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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  August 24, 2016 5:30am-6:01am CDT

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meteorologist sally severson is tracking storms. >> moving slowly. i came in earlier today and watching the storms as they trained over the western parts of wisconsin. now, they are starting to make a little more of a move to the east. so by about 7:00, especially in the metro, waukesha and milwaukee, downpours, ponding and road spray likelihood as these areas of rain and storms helicopter to pull closer. now, by late morning, the the steady rain tapering off to spotty showers and plenty of dry hours in the afternoon and tonight. this is what i am talking this morning, rain and storms. we look at the about initial round moving in. with it, strong winds and lightning. some deminnishing tendency to the north and to the west.
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20 miles per hour. good rains as well across eastern iowa and neighboring sections of western and north central illinois. this is continuing to fill in and impacting the early morning commute. flash flood warnings to the west. plan on the highs today up to 80 degrees. showers are scattered in the afternoon. we are on weather watch this morning. matt? >> there is time to get the dry pavement. here we are at the mitchell interchange and to the high-rise bridge. no troubles right now. in fact, on the computer w trouble free and seeing green across the freeway system. tral times are looking good... that's a look at the morning
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>> developing overnight, a 6.2 earthquake strikes in italy causing massive damage. tim, what do we know about the damage so far? >> this morning, 37 people have been killed and unfortunately, the death toll will most likely continue to rise. the 6.2 quake hit in central italy. it was felt more than 100 miles away in rome. first responders and citizens are all working this morning to clear rubble and rescue people who are trapped. therve aftershocks in the area, the biggest was a 5.5 magnitude quake. the usgs predicts many more casualties because so many buildings in the region are built without earthquake protection. >> and new from overnight back here at home, police investigating a shooting at 44th and auer. this is in the city's sherman park neighborhood. police say a 19-year-old man was driving in the area when he was
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hospital. this is the same intersection where a fatal police shooting happened earlier this month setting off days of violent unrest in milwaukee. it's unclear if any of these incidents are related. melinda, back to you. >> thank you, tim. >> mike anderson is live at the police latest on the accident. >> good morning, melinda, the milwaukee police are looking for a vehicle that sped away from a scene after hitting a little girl. it happened about 7:30 last night at 27th and burleigh. the police say that the 11-year-old girl was hit while crossing the street. the police in district 5 say that the girl was on a bicycle at the time of the crash.
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condition this morning. the police are still looking for the vehicle and the driver involved. at this point, they have not released the identification of the vehicle, just saying it was a car. >> mike, thank you. >> making sure kids are ready to head back to school. wisn 12 is teaming up with the salvation army and mps for the class act phone bank. there are actually several ways you can help. call in to our phone bank to make donations that will be used to buy backs we'll pass along the number once lines open at 6:00 this morning, and you can help wisn 12 and our radio partners wklh stuff the bus by dropping off supplies at the walgreens at mayfair and north. jeremy nelson is there right now. this is starting at 6:00 a.m. and finally, you can donate by heading to or by texting classact, one word, to 41444.
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happening soon, you can drop off supplies atwalgreen's and mayfair and north. good morning, jeremy. >> good morning. the bus that will be stuffed pulled into the parking lot. again, it is wisn 12 and wkhl and collecting new school s the kids get a backpack full of the school supplies. we are at the walgreen's, 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. we hope to see you here. we are stuffing the bus full of school supplies. this is benefitting the salvation army and the mps. we are hoping to see you here helping to stuff the bus.
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5:35. >> a fire breaks out and thousands of people lose power. >> the transformers that went up in flames and how crews fought to get the fire under control. >> and a bizarre burglary at a school in australia. the wildlife that the thieves brought in and what they got away with. >> but first, let's take a live look at doppler 12 radar. you can see in the live shot, engineerny has the rain jacket on. it is sprinkling in the area. lots of color on the radar sally is walking us through the
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>> well, we are waiting on the rain this morning, just edging into eastern wisconsin early this morning after heavy rain fell across eastern iowa and parts of western wisconsin. take the umbrellas today. leave the sandals at home. it is wet in place this morning. the rain is continuing to move into southern wisconsin. dry at sheboygan this morning. 69 degrees. showers and a few storms,
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and going into eastern fond du lac and dodge and edging into jefferson county. likely a little brief gusty winds associated with this and looking at downpours and steady rain continuing to move into southern wisconsin. here is a look at the movement overall. heavy rain in the southwest corner of wisconsin and all moving to the east at 20 no warnings here in the east. so rain and storms afternooned for this morning. heavy before 10:00, 11:00 and spotty moving into the afternoon with several dry hours. >> thank you, sal. >> new this morning, thousands of people in florida lost power when a fire broke out at a power facility. >> the flames sent black smoke
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officials say transformers caught fire and the substation next door got charred along with a van. there's no word on what started the fire. this morning the power is back on. >> also new this morning, a bizarre burglary in australia. >> police say vandals broke into a school and released three crocodiles. surveillance camera captured it all. you can see someone push three crocodiles through a broken window. then, four shirtless men broke in to steal computer equipment. wildlife rangers had to come in to collect the crocodiles. >> look at the name of the town in australia. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:41. we are getting to tim in the news room. >> he's following the stories from around the world. >> severe flooding taking a toll on millions of people in india. the damage floodwaters have done so far and why there may be more problems ahead for the region. plus, a police shooting in north carolina getting national
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what sets the victim apart and why it's sparking a conversation about disabilities. those stories and much more
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>> welcome back to "12 news this morning." we are on weatherwatch 12. the rain is starting to move in the milwaukee area. >> it is a slow moving storm now just getting into fond du lac, dodge, and moving in from the west to the east. you are seeing now, thunder, locally heavy rainfall and up to fond du lac county. washington county you are going to see this. 94 jefferson county as well getting wet. showers and storms across illinois. if you are travelling to northern illinois, you are not driving out of this, it is impacting all of us. the storm threat index at a
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more than anything, the ponding and the road spray. there we are with a live look at the station. showers and storms most numerous between 7:00 and 10:00 this morning. now some of this is lingering. this model is keeping into the early afternoon. i think it is much more scattered and lighter this afternoon and for tonight. we will later touch up to 81 degrees. but rain this morning. matt? >> we have the dry pavement right now. oklahoma and 43, 94, the volume is light and the pavement the dry. you are seeing here, green system wide, jefferson county right now is getting wet along 94 and washington county will be
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that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> central and eastern india dealing with severe flooding this morning. it's affecting more than two million people there. i'm in the newsroom with tim elliott where new details have been coming in overnight. >> at least 53 people in india have died because of the flooding. in eastern india, more than two dozen people were killed and 800,000 forced out of their homes. another 1.2 million were displaced in a nearby province. the ganges river continues to rise flooding the area. in central india around 400,000 people are still being affected by heavy rain and more is expected to fall in the next few days. melinda back to you. thank you so much. >> president obama is back in washington this morning after visiting flooding victims in louisiana yesterday. he promised federal assistance to people who were affected by
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100 thousand people have already applied for help. more than 60,000 homes were damaged by the flood water and 13 people died. >> i come here, first and foremost, to say that the prayers of the entire nation are with everybody who lost loved ones. we are heartbroken by the loss of life. there are also people who are still desperately trying to track down friends and family. we're gonna keep helping them every way thate >> obama said he knows the people of louisiana are resilient and they will rebuild. >> britney spears is helping out her home state of louisiana. the pop princess is teaming up with the american red cross and a crowdfunding website. she's planning to raffle off the outfit she will wear at the upcoming m-tv music awards. the money will go to people affected by the flood victims. donors also get a chance to win a trip to new york to meet britney. >> right now, wildfires are growing even larger across
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rey fire in santa barbara county has spread to nearly 30,000 acres. it's just 30 percent contained. more firefighters are being called in from across the country to help fight the flames. nearly 1500 people are now on the scene. officials expect the fight to go on for at least a week. >> a new study is linking wildfires and health problems caused by air pollution. the research by yale and harvard says wildfires will have a significant affect on air pollution and itl more than 80 million people by the year 2050. researchers say that the rise in wildfires is a result of climate change. >> new this morning, some amateur filmmakers bring a childhood toy to life. they strapped a gopro camera onto a hotwheels car and set it on a wild track. the video follows the toy car through backyards, roads, a swimming pool and even on a
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under water. it is so cool. the filmmakers say the car only fell off the track a few times -- look at this -- while they were making the video. i love this. i love how they bring back 90s terms totally awesome and totally cool. this is rad. this is so neat. i love this. >> there was always one with a bad wheel. >> always. >> well, take it easy, no hot wheels around this morning with the rain moving into southern wisconsin and getting wet in the western counties at this time. you are seeing a slow moving rain complex continuing to impact western and central wisconsin. this area is moving very slowly to the east, 20-25 miles per hour. even though it is not looking like it is really raining buckets and in some areas it is.
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edge. but because of the slow moving nature of this system that we are getting a good amount of rain associated with it. rain across illinois as the complex is holding together. it is ahead of a cool front. the disturbance is a part of the reason that the storms are stronger to the south. we have floosh warnings in to the west. between now and 11:00, heavy rain, a few storms and downpours more than anything. between 11:00 and 5:00, the steady rain transitions to scattered showers and we get in a little dry time as well. temperatures where it is raining 66 at the dells. 69 beaver dam. 73 at the airport.
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impacted in the window between 7:00 and maybe 11:00, 12:00 or so this morning. we watch the scattered activity in place for us this afternoon and for tonight. don't be surprised to see a downpour overnight. we are on the way to a pleasant looking friday. for today, by the afternoon, once the rain stops, temperatures around 80 heaviest rain around this morning. ponding and road spray pushing across eastern wisconsin in the next couple of hours. tim, le r melinda? >> thank you. outrage after a police shooting in north carolina. >> the victim in this incident was actually a deaf man, melinda, friendses and family held a vigil this week. daniel harris died on monday
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the officer followed him for 8 miles. advocacy groups are now demanding answers. investigators say that they are examining the body camera to see what led up to the shooting. ben, over to you. second record breaking week in a row for the tsa and cob fis kating 81 guns for to board planes in a week. the previous record 78 weapons last week. 70 were loaded. officials confiscated swords, knives and machetti. >> john nichols won a 1965 mustang in a raffle.
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the car and give the money to the school. >> i told our instructor, if i win, i will donate it and sell it to get more money. it is a nice thing to do for the kids. >> the money from the car goes back to the auto program which has been struggling because of the state budget cuts. >> making sure that the kids are ready to head back to school. wisn 12 salvation army and mps for the phone bank. call in today to make donations that buys backpacks and school supplies and we'll pas along the number coming up as soon as the lines open at 6:00. and you can help wisn 12 and wklh to stuff the bus.
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41444. 5:54. american reporters are targeted by hackers. >> investigators are saying russians are behind the attacks at the famous newspapers, what is next for the new york times. north korea is flexing military power, the overnight test that ? ? the ford freedom sales event is on! our biggest event of the year just got better! ? ? announcing zero for seventy-two across the entire lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs. plus, tagged vehicles now get a thousand smart bonus. that's freedom from interest...
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>> welcome back. improving economy and cheaper gas means more people on the road. >> while the cost of gas is down, a different price is being paid, traffic deaths in the first half of 2016 up almost ten percent compared to the same period last year. while the factors included increased speeds in the rural areas. >> dominos is attracting more millennials, it seems like it is paying off. the stock all time high yesterday. the shares are up 35%. experts are saying because of the text orders and more. pizza is the most popular purchase among the 20 somethings. >> u.s. dairy farmers are dealing with a cheese surplus. the government is planning to buy $20 million of excess cheese
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planning to give the cheese to pantries and food banks. i love cheese now. the news continues right now. >> good morning. great to have you with usn news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. right now the class act school supply drive is getting underway. look at the sign, donate. here is a live look at the volunteers standing by. give us a call. >> make the volunteers busy this morning. also, stuff the bus is kicking off and this is a chance to help to provide school supplies to
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and looking at dopplar 12 radar and the rain. sal? >> we are watching a slow moving rain complex as it is moving into central and parts of eastern wisconsin this morning and impacting the commute acrosswalk sha and milwaukee county within the hour. we are looking at downpours and ponding and road spray. we are going to look at t scattered throughout the afternoon and tonight. there is a look at the radar network, you are seeing a slow moving area of rain. we put it into motion for you. we are wet right now across dodge, washington and parts of jefferson county. so just in time for the early morning commute. the rain is stretching into illinois ahead of a cool front.


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