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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  August 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CDT

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> wisn 12 news starts right now with breaking news. >> somebody's house exploded. >> a wisconson house explodes, debris sent flying, fires in the street. what may have triggered the blast. >> plus, new developments in a murder mystery. two nuns, one from wisconsin, found dead in their mississippi home. what we're learning about her and he made the ultimate -- >> and he made the ultimate sacrifice. the hometown tribute for a fallen soldier who grew up in brookfield. but we begin with that breaking news. an explosion levels a house and rocks an entire neighborhood. adrienne: it happened in fitchburg, in dane county, just south of madison. take a look at the incredible video in the moments after it happened and before firefighters arrived on the scene. you can see debris from the home
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the fitchburg fire department says a 57-year-old man was transferred to the hospital. he was conscious, but has significant injuries. no one else we know of was hurt. kathy: 26 other houses were damaged. the fire department says the debris field is extensive. we want to show you a picture of what appears to be the actual house inie blast. local, state, and federal agencies are investigating. we will continue to follow the story. adrienne: police are investigating the death of a two-year-old child on milwaukee's north side. the medical examiner has been called to north 14th street. no further information is being released just yet.
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a green beret killed in afghanistan. adrienne: remembering a wisconsin native and green beret killed in afghanistan. tonight army staff sgt. matthew thompson's alma mater, brookfield central, honored the man loved by so many. a moment of silence to honor one of their own. before he was a green beret staff sgt. matthew thompson spent many nights on the brookfield central football field. the varsity captain graduated in 2006. his uncle loved watching him play. collects he had a can-do attitude. he was never the fastest, he was never the hardest working, but he was the greatest scheming. >> he was a kid who was as generous and kind, took care of his fellow student. he was a leader. he was in the band. he was the captain of the football team. he did everything you would ask of a student and of a son. adrienne: an ied killed the 28-year-old husband in afghanistan tuesday. his uncle tells us he was incredibly proud to serve our country.
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places like afghanistan and nation building. helping freedom, helping democracy and leading people to a better future. that's who matt was. adrienne: matt and his wife were living in washington state. his uncle tells me matt's wife rachel was the absolute light of his life. thompson attended marquette university from 2006 to 2008 and served as resident assistant at o'donnell hall. in a statement, the university quotes one of his friends and fellow ra's, saying he was one of the best humans i ever knew. he was deeply, deeply, deeply loved by his residents and all of us. kathy: we're following new developments on two nuns found murdered in their mississippi home. one of the nuns, sister margaret held, was born and raised in
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milwaukee. wisn 12 news' christina palladino is live at the school sisters of st. francis near 27th and greenfield. christina, sister held was a member there for 49 years. christina: i just got off the phone with one of her cousins in slinger, as well as the family pastor. they are completely shell-shocked by this news. they tell me sister margaret was beloved by fellow nuns here as she dedicated her life to the poor. sisters margaret held and paula merrill workede mississippi. they were both nurses who often treated people for free. in this video, sister margaret talks about the area they lived in. >> this is one of the poorest counties in all of mississippi. it rivals the bottom place in all of statistics. christina: local police in mississippi say someone broke into the nuns' home overnight and fatally stabbed them. one of their cars was also stolen. 12 news spoke with a family pastor in slinger who knew
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>> just horrible shock. christina: pastor rick stoffel says sister margaret grew up in slinger in a large catholic family of 8. she still has several siblings in the area. she joined the school sisters of st. francis order in milwaukee after high school and taught in kenosha for a few years. she moved to mississippi in the early 80's. >> having met her several times , knowing that she was just a genuinbr of faith, just an extraordinary woman of faith. christina: sister margaret was 68-years-old. the family pastor says he just saw her last month when she was home in slinger to visit her sister. live on the south side, christina palladino, wisn 12 news. adrienne: tonight milwaukee
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released a statement of condolence that says in part, i offer my prayers to the school sisters of st. francis, to the relatives and families of sister margaret and sister paula, and to all of those whose lives were touched by their ministry. new at 10:00, firefighters called out to a fire in willard. we still don't know if anyone was home, or if anybody had to leave, or was even hurt. information. kathy: people are targeting people if they're walking on sidewalks or as they're walking to their cars. investigators count 16 armed robberies since mid-june in the neighborhood between pleasant and north avenue. five of them on brady street alone. the robberies are happening between midnight and 4:00 a.m, this is video of one of those crimes overnight near cass and pleasant. police arrested several suspects but say the robberies keep happening. milwaukee police are cracking down on street racers.
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weeks ago when a neighbor captured this cell phone video near 73rd and calumet. today the alderwoman in the district says since the targeted enforcement last weekend, police have issued three citations. funeral services will be held tomorrow for the man whose death sparked days of unrest in milwaukee. sylville smith was shot and killed by a milwaukee police officer near 44th and auer nearly two weeks ago. it happened during a traffic stop. police say smith was armed with a gun at the time. services start at noon at christian faith fellowship church. the reverend jesse jackson is scheduled to deliver the eulogy. adrienne: to commitment 2016 election coverage. early voting in milwaukee for the november election will start sooner and last longer than ever before. it starts october 10 and runs through november 4. there will be extended evening and weekend hours, too. this comes after a federal judge struck down a law which limited early voting to two weeks.
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ballot. donald trump and hillary clinton are the major party candidates. trump, clinton, and 5 others all met qualifications to be on the ballot in wisconsin, which is expected to be approved next week by the state elections commission. the election is 75 days away. a wisconsin man harassing his ex-girlfriend for months. the animal he's accused of leaving on her doorstep that got him re >> this tends that is the strangest. kathy: plus, pokemon in the park. what's being done to help with the large crowds. mark: when the cooler temperature gets here, and how long it lasts. kathy: and uwm releases a list of words you shouldn't say.
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kathy: aftershocks keep hitting italy. search and rescue efforts are even more dangerous because of a series of tremors. at least 250 people have died. kathy: another -- adrienne: another day goes by without a much anticipated step
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his chicago area attorney has until monday to file a motion to overturn his conviction in the murder of teresa halbach. we're all now keeping watch on the manitowoc county courthouse. avery's attorney, who signed on after the release of the docu-series ?making of a murderer,? suggests a new suspect will emerge. kathy: the pokemon go craze has players crowding local landmarks, and some people who live near one park say they want that to stop. adrienne: they say too many people are playing the game in lake park taking up parking spaces and leaving garbage. the county asked the game's never heard back. but the parks director tells us pokemon will not be banned. >> that was a shock to all of us because the message that we've been getting is that we are moving towards finding a more appropriate place for this game that can support all the crowds that it attracts. adrienne: the parks are bringing in more trash cans and porta potties to help deal with the crowds, and police will be ticketing illegally parked cars. milwaukee county executive chris
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the issue that says, in part, ?simply playing pokemon go doesn't require a permit. milwaukee county parks are open and we want more people to 'pika-choose' them.? kathy: a sheboygan county man is arrested for stalking after sending his ex-girlfriend a python in the mail. 37-year-old eric burrows is facing several charges, including felony stalking. the criminal complaint says the packaged ball python was left outside an apartment complex, addressed to burrows' former >> that's pretty scary conduct. to rise to the level of putting a live animal, a snake for that matter, in a box leaving it for someone. kathy: investigators say the delivery was the final act in a month-long barrage of threatening messages police say had been sent to the woman's work and apartment. new information in the death of a racecar driver who crashed during a race in manitowoc county. the coroner says 27-year-old matt schuh likely died from a medical condition, not from the
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schuh was racing at the manitowoc speedway last night when his car hit a guardrail, went over the rail and ended up on a concrete barrier. his friends say schuh was doing what he loved. >> he loved racing it was one of his passions. and unfortunately that's the way we had to see him go. but we all know he left us and went to a better place doing what he enjoyed. kathy: investigators say they don't suspect drugs or alcohol were involved. adrienne: disgraced olympian filing a false police report in brazil. the u.s. swimmer fabricated a story that he and 3 teammates were robbed at gunpoint. just two days after losing four major sponsors, lochte has a new endorsement deal with pine brother softish throat drops. the company says it's giving him a second chance, adding that he'll appear in ads that say the drops are forgiving on your throat. actress sarah jessica parker cut ties as a paid spokesperson for
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we've been telling you about the growing outrage of the medicine's skyrocketing price. parker, whose son has a peanut allergy, posted on instagram, i'm left disappointed, saddened, and deeply concerned by mylan's actions. she also urged the company to lower the cost. today, the company announced it's offering discounts for the injectors, which are about $600. among them, instant saving cards worth $300, an expansion of patients eligible for financial help, and a pathway to sell epipens directly to consumers. the homeland security department is investigating hacking of actress and comedian leslie jones's website. she took down the site yesterday after the hack left hateful and racist images on it. last month, people targeted the ?ghostbusters? movie star on twitter. the social media site banned several users because of it. kathy: if you own an iphone, you may want to download the latest operating system update. a group of cybersecurity
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issue, which allows someone to take full control of your phone with a single click. the group notified apple of the vulnerability 10 days ago. the tech giant just released a patch today for users. parents can use their phones to track their kids' school bus in one wisconsin school district. through a new app called ?my stop,? parents will be notified if their child's bus is early, on time or running late. >> this app will provide that sense of relief and security and safety aspect to the parent. kathy: the district is spending more than $29,000 annually on the service for parents to use free of charge. adrienne: mark your calendars. college football kicks off next saturday, september 3. you can see the badgers take on lsu at lambeau field right here on wisn 12. kickoff is at 2:30pm. then, stay tuned for the season premiere of big 12 sports
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dan needles and drew olson will be live at lambeau with the badgers' post game. it is still pretty hot. kathy: we did get a break from the heat and humidity today. mark: that won't last long. it is a quick, drier air mass. only in the upper 70's, but it has been a hot month. been at least 80 degrees. it has been a beautiful august, as well. daddy getting this gorgeous shot -- gabby getting this gorgeous
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just about everybody else has fallen back into the 60's. you can turn the air off and open up those windows. temperatures will fall to around 60 degrees if you are inland. this morning, the dew point was running at 70. now it is down to about 60. that is not unbelievably dry air, but that is better than it has been most of the month. that will not last long. up again. these are the dew point temperatures. anytime you're 65, it starts to feel 60 -- sticky. that is where will be most of next week. be prepared for that. it will also be warm. tomorrow, only expected a high of degrees. -- of 78 degrees. after that, we are right back
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of september. we have rain to the south of us. the rain that you see will get into our forecast, but that is not until saturday. i don't think it will rain all day on saturday. generally clear skies. we have had some high clouds rolling again. for the most part, we are nice and clear. tomorrow is your day few don't like the humidity. a little high cloudiness late in the day. as we head into saturday, here come the showers, and maybe a couple thunderstorms as well. not the prettiest of saturdays, but not a total washout. there will be some periods where
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degrees. a good chance for showers and thunderstorms, really the only chance in our forecast on saturday. high temperatures of 82 degrees on monday. beautiful next week, especially if you like it hot. one week from today, most of the kids in our area will be heading to school for the first time in three months. it looks like it will be a hot start to the school year. to milwaukee. adrienne: coming up, the plans to expand by direct supply and the rules they have to follow to get a big tax break. kathy: also ahead, getting kids ready for school. the health fair happening tomorrow to prepare children for the first day. >> hey everyone, i'm melinda davenport. >> and i'm ben wagner. tomorrow is national dog day. >> animal experts will tell us the two things to keep away from your pet, in order to protect your entire family. corrects plus, we'll be on -- >> plus, we'll be on weather
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>> big 12 sports presented by menards. stephanie: within the last 24 hours, clay matthews and julius
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investigators about an al jazeera report linking them to performance enhancing drugs. according to espn, the two star linebackers believe the league will find no new evidence of ped use and will clear both of them of any wrongdoing. the packers are on their way out west for tomorrow night's preseason game against the 49ers. meanwhile earlier this week linebacker jake ryan returned to practice after missing several weeks with a pulled hamstring. in his absence, rookie blake martinez has taken more reps and snaps with the number one defense. this is the same injury that set ryan back late last season, and it's been a slow process. >> i knew exactly what happened and how to treat it. you know stay off of it. i took myself right out when it happened. i'm learning from it because offseason i worked on it and everything and then it happens again. stephanie: a week from saturday, the badgers kickoff their season against lsu at lambeau field
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and today the team named bart houston as their starting quarterback for that game. head coach paul chryst made the announcement via the badgers' twitter feed. houston will get the start against the tigers over freshman alex hornibrook. it was a close battle between them throughout spring and fall camp. however the senior does have fifteen games experience and now 10 days to prepare for his first start. >> wanted to get it done as we begin our preparations for lsu and make sure that everyone knew where we were at w internally. i'm excited to go forward now. stephanie: tonight at miller park, the brewers and pirates are in and straight innings. the crew had their chances, especially in the bottom of the ninth. in the 10th inning, the brewers are trailing 3-2. coming up in our second half hour, our operation football game of the week between hartford and brookfield central. and, why the lancers were playing with heavy hearts
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kathy: u.w. milwaukee students with some mixed feelings about words. >> i think it's kind of weird. i think it's kind of restricting your freedom. adrienne: the new guidelines raising censorship concerns on campus, and how the school is setting the record straight. kathy: then, add it to your to do list. why children's hospital says you
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>> wisn 12 news at 10:00
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adrienne: a nun stabbed to death in her home in mississippi has deep family and religious ties to the milwaukee area. this story has been developing throughout the night. kathy: wisn 12 news christina palladino spoke with family members of sister margaret held tonight. christina: i spoke with a cousin and the family's long time pastor who both live in slinger. they are shell-shocked by this devastating news. they tell me sister margaret was beloved by the nuns here school sisters of st. francis, as she dedicated her life to helping the poor, and was a woman of god. the 68-year-old grew up in a large catholic family of 8 in the small town of slinger. after graduating high school, she became part of the school sisters of st. francis religious order in milwaukee for 49 years, before heading down to mississippi to open up a healthcare clinic. she and a fellow nurse practitioner treated some of the poorest people in the area for more than 30 years. neighbors who knew the nuns and saw them together all the time


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