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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 15, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CST

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making news in america this making news in america this tuesday morning, air force one touching down overnight. before his final trip overseas, though, president obama answering questions about the election. what he's saying about the president-elect and hinting at what hillary clinton could have done better. as trump's team takes shape, there's some controversy surrounding one of his picks, the top adviser who is accused of being anti-semitic, but the position rudy giuliani is now seen as a favorite to get. we have the details. raging wildfires in several states. millions of dollars in damages and the smoke as seen from space. and a giant sinkhole creeps
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we begin with president obama kicking off his final foreign tour as donald trump's transition team kicks into high gear. >> so the president arrived moments ago in greece. this was the scene over there for what will be a busy trip. he'll also visit germany and peru in the next couple of day, a trip that follows his first news conference since the election. >> meanwhile, trump's aides are denying reports that he has requested top secret security clearances for his adult children. as trump faces backlash over a cove are not letting up. now high school students not even old enough to vote walking out of classes and leading marches of their own. more now from abc's david wright. >> thank you. >> reporter: in an election year when so many got it so wrong, how are we to read the tea leaves on the trump administration now just beginning to take shape? for now president obama is reserving judgment. >> he successfully mobilized a
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for him and he's going to win. he has won. >> reporter: but it's a work in progress. so it seems is trump's agenda. in his first big interview since the election on "60 minutes," trump sought to put his detractors at ease. >> i'm saying, and i've been saying it, don't be afraid. >> reporter: but at the same time trump sent conflicting signals with his first two appointments. as chief of staff trump chose a 44-year-old republican insider, outgoing gop chairman reince priebus, a conservative with close ties to speaker paul ryan. but for his chief strategist, trump picked a 62-year-old flame thrower, his campaign chair stephen bannon, an alt-right icon often described as a white nationalist. bannon is a former investment banker who made tens of millions of dollars from royalties for "seinfeld." >> what? >> no soup for you. >> reporter: he went on to
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documentaries like "occupy unmasked." more recently he's been the driving force behind breitbart media. the website infamous for headlines comparing planned parenthood's work to the holocaust, op-eds calling to lock the door to islam, calling conservative analyst bill kristol a renegade jew and supporting the use of the confederate flag. the southern poverty law center sees breitbart as hate speech with him as the instigator. installing bannon and priebus on the same day is a mixed message for trump. his more moderate sute won't see eye to eye with bannon while his more extreme supporters will see priebus priebus as a creature of the swamp he promised to drain. >> my hope is he makes things better. if he does, we will all benefit from it. >> reporter: with that the lame duck president left the briefing room. david wright, abc news, new york. >> and donald trump is expected to announce more appointments for his administration this week but his aides aren't saying
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first. >> rudy giuliani says that he will not be trump's attorney general, but he reportedly is a top candidate for secretary of state. former u.n. ambassador john bolton is also said to be in the running for that position. and hillary clinton is urging her party not to be discouraged or divided. >> clinton made that plea in a conference call to house democrats as her lead in the popular vote continued to grow and she also officially won new hampshire after the trump team declined to challenge the results there but yesterday president obama seemed to suggest that she didn't do enough campaigning. >> i won iowa not because the demographics dictated that i would win iowa, it was because i spent 87 days going to every small town and fair and fish fry and vfw hall, and there were some counties where i might have lost, but maybe i lost by 20 points instead of 50 points.
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electoral votes to clinton's tally. now michigan is the only state still undecided. now to the wildfires raging in the southeast. dozens burning in seven states, georgia, alabama, mississippi, tennessee, kentucky, north and south carolina. you see the map right there and ranging from 15% to 75% contained. it's believed most are the result of arson. all are being fueled by the drought conditions in the south. at least 80,000 acres have burned even areas without fires are affected. look at the view from space. it's making the air unhealthy in atlanta and the rest of north georgia. and western north carolina is hit hard with 40,000 acres there alone. officials are describing the blazes there as california-style wildfires. the governor warns the largest may not be put out until march. and the u.s. navy has now joined the effort to rescue people trapped by the powerful earthquake in new zealand. hard hit towns are being evacuated as are several buildings in the capital. some streets have also been
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determined that one nine-story building is in danger of collapsing. military helicopters are also ferrying stranded tourists and residents from an area which had been completely cut off by the quake. and those cows who gained international attention for their predicament have also been rescued. the animals were stranded after landslides took out their pasture. a farmer and some helpers actually dug a track to bring them out. back here at home, some breaking news from missouri where a murder suspect is on the loose this morning. authorities are searching for daniel campbell. he ran out through an open jail door last night while some construction work was being done. campbell is charged with killing one man and seriously injuring another one late last month. he may have stolen a vehicle after running out of that jail. to atlanta now where the dad there could spend the rest of his life in prison after he was convicted of murder for leaving his son to die in a hot car. jurors convicted justin harris of all eight counts he had faced.
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to drop his son off at day care. his attorneys say they'll appeal this verdict. journalist gwen ifill has died. a former reporter for top newspapers, she switched to television in the 1990s working first for nbc and then pbs where she anchored and was managing editor of "washington week" and "newshour." >> ifill moderated presidential debates in 2004 and 2005, vice presidential debates and also a democratic primary debate this past spring, but she took a month-long leave of absence because of her health earlier this year and then missed election night. gwen ifill died of complications of uterine cancer. she was 61 years old. well, still ahead, history in the skies overnight. a cross country commercial flight powered by fuel made by trees. and two flight attendants are recovering this morning after a near collision. the pilots were forced to evade a mystery object. so, was it a drone? plus, caught on camera, an anti-trump protester pushed down
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dayquil liquid gels doesn't treat a runny nose. it doesn't? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels fight your worst cold symptoms cluding your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is! it was another day of full contact work for lawmakers in the man speaking is accusing his colleague of collaborating with russia, but apparently his colleague didn't like that so much and things got physical. order eventually was restored. but just moments later they were at it again. both lawmakers were told to simmer down. the guy who threw those punches wound up leaving the chamber. >> i love how the rest of the guys just stayed seated. >> business as usual. >> business as usual. didn't even bother. a violent clash caught on camera during an anti-trump
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a protester tackled from behind and knocked to the floor as he addressed a crowd on a staircase at ohio state university. other students quickly pounced on that attacker. police did intervene and led him away. he was reportedly arrested and suspended from the school there. in the wake of the election, google and facebook have faced criticism over how fake news stories on those sites may have affected voters. well, google says it's clamping down banning fake news websites from using its online ad service and facebook says it won't display ads in fake news sites. ceo mark zuckerberg has said the idea that fake ads affected the election is, quote, crazy. and the michigan police officer who displayed a confederate flag at a political rally has now resigned. officer michael peters was off duty when he drove his truck with the flag to the love trumps hate event in transverse city. the officer still faces a criminal investigation. well, the government says
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are too quiet. it will require these vehicles to be noisier at low speeds to warn the blind and other pedestrians of their approach. automakers have a little less than two years to comply with this. the government says this could prevent 2,400 injuries in just a year. delta air lines is using a $50 million state-of-the-art system to keep tabs on luggage. it uses radio frequency identification chips in the tags which are scanned as bags move through the system. flyers can then keep track of exactly where their luggage is even if it's not where they are. and alaska airs first carrier to use jet fuel made from trees. this boeing 737 jet flew from seattle to washington, d.c. with fuel made from a blend of tree limbs and branches. the material is the by-product of a timber harvest and usually heads for the burn pile with other waste. very creative. >> it's kind of fascinating. >> yeah. when we come back, a convict made infamous from "making a murderer" will soon be free and why the judge ordered brendan dassey's release. and venus williams is making
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release. venus williams is making an announcement about her future in
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imagine if you looked out your back door and that's what you saw. a family in pennsylvania has been forced from their home after this giant sinkhole opened up swallowing most of the backyard. now they're worried the house will be the next thing to go, especially since rain is in the forecast. when an old mine caved in. >> they said the house is only 13 years old. >> oh, man. and roads in much of pennsylvania and the northeast will be wet today as well. also in minnesota, the pacific northwest and northern california. >> if you are flying, weather-related airport delays are most likely in boston, new york, miami and seattle. and there was a dangerous situation in the skies. it's under investigation now for what appeared to be a drone
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becoming more common as we hear from abc's david kerley. >> reporter: the investigation this morning into what the pilots of a plane with 54 passengers on board saw coming towards them leading to their severe action. the pilots making a sharp turn at 9,000 feet in the air. two flight attendants thrown in the cabin and injured. once on the ground the pilots said they thought it was a drone coming towards them. >> they see a flash. they see something at an altitude where they would not expect another airplane or something to be fl, turn to get away from whatever it is, so it may have been a drone, it may have been a balloon. >> reporter: the two flight attendants were treated and released in toronto. already this year, sightings of drones in the u.s. are up 40% compared to all of last year. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> david, thank you. and we have some new details now in the case that was the subject of the netflix series
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prison. dassey was a teenager when he was convicted of helping his uncle, steven avery, rape and murder a woman in 2005. that conviction was overturned this summer. the judge says he should be free while prosecutors appeal. dassey has until noon to tell authorities where he plans to live. if so, he could be home for thanksgiving. health experts are greatly expanding the number of people who should be considered for anti-cholesterol drugs. the new guidelines include anyone between ages 40 and 75 as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes or smoking. the government task force says these patients could benefit from taking statins even if they do not have a history of heart disease or stroke. another ivy league team has been suspended. columbia's wrestling team season is suspended while the school officials investigate some text messages that include racist and homophobic terms.
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disturbing matter. last week harvard ended its men's soccer season after a report that players made sexual scouting reports about the women's team. tennis superstar venus williams is apparently making retirement plans. williams says she's targeted the olympic games in tokyo in 2020 as her last big event. she says she still loves competing, but it's time to think about life off the court. she's in her late 30s now. and the new college football playoff rankings are released tonight. given last weekend's upsets, there's sure to be s >> so, we get last night's highlights from our friends. >> hi, good morning, america. i'm nicole, he's neil. >> we're doing highlights for you because they told us we had to. monday night football, giants/bengals. giants down a field goal. odell beckham from eli manning, a look at beckham. he is all hopped up on red bull. i mean, look at him. that must be the original, original brand. and then manning to sterling
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he must be on, what is that, the cranberry mix right there doing the juju. anyhow it's going around. giants win. villanova won the hoops championship last season. purdue, they don't care. time winding down in the first half, purdue forcing the turnover. watch p.j. thompson. steph curry, is that you? buzzer beater. zzzzz. ties the game at half, less than ten seconds left. purdue trailing by three. caleb swanigan with the ball at the top of the key. no good on the three. carson edwards then misses. villanova escapes with the win, 79-76 the final. highlights just for you. we hope you enjoyed them. >> really we do. >> thanks. we appreciate it. up next in "the pulse," the newest member of the bush family. and banning technology. why one book store is saying no
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? ? time for "the pulse" and we'll start with the newest member of former president george w. bush's family. >> meet freddie. mr. bush and his wife released this photo with freddie in there on laura bush's lap. they adopted him last week after visiting a shelter. >> the bushes say even their cats, bob and bernadette, are finding freddie's charm futile to resist. >> ah. >> freddie is the third dog the bushes have owned, and he follows the late barney and miss beasley. >> oh, yeah i remember barney and miss beasley. >> he's cute. at a book store in wyoming it's out with the new and in with the old.
4:23 am
books has banned wi-fi and, get this, all electronics. she wants customers to actually read. imagine that. in the book store. everyone has to check their cell phones, ipads and laptops all at the door. no ringing, no dinging, no buzzing, no beeping. >> wow. >> we want people to be able to come into this store, relax, enjoy a book, you know, find a book for them that's going to work well, either entertain or inform them. >> that's one way to avoid a one-star rating on yelp. the store's motto, take a break and live like it's 1993. customers don't seem to mind at all and say the restrictions are kind of refreshing. >> ah, sometimes people need to be forced to unplug so they can really decompress a little bit. >> and forced to actually read a book that you find at a book store. >> what's that? >> a book store or -- >> i know what a book is. >> what is aleppo? >> did you hear the one about the koala that walked into the accountant's office.
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>> because it's not a joke. ette an actual story. it happened in a small town australia. the little marsupial seemed quite determined. he marches right up to the door then right under the desk like he knew where he was going in yeah, he does. >> look at him walk. so an accounting office, perhaps it received an audit notice from the tax office or maybe it wondered whether its manager was handling its money correctly. >> i see. >> we don't really know. there's no accounting for it. >> oh, wow. >> a series of some really bad jokes. >> more news after this. >> please. it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ? ? trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression.
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checking our top stories, president obama touched down in greece this morning for the first leg of his final foreign trip before leaving office. the tour also includes visits to germany and peru. donald trump expected to fill more jobs in his administration any day now after facing criticisms for hiring stephen bannon, rudy giuliani is reportedly being considered for secretary of state. raging out of control in the south. they've destroyed more than 80,000 acres. arson is being blamed for many of those fires. looking at today's weather, the only rain in the southeast will be actually in florida. not so the case in the northeast which will have heavy rain at times, and the pacific northwest will also get rain. 88 degrees in phoenix. and finally this morning, we end with a boy from colorado who like many other kids from the state, he wears a broncos
4:28 am
>> but unlike many other kids from that state he's a budding entrepreneur who's already made an appearance on abc's "shark tank." we have the details now. ? >> reporter: before 10-year-old jack bonneau appeared with the sharks -- >> sharks, i'm seeking $50,000 in exchange for 10% of my company. >> reporter: -- he was selling lemonade at the farmer's market in brookfield. >> the way it started was because i wanted the lego death . it cost $400. i asked my dad if i could get it. he said i could, but i would have to pay for it so i'm like how will i pay for it? i'm 10 years old and it's $400. >> reporter: after just 12 weeks he made $900 in profit, got his lego set and a new interest in being a business owner expanding his lemonade stands to local shopping centers and stocking merchandise made by other young
4:29 am
and lip balm and now wants to take it nationwide. >> i love teaching the kids. it'll benefit them in the future and i just love working with the kids and seeing them grow. and we provide everything except their mood and their enthusiasm. they'll have to provide that. >> there's no way i'll let the best pitch of the year get out the door without an offer there. >> we'd love to take your deal. >> reporter: jack walked from some of the best in the business. >> pitching in front of the sharks was like unreal. there was a lot of preparation that went into it. but it was totally worth it. just a great experience. >> 10 years old. >> mind blowing. >> can you imagine being able to pitch the "shark tank" crew at 10 years old? >> just listen to how he speaks. we provide everything except the enthusiasm. >> he's certainly got plenty of that. >> yes, he does.
4:30 am
ben: shots fired overnight outside a local apartment complex. one woman is dead and another is seriously hurt. the search underway right now for the person who pulled the trigger. melinda: plus: it's called the doomsday clock and it may be getting closer to midnight. meeting today to talk about threats to global security. ben: but first, let's take a live look outside. it is a foggy start. our mild fall temperatures continue, for now. we're tracking when cooler air returns and some patchy fog. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 4:30 on this tuesday, november 15th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center.


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