rent. >> and so that will get you out on ultimately gives their retirement back. >> great advice. you know a lot of adult kids bond with their parents when they spend that extra time. >> i lived for a time with my parents. >> totally get it. let's get outside with ginger getting ready for this big concert. >> the party is right here in times. sweet 16 for ariana from -- >> rochester, new york. >> and she's loving new york city. it's her first time.
8:26 am
threat. look at nags head, north carolina. that waterspout and thankfully didn't see any injuries therecun umbrella on standby today. a few showers and thunderstorms possible this morning. temperatures are starting in the 70s. look for a mainly dry afternoon with highs in the upper 80s to near 90. another chance of thunderstorms in the forecast this evening. the weekend starts unsettled with showers and thunderstorms. sunday brings cooler and coming up here, country music friday, kelsea ballerini in three seconds performing live. "love me like you mean it." you mean it.
8:27 am
trail of clues and messages. "is this something you could believe?" "no" and a struggling actor - leadg putting on the performance of a lifetime? "who can write a script on that?" 20 -20. tonight on abc. w-i-s-n 12 news time is . we are on traffic and weather watch. first a look at your morning commute. this is a live look from our d-o-t cameras. this is i-94 at ryan road. there is a disabled vehicle on the shoulder of the northbound lane. you can see the usual delays are forming... as we
8:28 am
screen. now, meteorologist jeremy nelson has a look at your forecast. good friday morning! currently: keep an umbrella on standby today. showers and thunderstorms likely this morning. temperatures are starting in the 70s. here's the doppler 12 radar network. downpours possible in a few thunderstorm across southern milwaukee county right now. look for a mainly dry afternoon with highs in the upper 80s. another chance of thunderstorms in the forecast this evening. the weekend starts unsettled with
8:29 am
8:30 am
? love that. follow the camera. welcome back to "gma." great morning here in times square. kelsea ballerini is going to be here this morning to help us kick off the weekend. >> we cannot wait to hear her most epic tales ever told and now it's getting a major reboot. i had a chance to sit down yesterday with two of the film's executive producers mark burnett and roma downey to find out how they're taking on the classic and, boy, you should see that famous chariot race scene. we've got a peek. take a look. >> go, go. >> are we having fun now,
8:31 am
>> oh! everybody here in the studio, mark and roma, thank you very much. big night tonight. people are going to see it. i've had a chance to see it. it is beautiful. it is powerful. i know, mark, a lot of people think about charlton heston, his epic tale in 1959. >> yes. >> that also inspired you for the remake. >> yes, almost 60 years ago and what we learned qu is that there is a "ben-hur" generation and a ben-who generation? millions of people never saw the 1959 -- it's such an important story. here's a chance for a whole new generation to get to know "ben-hur." >> i've seen both of them and what i really appreciate in your version forgiveness. >> absolutely and that was very important to us. we feel that we live in a dark, scary, dangerous world and if we
8:32 am
that darkness in the entertainment that we see, this film is not just a story about revenge, it shows these brothers, they end up ultimately because of jesus in a story of redemption and forgiveness and reconciliation. >> we get to know jesus in the film, don't we? >> yes, for anybody that did see the '59, if you remember, you never actually got to see jesus' face. you never heard him speak but here in this "ben-hur" you get to have a relationship with jesus. see how he impacts others. >> also, morgan freeman. >> yes. >> his character, the sheik, that was just -- >> morgan freeman, you just can't go wrong. the whole movie opens with looking -- setting the stage in morgan freeman's voice and when you hear that voice, you just know you've arrived at something important. it's amazing. >> what about those dreadlocks. >> i know. >> doesn't he look -- he looks fantastic too. >> he does.
8:33 am
nascar series so were you trying to capture that same kind of adrenaline and thrill. >> absolutely. our director studied nascar and formula 1 to find out where he could put the cameras to really make it exciting. there were cameras in the wheels of the chariots and in between the ears of the horses and it's all cut together in a way that just feels tangible. >> oh, gosh, it jumps off the big screen. you all have worked so well together. you've been married. you have children. the whole bit. you about yourselves when you're working together on projects like this? mark? >> we often say the real miracle is we're still speaking to each other. >> yeah. we do, we get on so well, you know, we love each other. we're best friends. >> what is your hope when people look up and see this on the big screen? what is your hope? >> you have to be very entertaining for a big summer blockbuster, and this movie is
8:34 am
reconciliation and forgiveness and maybe this movie adds some value to people who leave the theaters and think about reconciliation, forgiveness and love. >> and congratulations on your star placed right next to your hubby's star right there. >> i know. i hope it works out between us or we'll be in there with a drill. >> dedicated to your hometown. >> i did. i dedicated it to my hometown in derr whoever had a dream and walked on hollywood boulevard because i was here to say, i was a girl with a dream once and i was here to say the dreams do come true. >> such a lovely, talented couple, thoroughly enjoyed. >> great message. i can't wait to see the movie now. it made me want it more. >> you can see it today because "ben-hur" hits theaters today. and, david, where is he? he's inside with another big star. >> i have come back inside for
8:35 am
nominee jonah hill. jonah, great to have you here. he's taking on the dark comedy "war dogs" with miles teller and play a couple of small fish in the big pond of international arms dealers and in this scene you're about to see they meet up with, well, you could say a real shark. take a look. >> you're looking at the exclusive agent for the whole thing. >> why don't you bid on the contract yourself. >> i'm on a watch list. >> terrorist watch list? >> uh-huh. >> got it. wait, what? >> okay, how many for the ak . on a terrorist watch list. >> do it for homeland security. >> you should probably talk to some of them. >> we will but we are very interested. >> incredible cast in this movie. you were just in l.a. for the premiere. we saw some hugging and some beard tugging going on there on the red carpet. >> what are you talking about? >> is this the new look. >> called a beard. sometimes it grows on your face. >> sometimes it's longer than others. >> you should try it, man. >> i do.
8:36 am
no, they actually make me shave for this job. >> i like the wave you got going. >> it's almost like yours, i'm working on that all morning long. >> grab my surfboard and get on that thing. >> you should and make sure you roll on that because they'll use it for "pop news" on monday. let me ask you about the story behind this. you were after this for some time. "rolling stone" article. you and the director both wanted to do this. >> "war dogs" is an unbelievable insane true story about these two schmucks from miami their mid-20s and they figure out through a loophole in the american government at that time how to become international arms dealers and make over $300 million selling guns to the u.s. government and it stars myself and miles teller and bradley cooper and it's directedly todd phillips and it's -- it's kind of like a gangster movie like a crime movie but it's really darkly funny also. >> it's funny because todd read this, the original article.
8:37 am
too, did you not. >> yeah, i read the article and i was like, wow, i would love to play this character but todd already bought the rights to the movie. >> you had worked with todd before. >> no, i never worked with todd before. >> you just wanted to convince him -- >> he tried to convince me. >> he had no idea you had a similar interest. >> no, he had written the part for me, i guess, apparently and he came to me and basically, you know, "wolf of wall street" was coming out around the same time flips are about that really explore that american greed and the corruption of the american dream and he eventually we worked it so much that imand bradley called me and said just read it one more time and eventually the part was so good i was like i'm going to be too jealous if this comes out and someone else plays this part. >> so funny. watching you through the years and "knocked up" and everyone knows you're a funny guy but tackled really sort of dark roles too and what is it about
8:38 am
>> this story is so unbelievable. you wouldn't believe it's true if it didn't actually happen and the character, you know, it's a real story so i didn't get to meet the real person but by all accounts, you know, he was a sociopath and manipulative but by all accounts was really charming and charismatic and that was kind of the challenge of what i really wanted to do. >> it's friday. you came on a friday. flashback friday as we call it. apparently we have got a clip of you from, well, some time ago. let's take a look and get your reaction. >> yes, 2.60. >> megalevel. >> check it out. >> yeah. >> david russell taking you back to the humor -- >> my first job, i was 18. >> your first job. >> what are you now? >> 32. >> 32? >> what an arc and where do you go next? >> home. >> right. >> yeah. >> i'm glad you stopped at "gma" first. jonah hill, always great to have you on. congrats on the success. check out the movie.
8:39 am
theaters right now and let's go back outside to ginger. >> i love that. a little vintage jonah hill. my ladies from jersey are partying with us this morning. you guys got up at what time? >> 2:30. >> 2:30. we are so glad we got you on tv. let's get a quick look at the wildfire forecast. we have to go, of course, to the blue cut fire getting a lot of attention as it should, more than 35,000 acres but moist air will try to make it in and moisten those dew points a little as we go through the weekend. still very windy, still hot. 98 for bernardino. highs along, of course, portland, oregon, a record high of 99.few showers and thunderstorms possible this morning. temperatures are starting in the 70s. look for a mainly dry afternoon with highs in the upper 80s to near 90. another chance of thunderstorms in the forecast this evening. the weekend starts unsettled with showers and thunderstorms. sunday brings cooler and less humi >> this guy just sprindzed out here because he's got something
8:40 am
ginger zee. coming up next kelsea ballerini. it's the friday concert here in
8:41 am
8:42 am
back now with kelsea ballerini. we have to say what a good sport. outside all morning in times square signing autographs. >> good crowd. >> breakout country star. you're rocking to the top of the
8:43 am
off "the first time" and here with a perfect song for friday. "love me like you mean it." let's hear it. >> thank you. ? ? oh yeah boy with your hat ba ? mmm i kinda like that if you wanna walk my way ? ? i'mma shoot you straight up show me what you're made of ? ? i don't have time to waste on the boys that are playing the games ? ? and leaving the girls crying out in the rain so tell me baby do you got what it takes ? ? if you're gonna hold me hold me like i'm leaving ? ? if you're gonna kiss me kiss me like you need it ? ? baby if you're not you best
8:44 am
? if you're gonna love me love me like you mean it ? ? if you're gonna talk the talk you better walk it ? ? if you wanna keep me keep me like you lost it ? ? if you're gonna say it make me believe it ? ? if you're gonna love me boy love me like you mean it ? ? yeah yeah ? ? oh hey i've had my share of losers, liars and users ? ? looking for a heart to break so if you're like that well take a step back ? ? 'cause i don't have time to waste on the boys that are playing the games ? ? leaving the girls crying out in the rain so tell me baby are you just crazy or crazy over me ? ? if you're gonna hold me hold me like i'm leaving ? ? if you're gonna kiss me kiss me like you need it ? ? baby if you're not you best get to leaving ?
8:45 am
me like you mean it ? ? if you're gonna talk the talk you better walk it ? ? if you wanna keep me keep me like you lost it ? ? if you're gonna say it make me believe it ? ? if you're gonna love me boy love me like you mean it ? ? yeah yeah ? ? if you're gonna hold me hold me likm ? if you're gonna kiss me kiss me like you need it ? ? baby if you're not you best get to leaving ? ? if you're gonna love me love me love me ? ? if you're gonna talk the talk you better walk it ? ? if you wanna keep me keep me like you lost it ? ? if you're gonna say it, make me believe it ? ? if you're gonna love me boy love me like you mean it ?
8:46 am
you're gonna love me ? ? love me love me love me gma love me like you mean it yeah ? >> thank you. "gma's" summer concert series is presented by king's hawaiian.
8:47 am
8:48 am
back now with platinum, platinum superstar kelsea ballerini. billboard calling her country's next queen and she's proving why right here in times square. it is great to see you again. >> good to see you. >> you have blown up. >> what. >> i know, i know. what has the journey been like for you. >> it's been crazy. it's been crazy. it's been amazing, though. i mean i got to put out "peter pan." my third single. it's top five on count radio right now. >> i know, i know.
8:49 am
>> left and right and it's about the art with you. >> it is. >> you love the writing aspect. >> i love writing. it's my favorite part. >> you're going to be headlining, headlining your own tour. >> oh, i am for the first time ever called the first time tour happening this fall so -- i'm bringing my brothers with me. it'll be fun. >> thanks for not forgetting about us. >> thank you. it's my third time being here. i'm like the house band if we love she can be our who wants a little more. here she is. her latest hit she just talked about. this is "peter pan." >> thank you. >> thank you. ? ? the smile the charm the words the spark ?
8:50 am
i had a naive heart 'cause boy ? ? i let you have it you said i was your only ? ? i never thought you'd leave me lonely ? ? you're just a lost boy with your head up in the clouds ? ? you're just a lost boy never keep your feet on the ground ? ? you're always gonna fly away just because you know you can ? ? you're never gonna learn there's no such place as a neverland ? ? you don't understand you'll never grow up ? ? you're never gonna be a man peter pan ?
8:51 am
? but every piece and part of me just wanted to believe in you ? ? but now it's happily ever never i guess now i know better ? ? you're just a lost boy with your head up in the clouds ? ? you're just a lost boy never keep your feet on the ground ? just because you know you can ? ? you're never gonna learn there's no such place as a neverland ? ? you don't understand you'll never grow up ? ? you're never gonna be a man peter pan ?
8:52 am
? you're just a lost boy yeah i know who you are ? ? and you don't know what you lost boy you're too busy chasing stars ? ? and you're always gonna fly away just because you know you can ? ? never gonna learn there's no such place as a neverland ? ? you don't understand you'll never grow up you're never gonna be a man ? ? yeah you're never grow up yeah you're never gonna be a man ? ? peter pan ? ? yeah you're never gonna be a
8:53 am
>> thank you.
8:54 am
8:55 am
feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a tax code that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes- that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos, we need an economy that works for everyone. yes, we're starting with the boots. >> all about the boots. >> all talking about the music and your band, bless you. >> thank you for having me back. >> "the first time," i don't know. i don't know. the tour starts in the fall. >> come on out. we're coming to new york too so i hope to see you guys here.
8:56 am
trail of clues and messages. "is this something you could believe?" "no" and a struggling actor - leading police to the killer? or is he putting on the performance of a lifetime? "who can
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tonight on abc. w-i-s-n 12 news time is later today -- helping your kids stay healthy when they head back to school. milwaukee is holding a back- to-school health fair. the fair starts in about an hour at 10 this morning at north division high school. there will be vaccinations... lead testing... vision and dental screenings... along with haircuts for students. kids can also get free backpacks and school supplies. just announced this morning: you know his name. breaking bad actor coming to milwaukee. he'll be at the pabst theater on saturday, october 22nd to talk about his new book "a life in parts". each ticket to the event includes a copy of the book. tickets go on sale next friday at noon. they are 35 dollars. now, meteorologist jeremy nelson has a look at your forecast. good friday morning! currently: gran an umbrella before leaving home. showers and thunderstorms continue at this
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starting in the 70s. here's the doppler 12 radar network. downpours lingering in a few spots. one of those is near kenosha. look for a mainly dry afternoon with highs in the upper 80s to near 90. another chance of thunderstorms in the forecast this weekend starts unsettled with showers and thunderstorms. sunday brings cooler and less
8:59 am
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