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tv   Matter of Fact With Fernando Espuelas  ABC  August 21, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am CDT

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announcer: today on "matter of fact" -- development meets dating? >> we're developing something based on tinder. announcer: what's the big idea from these mayors for their cities' success? >> candidates need to take a lesson from you guys. >> yes! >> we think so. announcer: and this man is running a city. mayor paulin: biggest perk? the title is pretty good. announcer: but is he old enough to buy a beer? "into" her. maybe you're just not "into" him. why not pick a different candidate? works for the last three years, i have served as troop leader of the pawnee rangers. announcer: ron swanson to the
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jessica: hello, i'm jessica gomez, filling in on this week's "matter of fact." today, a special edition. a look at our nation's cities. when it comes to national politics, we've seen the gloves are off. hillary clinton: donald trump simply does not have the temperament to be president. donald trump: she's got the temperament of a loser and i have the temperament of a winner, and we have to win again. jessica: but on the local level, it often falls on city leaders to find common ground. we begin with two mayors, jim brainard of carmel, indiana, and chris cabaldon of west sacramento, california. both are working to bridge the partisan gap. they're starting with the environment and say national leaders should take notice. mayor cabaldon: it's odd in california. because of the climate change, we're dealing with both the potential of hardly any water to drink, except during flood season when too much water is
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so we are trying to both protect ourselves from water, and then scrounging for it for the rest of the year. the other issue for us that is key is urban sprawl, which was a major trend for most of the last century. but the consumption of farm land has put a dent in our agricultural competitiveness as well, so our challenge is to be smarter about the land that we are using. jessica: mayor brainard, as a republican, you are part of president obama's task force on resilience. talk about what you were able to accomplish in that role, and how was it as a republican working in a democratic white house? mayor brainard: i don't think if we hadn't known what party different members of the task force were we would have never told from the meetings. everyone got along well, and it wasn't about politics. it was about finding solutions and how we are going to implement those solutions. jessica: and you've actually
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get on board with things like climate change? mayor brainard: i think it is important to remember that for many years, it was thought of as bipartisan. if anything, it was a republican issue. teddy roosevelt, a republican, set aside millions of acres of much our national park land. until recently, this has been bipartisan. i point it out to people. we're conservative, the root is to conserve. we need to take good care of our natural resources. we need tove better place for our children and grandchildren and succeeding generations than we found it. jessica: and how have your colleagues responded to that? mayor brainard: i think a lot of republicans get it. unfortunately, sometimes the ones that scream the loudest are the ones that get the most attention. mayor cabaldon: the loudest voices get the attention. but mayor brainard has been leading a lot of bipartisan work for a decade. even when federal government was
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republican and democratic mayors said we're not going to make a big deal, but we're going to start implementing first in american changes -- energy conservation, building redesign, electric cars and hybrid vehicles -- the kinds of things that have changed the country on climate change. so it's largely due to the fact that only among mayors, could republicans and democrats who , didn't even know who was republican or democrat, came together to just get it done. mayor brainard: to recognize, too, that over 80% of the population lives in an urban development area or pattern of some sort. and starting about a dozen years ago, we had about 1200 mayors, 99% of the cities over 30,000 population of the united states, come together and set goals for reducing carbon, cleaning up the air. and i've yet to meet a republican or democrat that wants to breathe dirty air or drink dirty water. announcer: still ahead, swiping right. jessica: you may be the first mayor modeling policy after a
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announcer: why is this city turning to tinder to get residents engaged? then, one on one with one of the nation's youngest mayors. mayor paulin: oh, it's the mayor's bedtime. we've got to go and wrap this up. announcer: what's this millennial's plan to lure big
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hillary clinton: under his plans, donald trump would pay a families. of course, we have no idea what tax rate he pays. donald trump: she and barack obama unleashed isis. whether you like it or don't like it, whether you want to hear it or not, that is what happened. jessica: politics can either be inspiring or a turn off. what do cities need to continue to grow in a divided nation? we continue our conversation with mayors chris cabaldon and
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-- the public -- that has to get on board. mayor cabaldon: i'm actually interested in less drawing people into the process and more of -- what is the vision? what are you feeling day-to-day? we have tried to make citizen engagement in ways that is engaging. and it's about the big picture. and just day-to-day, what would you like to have in the community? what drives you crazy? as opposed to the decisions i have to make tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. we found that created a sense of momentum and possibility, and also that we all have to drive toward making the city better. it is not just that the city does that and as a resident, i sit home and take pot shots and not be responsible for making a better community. jessica: so how do you do that though? mayor cabaldon: one thing we are doing that i shared with some mayors this morning is we're developing something based on tinder. we want to show folks, visually, pictures of how things could be. different scenarios, though.
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building that has a caf? on the bottom. here's a two-story apartment, but no caf? on the bottom because there is not enough people. swipe right or left depending on whether you like it or not. it's low stakes. you can do it in line for coffee or the bus. jessica: you may be the first mayor who is modeling policy after a dating app. mayor cabaldon: well, one of the reasons we are doing is that is we have been obsessing over, "how do we get citizens engaged?" those dating apps have a lot of experience getting be engaged in the most fundamental way. mayor brainard: it is a great idea. i agree with the mayor about looking at the big picture. not the fine details. we have professionals that have studied these things for years. but what do you want? how do you want to live your life? jessica: both of you have senior cities grow quite a bit in your time in office.
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population. how are you bringing in businesses? mayor cabaldon: we have brought businesses in by leveraging the assets we have. we focused on that. we did not declare we would be the biotechnology capital of the world. as a result, we are a small city that has attracted a lot of international and national copies to headquarter. mayor brainard: we ha o carmel. it is about providing for every segment of society. making sure it is a place where people can prosper and thrive. it is a vital, exciting place to be right now. we try to focus on city design, to make it a beautiful place. people deserve to live in a place that is beautiful. jessica: who would be the best president for your individual cities?
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have a lot questions for both candidates. but as mayors, sometimes we are skeptical of the federal government and what programs will be. will they help people in the cities, will they be efficiently run that help us run our cities or not. and i still have a lot questions for both candidates. i think all offices need to go to a system where we don't run as artisans, as a republ, libertarian, or democrat in the primary. and then we would force the candidates to go toward the middle. it would attract candidates from the middle that want to sit down and work with everybody. george washington said -- he said factions -- it would be bad for the republic. he was a smart man. i think he was right about that. mayor cabaldon: if a mayor was in the white house, it wouldn't be like this. the highly divided america that is in the presidential race,
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it's not different people. and in cities, we figure this stuff out. you cannot divide the world in a city into us or them. we have to act like a family, the same way we do around the dinner table. no matter how much you argue over dinner, tomorrow you are coming bacyou have to find solud compromise, and find how to live together. thank you. we appreciate it. announcer: still ahead, he is in charge. what is this millennial doing to tackle his town's oldest problems? plus, need a lift? who's going to pick you up? what if no one does! and they're winning in rio. but what's ahead for athletes at
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history. at 19, brandon paulin became the youngest mayor ever elected in the state of maryland. jujust a short distance from the nation's capitol, people in indian head decided to elect a teenager -- and upended the political establishment there. we decided to check in on him, now more than one year into the job. mayor brandon paulin: we're at george's ribs. it's one of my favorite spots. i love it. jessica: brandon paulin eats, a town of about 4000, it sits on a peninsula about an hour south of d.c. mayor paulin: i try to hit up as many small businesses in indian head as i can per week. thank you. sometimes it is not even mayor-related. sometimes we'll just have a , conversation. jessica: often, those conversations center around the fact that pa able oust an incumbent mayor with decades in political office. making him the youngest mayor in
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nation under the age 30. >> i think it takes a lot of courage to unseat the powers that be. jessica: since being elected, he has gotten his braces off and has a girlfriend. and he's gotten used to the jokes about his age. mayor paulin: there would be the evening dinner meetings and then everyone would make a joke, "oh, it's mayor's bedtime, we've got to go and wrap this up." jessica: inside indian head's town hall, just off a modest kitchen, paulin's office looks more like a closet. the mayor still lives with his parents and makes only $6,000 on the job, which he uses for online college courses. mayor paulin: oh, biggest perk? oh, that's a difficult one. the title is really good. so, you know, it's what's your job -- oh, i'm the mayor. that's always a good conversation starter.
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, a few feet from town hall. when he was about 10 years old, he persuaded elected officials to install a crosswalk. now he has much bigger plans for , his hometown. paulin says he's delivering on his campaign promise to provide incentives for new businesses sorely needed here. indian head is home to a u.s. navy base, but has no grocery store. paulin: we're waving all commercial permitting fees, so that is a big one. it cuts a lot of overhead for businesses. we're definel businesses and get them in here. jessica: the mayor says he's worked with property owners to tear down some dilapidated buildings and is joining forces with navy officials in an effort to continue its expansion. the biggest challenge for this millennial mayor? mayor paulin: i guess the biggest frustration is maybe the speed of government. it is a slower process.
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to slow down. they say he may represent a movement that goes beyond indian head: a discontent with the status-quo, seen up highway 210 in the nation's capital and beyond. business owner: i think what we got is, we have a mindset that doesn't accept that the way things happened in the past has to be the way things have to be moving forward. and indian head made that change. i think it is a change for the better. jessica: a change, the young mayor says, he hopes will inspire other young leaders. mayor paulin: i thinkha are looking for is good representation. we want down to earth, honest people representing us. jessica: as for his next political step? mayor paulin: i would still be the mayor of indian head. i love it here. i love having the impact i have. jessica: we asked paulin who he plans to vote for in the presidential election. and in true political fashion, he evaded the question.
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global warming or global scam? what's really happening with the temperature outside? and the candidates are ready to serve. but what if you had a few more options to choose from at the ballot box? >> i like to call them by the wrong na my goal was to finally get in shape.
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jessica: welcome back to "matter of fact." you don't need to tell us. it's hot outside! according to the national oceanic atmospheric administration and nasa, last month was ththe hottest july on record since scientists started recording climate trends using weather instruments. that's 136 years of data, shown on this chart by nasa climate scientist gavin schmidt. with record heat across the country and record rains
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there are a lot of scientists like schmidt who are pointing to extreme weather trends on global warming. but whether you believe global warming is a threat created by mankind or a hoax, there is no debating the fact. the earth is getting warmer, rising by .44 degrees since 1997. global heat records will continue to be broken. any pittsburgh later this month? if you summon an uber service, the popular alternative to taxis, you could get a lift in a 'driverless' car. according to bloomberg, uber is rolling out a fleet of autonomous vehicles. pittsburgh is home to carnegie mellon university, where the robotics department has been experimenting with the cars for years. the cars will come complete with safety features, including cameras, radar, and gps. the company's goal is to replace
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we have less than three months before voters go to the polls to determine who will be our next leader of the united states. but maybe you're just not too 'into' either candidate? like some, if your level is excitement is off, there's a new hashtag trending on twitter: #betterpotuscandidates. twitter users are using the hashtag to show their frustration with the candidate options available, and they have a few suggestions. "there's that guy in the khaki pants, 'jake' from state farm. but he sounds hideous." jessica: ron swanson could be a candidate. he has political experience as the former supervisor of the pawnee parks and recreation department on the tv show "parks and recreation." but perhaps it should really be "the simpsons" mr. burns. like donald trump, he has executive experience as the boss at the springfield nuclear power
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mr. burns: excellent. announcer: who do you want to see as our next president? send us your thoughts. tweet us @matteroffacttv. check in on facebook. and connect with our video site -- -- to view and share videos from all our programs. when we return -- winners, losers, and true
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jessica: we close our program this week on this note. while watching the olympic games in rio these past few weeks, we've seen extraordinary feats. but seeing the medal winners only reveals part of the story. the story of the true olympic spirit and acts of courage. when american runner abbey d'agostino stopped her race to help competitor nikki hamblin of
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a women's distance qualifying race. ibtihaj muhammad won her first olympic medal in fencing, competing in a hijab, a veil commonly worn by muslim women. she proved to the world that muslim-american women belong on the stage. and olympic history was made when a team of refugees from various countries competed. not under one country, but the olympic flag. the next olympians will have four years to consider their competitive strategies before meeting in tokyo in 2020. dubbed 'the olympics of the future,' athletes will be greeted by an army of robots to help translate and transition visitors in the most populous city in the world. and in a nod to a new generation of competitors, expect to see the addition of new sporting events like surfing, skate boarding, and rock climbing for the first time in olympic history.
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mmm. maura, that was an amazing farewell meal. [ laughs ] well, i had help from the guest of honor. sous-chef. didn't even know what that was till this afternoon. tommy, the vegetables i cut up the broccoli,o we . okay, so, when d this fabulous apartment of yours? soon as i have the money to get the lights turned on. wellou i'd be happy to cosign., iy no. no.


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