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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  November 3, 2016 12:32am-1:03am CDT

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>> no. >> why not? >> this whole class is trump. >> reporter: here you can sense it with these kids. they mirror that feeling in this campaign. we are almost living in two different countries. how are we going to run the country together? >> split the country into two different countries. >> they tried that. that didn't work in the civil war. but it almost feels that way. what is it about hillary country that you don't like? >> just get rid of our guns. >> it's the guns. my goodness. these are your own personal firearms? it's not mom's or dad's? >> it's mine. >> reporter: this is western pennsylvania. most people hunt here. in fact, the students get days off at the height of the hunting season. >> you think hillary would want to take away your guns? >> uh-huh. >> your gun, your gun, your gun? >> yes. >> she's going to be a police officer come to your door and demand your gun? >> yes. >> that's not going to happen. >> reporter: they seem to
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americans' guns. >> reporter: and not trusting what clinton has actually been saying. >> i'm not here to take away your guns. and we need to keep guns out of the hands of those who will do harm. >> there's a lot of bad people. but i don't think that means that we should punish everyone. >> reporter: meanwhile, voting is under way for the other students in the school. >> two main goals today. number one, our 18-year-olds that are getting ready to want them to be ready in two weeks. second goal is for those that are going to vote in four years, i want you to be able to say in four years, i got that. these are the actual voting machines. if you have a trump or clinton shirt on, stand up. it's not that hard, stand up. you are not allowed to wear those in a polling place. i need you to go to the bathroom and turn them inside out. i.d., driver's license -- >> go ahead and vote. >> it's a rigged election.
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election -- >> contrary to him, i don't think it's rigged. >> reporter: the teachers here are working to make sure their students understand how our democracy actually works. they even learn how to run for president using a game called "win the white house." >> now we are moving on to a campaign slogan, whoo! >> what has it been teaching this subject in this election? >> honestly, the kids are really interested in these specific debates. they've been paying attention to what's going on with the issues. >> reporter: so far, according to our off the cuff exit polling, it doesn't look like a nail biter. >> donald trump. >> hillary clinton. >> i voted for donald trump. >> donald trump. >> reporter: then joe harmon plays them this hillary clinton ad. >> i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is
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no. she's a fat [ bleep ], absolutely. >> your reaction? >> it makes me feel mad. >> it does make you upset at? >> trump. >> do you know why they'd use girls your age? >> because we judge yourselves. >> because you judge yourselves. i'm a father. i want my girls to be respected. >> how about the media? we doing a good job? how many think the media is biased? mainstream media as they call it. that's pretty much a yes. why? >> because they're always trying to attack trump. >> we're always attacking trump. >> like they take pictures of him in the worst possible positions that they possibly could. >> reporter: polls br to close. there's excitement in the air. it may be a mock election but there's something empowering about all this for these young people. >> trump train! >> no campaigning past these doors. >> reporter: the votes are carefully counted and "nightline's" the first to
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donald trump 340. donald trump with a landslide victory here at redbank valley. bernie sanders got a write-in. hirambe the gorilla got a write-in. is there anything the adult world could learn from how these kids have handled and learned about this election? >> we need adults to be just as engaged as them. but also you saw it. where it's okay to a t disagree. it's okay to be a trump fan or a hillary fan. you can sit next to each other and get along and it doesn't have to be the hatfields and mccoys where you're going to armed rebellion. that's what makes america. we're so diverse. we're supposed to be that way. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm terry moran at redbank valley high school, new bethlehem, pennsylvania. next the new trend in plastic surgery. going under the knife to look
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what greases the gears in washington? money. and ron johnson fits right in. six years ago, johnson took a shady $10 million corporate payout, went to washington, then voted to protect $21 billion in tax breaks for the world's biggest oil companies.
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oil companies. that's ron johnson. that's washington. and he fits right in. end citizens united is responsible for the content of this ad. it's one thing to vote for donald trump. >> reporter: it is aer his family. top night we're going to meet two women who are apparently part of a trend. getting plastic surgery to look like ivanka. here's abc's sunny hostin. ? amazing grace ? >> reporter: 33-year-old tiffany taylor. >> hi, darling. >> reporter: a country girl at heart. >> hi, sweetie. >> reporter: this mom of three is a texan through and through. >> come on, girls. come on, girls. >> reporter: with the
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model. ivanka trump. >> good evening. >> i like ivanka trump's classic features. and that's what i'm modeling the look after. >> reporter: tiffany, an oil and gas consultant, has been transforming herself to look like ivanka trump. the glamorous 36-year-old businesswoman and oldest daughter of presidential nominee donald trump. >> we are definitely donald trump supporters. >> whoo-hoo, go >> reporter: she has already undergone two rounds of plastic surgery to look like her idol. >> i had my breasts done. i got a "d." i also had my nose done. also i have injections in my cheeks. the eye, a little bit, not too much. i also had lipo. i think i had some fat grafts, that's what it was in my cheeks a little bit. >> reporter: but she wants more. >> i'm feeling super excited. i can't wait.
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shopping. >> reporter: tiffany is back to see popular house houston plastic surgeon dr. franklin rose. >> i'm here! >> let's get you ready. >> reporter: dr. rose says he's getting more and more clients asking for the ivanka trump look. >> now, which feature of ivanka is the most requested? >> it's hard to say. breasts or nose i would have to say. or face. she has such a pretty face shape. in fact, this is not the first patient that's come in with a picture of she's very beautiful. and she's very poised. >> reporter: first dr. rose's assistant pumps her cheeks with fillers. >> when someone says, you've got to be nuts to change your appearance to look like ivanka trump, what's your response? >> why don't you go try it? because you're going to be so happy. don't judge until you try it, right? >> hey, hello. >> reporter: the next day it's time to go under the knife.
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>> just to get things a little more open. >> reporter: just a few hours later -- >> hopefully we have no more scar tissue. >> reporter: just a few hours and she claims $60,000 later, she's already feeling closer to her favorite trump. >> i feel like a trouper. i feel amazing already. once i get up and moving i'm probably ready to go shopping. >> reporter: bright and early the next morning -- >> i see perfection. absolutely stunning perfection. it's like an art piece. >> reporter: tiffany hits the mall hoping to emulate ivanka's classic style. >> sexy. oh my gosh. >> reporter: surprisingly, tiffany isn't alone in her quest. jenny stewart, the 36-year-old mom of two, is a consistent head-turner even when casually shopping at home depot. >> i've been told probably hundreds of times that i look like angelina jolie.
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comparison would be hitting the jackpot. jenny wants to look like ivanka too. >> do you think she looks like me? her name's ivanka. >> kind of. >> kind of? >> so let's just take a little look at you here. >> reporter: the i.t. head hunter sought out dr. rose for her ivanka makeover. she's getting a brazilian butt lift, nose job, breast implants, injectable fillers for her face, costing her she says $30,000. from her surgeon for appearing on tv. >> what do you say to our viewers that will take a look at jenny pre-op and say, no doctor should be operating on someone that already looks like that. >> in an odd sense it's sort of more enjoyable. because you can take the beautiful into hyperbeautiful. >> reporter: not everybody is convinced. >> you've got like perfect hair, perfect cheekbones, perfect
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itty bitty body, what the [ bleep ] is wrong? >> reporter: the 6-year-old daughter is struggling with her mother's decision. >> i don't want you to have surgery. >> so you're not giving me a good reason why you don't want me to. >> i just don't want you to look different. >> reporter: it's the morning of her surgery and jenny is focused on her goal. >> this really shows how i want my nose to be minus the bump. >> hello, good morning. this. two little baby incisions there, a baby incision here, here, here. see how this looks. this too big? it is a little bit big. you're okay, surgery went great. >> reporter: the next morning she is feeling better but concerned about her results. >> look and see. >> is it any bigger than it was before? >> yeah, there are -- here, stand up. you can see when you stand up. >> i just feel like it looks the
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implants for you. you would not want to be any bigger. then it looks done, top-heavy. i promise you this patient's going to end up being thrilled with the outcome. >> reporter: meanwhile, dr. rose's other aspiring ivanka, tiffany, is thrilled with her results. her third surgery was the charm for her. do you see a resemblance? and six weeks later, jenny's final reveal. >> hi. >> you look so beautiful. >> thank you. >> nice to see you. >> you too. >> look at your beautiful cheeks. i think you're prettier than this girl. >> well, thank you. >> reporter: the surgeon is happy with his work. and so is olivia. >> you think everything about mommy looks the same? >> uh-huh. >> everything? >> everything. >> reporter: the resemblance may only be skin deep. soon after, jenny casts her
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people that i've spent all this time and money trying to look like ivanka, but i voted for hillary. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm sunny hostin in houston, texas. >> we'll be right back with more
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thanks for watching abc news. we're online 24/7 and on and our "nightline" facebook page. we leave you with some images of a city in celebration. congratulations again to chicago. >> this is going to be a tough play. the cubs win the world series! bryan makes the play! it's over and the cubs have finally won it all!
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?? ?? mariah, the blindsided bride, why her billionaire backed out. >> do you understand how scared i am right now? >> did a massive 100-page prenup trigger the split a believes he should pay her $50 million. >> can i [ bleep ] please focus on the important things? >> then -- >> why is lindsay lohan speaking in a strange accent? the story behind this viral video. plus, a reese witherspoon exclusive. >> kiss my grits and butter my biscuits. >> why she's getting back to her southern roots. >> and jennifer aniston makes the naughty list. >> i'm sort of the grinch?
12:55 am
with jen as kate mackinnon and the stars of the out of control office christmas party. >> i love america! ?? ?? >> now, november 2, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." it seems mariah carey was closer to walking down the aisle than anyone ever knew, everything was already in place. almost everything. now we're hearing mimi and her billionaire fiance may have been fighting over a prenup. >> i just think that everything is not going to be in pieces. >> do you understand how scared i am right now? >> a 100-page prenup that mariah never signed and that's why demanding a $50 million settlement. that's just the beginning of all of the new reports that have surfaced today. february is when the couple was allegedly trying to hammer out the specifics. one prenup condition stated if they divorced mariah got the huge payout.
12:56 am
jewelry james gave the singer had to be given back unless he gave her a signed note saying it was a gift. so does that mean that so-called $10 million engagement ring came with that kind of note? >> you never know from one day to the next what life will bring. >> march was the original wedding date. mariah is said to have had the dress, the flowers and the travel for guests was booked. the problem? besides the unsigned prenup, divorce papers by that time.& ours sources tell us mariah was blindsided when news broke of their split. she wanted to release a joint statement and keep things amicable with the billionaire. right now mimi and the kids are staying here in this reported $250,000 a month mansion she once shared with james, but the singer was forced to live here at the beverly hills hhtel for a few weeks. >> i am not cinderella. my life has not been a
12:57 am
on the important things? >> so then what caused this couple to crumble? our mariah source claims this man is partly to blame. packer's business manager tommy davis who, quote, felt like he couldn't control mariah. ?? ?? >> who is not to blame? we are told the break-up had nothing to do with mariah's manager. our cameras aught stella with james both taking care of mariah pogether when they were all in paris and it also had nothing do with back-up dancer bryan tanaka. they are not dating. they've always been just close friends. she's not into him in that way, but he's fun and great company. >> new taylor swift's sexual assault lawsuit. in her just-released testimony taylor describes the horror she felt when her body was violated by a dj. her deposition was explicit.
12:58 am
swift was accusing colorado dj david mueller of groping her during a photo-op backstage at a denver concert in 2014. it's impossible for me to definitively answer whether the moment in the photo is directly after e grabbed my blank. right before he grabbed my cheek or when i was squirming to the side because i was uncomfortable mueller denied anything apprope suing her because he was fired after the incident and it was taylor's skirt or somewhere beside her. >> taylor claims mueller had refused to let go. i was there. i felt it. i know it happened. taylor says she didn't say anything at the time because other fans were in the room. i was looking at the floor, and i just wanted him to be gone. >> okay. let's move on to something lighter. what in he world was going with lindsay lohan.
12:59 am
up a club in greece and in an interview lindsay was speaking in some kind of bizzrre mix of foreign accentt. >> i want it to be a celebration of everyone coming together in the european nation. [ inaudible ] >> lindsay's odd comments were overshadowed by that strange new accent. lohan spoke with what sounded like a combo of greek, british and russian accents. [ inaudible ] >> the video picked up buzz online. one viewer commented she's speaking as if english is her second language. lohan gave her speech pattern a name tweeting she wanted to call it le-lohan. >> everything that we see. america is very closed-minded
1:00 am
american. >> of course, lindsay has played a brit twin in "the parent trap". >> if we switch sooner or later they'll have to unswitch us. >> lindsay's dad michael told us, quote, this is not something new. she's always played around with accents and languages. the actress has lived in london for four years now. >> life should be about celebrating each other. we should all have peace. >> someone ho does have a foreign accent that we love is prince har and now will his new american love interest england? our royal expert katie nichol is on romance watch. >> he is very into meghan. it's a bit of a whirlwind romance. they've been dating very secretly for the past three months. there's a lot of surprise that this story has gathered so much momentum and an engagement is being spoken about. they're saying that is way down the line. the 35-year-old actress from the
1:01 am
tennis star serena williams and priyanka hopra. p> really? >> she was a catholic school girl and her dad was a hollywood >> i grew upon on the set of "married with children" for ten years. >> wow! >> yes. it's a perverse place for a girl who went to catholic school to grow up. >> she's done some sexy scenes on the show, so could that prevent her from being a princess? >> i think being a divorcee is more of an issue when it comes harry than some racy scenes in the past. website called the tig and launching her own clothing line. harry may be smitten, but he has romances. >> the private life has to be private, and i hope people respect that. >> there's no doubt, he's into her and she's most certainly into him. >> they make a cute couple. from a budding royal romance to
1:02 am
fourth anniversary, justin timberlake and jessica biel just celebrated last month, but they're still acting like newlyweds. >> that kiss makes us blush almost as much as it makes us swoon. >> jessica got a vvsit from her hub owe the new orleans set of her new 450u6y and it reminds us how much we love this love story. ?? ?? >> baby, i love you more than i can put into words or more than any song i could ever write. th the golden globes after-party, but they've had their ups and downs. remember their break-up in 2011, but when your husband writes a song to serenade you down the aisle at the wedding, all bets are off. >> then there's 18-month-old son silus. being a husband and dad has changed his life saying, quote, i wouldn't go on tour next week because i want to be with my son..o cf1 o i want to be with my wife. and another reason we love justin and jessica, their


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