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tv   WISN 12 News This Weekend Saturday  ABC  November 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am CST

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announcer: now on wisn 12 news. thema: right now on 12 news this morning, families on alert while a woman is randomly attacked while walking her dog. the good samaritan who in to help and her young son at a rally protesting donald trump. we'll take you to a rally filled with demonstrators for a third straight night and hear from one mother who brought her young son protesting president-elect trump. a live look outside with a chilly start with areas freezing or even below this morning. we'll let you know when the sun will come out and warm us up today. good morning, everyone, welcome to wisn 12 news this morning.
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it's 5:00 a.m. on november 12. thanks for starting the day with us. let's check our forecast with jeremy nelson in the weather center. jeremy: we're starting off pretty cold in southeast wisconsin. we are very close to freezing here in milwaukee. just a little bit above that at 34 degrees. clear skies above the downtown area. not much wind out there. inland locations, another hard free, areas like watertown, waukesha, west bend, elk horn and east geneva and came knochea is 82 and 32 in racine and sheboygan. the hot coffee will taste good morning, frosty across the area, 20's and 30's and a high of 53 this afternoon, turning warmer
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details and look ahead in your seven-day forecast coming up. thema: new overnight, a 33-year-old man is killed outside of details and look ahead in his ht and happened before 1:00 this morning mere meineke and weil. the man was found outside of his home with a gunshot wound. the paramedics tried to save him but he died at the scene. no suspects have been named and the shooting remains under investigation. neighbors in bay view in milwaukee are on high alert after a woman says she was attacked while walking her dog. kate o'keefe's jaw was wired shut after a . her partner tells wisn 12 news she was out around 4:30 on tuesday when two people drove newspaper a car. one man jumped out and punched her in the mouth. the man did not try to rob her. o'keefe ran away and got help getting home from a woman driving by. >> it was just gut reaction. i saw a woman who needed help and pulled over without hesitation.
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sad and crazy. thema: o'keefe will have to keep her jaw wired shut five weeks and said the suspicious car is bright green. police tell wisn 12 news they've not received any other reports of random violence. wmbing isn 12 -- wisn 12 news, it's home coming at u.w.-madison and the badgers hosting illini. u.w. is a heavy favorite and has won six straight against the fighting three games this season. the badgers are ranked seventh in the polls and the college football playoff rankings. kickoff is at 2:30. last night was the home coming parade. the festivities were interrupted by a group of demonstrators with a huge banner. they blocked a road forcing the parade to take a different route. the rally was organized after the universities' response to an offensive and racist costume one at a u.w. football game last month.
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protested during the national anthem at last night's season opener. nigel hayes and jordan hill stood a few steps behind their teammates as a sign of protest. hayes has been outspoken against injustices against african-americans and he supported nfl quarterback colin kaepernick decision to kneel during the anthem. in more than half a dozen cities people took to the streets overnight to protest a victory of president-elect donald trump. this was the scene in los angeles as hundreds protested and blocked traffic on some city streets but did not make it on to the he freeways. the video showing crowds that took to the streets in philadelphia on the left side of your screen for a third straight night. police say the gathering was peaceful and no one was arrested.
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and trump hotels to voice their concerns. they carried lighted signs and many parents brought their children. >> really makes me feel stood outside the hopeful for the future to know that there are people out here that care. thema: we've not gotten reports of major damage or arrests at that rally. a tropic watch 12 alert for drivers in the zoo interchange. overnight on i-41, 894, crews closed the southbound on and off ramps to greenfield avenues and the off ramp to lincoln avenue. those are long-term closers and detours are posted. from our department of transportation cameras where right now there's a full freeway closer on i-41 southbound at blue mountain road, set to reopen at 6:00 this morning. now, the system ramp from i-41894 northbound to i-94 westbound is also closed until 7:00 this morning. later today you're invited to learn about the degree programs at milwaukee area technical
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campus from 9:00 to noon. you can apply for admission if you bring transcripts and applications. they offer more than 65 technical degrees and technical diploma programs. alderman russell stamper is hosting a health resource fair inside the community care building. there will be free blood pressure checks and nutritional workshop and help with enrollment on morning. the holiday spirit is coming to cathedral square park. today students will begin to decorate the trees in the park ahead of the annual milwaukee holiday lights festival. you're looking at video now from last year. classes will decorate their designated tree with handmade ornaments that represent their class wish. more than 2,500 students are taking part in the decorating. the holiday lights festival
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[cheers and applause] thema: the milwaukee airport filling with cheers as a local soldier comes home. the wife and mother of three from mukwonago is back and a lot of people wanted to give her a hero's welcome. >> u.s. army reservist simons has been deployed in the middle east almost a year. her husband ray and three kids just found out she was coming home about 40 hours ago. >> i didn't expect this at all and i'm very thankful to be home and thank you, everyone, for your support, especially to my family. especially while i've been gone. it's been a very long, 10, 11 months. so just really glad to be home. >> major simons is a individual augmentee and did not deploy as
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official redeployment ceremony to a bunch of co-workers at g.e. planned the welcome home surprise. >> it was long and crazy and challenging but there's a lot to do. again, keep the soldiers and air men and all those still deployed in your prayers and thoughts because they don't get to celebrate yet. >> while major simons has been deploy, her husband is a retired army reservist himself and children had to themselves. >> i don't think multitasking is a natural element for men and i just started realizing that and appreciating my wife so much more now. >> it's been said absence makes the heart grow fonder and i guess it does. >> are you ever going to stop smiling now? >> i don't think so. my cheeks are going to hurt really soon. thema: that was mike anderson reporting. you have a chance to brighten a veterans day this holiday season. the city of milwaukee and
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for the 10th straight year to collect gifts for veterans getting treatment at the medical center. on their wish list is winter coats, hats, gloves, socks, board games, d.v.d.'s and c.d.'s and bike helmets. can you find donation bins at city hall, the courthouse and other facilities across the county. the drive runs through december 16. the milwaukee bucks are honoring veterans at the b.m.o. bradley harris center part of the hoops for troops week. the team says a military member from the milwaukee area will be recognized on the court and they'll get complimentary tickets along with 12 family members and friends. across the street at the panther arena the admirals will pay tribute to veterans and active military. the team is offering all military and active members free tickets to the game against grand rapids. you have to claim your free tickets online.
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military personnel will receive 15% off at the admiral team shop. coming up on 5:10, a wireless device helping paralyzed chimps walk. the implications this technology has for human patients. and later, a wildlife encounter on the golf course. where a herd of mongoose suddenly interrupted play. and meteorologist jeremy nelson standing by in the weather center. i don't think anybody will be on the golur jeremy. jeremy: not this morning. you'll be waiting for a frost delay. the good news, we have a weekend warm-up in store and we'll let you know when highs may hit 60's coming up. you're watching wisn 12 news this morning. >> like wisn on facebook and
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>> leading the way with important local coverage. you're watching wisn 12 news this morning. with thema ponton and jeremy nelson. wisn 12 news this morning continues.
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news this morning. as you look live outside, 5:13 this saturday morning. a couple people on the roads with the heat on. jeremy nelson up next with your weather forecast. new this morning, paralyzed monkeys walk again and the technology could hold clues into curing humans as well. this is a video published by the journal "nature" showing how a new wireless brain implant is helping paralyzed monkeys walk for the first time. the research wase swiss and american team. they say the implant sends signals to stimulate the monkey's legs. scientists hope one day it can help people use robotic arms and hands. also new this morning, your flu risk may be linked to the year you were born. new research in the journal "science" suggest people born before and after 1968 have different risks for certain flu infections. experts say if you were exposed
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childhood, that first exposure could have resulted in long-term protection. but experts say regardless of your age, you should still get a flu shot. well, the newest prescription coming from doctors isn't one you need to pick up from the pharmacy. more medical schools are encouraging classes of future doctors to recommend exercise for their patients. kim hutcherson has more in today's "health minute." kim: exercise has far-reaching effectsor from the brain to the heart. now at least two medical schools are teaching students how to prescribe exercise as a way to prevent a variety of ailments. physical activity can improve memory, concentration and mood while helping lower high blood pressure and cholesterol. evidence suggests it has positive effects for some cancer patients and also helps control type 2 diabetes. one of the most expensive diseases in the country. treating diabetes and all its complications cost billions of
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preventable through diet and exercise. experts recommend adults get 75 minutes of vigorous activity or 150 minutes of moderate activity weekly. that breaks down to 30 minutes five days a week. doctors say that's enough to prevent or manage many common chronic diseases from type 2 dwibets to hypertension to cardiovascular disease. you don't have to go to the gym either. go for a walk, work in the yard, even doing brisk house work the results are worth the effort. for today's health minute. thema: you can get your heart rate up today at the candy cane run in germantown. the 5-k starts this morning and you can register inside the german town library for $25, dogs and strollers are welcome. the run kicks off the annual christmas festival in germantown. tonight the p fister hotel is hoteling an auction in honor of
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25 different artists around the country. all the proceeds benefit the group no stomach for cancer which supports research and patient care. the auction begins tonight at 6:30. train fest opened inside the wisconsin expo center at state fair park, billed as the largest operating model railroad show in the u.s. high school students from japan will show off their model train. more than 22,000 people are expected to tour the festival and runs today from 9:00 until admission is $15 for adults and $5 for kids. well, you're invited to sample the flavors of fall tonight at the wehr center in frank lynn with cheese tasting and hearty stews and local beers. tickets are $25 and the proceeds will help make the nature center nor acceptable to the handicapped and disabled starting at 5:00 with a moon rise watching party. 5:17 right now on this saturday
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morning. jeremy: pretty chilly. that food sounded good, maybe a bowl of oatmeal or something warm early today. thema: very hot coffee. my producer said beer and cheese this morning, sign me up. jeremy: our breakfast is kind of our lunch generally because we've been up for quite a while. if you're just waking up this morning and about to step outside or maybe let the dog out you'll expect a cold morning, 20's and 30's but a seasonal start to the a fantastic sunday with warmer temperatures flowing in and in the seven-day forecast we'll detail a late storm system that could bring rain to southeastern wisconsin. how about the jingle bell run? if you're up stretching the legs, think about what you'll wear to the jingle bell run at veterans park in milwaukee. i'd say extra layers. around 41 degrees at 9:00 a.m. plenty of sunshine throughout that run. 10:00 a.m. it gets started, 44
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sunny skies out there. just a touch on the cool side this morning by afternoon we should return to the 50's. we are very close to freezing in milwaukee. officially we have not hit that. by 6:00 a.m. i'll know between hours, overnight we dip to 32 degrees but so far have not had a reading 32 or colder in the city this season. dew point at 25 so with the calm to light winds we could drop down another degree or two before sun rise and we start our temperature climb. 32 degrees currently and a light west-northwest breeze there. winds will eventually turnl to the southwest for today and expecting lots of sunshine and statewide all the temperatures you see on the map are above average this time in november. 54 degrees in milwaukee. if you're headed to the badger-illini game in madison, probably low 50's there and 52 in rockford and 53 in chicago and maybe trying to inch closer to 60 degrees in lacrosse.
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show up on sunday, a milder day even up to the north in marquette where their average high is around 40 degrees and they'll be in the middle 50's and 60's in milwaukee on sunday and upper 50's to around 60 for the rest of the region. let's fast forward and talk about some of the changes in store as we go into the workweek. we'll see a cold front start to move across the midwest and that could spark some showers and potentially thunderstorms on friday. be air of the season and that could actually be dropping our day time highs in the 40's well down into the 40's sometime maybe next saturday. out ahead of that front, a push of warmer air, we'll be around 60 degrees again. we've had a lot of 60's and highs around 70's so far in november but there's some of that colder air lurking that could spill in for next weekend. let's keep it here and now and talk about this weekend with our sunny skies for saturday and sunday.
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for the second half of the weekend. dry for the better part of the seven-day forecast. we did throw a thunderstorm chance in there next friday so showers and thunderstorms as the front sweeps through the area and if we had day eight on our forecast, highs would be in the 40's. thema? thema: thank you, jeremy. 5:21 news time. darth vader returns. we'll look at the new scenes just released of the "star wars" universe. la
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say yes to more. call now. morning. we're talking about the stories you're sharing online. we're getting another glimpse in the "star wars" universe. >> may the force be with us. thema: the latest international trailer of the upcoming "rogue 1" a "star wars" story was just released and we'll see more of the death star, darth vader and more battles. the film opens next month on december 16.
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focus on directing. the 80-year-old star did an online interview with his grandson and redford said he's getting tired of acting. he has two final acting projects in the works including "a love story" with jan fonda called "our souls at night." redford won an oscar in 1981 for "ordinary people" and an honorary oscar in 2002. golfers in south africa encountered an unusual hazard on the course this weekend. the green during a european tour event in sun city south africa. that looks like that scene from "jurassic park." the golfing tournament was put on hold while the animals passed through. my goodness. organizers have no idea where they ended up but luckily they managed to avoid interfering with the ball. oh, my goodness. i wonder if they're running from something.
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thousands of bottles of water coming to families in flint, michigan. new details on who is paying for this new drive to bring safe drinking water to families. and a live look outside as we head to break. we're keeping an eye on our weather this morning. you're going to want a fleece out there if you're taking the dog out, going out for a run.
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>> now on wisn 12 news. thema: good morning, everyone. welcome to wisn 12 enthusiastic this morning, i'm thema ponton. it's saturday, november 12, coming up on 5:30 now. let's start things off by checking jeremy nelson is in the weather center. middle of november. it feels like it out there this morning. jeremy: most areas saw a freeze or frost overnight. people are mentioning the furnace kicked in while they were sleeping and it is chilly across wisconsin. temperatures cropped below freezing in many spots. there's a light breeze and can you see the flag dancing in sheboygan from the harbor camera. currently 30 crease there.
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mixed in, 27 in waukesha and upper 20's in west bend. milwaukee and racine at or a little above freezing. the forecast looks like this. you'll want the sun glasses and coat on early today with that chilly start. by early afternoon we bounce back to the 50's. we're talking about a warm-up in the seven-day forecast and get to that coming up. thema: track the forecast on the go this weekend with our free app. we'll also send any weather alerts to your cell phone. new police are investigating a homicide in the riverwest neighborhood. investigators say a man was found shot outside of his home near meineke and weil. paramedics tried to save him but he died at the scene. police say no suspects are in custody. a bay view woman is recovering after getting punched in the face while walking her dog. this happened thursday afternoon along south clement. kate o'keefe was walking her dog alone down the street when
5:31 am
car droveup a man and woman inside. the man got out and then punched her in the mouth. eventually she got herself to the hospital. >> she's strong, she's tough. as well as can be expected. she had her teeth knocked in and jaw wired shut and she's not too stoked of drinking through a straw for five weeks but she's tough. s practitioner. thema: police don't have anyone in custody for this incident. thema: anti-donald trump protesters hit the streets for the third straight night. demonstrators blocked a busy interstate bringing traffic to a stand still.
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gas and flash bang grenades after protesters threw burning project i'lls to officers. a occur view is in place citywide for anyone under 18. a muslim woman is making national headlines for making her support of president-elect donald trump public. cristina paladino caught up with her in milwaukee and reports on the extreme she's getting from all over the world. >> we are in milwaukee with the woman in town for her son's fencing tournament. she's getting attention for an article she published this week for "the washington post" called i'm a muslim, a woman and immigrant. i voted for trump. >> i'm getting the hate. i'm getting my share of folks calling me every name in the
5:33 am
choice for president. reporter: she's a lifelong democrat with liberal views on social issues but is more concerned about the safety of the american people in islamic extremism. >> i believe as a muslim this is an issue of great national security to our country in the world and that we need to have straight talk. >> inner peace, she writes, i reject trump's locker room banter, the idea of a wall between the united states and mexico and a plan to ban muslims but i tru t states and don't buy the political hyperbole. nomani says she's received lot of support from her article including fellow muslims but is disturbed by the level of hate. >> when we all lay our heads to rest at night, all we want is to be respected and all we should do is respect others. thema: that was cristina paladino reporting. she says she expects to lose friends supporting trump but
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eventually unite. there's been a shakeup in president-elect trump's transition team. he's pulled new jersey governor chris christie as his chairman and replaced him with vice president elect mike pence. three of trump's children will also serve on the team and we're learning he has narrowed his list of candidates for chief of staff. names include r.n.c. chairman priebus, steve banon and trump's only son-in-law jerod kushner who trump's daughter ivanka. it's highly likely clark will end up in donald trump's administration. >> no one has been more loyal than the milwaukee county sheriff david clark? is his name being talked about as someone who can play a role with a new trump administration? >> 100% i think he'll be in the inner circle in line for a major role either in homeland security or justice or something in the law enforcement realm.
5:35 am
remember the heat he took for being out there as an outspoken reporter. his appearance in the republican convention, one of the highlights of the trump team, they feel like he's an effective person to bridge messaging as well as bringing his expertise to the games. thema: sunday on "up front" the hints the trump team is dropping that priebus could be picked for white house chief of staff. "up front" airs sunday morning at 9:00. stay tuned for "this week with george stephanopolous" followed by sole dad o'brien at 10:30 and she takes a closer look at the reason hillary clinton's candidacy did not resonate with female voters. donald trump may be considering a policy shift. in an interview with "60 minutes" the president-elect indicated he's open to keeping key parts of the affordable care act, including a provision that allows parents to provide years of additional coverage
5:36 am
replacing the law will be done at the same time, making sure there is no gap between the two. voter turnout this year dipped to its lowest point in two decade. election officials say about 55% of voting aged citizens cast ballot this is year. that's the lowest since 1996 when 53.5% of voters turned out. looking ahead, harley davidson is offering free entry to the museum for veterans and their families. the veterans appreciation event lasts through sunday. you will have to show a valid military or veterans i.d. the motor bar and restaurant also offers a military discount. still ahead, a serious warning for holiday shoppers. what you'll want to know before using the phone to buy any presents this year. and meteorologist jeremy nelson is in our weather center this morning. good morning, jeremy.
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time for the weekend. how long the warm-up lasts is coming up. you're watching wisn 12 news this morning. >> get important, local news wherever you are with wisn 12's
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>> leading the way with important local coverage. you're watching wisn 12 news this morning with thema ponton and weather watch 12 jeremy nelson meteorologist. 12 news this morning continues [ thema: welcome back to wisn 12 news this morning. it's 5:40 on saturday, november 12. a little bit of light in the sky this morning as we wait for the sun to c up this morning. it is cold outside. we begin here in the weather center with our meteorologist jeremy nelson. frosty temperatures out there this morning. jeremy: it's freezing inland. temperatures in the 20's and you get along the lakeshore in the 30's but any way lieu at it, it's one of the coldest mornings this season. thema: wear two layers out there this morning. jeremy: temperatures in the city are 34 degrees and we've stayed just about freezing but parts of milwaukee county are
5:41 am
greendale, glenndale and sherwood drop to the 20's and a frosty shot in brookfield and the other numbers as cold as 24 in watertown and burlington. a lot of furnaces kicking in for maybe some of the first times this season. heat on this morning and maybe the windows open at some point this weekend. i'll let you know when we warm up in your seven-day forecast. explosion in afghanistan killed four people and wounded another 14. the u.s. army general says the attack happened inside the bagram airfield early this morning. the table has claimed responsibility for the attack, which they say was carried out by a suicide bomber inside the base. there's no word on the nationalities of those killed and wounded. president obama is asking congress for an additional $11.6 billion to fight isis.
5:42 am
troops, backed by u.s. airpower and advisors are locked in a fierce battle with isis in the city of mosul and brings the total price tag for operations this year to more than $85 billion. the defense secretary says the money would also fund president obama's decision to maintain a larger troop presence in afghanistan in to next year. another request over the controversial dakota access pipeline. the standing rock is calling on president obama to halt construction on the oil pipeline before president-elect donald trump takes office next year. public records show trump has invested up to $1 million in energy transfer partners. that is the parent company of dakota access. since april, thousands of people have traveled to north dakota to protest the pipeline. right now wildfires are burning out of control in parts of the south. many of the fires are spreading
5:43 am
georgia and tennessee. but other areas like north carolina are also under a burn ban. that's because the region is experiencing an extreme drought. the governor of alabama is offering a reward to help find the people responsible for setting some of those fires. new this morning, a judge is ordering the state of michigan to deliver bottled water to homeowners in flint. residents there have been living without access to safe drinking water for more than two years. the city's water contamination under the clean water act, a judge is ordering the bottled water deliveries start immediately. a holiday shopping alert to let you know about this morning. if you're using your phone to buy gifts, security experts are warning about scammers. there are a number of fake apps posing as popular retailers. once you order something, the apps steal your credit card and personal information and in some cases they'll even send
5:44 am
you buying. a company called branding brand looks for impostors. they have found hundreds for apple and android phones pretending toing big stores like dillards, dollar tree, zapos and new balance. if you're looking to get holiday shopping done this weekend there are plenty of local places to look. the milwaukee county winter farmers market is back at the park annex. more than 50 vendors will sell farm grown produce and locally madedu goods, jams and sauces. the market opens 9:00 this morning. the inauguralmakers market is taking place this morning at the berry district in wauwatosa. local vendors will sell gifts, candles and baby goods and gets underway at 2:00 p.m. one of the largest women's shopping events is this weekend. divine consign opens at 9:00 this morning in oak wood church in heartland. you can find half priced designer clothes until 1:00
5:45 am
the team, one athlete from u.w. milwaukee is scorching the competition. as wisn news tim elliot shows us, he's overcoming more than just one type of hurdle on the track. tim: it's late afternoon at u.w.m.'s clotchey center and it is loud. the senior track star taylor cost can't hear all the noise. that's because completely deaf. >> any deaf individual can pursue their dreams and achieve it. tim: taylor was a green bay native and born deaf and uses sign language to communicate, often enlisting the help of an interpreter like teresa. >> there's a lot of times i'm frustrated. communication is probably the only time i have a tough time with. tim: coach erik kramer shouts instructions at his athletes.
5:46 am
of motion to push a little better. tim: when it comes to taylor, he's learning to sign what he's saying. coach: it definitely opened my eyes to help me with my communication. tim: at first things weren't easy. coach: we had interpreters at practice each day and they'd go through and sign everything i'm saying. >> if i'm trying to improve my skills, i don't necessarily have direct access and clear communication with my coach. and so oftentimes it can be frustrating because i want to get better. at the 2016 horizon league outdoor championship this is past spring, taylor finished second in the 400 meter hurdles. his time of 53.76 broke a 35-year-old deaf track and field record in the event. >> we can do things just as well as people who can hear. so i wouldn't consider myself disabled whatsoever. tim: this is taylor's fourth
5:47 am
u.w.m. the first three years he was a walk-on athlete but this year earned a full scholarship. coach cramer said taylor earned the scholarship the old-fashioned way with hard work and dedication. >> i joke taylor listens better than most kids on the team and he's deaf. >> taylor has a message for everyone. he's not disabled. oftentimes the only hurdle we have is the way hearing people see us. tim: he is really fast. >> we're like them but just communicate differently. tim: message received. in milwaukee, tim elliot, wisn 12 news. thema: track season starts in january and taylor is the top 400 meter hurdler at u.w.m. and will compete in the deaf olympics in turkey next summer and wish him the very best of luck. thousands of runners are taking over milwaukee's lakefront and is the annual jingle bell run at veterans park.
5:48 am
benefit the arthritis foundation. and coming up on 5:48 on this saturday morning, a couple years for that jingle bell run, it's been beyond freezing out there in the morning. jarnley: i was emceing it a few years ago and it is frosty and everyone layered up. that's a lot like we'll see. it was frosty this morning and sunshine and warms nicely. hang in there this morning. it's certainly cold. we're not used to this. thema: cold, not chilly or cool. it's cold weather window. mainly clear sky with sunshine for today. we put some of the numbers in here. around 7:00 a.m. in milwaukee will be close to 34 degrees. as we go through the day the west-southwest breeze picking up at a 8-16-mile-per-hour range throughout the day and what it will do through the afternoon is we combine it with sunshine and we'll land somewhere in the low to mid 50's across southeastern wisconsin. if you're traveling farther to the west, i'll be at this game today as a badger alum.
5:49 am
kickoff around 2:30. the temperature then is 53 degrees with that sun set time before 5:00 p.m. in madison. temperatures will start descending, cool fourth quarter with temperatures in the 40's. hopefully the badgers pull out another win. milwaukee's current conditions look like this. it's 34 degrees at the moment in the historic third ward. our camera showing clear skies above the home bridge. not much wind to speak of in the city. it's either calm or light in all the observations i've checked let's go statewide. it's even colder. in southeastern wisconsin we've had 20's sprinkled in. the coldest pocket i've seen in the central part of the state. stevens point, 21 degrees currently. it's 20's to 30's starting off and it's a frosty morning across the area. no clouds out there right now. so with the clear skies, light winds and a fairly chilly air mass overhead we dropped into the 20's to low to mid 30's across the area and certainly the coldest this morning we've
5:50 am
area. the forecast as we look ahead to the afternoon, these are the numbers that will be pretty common across the area, about 52-54 degrees. the winds will be primarily southwest at about 8-16 miles per hour. some extra layers or a jacket they're certainly needed as we go through this morning. future temps, these are lagging behind by a couple degrees but this gives you a good idea, by 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon, most areas will be in the lower 50's and we'll add on a couple our day time highs. if you're headed out this evening you'll want the coat or jacket and close to 40 degrees by 8:00 p.m. overnight tonight not quite as cold and we keep the winds up and most areas stay above freezing. as you look ahead in the workweek forecast, if you're hoping for rain the best bet would be thursday night into probably sometime on friday as the storm system moves through and will deliver a pretty good punch of cold air.
5:51 am
we'll look for highs in the 40's. and until then we have a stretch of tranquil november weather, above average. the average high is 48 degrees. we don't see 40's for highs and instead 50's if not 60 degrees. the nighttime lows will climb a bit, upper 30's to low 40's and hopefully you can spend a few minutes outside this weekend with the sunshine and milder temperatures. thema: the time now is 5:51. an e.t. drama. we'll have a preview adams latest role, translating
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denny's knows the holidays should be shared with friends and family. cept denny's all-new liday pancakes. you won't want to share those with anybody.
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s now in holiday flavors. thema: welcome back to 12 news this morning as we take a live look outsin november 12. we're waiting for the sun to come up and warm us up. it's cold outside. meteorologist jeremy nelson on weather watch this morning. the house featured in the classic movie "mrs. doubt fire has a new owner, the four bedroom, 3 1/2 bath victorian home in san francisco recently sold for $4.1 million. that is about $500,000 less than the original listing. well, it is a home for the
5:55 am
gabrielle union. entertainment tonight kevin frazier has a preview of almost christmas. kevin: this week amy adams stars as a translator racing against the clock to decipher an i'll yen message. and danny glover leads an all-star cast in "almost christmas." >> your room's uptears. >> but the liquor is in the dining room. kevin: in "almost christmas" danny glover is the patriarch of a family w monique coming together to celebrate the holidays with football, food and dysfunctional family fun that anyone can identify with. >> when you see the sisters who are going at it back and forth, when you see the one brother-in-law that mob likes, you see your family, you see your people. >> is the family coming for christmas? >> every single one of them. >> there are days that define your story beyond your life.
5:56 am
a translator recruited by the u.s. military to decode alien messages when earth is threatened, communicating with the creatures behind the scenes was a challenge itself because adams and her co-stars were actually talking to puppet stand-ins during filming. >> sometimes when you're by yourself doing that stuff can you get self-conscious. you get used to it but it was nice to be in that environment of awe. we had toe make sure we're looking in the same direction. that's the thing. we had who we're addressing. >> clarify their intentions. >> i have to go back in. kevin: for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier. now back to you in the studio. thema: 5:56. talking about our cold weather this morning. jeremy: maybe moving inside this morning once you wake up because it's a little chilly out there. it's the coldest morning across southeastern wisconsin in a lot of locations. the plus side is we'll enjoy sunshine and quick warm-up. it's 34 degrees in the city.
5:57 am
locations have dropped down into the 20's and a couple of the coldest spots i've seen. burlington and watertown at 24 here along the lakefront and 32 in sheboygan and 32 racine and lower 30's in ken osha and by this afternoon we should be in the 50's. thema: we look forward to warming up if you're going outside to walk the dog, go for a run, wear layers, trust me, it's cold outside. jeremy: the furnace kicked in last night.
5:58 am
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good morning, america. new overnight -- the post-election protests, demonstrations now turning ugly. police launching tear gas as president-elect donald trump shakes up his transition team. who's in charge now and is he changi h wildfires. the states of emergency. dozens of fires now burning across the southeast. the reward to catch the arsonists around the health conference for millions of people this morning. the police shooting caught on camera, an officer dragged down the streets, struggling with the driver, the officer's gun going off. did that officer intend to


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