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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  November 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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a federal judge ordered dassey be retried or released. the state says the judge is wrong and appealed the case. today, it asked the seventh circuit court of appeals to issue an emergency stay. they want dassey to remain in prison while the appeal plays out. the state argues dassey is a rapist and a murderer, and his release would family, but without his unreliable confession, the state has no case against him. toya: thank you. steven avery is also appealing his conviction. right now, his new defense team is awaiting an order allowing re-testing of hundreds of pieces of evidence in his case. that order was expected on monday, but his lawyer says the process has been delayed slightly by the developments in dassey's case.
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website,, and on our free app. there you can also watch and read our previous stories. patrick: a milwaukee bar owner unleashes a controversial new ad targeting high school students. tonight, the mayor is calling it disgusting. 12 news terry sater is live at the bar in walker's terry, you point. spoke with the owner about his message and the backlash. >> the owner of sabbatic bar and other businesses say they're tired of bradley tech high school students vandalizing, stealing, and loitering while waiting for the county bus. so he took out an ad, one he admits may have gone too far. take a look at the ad that walker's point bar sabbatic ran in the magazine alcoholmanac. one caption says "sabbatic is for lovers." a second, "our back alley, where 50% of bradley tech pregnancies start and end." bar owner jay stamates says he meant to poke the bear after years of little response to
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he's now receiving threats and didn't want to be on camera. >> the words that people are taking issue with are totally baseless and they're meant as , just a really crude, dark joke. >> stamates says he runs a punk edgy bar and the ad was meant for his customers. but it reached a much wider audience through social media. in a statement from the mayor's office, "disgusting offensive, , degrading, vile and repugnant are words that come to mind. what kind of person does >> nobody was to call me and talk about the problems that we're having on second street with the youth coming from bradley tech. >> a statement from milwaukee public schools says, "the owner of this bar and the publishers of alcoholmanac have the first amendment right to publish what they wish, even material we feel is vulgar, offensive, and tasteless." >> so this ad is partly based on
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the response to the vandalism? >> half of it was meant as a crude joke for literally my kind of people. my apologies to the people who didn't find it funny, who aren't in my circle. you weren't meant to see it. >> the school district says it's going to contact civil rights organizations but neither the , city or mps have responded to my questions about bradley tech students causing trouble. patrick: breaking news, a fatal shooting in milwaukee. matt salemme is over and congress. >> they have the block shut off. they are investigating. they have been going through one of the vehicles there. there is a body laying in the street next to that vehicle. police still being tightlipped, other than to confirm it was a fatal shooting. we will continue to monitor the situation for the very latest. patrick: thank you. a menomonee falls elementary school is using bottled water
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classroom sink in the 4-k wing at ben franklin elementary tested positive for copper. elevated copper levels can cause gastrointestinal issues. the district is also dealing with coliform bacteria at valley view elementary. they say the two issues are unrelated and are being addressed. toya: two women are accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from the delafield kohl's and leading police on a high speed chase in a stolen car. this all happened on the chase monday. reached speeds up to 90 miles an according to a criminal complaint store security , captured audrionna love and roxie thomas filling mesh bags with dozens of items from several departments and placing them near the exit. security called police when one of the women pulled a car up to the front of the store and started loading the bags. that's when the chase began. the women eventually ditched the car and made a run for it, but were arrested. officers say there was $4600
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a stolen car chase in west allis ends in milwaukee. police say it started after a car was stolen near 81st and orchard in west allis this afternoon. officers spotted the suspects and started to chase. police say the suspects ditched that vehicle in jackson park in milwaukee. officers searched for the suspects but they're still on , the run tonight. patrick: new tonight a police , officer in minnesota is now charged in the fatal shooting of philando castile. the aftermath was captured on this facebook video. abc's marci gonzalez reports on the charges tonight. >> seen in this video moments after he shot philando castille during a traffic stop now facing criminal charges, including second-degree manslaughter. >> the use of deadly force by the officer was not justified. >> the county attorney made the decision after reviewing evidence, including dashcam video, which has not been made public, but reportedly captured castille telling officer
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>> officer yanez then said ok don't reach for it then. castile tried to respond, but was interrupted by officer yanez who said don't pull it out. , castile responded, i'm not pulling it out. >> moments later investigators say he fired seven shots into the car, the aftermath streamed live on facebook by castille's girlfriend in the passengers' seat. >> i told him not to reach for it. open. >> you told him to get his id, sir, and his driver's license. oh, my god, please don't tell me he's dead. >> castille's death sparked protests and accusations of racism including from minnesota's governor. >> would this have happened if those passengers, the driver, the passengers, were white? i don't think it would have. >> no comment yet from yanez or his attorneys but castille's , family?says they are releived that the officer is being held
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family and i to support that decision. toya: new tonight, confusion and controversy surrounding the transition of power to president-elect donald trump. trump has been mainly hidden from the public since winning the election last tuesday. he continues to host a steady stream of possible cabinet members inside trump tower. multiple reports say much of the in-fighting is linked to trump's son-in-law and trusted advisor, jared kushner. however, his transition team says everything is fine. >> you don't form a federal government overnight, and these are serious issues and appointments. >> the head of the transition team, vice president-elect mike pence, and his wife spent the day with current vice president joe biden in washington. new tonight, president barack obama is in germany, his second stop on his final foreign tour as president. this is video of him leaving greece headed to berlin. before he left, the president
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committed to protecting its allies. >> and i am confident that just as america's commitment to the transatlantic alliance has endured for seven decades whether it's been under a , democratic or a republican administration, that commitment will continue, including our pledge and our treaty obligation to defend every ally. toya: the president will travel from germany to peru later this week, the final stop on his trip. patrick: imagine running into a store or restaurant only to come out and find your car gone. across the city tow trucks , lurking in local parking lots, waiting to take your car. >> we had to last night, five this past saturday, probably in 50 in the last 2-3 weeks. patrick: the reason behind the towing trend, and how much it will cost you to get your car back.
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confront the towing company about its practice, and the action the city is trying to take. watch ben wagner's investigation tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00. new tonight, rising up to the challenge of cooking for hundreds of people at one time. culinary students at matc's downtown milwaukee campus got a little help from students at messmer high school preparing thanksgiving dinner. the students worked together today to prepare the food for the milwaukee police department district five's community thanksgiving dinner. >> give the give the kids some opportunity torn the culinary students get to give back to their community, because they are the ones in class and working on community projects, so for everyone involved, it's a great effort. patrick: the dinner will feed 400 people this holiday. toya: from summer to winter in 24 hours. patrick: just like that. mark, both seasons are in our forecast this week. mark: first the warm, then a taste of cold. when the bottom drops out on our temperatures next in weather watch 12. >> then, a nine-year-old hero.
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off a changing table. patrick: plus, the best black friday deals. we break down the deepest discounts at stores across our area. >> discounts at stores across our area. >> >> owning a piece of milwaukee history while helping save pets. >> tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning the once-in-a-lifetime , auction you can check out this week. >> and, sally severson will tell you how to dress if you're heading downtown for the fireworks and holiday lights
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toya: we want to check back in on some breaking news, i fatal shooting at 68th and congress. >> 68th street is closed as an officer investigates the shooting. we saw them going through the vehicle a short time ago. the body is laying next to the vehicle. they are using their flashlights to go through the parkway grass, putting down evidence markers between the evidence and the vehicle itself. we will let you know if there are any developments. toya: thank you. new tonight, you could be in for
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researchers at yale found one in five doctors involved in emergency room treatments were out of network for patients. that means insurance companies may pay a smaller portion of the bill, leaving patients saddled with thousands of dollars in medical bills. a big brother to the rescue in florida and it's all caught on camera. you have to see this video. mom had just placed her 11-month-old baby on the changing table. she turned her back for a moment and the baby starts to roll er , you see his nine-year-old brother swoop in and catch him before he hit the floor. toya: right now, we want to take a look at what's coming all new tonight at 6:00. joyce garbaciak is in the newsroom with a look ahead. joyce: excitement is building over the new milwaukee bucks arena now under construction in downtown milwaukee. new tonight at 6:00, we're getting our first look at plans for the highly anticipated live entertainment block attached to the arena. plus, you're hired. the mequon nature preserve adds its first four-legged staffer. how the chocolate lab is helping
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a time. join us for these stories and more tonight at 6:00. toya: thank you. your kids might love it, but local food pantries are saying skip the mac n cheese donations. wisn 12 news hillary mintz tells us how one food pantry in waukesha is trying to make their shelves healthier for the holidays. >> it's a busy time inside the food pantry of waukesha county. stocking shelves, produce deliveries, and of course -- >> here we have all the turkeys. >> ready to go for thanksgiving. >> our families that come here choose all of their own food. >> which is why the food pantry is trying to offer healthy choices for the 1500 families they help out. it's called the healthy shelves initiative. hoping people avoid donating things like boxed mac n cheese. >> inexpensive food tends to behind fat and sugars, and it can be a cause of obesity and type two diabetes. >> the food pantry says they
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donations, but are encouraging you to think about healthier options to help them stock their shelves. >> whole grains, brown rise, food packed in its own juice or water, whole grain cereals are really really important. , we serve many families with children. > >> on the county's website, there's also a checklist of healthier foods and recipes to try out. food for thought before you donate. in waukesha, hillary mintz, wisn toya: we have the information on our website as well go to the food pantry says workers will be giving out thanksgiving food through next wednesday. milwaukee's hunger task force is also encouraging people to donate healthy foods this holiday season. volunteers will be out pushing carts during the milwaukee holiday parade on saturday collecting nonperishable food , items. the food collected will go to local food pantries, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters.
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teach her kids about charity. encourage them to be thoughtful and give food to other children. toya: new this year, when you donate, you will get a 25% off coupon to boston store. the holiday parade steps off this saturday morning at 9:30 at the corner of astor and kilbourn. make sure you come out and see me and mark obeid and -- mark baden and me in the parade. the parade winds down kilbourn to old world third street before wrapping up at the grand avenue. look at the snow in that video. it's beginning to look a lot like the holidays in downtown milwaukeee. wisn 12 news got a behind-the-scenes look at the preps happening at pere marquette park for the holiday lights festival. wisn 12 is a proud sponsor. this morning, crews set up trees, tested the lights, and got the stage ready. the festival kicks off tomorrow night.
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we have had over the last five days over 2500 milwaukee area schoolchildren decorating trees in cathedral square park. that is the north pole -- patrick: there are two lighting celebrations, music, a fireworks show and free rides on the jingle bus to see lights around the city. wisn 12 is airing the holiday lights festival live tomorrow. tune in at 6:30 to see melinda davenport and ben wagner host the event from pere marquette park. light up the season this thursday at 6:30, right here on wisn 12. toya: it will not feel like the holidays tomorrow night. patrick: listen to , 60 degrees when that festival is going on tomorrow night? mark: even after the sun goes down, the temperatures will not fall off. it will be breezy, but who cares? a lot of times it can be miserable out there, but it will not be, so there will probably be some nice crowds as we light
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lights across southeastern wisconsin here in downtown milwaukee. it starts at city hall, but the big event is that p r marquette park. the program begins at 6:30 p.m. the lighting of the tree and fireworks will be at 7:00. temperatures are around 60 degrees. we may set a record high tomorrow. that would be three and one month. a live look outside. it is dark. there is a little bit of color way out west. there were some pockets where
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pockets where the clouds were stubborn, but we got son later in the day. 48 now. temperatures will not drop a lot pockets where the clouds were stubborn, but we got son later in the day. 48 now. temperatures will not drop a lot throughout the night. 50 fond du lac. 55 janesville. temperatures cool off, i would not be surprised if we went up a couple we went up a couple of degrees. look out crazy warm it is to the southwest of us. this is not a map you are supposed to see in november. temperatures are in the 80's across kansas. they saw their latest 80 degree temperature ever in wichita today. this air is coming for a visit. we get it tomorrow, then it does not last long. 69 would tie the record set in 1953. if we get to 70 degrees, it will be for bank times this month in november. i don't believe that has happened in southeastern wisconsin. our warm streak continues. 186 days, second place all-time with temperatures 50 degrees or wa friday, but not break it on saturday. i have a yellow light because the wind will be picking up. it will be impossible if you want to rake on friday and saturday. it will be really windy. i mean 40 mile-per-hour winds. it will be blowing everything all over the place. there is our next storm to the
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that will be changing. this will be a powerhouse of a storm, bringing with it wind, not a lot of rain or snow. there may be a passing flurry or two, but look at the snow to the northwest of us in minnesota. 6-10 inches of snow there. mainly to the west and north of minneapolis. throughout the day tomorrow, it is amazing, temperatures warming up crazy. we will see temperatures near 70 degrees. then the cold front comes through on friday. northern sections of wisconsin, an after coat the ground. just in time for gun-deer season. the big change will be the cold air moving in. gusty winds 40 miles per hour or greater, cold air rushing in, our first deep-freeze of the season coming in here saturday night. 69, 65, a little deceptive, then the temperatures will fall.
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that. most of the day, temperatures in the 30's. 40 degrees on sunday, warmer next week, 55 by tuesday, then a big travel day wednesday, and it looks like rain is likely. i don't think we will have enough cold air to support snow, but be prepared on saturday. that is a warning. toya: thank you. is an annual tradition. patrick: coming up, we'll tell you which stores have the deepest discounts and the one , retailer with biggest overall discount rate. toya: plus, uber wants to help you lease a car. the new partnership with a
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patrick: by now, you might be preparing for your black friday shopping trip. toya: if so, you'll want to hear this. a new report is out on the stores you should stop at for the best deals. it's from the financial website, wallethub. they surveyed 8,000 black friday deals from the 35 largest retailers in the u.s. here are some of the top ranking stores. macy's topped the list with the biggest overall discount rate at more than 63%. j.c. penny and harbor freight both had a deal rate of more
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kohl's had about 58%. walmart came in lower at 32.6%. target a 28.6%. wallethub says aim for stores with a discount rate of 39% or higher when shopping on black friday. if you want to check out the full list, we've posted it on our website. you can find it on patrick: general motors is launching a unique partnership with uber. the automaker is offering lease deals to uber drivers. it allows drivers to lease cars at cheaper-than-usual rates and without mileage restrictions. chevy cruze, malibu, and trax models are available for $179 a week. insurance is included in that price, and there are no fees for using the vehicle for personal trips, either. right now, the program is only available in san francisco but could expand if successful. toya: i see an expansion.
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mark: grab a jacket if you are headed out this evening, but temperatures won't drop much, upper 40's, even warming up into
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incredible, temperatures closing in on 70. patrick: world news is next. tonight, breaking news. inside trump tower. the controversy over members of the president-elect's family and national security clearance. mr. trump's team requesting clearance for trump's son-in-law, jared kushner. ivanka trump's husband now emerging as a t also tonight, why is the trump name coming off sveveral buildings in new york city? also tonight, the police shooting. tonight, that officer charged with manslaughter. what prosecutors are now saying. the horrific moment on the train tracks. the family inside their truck. the split-second decision that saved them. the murder at an american airport. travelers told to shelter in place. tonight, the possible motive revealed. and the victim, the father of an nfl player.


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