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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  November 11, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CST

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>> god bless all who have served the united states of america. kathy: president obama thanking veterans on this veterans day. joyce: the day marks the end of world war one when an armistice was signed. at exactly 11:00 this morning, the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. this is the final time president obama will mark this day as a sitting president. while thanking the men and women in the military, he talked about the struggles still ahead. >> it is still a tragedy that 20 veterans a day take their own lives. we have to get them the help
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like long wait times at the va. joyce: vice president elect mike pence also talked about the health struggles facing veterans. >> and let me assure you that our new president-elect and his new vice president-elect are absolutely committed to reforming the veterans affairs health administration so that we provide our veterans rl- world-class health care that they have earned and is their right for having served in uniform. joyce: not a dry eye at the airport as a local soldier comes home. this wife and mom of three from mukwonago is just back from the middle east. kathy: as mike anderson reports, a lot of people wanted to give her a hero's welcome. >> u.s. army reservist major micki simmons has been deployed
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her husband ray and three kids just found out she was coming home about 40 hours ago. >> i didn't expect this at all. i'm just very thankful to be home and thank you everyone for your support especially to my , family, and, my god it's been , a long 10-11 months so just really glad to be home. >> major simmons is an individual augmentee, meaning she did not deploy as a unit, so she did not have aof so a bunch of ray's co-workers and friends at ge planned this welcome home surprise. >> it was long and crazy and very challenges but there is , still a lot to do so keep , those soldiers and airmen that are still deployed in your prayers and in your thoughts because they don't get to celebrate this just yet. >> while major simmons has been
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retired army reservist himself and the children have had to , fend for themselves. >> i don't think multitasking is a natural element for men and i just started realizing that and appreciate my wife so much more now. >> it's been said that absence makes the heart grow fonder and , i guess it does. are you ever going to stop smiling? >> i don't think so. my cheeks are going to hurt really soon. kathy: patrick the milwaukee bucks will pay tribute to a veteran during tomorrow's game. patrick: he'll be recognized and honored on the court. it'll happen tomorrow at the bmo harris bradley center. the local veteran was given a free ticket to the game along with 12 family members and friends. down the street at the uwm panthers arena, the admirals are paying tribute to veterans and active military. the team is offering all veterans and active military members free tickets to tomorrow night's game against grand rapids. you have to claim your free tickets online. in addition, all veterans and
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team shop. harley-davidson is offering free entry to the museum for all active military, veterans and their families. the veterans appreciation event lasts through sunday. you'll have to show a valid military or veteran's i.d. the motor bar and restaurant also offers a military discount. joyce: a gift drive for veterans. the city of milwaukee and for the 10th straight year to collect gifts to give to veterans this holiday season. veterans at milwaukee's zablocki v.a. medical center have made wish lists. among the items on those lists are winter coats, hats, gloves, socks, board games, dvds and cds, and bike helmets. you can find donation bins at city hall, the courthouse, and other facilities across milwaukee county. the gift drive runs through december 16. kathy: a chilly start to the weekend, but that won't last. joyce: mark, more sunshine and temperatures will be warming up.
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remarkable than the warm temperatures we have had this november is the fact we have had sunshine almost every single day. his is our cloudiest month, tying with december. it's not going to be the case tomorrow. it will be cold to start with, temperatures around 34 in milwaukee at 6:00 a.m. inland temperatures in the mid-20's. the wind starts kicking in out of the southwest, 55 degrees. maybe bay? 53 saturday, lots of sunshine. lacrosse, 56. chicago, 52. 60 on sunday and milwaukee with a strong southwesterly wind it will be breezy, but also warm. the average high temperatures are in the upper 40's, so when you get a day around 60 degrees and it coincides with the weekend, make sure you get out there and try to enjoy. kathy: franklin police are working to remove a registered sex offender living near a school.
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in robinwood manor near lovers lane and st. martin's lane down the street from robinwood school. police say notbohm was put there because he is cognitively disabled. notbohm reportedly told the state he is living in milwaukee. franklin police say they are working to relocate him. a body is pulled from the milwaukee river in the third ward. this was the scene near jefferson and erie just before 7:00 this morning. police say it is an adult man. they are working to identify him. the medical examiner will determine the cause of death. joyce: with until his inauguration, president elect donald trump and his team are planning a transition to the presidency. as marci gonzalez reports, a bit -- they -- big part of that plan will be the men or women who will fill his cabinet. >> behind closed doors here at trump tower in new york president-elect donald trump working on transition plans, deciding who will fill hundreds
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positions. >> number one characteristic that donald trump is looking for is loyalty. it's something that we saw over and over in the campaign, and he also wants to have a personal relationship with whoever he chooses. >> the transition team now being led by vice-president elect mike pence, replacing chris christie. the new jersey governor as well as former new york mayor rudy giuliani will be two of transition team's vice-chairs and both men's names are also circulating as potential , attorney g >> i have no idea. i have no expectation, all i do is give my advice. >> in the search for a chief of staff some speculate the list of possible appointees includes trump's son-in-law jared kushner his campaign ceo and the former head of breitbart news steve bannon and rnc chairman reince priebus who on gma avoided addressing whether he's being considered. ,>> i don't have any updates for you on transition. meanwhile trump is also focused , on how to turn his campaign promises into reality, while working to build unity in our
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eager to work with president-elect trump but no way they will pay for a wall but i think the world is waiting to see exactly what mr. trump's foreign policies will be. >> trump also announced other members of his executive transition team today including three of his children, ivanka, donald junior and eric. some questioning whether their involvement while they run trump's businesses creates a conflict of interest. joyce: meantime abc's political , director says it is likely milwaukee county sheriff david clarke will end up in donald trump's administration. >> no one has been more loyal no l than the milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. is his name being talked a bout -- about as someone who could play a role with a new trump administration? >> 100%. i think sheriff clarke is going to be in the inner circle, in line for a major, major role, either in homeland security or justice, something in the law enforcement realm. talking about loyalty, people remember the heat that he took for being out there as an outspoken supporter, his appearance at the republican convention, one of the highlights for the trunk team. they feel like he is an effective person to bridge
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joyce: sunday on upfront, the hints the trump team is dropping that reince priebus could be picked for white house chief of staff. upfront airs sunday morning at 9:00. after upfront, stay tuned at 9:30 for this week with george stephanopoulus. that's followed by matter of fact with soledad o'brien at 10:30. this week, o'brien takes a closer look at the reason hillary clinton's candidacy did not resoundingly resonate with female voters. kathy: a new item is emerging as joyce: it's already sold out in most places. what some people are now trying to charge online. >> later tonight on "nightline", donald trump narrowing down his cabinet. what the candidates and moments before victory. plus this dance group went from beyonc? to teaching the stars of tomorrow, racking up millions of
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kathy: did your facebook page think you were dead today? it didn't happen to everyone using the social networking site, but at even facebook ceo one point mark zuckerberg was declared dead by his own operation. it's unclear what happened, but it's likely some sort of a bug in the system is to blame. facebook has yet to comment on the problem.
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rescued from a storm drain in florida. joyce: patrick, the video went viral yesterday, and today the eagle is under a lot of care. patrick: the bald eagle was stuck for about 90 minutes. the medical team caring for the eagle said it will take about six weeks for the animal to recover from her injuries and be released back into the wild. the five-year-old eagle had injuries on her leg and chest and has a cracked beak. a witness says she saw two eagles fighting in the sky and they dropped into the drain. the eagle on top flew away after about 30 minutes. that's when the stuck eagle went >> she has a lot of energy now, which is great. last night she seemed to be stoned, but she seems to have come out of that state of shock. patrick: a supervisor at the rehabilitation center says the male eagle likely started to invade the female eagle's territory and that's when they started to fight. a trending story today is the quick sellout of the nintendo nes classic.
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version yesterday for it's $60. already sold out on amazon. best buy, gamestop and target are only selling the nes classic in stores. if you really want the gaming system, sellers on ebay are offering them for a few hundred dollars on up to several thousand dollars. kathy: believe it or not, christmas is just seven weeks away. joyce: santa and mrs. claus are making things official. the omaha couple went to the court house this week to make their names officially, santa claus and merry christmas claus. >> i came home one day and said you know, what about changing our names? and she said, i was thinking >> since i don't have children of my own my job in life, my , mission, instead of being a mother changed to being good to everybody else in the world. joyce: mr. and mrs. claus say they will stick around omaha for awhile, so people may see them around. you certainly can't miss them. coming up, our playoff edition
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on the line for several area teams. stephanie sutton and stephen watson have team coverage up next in sports.
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operation football, brought to by mills fleet farm. stephanie: thank you, students. and to all the veterans who served. we'll get to the catholic memorial game in a moment. but first, we kickoff our playoff edition of operation football with a division one state semifinal showdown between lake geneva badger and franklin. the winner gets a trip to
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this game taking place at kenosha bradford. let's pick it up in the second quarter. lake geneva badger trailing, but they even the score. mason dumez for the 10 yard strike. game is tied at 7-7. later in the second, franklin quarterback mitchell alba goes long. kyle lewis with the catch, and he does the rest, a 56 yard hook up for the touchdown. franklin led 14-7 at the half, and the sabers continue to sink theite the second half. the screen pass out to lewis, and look at him go. nobody can stop him. his third touchdown of the night, a 49 yard connection. franklin in front 28-14. and to add icing to the cake, a few minutes later alba goes , deep to ethan wittenburg for a 66 yard strike.
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for just the third time in school history. they beat lake geneva badger 35-14. they will face kimberly next friday at camp randall for the d one state title. in division two, brookfield east taking on menomonie in the state semifinals up in stevens point. the spartans feeding their beast early on. sam santiago-lloyd with the catch, and the big guy is running hard. he rips off a gain of 22 yards. that leads to this. santiago-lloyd into the end zone. spartans strike first. so brookfield east sticks to 7-0. that plan. why not? santiago-lloyd into the end zone again. 14-0 spartants. i know they're my rival school, but i'm so excited for the sparatns. they hang on to beat menomonie and are headed to the state finals in madison next week -- next week.
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semifinal game, a team that is trying to make a return trip to camp randall stadium. homestead. the highlanders are the defending state champs. 12 sports stephen watson joins us now. stephen. stephen: stephanie, homestead ends up at camp randall so often that h on the side of their helmets might as well be a w. but in order to try to repeat as division ii champions they had , to do it without their top player. quarterback eric zeller in a sling after breaking his collarbone in the quarterfinals. the silver eagles make a statement on the first drive. it is 7-0. quarterback by committee for the highlanders tonight. i will have that. he is headed the other way for the pick six. the high landers put on a nice
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pedal. i seven yard touchdown. there will be a new de-two champion this year. 45-6 and will face brookfield east on friday at 1:00 p.m. in d-3, undefeated catholic memorial against pewaukee, looking for it's first trip to state. catholic memorial was founded to honor 23 world war two servicemen from st. joe's parish in waukesha. senior austin young wearing the name of a fallen veteran on his wrist tonight, powerful gesture, . to the highlights, first quarter, jaylen campbell bounces to the outside, dives towards the goal line, 7-0 lead. later in the quarter, josh swanson looking for the homerun ball, but dylan schubbe is under it, and he's headed the other way. that would lead to jaylen campbell score. speaking of campbell, he's been eating his chunky's soup. he takes the handoff and truck stick's the defender. he falls forward and gets six
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courtesy of him in the max first half. cooper deserved one after this strong effort. we call this yac in the football the crusaders are headed back to world, yards after the catch. the crusaders are headed back to mad town with convincing 30-0 win. it's a rematch of last year's de-three title. they will look for revenge against notre dame. baby powder all around, division five semifinal in slinger, cedar grove-belgium against clinton, rockets already leading 7-0, first half, peyton pope with a seem up the middle and goes untouched for six points. more from the cougars and pope, he flies up the middle again, carries three defenders with him to the end zone for the 10 yard score, 14-7 clinton. but the rockets get the spark they need from the passing game, josh weiss airing it out down the far sidelines, reid hilbelink rips it out of the air, first down sets of this going play. weiss quick pass to the flat to ethan brochtrup, he takes the
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to, but gets into the in zone. edge out clinton they will face 42-35. amherst at 4:00 p.m. on thursday at camp randall stadium. stephanie: thanks stephen. , finally in division six. darlington facing fond du lac springs out in waukesha. these two actually met in the state championship game year ago. his cousin trevor is on the receiving end, family connections. 20-17 st. mary's, but in the final seconds, the quarterback finds him on the slant for the touchdown. 24-20 and gets revenge because they lost in the state championship to that team last year. very exciting.
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be in the 20's if you are away from the lake.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- lin-manuel miranda. from "dr. ken," ken jeong and albert tsai. plus music from banks. and now, stay put -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. welcome. thank you. very nice, thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you really for everything.


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