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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  November 19, 2016 11:30pm-12:30am CST

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>> it's kind of still weird. obviously after a few years in college my ninth season here. still interested to see all the different people out there. but i'll never forget the first time i came here as a rookie. but you see people walk around and the jerseys. it's an 87 jersey and they turn around and it said brooks on the back of it's a reality check but i think we've got more nelsons out >> very quick we've got to tack about the titans. 4-5 an unfamiliar spot. what's it like being here. >> it's not fun for sure. one thing we want to do is have fun and engaged joy what we're doing and the way to do that is to make plays and win games. we need to focus on getting back to work. everyone wants to know the answer what we need to do to fix everything. to me it's nothing besides going
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control. there's a lot of things that are going to happen that people are going to be talking this and that and everything. you can't control that so you might not pay attention to it. that's what you do to prepare and the way you perform on sundays. so guys need to focus on that and do what you need to do. we'll come out of this. and we're still in the division race as crazy as it seems. all you need is a chance when you get into the playoffs. we need to focus on these weeks coming up. on w a lot of people think that's cliche. but it's true. today we looked at the film once we walked out of the stadium you get to relax and refresh your mind then thursday we grind out a week of practice and be prepared for sunday. >> how about that nerve what do you think? . [ cheers and applause ] this is the drive of the game. opening drive of the 3rd
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after recess. ten play, 78 yards. then aaron rogers tapping it off with a 20-yard touchdown run. you started off this drive. what did you like about this sequence? >> it's coming out of halftime when we knew we needed to start making a run at it. everyone in the locker room at halftime was still confident. >> we start moving the ball well in the 2nd quarter and we continue to do that. we have they're going to get a couple of stops. that was a good drive for us. some guys taking care of one another there. and i thought the officials handled that the correct way. got the guy who started it and everyone else protecting each other. >> we've got to talk about you. i know you're a team guy but this is your show. you've got eight touchdowns on the season the that's the most in the nfl. randal creating some space for you.
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work? >> it's a similar play if you remember the super bowl between seahawks and the patriots that the that the guy picked off at the end of the game. they're running the same thing, we just did a little bit better and got the touchdown. like i said randal did a great job running through his guys. and he was able to get down and finally get on the board, close the gap a little bit and get some momentum. >> we've got a lot of fans out there that lovehe and stats. so our stat tracker, they help us out here. here's the numbers jordy. 185 total receptions for the team. you've got 50. receiving yards just over 2,000. you've got 635. and touchdowns, 20 as a team. thank you so much for tracking it all day long. if you look at these numbers you're at the top of the nfl one year removed from knee surgery.
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>> it means a lot. because i put in a lot of work to be back to be on the field to be honest with you. you never know what the production will be when you come back from a knee injury. especially someone going into their ninth year. so there's a lot of unknown. i just try to control what i can control. and that's putting the the work in in the rehab. and if i did that no matter what happened this year down the road next year or the year after i'd be sfi i didn't take any days off. i didn't get tired doing rehab. i didn't decide to take a month off and regroup or anything. i knew it would be a grind and it still is to keep the body healthy and ready to go. it's a long process but well worth it to be out there and hopefully get more wins. >> it's amazing. nine years kind of flying by. >> it's crazy how quick, i don't know when like it consistency
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4 to 9. but it did somewhere in there. it will be over before we know it unfortunately. so you try to make as many injuries as possible. the hard part now being 4 -5 it's hard to walk in the building and put a smile on your face and enjoy it and be happy. you won't get it back. there's nothing that can recreate what we get to do every week. >> this is something to be happy foundation. here are the total numbers for the year. 50 catches, some quick math five times 87. stay tuned all season long for these donation updates. that's a lot of money there to a great cause. >> absolutely. doing some great things. they're doing some great things. the postadoption stuff. so it's important to our family, and hopefully they continue to do that and we continue to raise money for them. >> i've got to ask teams like
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how do you make those catches when the defender is all over you? >> you've got to focus. i've got a lot of experience of knows situations. it's something you can't create during practice or in a game it's being put in those situations to try to make those plays. we've been at it for quite a while. we've been in about every situation possible. and we can try to reference those in the middle of the game to put us in a situation to make another one. so just try your best and sometimes sometimes you don't. the crazy thing is you usually don't make the hard ones, and do and make the easy ones. >> we're going to take a quick time-out. we'll see you on the other side
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huddle. a great look at the 87 jerseys. we're going to go around the league to an nfl. we're going to show you the video, and show you exactly what happened. the new orleans saints scored a touchdown, tied the game up, had a chance to win with an extra point. it's blocked. broncos pick it up and two point conversion to win >> probably the least possible scenario ever to happen in a game of football. but that's what the nfl wanted. that's why they moved it back. it's not the give me extra point like they used to be. it's changed things up a little bit. that's a great play by the broncos. and a devastating way to lose a game. talk about your ultimate high of tying the game, you're thinking extra point boom we win to that did that really just happen.
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and a great play by denver. >> apparently the broncos player stepped out of bounds. there's another game that happened. brandon marshall with the assist into the end zone. this was crazy. let's see if we can pull it up. bryce petty this is going to be to go down as his first career touchdown. you see maybe you add this to the play book? >> that's impressive to pull that off. especially down that close to it's a very, when we get down into the red zone. we talk about how small the windows have gotten and how hard it is to make a play because there's not as much room to move around. a quick little hook and ladder like that. is obviously a great play call at the time. >> one more from this weekend. this one coming from kansas i know you went to kansas state. this one is kind of crazy. >> this is what you call
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this in my life. >> i don't know if this is the opening kickoff of the game. but there's a guy all blue in the blue paint as a runner with the other returner on the other side. so he hides there and then they throw it back to him. the great thing is they got up to the 35. so i think if he would have caught it and took a knee they would have goat up to the 25. so they gained 10 yards with all the extra stuff. obviously this is what can happen when you get a desperation for a big play to win a game. they're struggling right now. so hopefully they stay that way. >> the former college rival. time for another quick break.
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welcome back inside the green bay distillery. some good wisconsin eats there hanging out with jordy nelson. we've got to talk injuries. packers really banged up on both sides of the fieldful here's the list of the players that missed last game, tj lane played but went out. jared randal is still out. matthews missing three in a row. jordy the good news starks is back. what does it mean to have him back on the offense with you? >> it's big for us. it's going to be great to have him back. obviously they didn't really show it this week. because we got so far behind we couldn't use our run game like we wanted to. it's our typical base run plays
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had a huge like i said screen touchdown there as well. he can do a lot of things. it's great to have him back. >> voted best, rated best year after year. now it's time for the wendys question. these are questions from the studio audience. for participating they're going to receive a gift package from wendys. we're going to start with andrea. >> she seems so proud. >> did you look up at him. >> it came on tv. >> so on behalf of andrea what do you enjoy most about green bay? . >> right now it is 60-degree weather in november. i don't mind the snow. sometimes it can get a little too cold. i like the snow and how long it lasts. and play out in the snow with the kids. i mean you get a little bit of everything. so i think the weather is by far
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of everything and have fun in all the seasons. >> where is steve from brookfield. really? this is what you're asking him? okay steve is asking who's a better cook you or your wife? >> definitely my wife. >> loaded question. >> yes, absolutely. no my wife, i tell a lot of people. this when i got married going into my senior year at k state obviously there unknown living with someone for the first time. that was one of the biggest surprises how great a cook she is. she loves trying different things. she can open up the fridge grab a handful of stuff and it's good. i don't question what's going on. even my family who comes up for games, she'll make up some random thing is and they're like what is this. i'm like just eat it.
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>> 100% better. >> thanks for participating in the wendys fans question. we're going to take another time-out.
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this is our man in charge of the music, that is bradley, a
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more fun with jordy. this is the quick trip quiz. we're asking you questions playing washington this week. it's going to be about the nation's capitol. question number one, what former packers coach won a soourp super bowl in green bay then went to washington? >> vince lombardi. >> his name is on the stadium too. >> question number two which current packers executive played for w >> on the money. this one, you've got to think hard on this one. who was the last team to beat washington in the playoffs? >> the green bay packers. >> there it is. [ cheers and applause ] >> that is the quick trip quiz presented by quick trip. we're going to take one more time-out here and we'll be right
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great audience for inside the huddle cohost jordy nelson. a big game coming up in washington. they just beat minnesota. what do you have to do to end up in the win column. >> go out and play good football. obviously. they got a big win, and 5-4 is where they're at. they're in the same situation, every game matters. we're starting to count the wins and losses and figure out where you are. we're just there last year in
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so we've been there, we'll be familiar with it. a lot of guys made big plays in those games. we've got to go out and execute and make big plays. >> can you pull off of last year's win or it is too much of a different team. >> i think some guys can. the more you do that the better it is. that familiarity will be beneficial. but it won't win the game f >> what have you seen from them in the past that you hope to take advantage of? >> their defense is good. they've got a good defense. they've got a great corner, but a little bit of an attitude as well. it's great to have on defense. it's one of those things we'll have to handle. probably good pass rush. solid defense. they've got guys on the outside that can make big plays.
11:56 pm
executes. who doesn't turn the ball over and makes the most plays. >> i think it's time to turn it all around. packers fans what do you think? everything still in front of you. how do you flip this thing around real fast what's the thing that needs to change? just make plays. >> it comes down to it really as simple as it is. you've got to make plays. we start doing that we'll win some games. if we opposing team we'll win some games. >> we'll see you next week.
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oh, my mariah. >> don't you dare.
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>> tanaka does have a crush on her. >> but is she just seeking revenge on her ex? then star wars secret affair revealed. >> whenever i start to talk, harrison gets nervous. >> what carrie fisher says about a romance with harrison ford kept hidden for 40 years. >> i love you. >> i know. plus, the shining star shelley duval's fall from fame. struggling with mental illness. her cry for help now. >> if i say i'm healthy, the me tonight. then is there a new jon and cate gosselin custody war? why the father of eight says he does not know where his son is. >> if you texted kate right now saying where is my son -- i would love you to. >> i'll text her right now. and we're first with new kids on the block and paula abdul after their big tour announcement. >> we're bringing joy, love, and happiness back to the world. we're bringing the happy back. >> now is "entertainment
12:00 am
thornton speaks out after she files for divorce from brad pitt. >> we spoke to billy bob and mare yn cotillard. marion denied accusations she had an affair with pitt, so you might think she would keep tight lipped. that was not the case with me. >> she's an amazing actor, but he's such a good person that it's really not difficult to get along. >> this fall, marion's world was turned upside down having to pu affair with brad. angelina's ex, billy bob thornton, has also spoken out. it was his first time on camera talking about angie since her split. >> she seems, you know, okay to me when i talk -- i don't talk to her that often, though, you know? >> billy, who stars in bad santa 2, tells us he and his ex-wife are still very good friends. >> when people are, you know, going through their trials and tribulations, i try to leave them alone unless they want to talk to me.
12:01 am
you'll be there for her, i imagine? >> of course. >> it's an exciting night for us. >> brad was all smiles, taking selfies in shanghai wile promoting his new film this week. we talked to angie's lawyer laura wasser. >> how has it been dealing with brad's attorneys and managing all the madness of the media and everything? >> the media has been difficult. >> how is angelina doing? how are the kidding doing? >> i think that they're all doing fine. >> here's where things legally with angie and brad. she still has full custody of their six kids. per their new legal agreement, pitt and jolie are free to work out a visitation schedule privately. but for the foreseeable future, when brad does see his kids, a monitor must be present. >> will they all come together for thanksgiving in. >> i don't know. i'm going to imagine that she's going to do what most of us are doing, kevin, which is spending it with her family. now, there's some news on mariah carey after her headline making split.
12:02 am
quite the romantic past with a few ladies, and now one woman who was engaged to james in the 90s just gave mariah some advise on how to win him back. oh, yeah, she went there. it's just the latest drama in mimi's world. ? >> there's mariah wednesday night on stage shooting an upcoming christmas special. of course who was with her? backup dancer bryan tanaka. watch what he does. he escorts mariah we see that handlingering a couple seconds on her waist. then the 33-year-old hoists mariah's daughter monroe on to her shoulder. ? check this out, mariah and bryan are totally flirting in a new promo for ma rye yeah areality show that was released this week. >> tanaka does have a crush on her. >> you saw it. he's not leaving that easily. >> she sits on his lap, pours
12:03 am
him on safari with her and her kids. still, a source close to carey told "e.t." the two are, quote, just friends. regardless, mariah seems to be moving on, but does her ex james packer want to be erased from her life. that's what a source close to the former couple is telling us. the billionaire wants any footage of himself edited out of m mimi's docu-series. >> i don't know what other people think about me, and they don't know my story. they don't know my life. >> so where is we're told he's in seclusion in ba wayne oes air he's. all e-mails are now bouncing back and the phone numbers are disconnected. it doesn't look like there's any going back for these two but if -- and that's a big if -- she wants him back, another one of packer's exes wrote this open letter offering advice. kate fisher, who ended her engagement in james in 1998 says, quote, if you really want him back, play the game. let him make the key decisions,
12:04 am
packer. ? offering insight into what went wrong, kate points to the billionaire's entourage who allegedly made alone time difficult. quote, even in the bedroom. and now shelley duval's plea for help with dr. phil. >> if i say i'm healthy, the first thing they'll do is hurt me tonight. >> who will hurt you? >> whoever is in security or at the bank. >> uh-huh. >> doing nig >> shelley was once one of hollywood's biggest stars. >> i like to think that i'm a chameleon of sorts. >> there's no reason to age. >> who do you think is trying to hurt you or is hurting you? >> somebody who wants to take my place. >> the 67-year-old now struggling with delusions. her appearance, a shocking contrast to the shelley we knew when she was the toast of hollywood. >> i love watching the glamour
12:05 am
glamorous tonight. >> "e.t." was with her dozens of times after she shot to fame opposite jack nicholson in "the shining." >> here's johnny. >> but friday in a startling new interview with dr. phil, her comments were unsettling. >> the man who threatened me is the sheriff of nottingham. >> at one point, shelley brightened up when talking about the late robin williams, her co-star in popeye. >> oh, popeye. >> robin -- i loved robin. he jokes out of nowhere. >> but then another delusion. >> i don't think he's dead. >> you don't think he's dead? >> no. >> where do you think he is? >> shape shifting. >> yeah. >> he looks real good in some forms. in other forms, he doesn't. >> do you see him? >> yes. >> shelley has stayed out of the public eye since her last movie in 2002, reportedly living in her home state of texas.
12:06 am
>> well, that's what i want to help you with. >> i think there's a worried disc inside me. i need help. >> that's why i'm here. >> shelley sought help from dr. phil for her struggles with mental illness. >> will you let me get you to some doctors? >> i was a pretty girl. i was beautiful. >> shelley? >> yes, phil. >> you're still beautiful. let's move on and talk about what a bombshell carrie fisher just ded affair with harrison ford while he was still married. >> i saw him. he looked like a movie star. >> i just think you just can't bear to let a gorgeous girl like me out of your sight. >> that's another secret that i cannot tell you. >> carrie finally admits it. she claims she and harrison had a three-month affair. she was 19.
12:07 am
father of two. calling the star wars set romance, quote, so intense, she confesses it was hahn and leia during the week, and it was carrie and harrison during the weekend. >> i love you. >> i know. >> carrison has fans called them had their first kiss in the back seat of a car. sleep overs in between their apartments. he fell asleep after the first time. she pretended to. carrie writes all about it in her arrist. but it's something she's hinted at for decades. >> do you have a favorite memory? >> yeah, but it's inappropriate. i have a lot of them. he was funny, and i swear to god, inappropriate. >> you anyway not know this but harrison hated love scenes. actually, i think he just hated them with me. i became completely infat waited with him. it was like a high school crush. >> do you still have a crush on han solo.
12:08 am
>> things ended six years before carrie donned that iconic metal bikini. looking back, though, the 60-year-old calls the affair a very long one-nightstand. i loved him, and he allowed it. today harrison is married to calista flockhart. carrie, zfed. so why come clean now? she told "people" magazine it's not like anyone's deeply affected by it anymore and that when she gave harrison a heads-up, his typical dry witted >> coming up, a victoria's secret fashion show preview. >> she's going to piggyback me. >> then -- >> welcome," e.t." to the set of "this is us". >> we're behind the scenes of tv's breakout hit with three really good reasons you should be watching. really good reasons you should be watching. >> instead of rushing to buyorle we gave thanks for what we already have. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods
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dishing on her first date with zayn malik. >> zane recently said in an interview that you blew him away on your first date. >> that's so cute. you know what, we never have actually been on a first date, but it worked out nicely. ? >> now, several dates, one music video, and over a year later, the duo will share the spotlight at the amas. gigi as co-host, zayn, as a nominee for new artist of th year. ? >> the more that he's on his own, the more that he's finding the soul in the music and what's making him really happy. >> from the stage to the cat walk, gigi and sister bella are getting ready to make history. >> you and your sister, the first duo, sister duo to walk in the victoria's secret fashion show. >> insane. incredible. we used to sit in our rooms and watch the show together and, you know, fans were finding old
12:12 am
gigi and i do the show one day, i think bella tweeted, she's going to piggyback me down the finale runway. >> as for the amas. >> we might do a little song number. >> i have thoughts. >> i'm not making any promises. we'll see. >> you know the amas always give us a moment. i cannot wait for this. it's going to be a great show. >> i'll be on that red carpet. i'll be backstage as well with the winners. speaking of great shows, this is us. bona fide freshman hit. "e.t." online lee ann aguilera. >> you almost broke the internet when we saw your bum in the pilot. >> actually, i mean justin and sterling -- >> she's like, we have the most handsome cast of gentlemen. all of them have their shirts off, and it's just like what?
12:13 am
actors that keep nearly 10 million coming back each week. it's all the motion, the plot twists, and one of our favorite tv couples, jack and rebecca. this week we saw them on the verge of breaking up. >> is there any way you can move the meeting? it's a really big game for him. >> it's a big day for me. i'll see what i can do. >> okay. >> this is a hard episode, i feel like. there are people who are fans of this couple, which i am. i'm a fan. i'm able to read the scripts and watch our story go, oh, i'm rooting for this couple. it's -- you know, this is not a great time for them. >> can you turn the light off, babe? >> during our set visit, we found out mandy and milo have a really strong parental bond with their co-stars even though they're all about four years apart. >> we all had dinner two weeks ago, and i was kind of randomly sitting at the head of the table. i was like -- >> they're saying like mom and dad. >> yeah, yeah, exactly.
12:14 am
>> that's my boy! >> moving forward because i feel like it is a family show, people are going to watch it with their families and it's going to turn into little mini viewing parties. what do they need to have with them as they tune in? >> like a nice drink or mocktail and like i feel this is a show that you want comfort food. >> yeah, you want to sit close to people. i think that's kind of the idea. you want to be together with people. if you're watching by yourself, the tv because we will break your heart. >> i've used like five boxes of kleenex halfway through the first season. up next, a beverly hills 90210 reunion. how the cast is supporting shannen doherty in her cancer fight. then people's sexiest man alive, dwayne johnson. we're on the set of his new movie with some very sexy ladies. >> all the makeup artists come around with a squirt of baby oil between every take. >> i'm in trouble.
12:15 am
we're at home with the 26-year-old filling richard dean anderson's role.
12:16 am
12:17 am
actor dwayne "the rock" johnson is people's sexiest man alive. but he had to stay quiet before the official announcement. he worked around that. >> how would you feel about being named the sexiest man alive by "people" magazine? >> if i were to be named the sexiest man alive, how would i feel? i would feel -- great. i would feel cool. that's an awesome thing. >> dwayne "the rock" johnson was such an easy pick this year. if you look at his muscles, it makes it very obvious why we chose him. >> here's what else made people's pick so easy. first and foremost, dwayne johnson is the king of the box office. the rock is the world's highest paid actor. we sboek to him at the premiere of disney's new movie moana. it's out wednesday, and dwayne
12:18 am
star and creatoror lin-manuel miranda. but of course we already knew the rock could sing. ? and i think to myself ? if you're down in hawaii, it's such a wonderful world. >> so beautiful. oh, my gosh. that nancy o'dell gets the serenade. i love that. >> yes, it dwayne. come next year, everybody is going to get a whole lot more of the rock with baywatch. >> kevin frazier was first to hit the set with dwayne and his co-star shirtless zac efron. now we have all the scenes with the women of the movie reboot. ? >> a shot without zach being oiled up.
12:19 am
clearly there's a large amount of sun kreen that has to go on people. >> actually we do. all the makeup artists come around with like a squirt of baby oil between every take. ? >> at miami beach with the sexy stars of baywatch. the ladies are right over there. no, no, i was talking about the ladies. mike kelly, who plays pamela anderson's role -- >> was there any pressure when you booked this role? >> >> perfect. welcome to baywatch. >> was there ever a moment where you're like i just want to breathe and have some ice cream? >> every day. >> you're the cheater. >> i'm a total cheater. >> a little dance party playing stephanie holden, originally played by alexandra paul. >> did you originally work with the guys? have you done any workouts? zach's got a guy who comes onset sometimes, and when zach is
12:20 am
trying to look like zac, all of us. it's the goal. >> i try to give myself a cheat. >> what's your cheat? >> chocolate. >> alexandra, who plays summer quinn, once played the rock's daughter in the blockbuster san andre yasz. >> what do you call him now? >> dwayne. >> do you? >> yeah, i just think it would be so weird to be like, hey, the rock, or good morning, rock. or hey, rock. >> she says she never calls you the rock. >> no never the rock, never rock, never daddy like you call me. >> daddy. >> welcome to baywatch. >> so happy to be here. >> i got my hands full. >> actually priyanka has her hands playing the villain. the rock is almost a foot taller than she is. >> can you imagine me intimidating dwayne. listen, be scared. no. i have to wear my super high stilettos and look him straight
12:21 am
intimidating. >> i'm in trouble. ? >> this is baywatch. >> yeah. >> how much fun is it? >> basically we're hanging out on the beach every day in bathing suits. it's like a party every day. >> sounds like a party to me. how about going to work every day in a bathing suit? the writers have been called upon to put together a script for another movie reboot, star ship troopers. that was a cult sci-fi classic. now to a hit show from the 80s which is back on mac macgyver. the new guy is actor lucas till. >> every time i come home, i just bring my mom here. >> so you're really sweet to your mom. >> correct. >> i love that. >> i make a point to say that in front of the camera. >> i love that. >> hello, gang. >> home here is marietta, georgia. >> this is my mom. this is my little brother. >> brother nick is seven years
12:22 am
>> also there, lucas' manager tom and his high school friend justin. speaking of high school, earlier in the day, lucas had visited his alma mater just a few miles away and took us along. >> oh, this is embarrassing. there we go. this is the principal's office. spent a lot of time in there. we're going to go down to the german room. >> german teacher is justin, who we met at lunch. in high school, they were german students together. [ speaking german ] >> oh, man, i was a loser. look at that. loser right there. >> were you the smooth talker, the confident guy? >> no, not at all. >> dropping by, till's original german teacher. >> that very first year, of course i remember, oh, you've got a student who is in the movies, in the johnny cash movie. >> that's right, lucas played young johnny cash's brother in walk the line. >> when did you know that you
12:23 am
>> i think i was 10. i just didn't have anything to do because i didn't play sports. >> wow, most likely to be famous. >> my students, it's weird. they all know every time his name comes up, they know him. oh, it was hannah montana's boyfriend in the movie. >> he was in the taylor swift music video. >> you went to the prom. >> i did not go to prom. i never went to anything. >> where lucas did go back in the day? video production class. >> this was the play video games because the coach couldn't see you. >> now that he's starring as angus mac guyver, lucas is definitely too cool for school. >> what is the biggest perk of having him? >> you tell girls. >> and while he didn't get the girl in high school, mom dana still has hopes. >> what kind of girl would you like for your son? >> one who makes him happy. >> yeah.
12:24 am
>> i have really enjoyed this. >> thanks for coming out. now to one of the most popular tv casts of all time, the cast of beverly hills 90210. they all got back together last weekend. ? >> obviously we've all been friends over the years, but seeing them all together in one group, this is a first for us. >> it was a rare gathering of the show's stars and luke perry reminded stars the family wasn't complete without shannen doherty, who is >> none of us are up here today without shannen. >> at the event in chicago, shannen's co-stars missed her fighting spirit. >> we were on the set for the groundbreaking series first season. those issues included brenda
12:25 am
something. >> shannon recently told us she never could have imagined that she would battle cancer herself. >> i remember that episode because it really ment a lot to me and i worked very hard. back then, still i was a kid. i thought that i was, you know, invincible. i was going to live forever. >> the reality is she was a very big part of the success of that program. i mean it. we wouldn't be here without her. >> of course everyone here at "e.t." we're all pulling for shannen. >> and we have more to still ahead, andy cohen dishes dirt on all of his a-list friends and the story behind his face-off with michael strahan. >> the headline is andy cohen blasts michael strahan. >> plus kate plus eight is back. >> i actually want to see my kids more. >> i've been wanting to ask you are you ever going to tell me where colin is? >> closed kapgszing provided
12:26 am
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if you're just joining us,
12:29 am
stories. number five, prince harry's long distance romance heats up. prince harry was beaming as he visited a london charity tuesday, and look right there. he was wearing that blue blaeded matching bracelet. it's identical to the one his girlfriend, meghan markle has been seen wearing. she recently stayed with harry in nottingham cottage. >> my sources tell me meghan did get to meet william and kate. >> meghan is reportedly on hiatus from her tv show >> they'll definitely be getting together before christmas. number four, madonna's car pool karaoke. there they were rocking out in manhattan. james corden behind the wheel, imagine riding shotgun. the windshield with seven gopro cameras. at one point, she was grinding on james. number three, police on the
12:30 am
>> female versus male. in a blue passenger car. >> after this call, believed to be about brooke, the utah highway patrol located her, the boys, and a nanny on an interstate in utah. mueller was then taken to an area hospital for evaluation. charlie sheen's ex has a history of drug abuse problems, and a source close to brooke tells "e.t." close, she has relapsed, and this is not normal behavior. days ago brooke seemed fine. number two, shelley duval nearly unrecognizable with dr. phil. >> the man who threatened me is the sheriff of nottingham. >> shelley was once one of hollywood's biggest stars. >> i like to think i'm a chameleon of sorts. >> but today she looks remarkably different, and at this point her diagnosis is unclear. >> i'm very sick. i need help. >> that's why i'm here. and number one, carrie fisher's secret affair with


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