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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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reporter colleen henry joins us. the discussion started on facebook. is he doing anything wrong? >> owning stun guns is legal under certain conditions, but when taser bros. posted this offer for its self-defense products on the riverwest neighborhood page, it sparked conversation and confusion about who can carry. >> you'll send the attacker running just off that loud crackling noise. >> antonio rocha says neigor increasingly concerned about crime, so he and his brother saw a marketing opportunity. they started taser bros., a self-defense products business. >> we see a lot of muggings, a lot of people being followed. some of these people aren't carrying firearms, and it's because they don't want to carry firearms. >> but rocha says this ad he posted on facebook triggered racial slurs and accusations that what he's doing is a felony. >> people seem to think it's illegal all around. that's the controversy.
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regulates stun guns much like firearms. you can buy them, but you need a concealed carry permit if you take them outside your home. rocha has his ccw. the racist comments have disappeared from facebook. other members have offered apologies for the harassment and , rocha says even more are inquiring about alternatives to guns for safety. >> we would have a lot less people trying to attack us because they would be like everybody in riverwest has a taser or a pepper spray, so you might want to be careful jumping out on somebody in the riverwest neighborhood. >> you don't need a concealed carry permit to use a taser or stun gun inside your home or business, but if you're carrying on the street without a permit you could face a felony with a , stiff penalty up to $10,000 in fines, and a six-year prison sentence. >> thank you. you must be 21 to get a concealed carry permit in in wisconsin.
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want them. according to the state department of justice, 33,000 licenses were approved and issued in 2014. that number jumped to 40,000 in 2015. nearly 50,000 licenses have been approved and issued so far this year. kathy: windows shattered and debris all over the street. the city of milwaukee is now issuing citations to four different companies after yesterday's building collapse near kane fa wisn 12 news getting answers from the city tonight. they say if a permit had allowed traffic lanes it would have , required police, fire, and public works crews to control traffic and safety. the city never approved what happened. >> the debris should have gone anywhere onto the site that they applied for the permit. not anywhere else coming forward towards that street. >> so it shouldn't have gone onto the street? >> not at all. kathy: those four companies have each been fined more than $550 as a starting point.
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water main broke under the street where the debris fell. the city's investigation is still ongoing and likely won't be complete for a week. joyce: it's gone hand in hand with professional baseball for decades smokeless tobacco. , the city's common council approved a new ordinance today, banning the product at miller park and all sports facilities. 12 news nick bohr is live at miller park. nick, how will this be enforced? >> there is a fine for somebody who does not comply and keeps using tobacco after they are master -- measure says it's social pressure and expectations that will move players not to mention the fans to comply. jonathan lucroy's bat isn't the only thing that'll be missing at miller park next season. a common council vote today bans smokeless tobacco in all recreation areas, including the brewers home. >> baseball should be a sport promoting physical fitness, not
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in this case cancer. >> the smokeless tobacco ban authored by alderman michael murphy follows similar bans across the country. >> the brewers wanted to let me know they were fully supportive of this. >> red sox great curt schilling helped get boston's ban in place last year after he was treated for mouth cancer he believes was the result of years of smokeless tobacco use. >> you are not telling people you can't do something. you are just telling people they cannot do something on your prty to but any violators would first $250, get a warning. >> this is an initiative through social will that will change behavior. >> the ban was cheered by the campaign for tobacco-free kids, writing, "today's vote sends a simple and powerful message to kids, baseball and tobacco don't mix."
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signs this measure, miller park will become the 12th of 30 major league ballparks to ban smokeless tobacco. joyce: thank you. a milwaukee man is facing attempted first degree homicide charges for allegedly shooting at police. officers were called to a home near 26th and ruby last thursday for reports of a burglary in progress. according to a criminal complaint, when officers arrived they spotted dabreon jefferson , peering into a window. the officer says he identified himself and asked jefferson to show his hands. he says that's when jefferson pointed a gun at him and opened fire. the officer returned fire. no one was hit. officers were able to chase jefferson and arrested him. happening now, volunteers are standing by for your call. it's our food for families phone bank. kathy is there. kathy: we hear a murmur right now, which is a good sign meaning everybody is on the phone taking donations.
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>> i served on the board of directors for the hunger task force or eight years now, and this is one of my favorite charities. thanksgiving is a critical time of year for the hunger task force and the people they served. today, when somebody makes a donation, that donation is matched. incredibly important. now is the time to make an impact in our community. kathy: the statistics are staggeng, how much less dinner for a family in this community. >> $125 is what it takes to provide a meal for a family to enjoy at thanksgiving. we take it for granted because we do it every year, but many people don't have that luxury until they see -- kathy: get back up there. join them all. the number to call, 414-799-9476
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until 7:00 tonight, so it is time to call. joyce: thank you, kathy. a warning for hunters now. a milwaukee man dies while hunting in dodge county. the sheriff's office tells 12 news they discovered the body of the 46-year-old man in a cabin in reeseville. the sheriff says officers are still investigating, but carbon monoxide poisoning may be to blame. the man's 69-year-old father was also in the cabin. he was taken to a hospital. family asked the sheriff's office to do a welfare after the men didn't return home from a weekend hunting trip. the search is on for a missing teenager in lake mills. kendall humphries was last seen three weeks ago. the 16-year-old has brown hair and blue eyes and a scar on her left upper lip. if you have seen her you're , asked to call the lake mills police department. for the first time in 44 years, u.w. madison is not in the top 5 -- top five research universities in the country. data released by the national science foundation shows u.w. slipped from fourth to the sixth
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u.w. officials blame state budget cuts for the drop, but say the school remains a national powerhouse in research. over the next 24 hours, people all over wisconsin will hit the road to their thanksgiving day destinations. depending on where you're headed, you will have to deal with rain or snow or both. chief meteorologist mark baden is in the weather center with more on what to expect. mark: it really depends on where you are going. tonight, a lot of us managed to see a few snowflakes, but one not cause issues on the roads in southeastern wisconsin. it looks ominous now, but the majority of this is hugging right along the mississippi river. it will eventually overcome the dry air in place. that takes you from about oshkosh to the north, then through stevens point, extending towards the twin cities. that is where we will be dealing
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amounts in a few minutes. joyce: don't forget, you can take the forecast with you wherever you go with the free 12 news mobile app. he used to catch passes on the football field, now the former receiver has turned his focus to giving. kathy, you had a chance to catch up with donald driver to talk about life after football. kathy: absolutely. driver has made several trips back to wisconsin since he retired back in 2012. we sat down before one of his latest charity events. >> what have you been doing with yo what donald driver is doing. he says it is a lot of fun. the former football star shared with me the passions that now fuel him off the field, including his latest television endeavor. you'll see my exclusive interview tonight at 10:00. joyce: he is somebody you are naturally drawn to. and he had many different paths he could have taken once he decided to hang up his cleats. kathy: he did, but he said it wasn't hard to figure out what
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-- to take. you'll hear why at 10:00. joyce: and a reminder, the packers will take on the philadelphia eagles next monday night, right here on wisn 12. our coverage starts with the big 12 sports countdown to kickoff at 6:30. that's followed by the game at 7:30. still ahead looking for a , stocking-stuffer? kathy: the holiday gift deal that will have you thinking summer. then, trouble in toyland. the holiday health warning for parents as you check items off season. joyce: lucky to be alive. in a story you'll only see on 12, hear from the local man brought back from the dead, and the man who saved him. kathy: and a reminder, our food for families phone bank is happening now. the number to call to help families in need this holiday season, 414-799-9476.
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joyce: happening now, our food for families phone bank. you're taking a live look from inside the wisn 12 studios. the number to call to help families in need this holiday season is on your screen. it's 414-799-9476. whatever you donate will be matched dollar for dollar tonight.
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it's thanksgiving week, a time for many to count their blessings. kathy: as wisn 12 news mike anderson reports only on 12 tonight, one marquette university professor is just thankful to be alive. >> how old are you now? you are six? is that mean you are in first grade? >> dr. brian hodgson of the marquette university dental faculty is literally back from the dead. the 55-year-old was out for a couple months ago and had a heart attack. >> i remember going down there and maybe running one or two laps, but everything -- the next thing i remember is waking up two weeks later. >> my mom called me and said your dad just woke up. i was like, oh, my god, are you kidding me? >> his daughter amanda is a student at marquette and she's also on the track team. she says her dad works out more than she does.
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here. >> much of the credit goes to the lacrosse trainer aaron doering who was practicing nearby when the doctor went down. >> he wasn't breathing. he was gasping a little bit. no pulse, and we just started cpr. >> the doctor returned to work this week, teaching future dentists and treating patients. >>'s got telling me i want to do something else or is he telling me -- is god telling me i telling me to keep doing what you are doing? that is the biggest thought on my mind, and how close to death i really was. >> we wish him many more runs on this track, heart attack free, of course. kathy: remarkable. dr. hodgson is also thankful to the marquette university police and the milwaukee fire department for acting so quickly in getting him to the hospital.
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something like that. so fortunate it all worked out. kathy: there's trouble in toyland. joyce: new on wisn 12, a holiday health warning to shoppers about some of the toys that may be on your child's wish-list. the wisconsin public interest research group released its annual list of dangerous toys. topping the list, toys containing toxic chemicals, choking hazards, and high lead levels. wispirg found that of the 40 toys recalled over the past year, more than a dozen are still on the shelves in stores, something the group says highlights the importance of doing your research. >> everyone should examine toys carefully for hazards before purchase. don't trust that they're safe just because they're available for sale, be it online or in stores. joyce: for the full list of dangerous toys and tips for parents, head to kathy: oh, my goodness. it is mind-boggling. everybody has something on their list. every year, there's always that
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>> never underestimate the power of seeing tears in your children's eyes, right? kathy: we go the experts to help us understand just what it is that drives us to extremes for the hottest toy or gadget. melinda davenport tells us what we need to know before shopping, tomorrow night on 12 news at 10:00. joyce: here is a warm thought on a cold night, the wisconsin state fair. it may still be months away, but right now, you can cash in on some big holiday discounts. half price tickets are selling for $6 a piece. or the fair bundle, $50 bucks for four admission tickets, ride and game vouchers, a cream puff six pack, and a bargain book. that's half-off as well. the discounts are good until december 31. state there next year is august 3 through the 13th. kathy: i have to double check and find out when melinda is going to tell us about those toys, because i believe it is tonight. you have to watch tonight and tomorrow night. fun to think about cream puffs, but we have turkey on our minds.
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mark: we will get to the cream puffs. we still have to get through winter. we have had an amazingly warm fall. now a lot of you will be traveling and want to know what is going on. tonight, questionable if you are heading north. tomorrow is troublesome northward. thursday, a-ok. if you're traveling on thanksgiving itself, you are ok. the day after, a smal amount of light rain or snow moving in. here is the deal. we have the northern half of the state, where we will deal with snow on wednesday. thursday is all right. cloudy skies throughout the day, 40's. what about black friday? could be a couple of light rain or snow showers in the morning. i am not anticipating this to cause problems on the roads, so around here, we are ok. a different story up north.
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thinking this is not good. there are a few snowflakes mixing in. most of this is actually rain, and the majority is not hitting the ground. it will snow in the northern and northwestern parts of the state, 2-4 inches of snow. temperatures are cold enough to support the snow there. we are warm enough here that we will stay mainly rain throughout the night and during the day tomorrow. midnight tonight, here is the snow, central wisconsin all rain in southeastern wisconsin, extending to just about green bay by 7:00 a.m., but if you are traveling anywhere north of highway 10, that is where you will have to deal with the snow. that is where the snow is going to be. here is 5:00.
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rainy, but tough travel if you are going north. this is a massive snow maker, 2-4 inches of snow across most of northern wisconsin. around here, no snow in terms of accumulation. medium impact, so when i say that, the majority of fat will be on the secondary roads. the main roads will be all right. i-43 north will be wet , but some snow mixing in, especially wednesday morning. i 94, heads up towards the twin cities, you will likely be running into snow, and if you are heading up 41, mainly wet through the fox valley. some snow mixing in closer to green bay. 44 wednesday, rainy day. a dry thanksgiving, so that should be a-ok.
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rain, light snow, not a big deal. we warm up to 50 again on sunday, rain and wind on monday into tuesday, temperatures cooling down for tuesday. thanksgiving is all right. be careful if you are heading up north tonight or tomorrow. kathy: the packers are starting to feel like everything is against them. dan: injuries, the schedule, even the weather conditions. stephanie sutton has our and, no player on the current badger football team has ever lost to minnesota.
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? gets worse each week. according to espn, inside linebacker blake martinez will be sidelined for multiple weeks with an mcl sprain, and clay matthews might be forced to move inside. the packers offense, defense, and special teams all played a part in green bay's loss at washington sunday. even the usually reliable mason crosby missed a field goal. 12 sports stephanie sutton has our exclusive one-on-one with the packers kicker.
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how much did the wind play a factor in your loss to the redskins? >> it was tough. it was, i felt like it was more wind than our playoff game last year. it was significant. i miss that field goal you mentioned. i am mad about it. no one is more disappointed in that kick than i am. i over read it. the wind did seemo things too bad. dan: no matter how bad it gets in green bay, it won't reach the level of the bears, who have probably lost quarterback jay cutler for the rest of the season with a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder, an injury that marks the end of cutler's time in chicago. saturday is senior day for the badgers, who are now ranked sixth in the college football rankings. it's the fourth game against the gophers for senior cornerback sojourn shelton, who has never
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>> i would say grittiness, just around the game. it is one of those games that you truly have to play in. like i said, there are two teams, so much at stake as far as the rivalry, i and i don't like to use the word hate, but dislike for each other. it has truly a fun game to have been a part of. dan: college hoops tonight, marquette hosts iupui at 6:30 at the bradley center. the golden eagles have lost two in a row. and wisconsin tries for their secondai invitational at 7:00 against georgetown. and finally, i just felt i had to show this because it was steph curry at his most ridiculous. last night against the pacers he , hit this shot from three-quarters court. it didn't count because it came after the buzzer, but check out the artistry and degree of difficulty. double-pump, and still made it. and now i am all alone in the studio because everyone else is
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dan. it is exciting because there is a nice jingle we have been hearing for the last couple of minutes. dan: 414-799-9476. keep those phones ringing.
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kanye's breakdown. the kardashians' new crisis tonight. >> i'm going to run. >> kanye west still hospitalized here on a reported psyche hold when his friends and family are telling only "e.t." >> show's over! >> then making a royal prince harry put in the hot seat over his new hollywood girlfriend. what we just learned about a possible honeymoon destination as we sit down with meghan's sister. >> i am so proud -- >> what you never knew about the woman who could become the next princess. >> plus the jennifer aniston's "friends" bombshell, revealing what she absolutely hated about her most famous role. >> i don't mean to say that. >> and tv's most adorable couple is back. we're with chip and joanna


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