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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  November 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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industry workers will most likely be on the job today. melinda: pay close attention to your thanksgiving table. heinz is recalling about 5000 pounds of gravy. the usda says jars of bistro au jus gravy are incorrectly labeled as pork gravy. the product also contains milk and soy but heinz did not label them as allergens. no one has reported getting sick after consuming the gravy. but if you do have one of these boxes, food safety officials say it's better to throw it away. ben: a little. very small amount. melinda: jeremy? all right. 6:00 is your time. the news continues right now. ? >> now a wisn 12 news. ben: good morning everybody. welcome to wisn 12 news this
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davenport. 6:00 on this thursday, november 24. happy thanksgiving. coming up a group of local volunteers headed for north dakota. why they say they felt a call to help pipeline protesters there. ben: and later many people are traveling this holiday weekend. the groups teaming up in our area to make sure you get to your destination safely. first, meteorologist jeremy nelson has a look at your holiday forecast. good morning jeremy. jeremy: good morning everyone. happy thanksgiving. forecast looks ok. the drizzle and light rain has turned the state. we are looking at cloudy skies. a look outside. currently our conditions -- this is a view of both conditions, racine is at 38. breeze at nine miles per hour. clouds will really continue and hang around for most of the day. 43 degrees this afternoon. if you want to get outside the little football around, it looks
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we will talk more about what is in store for the long holiday weekend coming up. melinda: new this morning, a group of local volunteers are traveling to north dakota this thanksgiving to make sure pipeline protesters have full meals for the holiday. 10 volunteers left from west salem in a bus yesterday. they say they felt a call to help out, so they packed hundreds of pounds of food on top of a bus including 4500 bread rolls and 350 pounds of meat. >> we were like we need to do somethin and we have this great bus which really enables us to take a lot out there and bring a lot of people out there so we started talking about it and made it happen. melinda: the group is planning on cooking all the meals they can and donating the rest. before heading back home -- donating the rest before heading back home on sunday. looking ahead, a free thanksgiving meal will be served to thousands in racine today. ben: it's the 7th annual dan and rays rendering thanks.
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for the meal hillary? hillary: this is just the beginning. if you're waking up and thinking i am going to cook for five or 10 people. how about 2500 people? that is what they're going to be doing here at racine festival hall. we are here in the kitchen. let's get a sneak peek of the turkey in the oven. they are seasoned. it is going to be a lot of turkey in order to feed that many people. there they are if only you guys could smell this right now. it is delicious. i have not even tried it yet. let's come over here, because this is one of the guys who started this with dan johnson. these are his special secret -- is it a secret? he was tired of green beans and water so he spice it up.
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black pepper. hillary: i have never heard of onions, bacon and sugar but i am going to try them. what else are you looking forward to? >> honestly, like we do every year, a lot of faces and is seeing the people's expressions when they enjoy the meal and meeting new people and seeing the community come together. for o h we don't have crime but there are so many things bad and negative in the world every day, it is good to see some positive. i'm glad you guys are covering some positive. hillary: he is a big fan. >> there so much negative going on that has to be covered. it is good to see some positive things because there is some good in our community.
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hillary: it is all returning. it is 10:00 to 2:00, racine festival hall. come down here and come hungry. happy thanksgiving. melinda: looks good down there. less than 3 weeks after the presidential election a recount could be in the works. green party candidate jill stein is trying to launch a recount in key swing states including wisconsin. that's after a recent report raised questions about the accuracy of the vote totals in pennsylvania, mich a voting machines were used. the stein campaign needs to raise $2.5 million by friday to fund those recounts. president-elect trump has nominated two prominent republican women for cabinet-level positions. betsy devos has accepted an offer to run the department of education. trump is also selecting south carolina governor nikki haley as u.s. ambassador to the u.n. ben: an update to that fatal bus crash in tennessee a sixth child has now died from their injuries.
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crashed into a tree in chattanooga earlier this week. police say the driver was speeding when he lost control of the bus. right now he's charged with 5 counts of vehicular homicide. here in wisconsin, a different company lamers bus lines has 1400 buses taking kids to and from school every day. melinda: wisn 12 news' ben hutchison rode along to find out just what it takes to become a bus driver. ben: -- >> have quivers in my stomach because of the responsibility we have. ben: hard to describe for the city manager. she has been transporting students for 25 years. she never wants to see a tragedy
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>> we sent for a physical, a preemployment drug test. we run the driving asked jack -- driving abstract. we do a criminal background check. ben: training involves 20 to 25 hours with an instructor behind the wheel. then there is the road test. >> they also look to the right. ben: if there is ever hopefully get it corrected. ben: depending on the offense, they face termination. in milwaukee, ben hutchison, wisn 12 news. melinda: we wanted to compare hiring practices for bus drivers around wisconsin. wisn 12 news reached out to 9 companies lamers is the only one
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jeremy: they have got a turkey behind this getting signs and that's getting exercise and. if you are traveling, things have dried out overnight. let's take a look at current conditions. brisk wind west at 10. that will give us a chill when you factor that in. out the door early today, 30's and then eventually this afternoon 40's but a lot of cloud cover. ra i i will let you know when we could see a couple of snowflakes coming up. ben: this holiday is expected to be the busiest thanksgiving travel weekend in almost a decade. our cameras were at mitchell international airport yesterday as passengers lined up to go through security. aaa expects almost 49 million people to travel 50 miles or more throughout the weekend. so make sure to check with your airline before heading to the airport to make sure your flight
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amtrak officials are asking travelers to plan ahead and be patient this holiday. more than three quarters of a million people traveled on their trains last thanksgiving and they expect record breaking numbers this year especially on sunday. to help with the surge in travelers this weekend -- this weekend, for the first time additional hiawatha trains will run at night between milwaukee and chicago. melinda: you might want to plan ahead for a safe ride home if you plan on drinking this holiday. to help make sure everyone makes it tei -- safely, dozens of law enforcement agencies are teaming up for a special holiday crackdown on drunk driving. more than 30 law enforcement agencies are taking part. the owi task force gathered last night for an official roll-call at goerkes corners in waukesha county. ben: a reminder that because today is federal holiday there is no mail delivery and the stock market is closed. also all government offices will be closed. the city of milwaukee won't pick up your trash or recycling today either. plus parking meter and overnight parking restrictions won't be
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melinda: wisn 12 news, now is 6:09. still ahead retail politics. ben: the impact that the election may have on holiday shopping this season. plus health officials say an average thanksgiving meal has more than 4500 calories. coming up the events happening in our area to help you burn those extra calories.
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ben: the macy's thanksgiving day parade is being held today. this is a live look at some of the balloons lining up for this year's parade. 3 million people are expected to line the street manhattan. unbelievable. i have never been there those balloons are enormous. jeremy: they are made from plastic. weather out there looks like it should be ok. they make it some of the rain to sweep in their direction. the parade should mainly be dry. let's talk about the extremes. late november, that can be very wintry here. 2.5 inches of snow on
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will warm. we know that from our warmest also far. we will be a little more seasonal for today, feeling a little cool breeze with wind chills of the 20's to low 30's. i will let you know how warm it will be this afternoon and when we could see a raindrop snowflake coming up. ben: time now is 6:14 friday t.v. could be dangerous if you aren't careful. the consumer product safety commission says tv's and furniture can fall on kids if they aren't anchored to a wall. this video shows a demonstration using a doll. more than 90% of these types of accidents happen at home and most don't think about it. >> we think of things like locking up our chemicals and putting fences in front of stairways, but we don't think about furniture tipping over. in this country we have a child in the emergency room every 30
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every two weeks from furniture or televisions falling over on top of them. ben: here are some tips to avoid this problem first off anchor all tvs and furniture to the wall. recycle old tvs if you are not using them and avoid storing anything in places where kids might climb up to reach them. hanging hopes on the holidays retailers are banking on big sales this season after some shoppers pulled back during the election. melinda: but following such a to open up their wallets? wisn 12 news' nikole killion has more. nikole: from election season to season's greetings. >> this election cycle kind of took more of the spotlight for everything so now it's over . holidays are here. nikole: megan hancheruk is one of millions of holiday shoppers retailers are trying to woo after a sluggish start. >> the election caused some impact in retail sales. nikole: ana serafin smith is
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more than 25% of consumers said the race would impact their holiday spending plans and 43% said they would be more cautious. >> consumers were concerned at one point in time that depending on the result of the election it could affect a little bit of their spending. nikole: now that the election is over some retail analysts say consumers who are upset or disappointed in the results may pull back on their shopping while those who are happy with the outcome could be more likely to spend. >> i really see the trump effect overall having about a 9% increase in shopping over the christmas season. nikole: britt beemer of america's research group says the uptick is among those who supported the president-elect and may feel more optimistic. shoppers we spoke to say it's not about politics. >> the election had nothing to do with my buying. >> it hasn't really affected me. that doesn't mean i was happy with the results. nikole: in its post-election
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federation wrote shoppers are expected to pull themselves out of the election doldrums. and expect holiday sales to reach $656 billion. >> we think consumers are going to get back on track. nikole: voting with their wallets instead of a ballot. in washington, nikole killion, wisn 12 news. melinda: the national retail federation says nearly six in ten americans will shop either in store or on online this thanksgiving weekend. ben: later today runners will kick off the eighth annual turkey trot in cedarburg. it's ha the event is a great way to get active before your big thanksgiving dinner. there will be a 5-k fun run and a 1.8 mile walk. the turkey trot is pet friendly. it starts at 10:00 this morning. the great milwaukee turkey day run is also happening today. the gobble wobble gets underway at 9:00 a.m. participants will leave from the boerner botanical gardens in hales corners and follow the route through whitnall park.
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like. melinda: you never know. you can go outside today. jeremy: i might have to wobble out there later. running before and maybe you can eat a little more later. that is a good rule of thumb. those who want to be outside, you can be. it is a little on the cool side but we stay dry. today through sunday, little bump in the road but it is going to create a couple spots of damp pavement all so please do not cancel any travel plans you have on friday. outside our weather window, we have some clouds. here is wells street and that is dried off. 39 degrees right now. we caught a brisk wind overnight so that is starting to ease back slightly. that does give us a wind chill or feels-like temperature currently of 32 degrees.
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november. average lows down into the upper 20's. we have only near -- only been near that. that will continue this weekend with above average nighttime lows and a daytime highs fairly seasonal could looking at clouds, the rain has scooted to the east. it will enjoy a dry thanksgiving. we are keeping our eyes put a close a little batch of snow showers in the dakotas. start diminishing as it reaches us here. let's talk about the next several days. cloudy skies today. low 40's in southeast wisconsin. managua, highs mid to upper 30's. the back half of the first part of the weekend, if you're traveling on friday, maybe a
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no accumulation is expected. 40 in madison and 30's up to the north. week ahead is shaping up like this. a long holiday weekend. cloudy and cool and dry. 43 degrees. maybe a sprinkle or very light mix. that is more of a nuisance than anything. how about that? by sunday, 50 degrees and low 50's on monday. no wednesday. that looks more like snow showers. umbrella's and so far snow shovels -- and so far no shovels needed. melinda: a packers fan feeling chilly this winter. why he's sworn off pants until the green and gold pull off a win. ben: plus an explosion inside a man's pocket. the common thing he had that went up in flames and how to protect yourself from the same
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melinda: welcome back. the green bay packers are looking ahead to their monday night match-up against the philadelphia eagles. ben: the green and gold are coming off a tough loss against the redskins last week their
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but aaron rodgers has said before, relax. he seems pretty confident about the rest of the season telling press yesterday that he thinks the team can still run the table this season. wisn 12 sports' dan needles and stephen watson will be in philadelphia for monday night football. coverage starts with the big 12 sports countdown to kickoff at 6:30 live from philadelphia . that's followed by the packers and eagles at 7:30 right here on wisn 12. new this morning, one packers fan is so sick of his team losing, he's braving the cold and promising not to wear pants until his team wins a game. melinda: emily thornton reports from merrill, wisconsin. emily: glenn seefeldt isn't afraid of a wisconsin winter. >> i love this weather. emily and this life-long packers : fan is making a sacrifice until his team finds success.
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losing i told my family and i said i'm going to wear shorts until they win. emily: it started on sunday. >> last sunday i guess i wore pants at church when i went to church. emily: and could continue for weeks to come. >> i'm going to wear shorts wherever i go. emily anything for the green and : gold. >> mwhole life i've watched the packers. they're actually the only team i emily: for those who can't understand why you'd choose to freeze for football. >> some may think my father in law is nuts. he is off his rocker but he is a diehard fan. that's the kind of support they have up here in wisconsin so i'm totally proud to say that's my father in law showing his support for the packer nation. >> i get a lot of comments. are you nuts? do you know how cold it is outside? a lot of people drive by they'll
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i'm in shorts and they'll roll down the window what are you doing? emily if or when the team : finally comes out on top i'm going to wear shorts until they win and ill probably wear shorts after that but then i'll wear pants then too -- melinda: seefeldt says wearing shorts started as his choice, and now his son-in-law put $100 on the line. and it's a bet seefeldt says he doesn't plan on losing. ben: still ahead, a couple in washington state spots a man breaking into their car. how thse accused of breaking into several cars. melinda: plus the thanksgiving turkey is infamous for being a tough meal to cook. the experts who are offering their help and a new way to communicate this year.
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>> now on wisn 12 news. ben: while millions of people get ready for black friday shopping some local families are asking people not to spend money. the message they want to send by having shoppers stay home. melinda: along with the eating many people will be enjoying a drink for thanksgiving. how police are making sure that
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ben: but first we're on weather watch. what to expect this thanksgiving and the best time to travel over the holiday weekend. good morning and welcome to wisn 12 news this morning. i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's on this thanksgiving day thursday november 24. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist jeremy nelson is in the weather center. jeremy: happy thanksgiving. some great news. the pavement has dried off. the rain is good off to the and we are looking at a dry thanksgiving day. there is thicker clouds starting to move into that will spill into our area. it is holding readings. even not as chilly. let's go -- helen do?a and you
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day besides maybe a full stomach, by midday and trying to burn off calories this afternoon, weather-wise, it looks pretty good. low 40's for highs. we will talk about what is in store for the rest of the holiday weekend coming up. melinda: when you're on the go take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. ben: another death after a school bus crash in chattanooga , tennessee. police say six children have died because of the crash. the bus driver johnthony walker is under arrest. he's facing five counts of vehicular homicide along with other charges. police say he was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. police say the bus was going too fast and veered off a narrow road on monday afternoon. it crashed into a tree. now the ceo of the bus company has made a video statement.
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i can't fathom the anguish of the parents of the children who were involved and involved one of my company's buses. ben: investigators say the road where the crash happened was not part of the bus's usual route. melinda: new from overnight, dozens of people killed in china when scaffolding collapsed at a construction site. it happened early this morning. officials say 40 people were -- officials say 70 people were killed in more people may be trapped in the debris. crews were working on a power plant cooling tower when one of the platforms collapsed. new from overnight, officers in michigan lined up outside a hospital overnight to honor an officer who died last night. they escorted his body from the hospital to the medical examiner's office. the officer was shot on tuesday while patroling at wayne state university in detroit. police say they have arrested a
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wauwatosa officer shot and killed jay anderson his family is demanding answers. wisn 12 news' christina palladino reports they want the community to use their dollars to speak out and hold the police department responsible. christina: on the eve of thanksgiving the family of jay anderson jr and their supporters demand to speak with the police chief of wauwatosa in the front lobby of the department. >> what we're looking for is answers. what we're looking for is justice. what we're can't release the dash cam footage. christina: the family was told the chief was not there. the 24-year-old was shot and killed by a wauwatosa police officer in june while sleeping in his car overnight at madison park. the family says they have been given different stories by wauwatosa police and the district attorney's office for months. there is a 20 second clip of dash camera video from the officer's squad of the incident , but it has not been released.
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wisconsin needs to see this video. christina: recently the family released graphic photos from the crime scene to keep this case in the headlines. they are calling for people to avoid spending money at wauwatosa businesses like mayfair mall and the mayfair collection to send a message. >> they can avoid the boycott if they just release the videos. ben: christina palladino reporting. the family tells us they're organizing black friday protests at mayfair mall and at other stores in the area. melinda: another family calling for a black friday boycott. the family of dontre hamilton is asking people to reconsider where they spend money this holiday season. the activists want people to spend money within the african-american community. they called for a similar boycott last year too. hamilton was shot and killed by a milwaukee officer in red arrow park. ben: millions of people are traveling for the holidays although there may not be many cars on the road right now. it's also a big weekend for drinking. law enforcement across the state
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driving under the influence. dozens of different agencies took part in a roll call before hitting the streets. yesterday wisn 12 news rode along with the owi task force. police say the night before thanksgiving is one of the biggest nights for drunk driving along with saint patrick's day and new year's eve. >> in the past bad enough as it is labeled the give thanks to alcohol night. it's when people come home from college and family meets and they go out or get together at home. they travel out. they're basically drinking and driving. ben: officers say the best thing to do if you've had too much to drink is to call a cab and come back for your car later. melinda: thousands of people getting a free thanksgiving meal in racine today. that's where wisn 12 news' hillary mintz is -- is this morning. good morning. hillary: the countdown is on to the big feast. look at this behind me. these are all going to be filled with the trimmings.
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-- you guys like that title? these guys started this. this is the seventh annual year. you want to talk about this amazing -- you have got here. >> feel free to have some. hillary: this will keep you guys going until the big feast. >> you have got to have your veggies. you got to cater everybody. >> -- hillary call you have got to cater to everybody. >> special green beans, yams, mashed potatoes. pies galore. hillary: how many turkeys? 100 turkeys for 2500 people. what are you guys looking forward to the most?
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make my own late and then sitting down with friends and family. listen to the stories. maybe it is the first time coming down. people that have been coming in every year. it is great talking with some many people. everybody is so positive. hillary: volunteers, you cannot do this without them. >> we are lucky enough to come up with the idea. . these guys are going to working hard. it is a free meal. you can come down here for people from all walks of life. this is going to be a packed house in no time. we send it back to you guys. melinda: it is going to be so good. new this morning, how long would you wait for a pie? ben: in texas people lined up for more than an hour to buy their holiday pies. melinda davenport has been one
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people. i used to go here as kid -- as a kid. the blocks and also good. they are stretched around the block because it is worth it. ben: the flying saucer pie company, their pies are flying off the shelves. melinda: the store had to close early around 6:00 p.m. yesterday because they ran out of sweets. i have to say it because he died last year. everyone everyone has a rest in peace, mr. bell -- mr. bell. his legacy still lives. ben: have a slice for mr. bell. right now turkey experts are standing by to answer your questions. melinda: it's the annual butterball turkey talk-line. and this year for the first time you can text your questions. the hot line is open 24-7 for phone calls and texts. so any turkey catastrophes can
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ben: getting the best deal. melinda: the black friday app that could help you get the best deal. ben: a presidential tradition. this morning, to turkeys got
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>> leading the way with important local coverage. you are watching the ice and 12 news this morning. ben: welcome back. 6:42 on thanksgiving morning pete we take a look outside. gray skies here in milwaukee. morning because they are keeping temperatures above freezing down here in southeastern wisconsin. 35 and madison and right at 32 about stevens point. travel forecast statewide for today, it looks good. we have maybe a brief rain shower. temperatures will be around 40. damp pavement if we see those showers and green is go for
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those days coming up. melinda: once the plates have been cleared from the thanksgiving table many of you will be heading out to get started on black friday shopping. it is the busiest, biggest shopping time of the year but are you really ready? mary maloney has some things you need to know before hitting the stores. mary: black friday deals can make these long lines worth it. this year, the national retail federation estimates more than 137 million people plan to during thanksgiving weekend from great thursday to black friday and into sunday. that is more people than last year. before you venture out, be prepared. set a budget, have a place for your receipt and keep your phone charged. don't the you by phony deals. -- don't be duped by phony deals. -- it shows you doorbusters from retailers say you know where to go and when.
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try shopular. it can keep all of your deals and codes in one place. places like -- place is like your own personal circular. you can compare prices online in different stores. it also looks for cash back offers. when you start shopping, try to stay calm and have fun. i am mary moloney. for friday to open up. outlets in pleasant prairie and johnson creek will be open later today from 6:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. then they'll open again on friday morning at 6:00. mayfair mall will be open from 6:00 tonight until midnight. then open up friday at 6:00 a.m. j.c. penney's is open too starting at 3:00 p.m. and giveaways start at 6:00 a.m. on friday. melinda: later today runners will be at miller park for the fifth annual drumstick dash.
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thanksgiving day customs. there will probably be a lot of -- thanksgiving day costumes. there will probably be a lot of turkeys. the drumstick dash mascot dash the turkey will hand out prizes to the top 5 finishers. ben: and in watertown the run turkey run is happening later today. more than 950 people took part in the 5-k last year. it's been going on for 5 years and in that time, $45,000 has been donated to local charities. organizes a toy drive after spending time at children's we told you about cody struble last week. now the toys are rolling in. cody's mom sent this photo showing some of the donations. cody told his mom he wanted to give back and help the other kids at children's. it's called cody's toys for children's hospital. we have information on how to donate on our website americans will be enjoying plenty of turkey today but at least two birds won't be served
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he upheld a tradition that's been going on for decades, the turkey pardon. abc's janay norman has more. janay: president obama letting the bad puns fly. >> this is the last time i'm doing this so we're not leaving any room for leftovers. janay: even in the absence of first daughters sasha and malia the annual turkey pardon was stuffed full of dad jokes. >> i have established another ad dad jokes about turkeys. no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkey. janay: the president joined in the rose garden this year by his nephews austin and aaron saying his daughters had a scheduling conflict or something. >> actually they just couldn't take my jokes anymore. they were fed up. janay: over the last 8 years the tradition has been a lighthearted start to the holiday season. the president making the turkey pardon into more of a showcase
6:47 am
>> time flies even if turkeys don't. janay: this year the two lucky turkeys spared from the dinner table tater and tot. >> he's kind of like the vice turkey. we're working on getting him some aviator glasses. janay: president obama poking fun at vice president joe biden and giving a nod to thos cut. >> who didn't get to ride the gravy train to freedom and prove they were not chicken. janay: turning almost somber the president giving a goodbye of sorts. reflecting over his presidency and thanking the american people before getting back to the puns >> everyone knows thanksgiving traffic can put people in a fowl mood janay: and the pardons. >> all right. congratulations. janay: those two turkeys will
6:48 am
virginia tech which even the president admitted was a little hokey. melinda: get it? thank you to everyone who called into our food for families phone bank this week. ben: with your help we had a record-breaking year. over two days we raised more than $160,000. that passed last year's total by $57,000. the money goes to help feed families this holiday season. a huge thank you to everybody the volunteers. and -- melinda: and now it is turkey time. a good day to pass the football around. it is not going to be raining that much. jeremy: temperatures in the 40's. we don't have to worry about any snow across the upper midwest or today. we're looking at dry conditions for thanksgiving. once we move into friday, there could be a brief rain or snow
6:49 am
enough. if you are traveling both saturday and sunday, it will look great, even warmer. milwaukee this morning started off with cloudy skies. this will be we see from sunrise to sunset. littleton of sunshine expected. -- little to no sunshine expected. that west wind does feel a little bit risk. upper midwest right now. we keep that into the afternoon. maybe warming up to just a handful of degrees, low 40's. sheboygan, you are at 42 today. you go around milwaukee, excel you, low 40's. lake geneva, sherrod and racine, low 40's in that direction.
6:50 am
with the clouds. if you're traveling to the west, you may run into some snow as we get into this evening. a light coating is possible. some of that may stick to i 90. look how that fades away. just a slight chance of a very reef rain or snow shower sometime friday that would primarily be during the morning. the bigger weather maker may be sunday night, monday that looks like it may be warm enough. check out the temperatures. 50 in milwaukee. stick around for monday in the rain showers. next wednesday, will keep tabs on that. ben: 6:50. a thief taken down by a jar of cider. a couple in washington state says they caught the suspect trying to raid their car. they decided to chase him down. the man is a former college
6:51 am
suspect. his wife was still holding onto a bottle of martinelli's cider when they caught up to him so she smacked him with it. >> at what point did you feel it was necessary to clobber this guy with the martinelli's? >> as soon as he pulled the gun on my husband. he had the pistol in his face probably three inches from his face. ben: do not want to mess with that couple. it was really a b.b. gun. police say the suspect's backpack was full of things stolen from other cars. the couple says in hindsight chased down the man. melinda: also new this morning. a worker at a wine store burned by an exploding e-cigarette. it burst into flames inside his pocket yesterday in manhattan. he's in the hospital this morning he will survive. but the man's attorney says he will need surgery for his burns. ben: a little dog in maine goes missing. only to turn up underground. moxie the miniature schnauser is safe this morning. she got past the gate at her owner's home and ran off into the woods.
6:52 am
they could hear her bark below ground. so they pulled out shovels and uncovered a series of intricate tunnels. >> we all realized it was way over our heads with just one shovel and a couple of girls out in the woods in the rain with a flashlight. that's when my mom called the fire department. melinda: what? ben: look at moxie. seven firefighters rusd it took hours to uncover moxie in the tunnels. she was unharmed and didn't seem to upset by the ordeal. it's not clear how those tunnels got there or how moxie got into them. time is 6:52. a final check of your forecast next. melinda: plus a live look at the roads. the travel outlook on this thanksgiving day. and the gma crew is standing by. ?
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too powerful weather system sweeping across america overnight. stop not -- not stopping the millions headed out. we're out on the macy's thanksgiving day parade route with all the fun and details with the increased security.
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ben: time is 6:55. a tragic bus crash in tennessee claims another life. melinda: police announced yesterday a sixth child has died. the bus crashed monday afternoon in chattanooga. dozens of elementary students were on board at the time. the driver has been charged with vehicular homicide. police say he was speeding. ben: overnight a scaffolding collapse in china killed 70 people. it happened at a construction site in eastern china. several people are still missing . officials are working to find them in the debris. construction c w scaffolding collapsed. protesters in north dakota getting some help from right here in wisconsin. a group of local volunteers left for north dakota yesterday. they brought hundreds of pounds of food to provide a thanksgiving meal for the protesters. they're planning to feed everyone they can, and donate any leftover supplies to a food pantry. taking a look at on the roads.
6:57 am
good. they are all in the green. jeremy: the pavement dried out last night so great travel conditions across southeast wisconsin. what will you need back up maybe a jacket -- what will you need? maybe a jacket. it feels like 31 in the city. your thanksgiving forecast looking like this cloudy skies, drive and highs in the low 40's. i prepared a nice bag of
6:58 am
the real inventor of the reuben sandwich may be debatable, but its great taste is not. at subway, this authentic classic is stacked with lean corned beef, bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread.
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thanks for watching. good morning, america. double holiday trouble. two storms sweeping across the country right now, snow and freezing rain making roads slick in the east. a winter storm warning until west. more than a foot of snow expected in some areas as millions of er thanksgiving. high alert. security stepped up for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. 3 million people are expected to line the streets. sand-filled trucks, thousands of officers on duty and at the ready. concern that isis has called the parade a great target. you're hired. donald trump adds to his cabinet set to pick a billionaire investor as commerce secretary after naming the first two women to top posts as the president-elect calls for unity


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