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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  August 22, 2016 10:30pm-11:01pm CDT

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>> leading the way with important local coverage, you are watching wisn 12 news with kathy mykleby, joyce garbaciak, patrick paolantonio, mark baden, and dan needles. wisn 12 news continues. anchor: race for the white house. the clinton campaign releasing new ads using donald trump' anchor: meanwhile, the republican nominee is changing the tone when it comes to his policy on immigration. reporter: after the donald trump campaign signaled that their nominee might be backing off his firm immigration stance -- >> will that plan include a deportation force? >> to be determined. reporter: this morning on fox news, trump fires back. >> we have to be very firm. we have to be very, very strong when people come in illegally. >> so you're not flip-flopping? >> no, i'm not flip-flopping.
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softening, with no mention of his controversial deportation force. trump continues to stick to the script, bashing hillary clinton. >> well, look, she's a liar. i mean, she lies. reporter: and hammering the clinton foundation. >> they shouldn't be taking money from countries that influenced her totally. reporter: releasing a statement, calling for the foundation to shut down. trump may be mid-pivot, but the clinton camp hit back, tweeting, the clinton foundation is a charity that helps people around the world. and it isn't letting him forget his tough talk, this morning releasing a new ad argng is too unstable to lead the country when it comes to national security issues. >> in times of crisis, america depends on steady leadership. >> knock the -- out of her, would you? seriously. >> clear thinking. >> i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. >> and calm judgment. >> and you can tell them go -- themselves. reporter: she's bashing trump on the airwaves, but clinton, meanwhile, is still dealing with
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the fbi released tens of thousands of e-mails that were not work-related. maggie rulli, abc news, washington. anchor: the election is november 8. patrick is taking a closer look at a ruling today regarding your vote. reporter: a federal appeals court cleared the way for people who want to vote early. the ruling means there will be more locations to vote early. mayor tom barrett says it will also allow for weekend hours for voting in milwaukee. prior to this decision, the city had one early voting site. the mayor ys will come later regarding how many locations will be added. >> what this will do is allow us to have a more orderly election. you will not have the bottleneck that has been created purposely. we will still have very busy polls in november, but we want to ease into it as much as possible. reporter: you will have to show an id to vote.
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involving a milwaukee police shooting. the attorney general held his first news conference regarding the shooting from nine days ago. today we learned for now, no one, including the family, will see the officer's body camera footage of the incident. 23-year-old syville smith was shot by a milwaukee police officer after a traffic stop. the ag says the violence smith's death triggered delayed the department of justice investigation. >> investigators in body armor to collect evidence safely. anchor: schimel says agents have interviewed all critical witnesses, but follow-ups continue. he did reveal that there are two body camera videos from two of the responding officers. again this began saturday, august 13, when police stopped what they called a suspicious vehicle at 44th and auer. officers say 23-year-old sylville smith got out and ran from police. an officer shot and killed him. the chief and mayor say the body
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holding a gun. smith was shot once in the chest and once in the arm. later that night, unrest began in sherman park. eight businesses were set on fire, seven squad cars were damaged, and four officers were injured. on sunday night, august 14, the unrest continued. an 18-year-old was shot in the neck. three more squads were damaged, and four additional officers were hurt. anchor: a new warning concerning the spread of zika. health officials saying the virus could expand across the southern states, possibly targeting texas and louisiana next. this comes after 37 zika cases were confirmed in miami, florida. there, locals and expectant mothers are already bracing for more. >> all it takes is one mosquito bite, and it can affect the rest of our lives. and we're just not willing to take the risk. anchor: florida governor rick scott says the state is allocating $5 million in mosquito preparedness and control.
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, you referred to my chips flying away as i ate at the lakefront. i am hoping for a repeat. meteorologist: we had humidity, sunshine, and we had the breeze. it was just nice to enjoy it. tomorrow is looking good, too. noticing right now, the third ward, 71 degrees. feels like 71 in milwaukee, 66 in we are looking at temperatures tanking overnight. doppler 12 is high and dry. this time tomorrow, that may not be the case. the rest of this evening, a low of 63 degrees. the wind will start to pick up as you are waiting -- waking up. you should have no issues to worry about.
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to get a little windy. anchor: thank you. a car left running with the windows cracked open -- that was enough for it to be stolen. this one had a woman's dog inside. it happened on milwaukee's east side. ben hutchison with the story on how the dog ended up being reunited with its owner. reporter: valerie tergerson arrives at madacc hopio positively identify her dog, arrow, an australian cattle dog-collie mix. he was sitting in a car owned by a friend of tergerson sunday afternoon. when the man stepped away, his bmw was stolen. >> i just -- they just saw it running, i guess. reporter: hours later, the bmw was involved in a crash near 38th and center. it's believed arrow wasn't inside because a good samaritan found him near 6th and vine, two miles from where the car was originally stolen. >> healthy and safe? >> yes.
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was dropped off at madacc, the reunion worth every moment. >> just glad to get the dog back. reporter: tergerson had already reached out to madacc and reported her pup missing. they knew exactly who he was when he arrived. >> if you're -- your pet is lost, contact us immediately. >> thank you to whoever found him. he is a big part of my life. reporter: ben hutchison, wisn 12 news. anchor: they are part of the family. no suspects are in custody tied to the theft or crash. a police chase involving a stolen car ends in a crash in brown deer. officers say they tried to stop the driver of a minivan just before midnight near 60th and brown deer road after a check of the license plate revealed it was stolen. police say the driver took off, causing a crash near 76th and good hope. police say the driver took off again, eventually crashing near 84th and carmen.
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arrest. anchor: helping a community heal with food. patrick is in the newsroom looking ahead to what's happening tomorrow. reporter: feeding america is reaching out to the sherman park community. the organization will provide free food to residents through a mobile pantry. feeding america is setting up at the boys and girls club in sherman park. organizers hope to serve between 200 to 300 families. the pantry will open at 1:00 in the afternoon. also happening tomorrow, a trail in warnimount park. it's a partnership between milwaukee county and st. luke's south shore. the trail is designed to help people get fit. along the trail will be an elliptical station, upper body stretch station, and more. there will also be signs to teach people proper form and technique along with links to instructional videos on your phone. anchor: helping people fight addiction with a device similar to a fitbit. >> someone using cocaine has jittery movement of their arms.
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anchor: new technology that could be groundbreaking in ending drug addiction. anchor: doctors at u mass medical school are researching a device similar to a fitbit but intended to track drug use. body movements associated with drug use are downloaded to a smartphone. the hope is to recognize patterns of drug use that lead
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cases, to an overdose. >> one of the things we want to figure out is how we predict how someone in treatment is going to start saving their drug -- craving their drug. anchor: 20 people are taking part in the study. anchor: wells fargo has to pay up for charging illegal late fees on student loans. according to federal investigators, wells fargo charged the late fees to customers who made payments on the last day of their grace as part of a penalty, wells fargo must pay $3.6 million to the consumer financial protection agency. the bank must also set aside $410,000 to refund customers hit with the illegal fees. back to school shopping is in full swing. according to the national retail federation, the average family will spend more than $100 on school supplies this year, which can be a large chunk of money for families in need. anchor: tomorrow, you have the chance to team up with us here
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army to help area children get the supplies they need to succeed. wisn 12 news reporter tim elliott shows you how. this room is empty right now, but come tomorrow morning, this room will be packed with volunteers collecting donations for mps students. and they hope these phones will be ringing off the hook. >> if you try to imagine yourself as a child receiving an assignment, knowing full well you finish the project, it is hard. reporter: major tim meyer with the salvation army hopes to see the donations pour in starting tuesday morning during the wisn class act phone bank. >> we just ask that people respond and think beyond themselves and realize there are other folks who need it. reporter: according to mps, the need is great. there are more than 77,000 students in the district with almost 83% classified as low-income.
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last year, almost 3400 students received backpacks filled with notebooks, folders, pens and more. >> i know the students are thrilled to receive them. the parents are relieved. the teachers are grateful as well. even the school principals are grateful as well. reporter: last year, we raised more than $44,000 for school supplies. anchor: so here's what you need to know to help out. wisn 12 is partnering with the salvation army and mps for the class act phone bank tomorrow and wednesday. call in to make donations to buy backpacks and supplies. you can also help us and our radio partners, wklh, stuff the bus by dropping off supplies at the walgreens at mayfair and north on wednesday.
10:45 pm, or by texting "classact," one word, to 41444. anchor: it's not just kids going back to school. celebrities will also be seen at colleges across the country. patrick has more in the social square. reporter: fashion model and reality tv host tyra banks is signing on at stanford university. the supermodel will teach an mba class called "project you" for two weeks next may. the class focuses on creating a personal brand. since retiring from being the top model host, banks has been making moves toward the business si the former host of america's next top model will also offer tips on how to handle the press. some day, your food could be wrapped in edible plastic wrap. researchers with the u.s. department of agriculture are reportedly using a milk protein called casein to make the special film. they say it can do a much better job at keeping food fresh by keeping air out. but that's just part of it. researchers say flavors, vitamins, and other things can be added to the film to make it more nutritious.
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the film is available to consumers. now, a 25-year-old who hits a home run to remember. unfortunately, a windshield was on the receiving end of this one. here's what happened. the minor league baseball player hit a grand slam. after the game, he went to the parking lot only to find out the ball he knocked out of the park hit his own car. in the end, the player says it was definitely worth it. a little more muscle would have missed the windshield. anchor: at least that is what they were telling him. i am sorry. anchor: thank you. coming up in sports, the injured badgers linebacker hoping to return in time for the season opener. anchor: what chris carter did tonight at miller park that hasn't been done by a brewer since 2012. stephanie sutton is next in
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menards. anchor: call it a coincindence, but after a rocky road trip out west, where the brewers lost six of seven, they are back home tonight against, well, the colorado rockies. and milwaukee looking good in game one at miller park. that is chris carter. in the first, kurt nieuwenhuis delivers the single to center. 3-1. fast forward to the third. 30th time this season, the first brewer to hit 30 home runs in one season since ryan braun. a quality start for jimmy nelson. six innings, giving up just two runs. the brewers get the opener 4-2. >> the big thing was that he threw a ton of strikes.
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he did a good job and was efficient. he pitched well. anchor: as we told you in our first half-hour, jordy nelson made his first practice appearance in pads in over a year today. the star wide receiver only doing individual work as he comes back from acl surgery in his right knee and a minor issue in his left knee. doubtful he'll play in friday's preseason game in san francisco. as for the badgers, they're hoping linebacker t.j. edwards will come off their injury list in the near future. so far, he's missed all of fall camp with a foot injury. he recently had his boot removed but has yet to actually practice at this point. edwards understands it's a longshot that he'll be ready to go in time for the season opener a week from saturday against lsu. >> i hope so. it depends on execution the next couple of days. i have to see how much i progress with running. hopefully, i will be out there
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i never appreciated how much i enjoy walking until i had the boot off. anchor: the votes are in for our operation football game of the week. and the winner for week two is hartford at brookfield central. they won with 48% of the vote. more than 7000 votes were cast. and just a note, this game will be played thursday night instead of friday. it was originally listed as a friday game. you can vote fort the choices are shorewood-messmer at cudahy hartford at oconomowoc, and kenosha bradford at oak creek. to vote, log on to our website,, go to the operation football page, and cast your vote. the winner will be announced next monday. it's official -- the bucks announced today they signed veteran guard jason terry. terry has spent 17 seasons in the nba, the last two in houston. he is a former teammate of bucks
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tonight on twitter, terry thanked the bucks for allowing him to continue his nba journey. he's 38 years old. kind of nice to have veteran leadership on the team. who knows, maybe he will play into his 40's. anchor: where did you go to high school? anchor: i had nothing to do with the voting. one more forecast coming up.
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meteorologist: lows near 63 tomorrow.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- hillary clinton -- and john krasinski -- with cleto and the cletones -- and now, pace yourselves, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching.


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