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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  August 28, 2016 10:30pm-11:01pm CDT

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adrienne: a horrific accident, making national headlines tonight. a charter bus slamming into cars and firefighters on a louisiana highway. sheldon: as abc's marci gonzales reports, not only was the driver not supposed to be behind the wheel, he wasn't even supposed
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marci: tonight police in louisiana investigating why an unlicensed, undocumented driver was behind the wheel of a packed bus when it crashed, setting off a horrific chain reaction. >> we need some help out here quick. marci: officials already on the scene responding to an accident just before 7:00 a.m. on the rain-slicked road, when the bus filled with people police believe were undocumented workers heading to baton rouge to help with flood recovery slammed into the scene, hitting several cars and 3 firefighters. >> we need help. we have some firefighters struck. marci: sending those first responders over the side of interstate 10's guard rail into the water below. >> we need another ladder. we have another firefighter who needs to be pulled up. marci: one of them, district fire chief spencer chauvin, declared dead at the hospital. a passenger in this red camry demolished by the bus also killed. more than 40 other people injured, including five who had to be airlifted to trauma
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louisiana state police say the driver of the bus, denis yasmir amaya rodriguez, did not have a drivers license, and was in this country illegally. tonight, charges pending against him and police questioning the owners of christina's transportation, the company that owns the bus. we tried several times to reach that company for comment, but their phone was disconnected. marci gonzales, abc news. adrienne: closer to home, a commute. meteorologist lindsey slater is in the weather center. lindsey: right now, there was a statement issued by the national weather service in green bay and milwaukee about this developing fog. this is our sheboygan camera. notice how the temperature and dew point are very close together. that is how fog forms. the temperature gets so close to
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anywhere. right now, the fog is worse near sheboygan. you can see west bend has seven miles of visibility. it is just like a repeat of a we had last night. the fog will be continuing as we had overnight. -- head overnight. i will talk more about our stormy adrienne: the debate over 49er's quarterback colin kaepernick's refusal to stand during the national anthem continues. it started during last week's game against the packers. but as abc's adrienne bankert shows us, the quarterback is vowing to continue his protest. adrienne: 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick's act of protest, setting off a firestorm tonight. that's kaepernick sitting alone friday as the national anthem played before a preseason game. tonight, saying he will continue
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it is in silent protest of what he called systemic racism in this country. >> this is something that should not be hidden. adrienne: some outraged fans burning his number seven journey test jersey, accusing him of disrespecting the country. >> the flag is the flag. you gotta respect the flag and you gotta stand up with your teammates. it's bigger than just you, in m adrienne: and the baltimore ravens' keenan reynolds, who deferred military service for the nfl. >> i am humbled for the people that of come before me. it's his right, and he's going to do what he has to do. adrienne: 49ers coach chip kelley saying the 28-year-old will face no repercussions. >> it's not my right to tell him not to do something. that's his right as a citizen. adrienne: the 49ers head coach is saying that while he won't discourage players from
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have a conversation with the team this week. sheldon: commitment 2016 coverage now. in the race for president, donald trump is preparing a major re-statement about illegal immigration, and hillary clinton's facing new questions about how she raised money for her private foundation. here's abc's diane macedo. diane: hillary clinton and her top aide huma abedin arrived sunday evening for a fundraiser with big-money donors in the hamptons -- new york's summer playground for the rich and famous. abc news has obtained these donors to the clinton foundation got special treatment while mrs. clinton was secretary of state. emails between then-top foundation official doug band and clinton's inner circle were obtained as part of a lawsuit by the conservative group citizens united. in one exchange, the foundation official recommends guests for a state lunch with the chinese president. on the list -- executives from 3 groups that donated millions to the foundation. in another exchange, abedin is asked to relay a message to the ambassador to malta on behalf of
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foundation. that big supporter donating more than $1 million. abedin forwards it along, writing "just want to pass along for info. no need for action." the state department denies foundation donors got special favors, and so does hillary clinton. meanwhile, donald trump is defending his latest stand on deporting illegal immigrants, now saying he'll focus on criminals. mr. trump: on day one, i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country. diane: off harsher measures he once proposed. >> he is not talking about a deportation force, but he is talking about being fair and humane. but also being fair to the american workers who are competing for jobs. gov. christie: this is a guy who's been very consistent on no amnesty, no legalization. diane: donald trump now promising a major speech on illegal immigration on wednesday. diane macedo, abc news, new york. sheldon: as part of our commitment to bring you important political coverage
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live debate between senator ron johnson and former senator russ feingold. upfront host mike gousha will moderate. you can watch it live tuesday, october 18 from 8:30-10:00 p.m. right here on wisn 12. tonight on upfront mike's guests are talking politics, and peace. >> we're two weeks out from the protests and violent unrest touched off by the fatal shooting by a black police officer of a black man who police say was armed, during a chase. tonight on upfront, we're stepping back to look at the situation and the city's response with common council president ashanti hamilton. then, the republican state senator helping to lead the new wisconsin women for trump. i'll ask mary lazich of new berlin how trump comes back from a big polling deficit here in wisconsin. plus, milwaukee's election commissioner on the return of expanded early voting. it's all coming up tonight at 11:00, right here on upfront. adk really needs our help tonight.
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been literally falling apart for years. as wisn 12 news mike anderson reports, a lot of it is already carved in stone. mike: this is something you've likely never seen before and may never again -- five large stones weighing about 9000 pounds each lifted into the air by crane to replace some of the damaged sandstone at the landmark basilica. the largest of these stones are being placed right over the visitors center on the w the replacement stones are a part of a $7.5 million fundraising campaign to restore the entire basilica of st. josaphat. >> over $5 million of that $7.5 million is dedicated to masonry restoration. we couldn't put it off until we raised all the money, so today we're placing one of the stones, one of the new stones in an area of the church where deteriorated stone had been removed a couple of months ago.
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steps up, i mean this is a civic asset for our community. mike: the basilica of st. josaphat was built in 1901, and after decades of wear and tear, it's due for some preservation work. it's the most visited site in milwaukee, attracting approximately 50,000 each year. mike anderson, wisn 12 news. adrienne: you can get involved with the project to restore the basilica of st. josaphat, we have information at and click the on t.v. tab sheldon: here are some examples of what you probably should not do, if a bear comes into your yard. first, a new hampshire man named jason alexander got close enough to the bear to take a selfie this morning. then, when the bear tried to steal his bird feeder he decided to chase it. >> hey. no no no.
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this stays here. sheldon: i don't know how much that birdfeeder was worth, but apparently it is important to this guy. alexander says the bear was very calm, but wildlife experts say you should always keep your distance from wild animals. i wouldn't even be taking a picture with that bear. adrienne: a new campaign at the university of wisconsin milwaukee has some students watching their words. sheldon: the words students are being advised to avoid. some say the sending the wrong
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adrienne: a local film maker's new take on a classic fairytale. tonight, people got to see a new documentary called "finding your fairytale" for the first time. the creator suffers from narcolepsy, son beauty. the idea is to help people transform into fairytale characters as a way to share the stories of their struggles and find a way to heal. sheldon: u.w. milwaukee wants to set the record straight after some accused the school of trying to censor students' speech. adrienne: as kent wainscott reports, it all stems from a list of words and phrases that students are being urged not to use. kent: words, the library here at uwm is filled with them.
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one organization here on campus says students shouldn't be using. words that a campus organization called the inclusive excellence center says may be offensive, and should be avoided. >> i think it's good to get people thinking about how their speech impacts other people. kent: the group, which is funded through student fees, is re-launching an initiative called just words, to discourage the use of terms like lame, thug, crazy, even one that not all students considered offensive. >> politicalor >> no, not necessarily. >> obviously there is more concerning terms. kent: and some worried that the list of words to avoid may be limiting their freedom of speech. >> i think it's kind of weird. i think it's kind of restricting your freedom. >> we fully support free speech. kent: but university's vice-chancellor says it's about awareness, not censorship. >> we're not telling them that they can't use the words. we're just saying be mindful that when you use these words, they can be hurtful to someone. kent: and the just words
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students return to classes here in a few weeks, spreading the word about the words they shouldn't use. at uwm, i am kent wainscott, wisn 12 news. adrienne: uwm says the 'just words' campaign was modeled off of similar programs at other universities, including u.w. river falls. sheldon: coming up in sports, what happened to the brewers today at miller park that hasn't happened since 2004. adrienne: plus, how packers running back eddie lacy is making every play count in the preseason. stephanie sutton is next in spor first, here are tonight's
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message.
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kinda free money, young people don't really, necessarily understand finance. narrator: what senator johnson doesn't understand is, more than 800,000 wisconsinites have student loans. but he wants to eliminate federal student loans and keep interest rates high. johnson: it's just kinda free money... narrator: with senator johnson, opportunity for middle class kids would disappear. ron johnson's not for students.
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>> the situation were put in, i think if everything were to have gone smooth coming into camp, we would have in a different
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for normal practices going into jacksonville. we will be ready to go. stephanie: that's jordy nelson earlier today admitting he's not happy he's going to miss all of the packers preseason. however, most of green bay's starters will sit out the final preseason game thursday night in kansas city including quarterback aaron rodgers. not sure about running back eddie lacy's status yet for this week, but so far he's had a pretty good preseason. the slimmed down lacy is entering a contract year, so he wants to play well eve in the first three preseason games, he's averaging 5.7 yards per carry, including seven carries and 45 yards friday night against the 49ers. >> i am never worried about his play on the field. he is a gamer. he comes ready to play, and he is tough. >> it is a completely different
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-- to go out and execute that is cool. stephanie: in nfl preseason action today, the vikings opening the brand new us bank stadium, hosting melvin gordon and the chargers. fellow former badger derek watt also plays for san diego. gordon didn't score any touchdowns during his rookie season in the nfl last year, but the former kenosha bradford star did today. he rushes up the middle for a 39 yard touchdown run. chargers leading the vikings at that point, but teddy bridewater -- teddy bridgewater and the vikings fight back. bridgewater threw for 161 ya minnesota wins 23-10. by the way, a sold out crowd for the vikings. more than 66,000 fans on hand -- their largest home crowd in franchise history. the packers play there in week two of the regular season. the week before the packers open the regular season on the road at jacksonville. the jaguars have a swimming pool in their stadium. tonight, jacksonville are
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the jags won their first preseason game tonight 26-21. we are six days away from the badgers' season opener against the lsu tigers at lambeau field, a game you can see right here on wisn 12 at 2:30 on saturday. dave aranda helped build wisconsin's defense over the years into one of the nation's best, but now coach aranda is with the tigers of lsu. and with him gone, the keys have been handed to new defensive coordinator st saturday's game will be a good indicator where the badgers' defense stands for the season. and the players have faith in wilcox's system. >> yeah, i think coach wilcox has been really good doing fundamentals with us as linebackers. he brings an energy that is really different. meetings are never boring, you are always locked in and he always makes sure that you are. >> we have had an awesome spring with coach cox, and an awesome fall camp with him. with the departure of dave
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hired a great guy with justin wilcox. >> guys have done a good job in their approach to meetings, practice and everything we are asking them to do. we have to keep it going, it's consistency that is what matters. stephanie: and don't forget you have until tomorrow afternoon to vote for this week's operation football game of the week. the choices are shorewood/messmer at cudahy hartford at oconomowoc or kenosha bradford at oak creek. to vote, log on to the winner will be announced tomorrowig this afternoon at miller park the brewers trying to avoid a , four game sweep to the pirates. chase anderson on the mound for the crew. getting some help from his teammates in the second inning. hernan perez makes a great catch up against the wall. let's see that again in slo mo. crowd loving that and loving this. bottom of the third. jonathan villar with a solo shot to deep center field. his 11th home run of the season.
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milwaukee up not a bad outing 1-0. for starter chase anderson, who gets out of jam with the bases loaded in the top of the 4th. anderson pitching well until the top of the sixth. first he serves up a solo home run to john jaso to right field that ties the game at one a -- you could tell his arm was 1-1. getting tired. two batters later, he gives up the go-ahead run to gregory brewer go on to lose today 3 to -- 3-1. it's the first time the pirates have swept them a miller park since 2004. the americans are celebrating tonight. the mid atlantic team from the arc to feed the kids from south korea to-one to clinch the title in thrilling fashion. finally moving on to nascar the sprint cup series at michigan motor speedway. final lap of the race kyle
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stretch by chase elliott. but larson hold on to capture the checkered flag and win the pure michigan 400. only two races left until the chase for the championship. the badgers kick off this saturday. 2:30 this saturday even watching here.
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adrienne: there could be a few issues with tomorrow's commute, right? lindsey: we are already seeing fog developing now. we're seeing it developing sheboygan. fog tomorrow morning will be a problem. keep that in mind. sheldon: thank you for staying up with us to upfront with mike
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captioning made possible by wisn-tv] mike: today, on "upfront," quelling the violence in milwaukee. just two weeks after a fatal police shooting touched off a night of unrest, i'll ask common council president ashanti hamilton what's next for the city? then, wisconsin women for trump. state senate president mary lazich on how donald trump broadens his appeal to women voters. and, a court ruling clears the way for expanded early voting. when the state's largest cities plan to resume in person absentee voting. >> covering the issues important to wisconsin. this is "upfront with mike gousha." mike: hello again, everyone, and welcome to "upfront." we begin today with a look at the recent violent unrest in milwaukee and ask, what's next for the state's largest city?


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