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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  November 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. sheldon: on your mark. get set. shop. >> how early people got in line. adrienne: money pours in to start for a presidential recount. how close organizers are of making it happen. sheldon: and, they escaped syria to start a new life in america, their first thanksgiving in a new country. sheldon: the leftovers are in the fridge, and now, crowds of people are getting a head start on black friday. adrienne: that's right. some stores started their afternoon. on the left, crowds filed in to the best buy in wauwatosa at 5:00. on the right, toys r us was full of shoppers minutes later. sheldon: christina palladino is live inside southridge mall, catching up with shoppers there. >> shoppers were standing shoulder to shoulder in the toy
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, will remain open all night. this was the first and last time danielle lewis and her two young daughters will do black friday again. >> no, this is my first time, and it is so crazy. this is our second store so far and i'm ready to go. , >> over at boston store inside southridge mall, the women's shoe department was jammed. >> it's fun, looking at all the good deals they haven't stuff for christmas shopping for everybody. >> the line wrapped around the corner just to step into the pink store. some people strolled ad looking for any type of deep discounts, but others follow a strict plan. madelyn gonzalez and her family love shopping for deals on black friday. in fact they plan on staying up , all night and have several more stores to go. >> we'll have thanksgiving dinner with the whole family and then after that we all head out , to the stores, shop until we drop and we will continue on , friday as well.
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it has gotten a lot easier in here at southridge mall now that all the turkey and leftovers are gone. southridge mall closes at 1:00 and reopens at 6:00. sheldon: sounds like a busy saturday morning there. kohl's also opened for shoppers tonight. and bargain hunters got a jump start searching for deals. we caught up with shoppers at the store on 27th and howard shortly after it opened earlier this evening. >> money during the holiday season. there's a lot of people to buy you want to be very giving but four. you also have to be very conservative. sheldon: if you're headed out tonight or tomorrow, here is what you need to know. outlets in pleasant prairie and johnson creek are open until 2:00 a.m.. they will reopen at 6:00 a.m. mayfair mall closes at midnight, and reopens at 6:00. brookfield square mall opens at 6:00.
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8:00. though at the malls, the anchor stores may still open on their own. adrienne: maybe you're heading to the mall, or maybe you're heading to your second dinner? i don't know. chief meteorologist mark baden is keeping an eye on the weather tonight. mark: third dinner, for the dinner. adrienne: third desert, second desert. mark: let's talk about that doppler 12 radar network. some flurries in the what is that coming out of the sky? a couple of snowflakes mixing in with missed around menomonee falls. then working up into parts of washington county, moving towards mequon and cedarburg. also, a little in fond du lac county. more snow showers to the west of us. don't be surprised to see a few snowflakes and areas of mist
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above freezing, good news for the roads. we will let you know when we get this out of here and get some sunshine, coming up in weatherwatch 12. adrienne: thank you. wherever you're going, you can check the forecast before you go with our free app. use the interactive radar to see when and where any rain or snow will fall. you can also check the current temperatures wherever you are. sheldon: new tonight milwaukee , police are asking you to be on the lookout for a missing 13-year-old girl. yarielis laguna was last seen around 5:00 tuesday night, near 8th and lincoln. she is believed to still be in the milwaukee area, and may be with friends. if you know where she is, contact milwaukee police. tomorrow, green party presidential candidate jill stein is expected to request a recount of election results in wisconsin. stein has raised almost all of the $4.5 million needed to start the recount process in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. the recount movement comes after a report raised questions about the accuracy of electronic voting machines in those three states. a spokesman for the wisconsin
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12 news this week that they are very confident about wisconsin's results. adrienne: and, another reminder to make sure to keep your holiday celebrations under control. a drunk driving crackdown is in force. you are getting a live look at the freeway system. more than 30 law enforcement agencies are taking part. a 37-year-old pewaukee man arrested for his fifth owi, according to the wisconsin state patrol. a trooper spotted him traveling over 100 miles per hour on a frontage roaar pewaukee. he crashed near golf road and elmhurst road. the trooper then found him covered in blood and walking near his car. but they say his injuries are not life threatening. sheldon: a woman who had an extra-marital affair with former university of wisconsin basketball coach bo ryan is now suing the university. the wisconsin state journal says robin van ert is suing several top university officials, though not ryan himself. the suit in federal court in madison says the university
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misused university money during their affair. and she says the university damaged her reputation by releasing her name to a reporter. all over our area, people sat down to share food and to give thanks. adrienne: about families enjoyed 400 a meal at the milwaukee rescue mission today. that's what you are seeing here. dozens of volunteers helped with the meal. so many people wanted to pitch in fact that you had to call early in the season to hel who send in monetary contributions throughout the holidays, and dozens of volunteers to take their thanksgiving to help us out. adrienne: over all this holiday weekend the rescue mission , expects to serve 1,000 families. sheldon: down in racine two guys , organized an effort to serve
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thanksgiving feast with their own money. once people heard about their good deed, the community wanted to help. this was their seventh year. adrienne: and, more food. lambeau field hosted thousands today. that is our lot of tables there turning the stadium into a , supper spot. for the 14th year, the christian outreach ecumenical thanksgiving dinner happened in the atrium. hundreds of volunteers helped pull it off. i'm not surprised. there were a lot of people there. the packers are looking ahead to their monday night match-up against the philadelphia eagles. wisn 12 sports' dan needles philly for monday night football. coverage starts with the big 12 sports countdown to kickoff at 6:30, live from philadelphia, that's followed by the packers and eagles at 7:30, right here on wisn 12. sheldon: so thanksgiving is about being with your friends, your family, and your loved ones. adrienne: and your work family, right? and a local family is sharing that tradition with people who escaped the humanitarian crisis in syria. how they're helping the family start a new life in america.
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into an ambush on a police officer. we will show you the rest of that confrontation caught on camera. mark: plus, the dreary weather won't last. when to expect a return to sunshine and 50 degree temperatures next in weather watch 12. >> i was seeing all this commotion over here. adrienne: ok. a man's awakes to a crash outside his house. he doesn't let a lack of
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adrienne: take a look at this a , scary accident in new york. a man's e-cigarette explodes in his pocket. you can see the sparks and smoke shooting out. the victim's lawyer says the man will need surgery for burns, but is expected to recover. a frightening ambush in idaho caught on a squad car camera. sheldon: a suspect popped out of the trunk of a abc's eva pilgrim shows us how the officer managed to defend himself. >> caught on dashcam, a terrifying encounter as an idaho officer on a traffic stop fights off a fugitive hiding in the trunk of a car. >> we have to make split-second, difficult decisions that are life and death. >> the video shows lewiston police officer thomas woods stopping this car for not having a license plate. the car had just left a home police say with 22-year-old jesse harrell, a wanted fugitive with multiple arrest warrants, was known to visit. after hearing a noise from the trunk, the officer asks the
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>> and she immediately responded with the words to the effect of it's a toy gun, don't shoot him. ,>> the officer calls for backup. >> i need you here immediately. >> next, you see the trunk open. the officer springs into action, the two wrestling on the ground until back up arrives. police later determined that the firearm was in fact a toy gun. this video released after a particularly dangerous week for law enforcement around the country, five officers shot this week, two killed. reporting. the suspect was booked on charges of resisting arrest and aggravated assault, along with his outstanding warrants. his mother faces charges of harboring a fugitive. sheldon: two people are dead and several others got hurt after a someone opened fire at a holiday football tournament in kentucky. [gunfire] sheldon: you can hear those shots ringing out.
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several hundred people, including louisville's mayor, were at there for the annual football tournament. the mayor didn't get hurt. there is still no word tonight on why the shooting started or if anyone has been arrested. an american service member has been killed in syria. u.s. forces are among those fighting isis in syria. the service member, whose name hasn't been released yet, was killed by an improvised explosive device in the northern part of the country. adrienne: the syrian civil war has killed 400,000 people and led to a flood of refugees. a menomonee falls family opened their home to a family of six who fled the city of aleppo two months ago. they were matched up through catholic charities. today they introduced the , refugees to their first thanksgiving dinner. >> the family has been active in making the transition, committed to being good neighbors, good houseguests, having a successful life here. adrienne: the children are all
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together, and their father just got a driver's license. if you have any job leads for the family, we have a link on to get in touch. a homeless man in chippewa falls has a lot to be grateful for this thanksgiving. police saw the man trying to sleep in below freezing temperatures. turns out he just started a new job and was waiting for his first paycheck to be able to get back on his feet. he was even walking an hour back and forth to work every single day. the officers decided to use their own money to pay for a hotel room and food for him. >> the community, and we have absolute compassion for those in need. just because somebody is homeless, it doesn't make them a bomb, a drunk, a drug user. >> the chippewa falls police officers say this is a unique situation and were happy to help someone down on their luck. sheldon: this thanksgiving, a california mother who disappeared while jogging near her home three weeks ago has been found alive.
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still at large. >> after missing for 22 days this california wife and mother of shari papini, turning up two, alive very early thursday morning about 100 miles away from where she disappeared. >> she was released by her captor, bound by restraints, but was able to summon help from a passing motorist. >> she has been reunited with her husband keith. >> you'd never think you'd be in i would never wish this feeling upon anybody. >> that was 32-year-old keith papini more than a week after his wife went missing. police say he was at work on november 2 when shari went for a jog on this rural road a mile from the couple's redding home and wasn't seen again. when she didn't pick their children up from daycare, keith reported her missing and used the find my phone app to locate her cell phone, found on the side of the street her , headphones still attached, entangled with strands of hair. it kicked off a search and
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>> the investigation is far from over. in fact, it has only begun a new chapter. we are confident with the public's help we will make an arrest in this case. >> police say they are looking for a dark suv with two hispanic females armed with a handgun . they did not reveal a motive and say the public should remain cautious until a suspect is identified. sheldon: watching the macy's thanksgiving day parade is tradition for a lot of people across the country. and this year, we had some hometown talent on the nat >> from a suburb of milwaukee, we welcome the greendale high school marching band, the 13 time wisconsin state champions are excited to perform for us this morning, a step in time.
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sheldon: check them out. that's the greendale high school marching band. these talented students represented wisconsin in new yorks city this morning. they were only one of seven high school bands nationwide marching in the parade. security in new york was very tight. an estimated three million spectators watched the parade in person. officials say there weren't any credible threats, but they took every precaution just in case. this was the 90th year for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. running. >> 3, 2, 1, and go. adrienne: about 3300 runners lined up at miller park this morning for the drumstick dash 5-k. organizers say runners also brought donations to help feed local families. sheldon: all right, pretty decent weather today for a fall holiday. adrienne: not too bad, but a little dreary.
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some sunshine again. we were so spoiled, then all of a sudden you get the clouds, which is much more typical of this time of year, it is tough to take. we have the sunshine coming back, but not yet. we have snowflakes across southeast wisconsin to waukesha, a few flakes here and there. downtown milwaukee, discovery world, i little mist in milwaukee, same story in cathedral square. the holidays are coming up. christmas is only 31 days away. 38 days away until the end of the year. how did that happen? the first day of spring? it's not that far. we will get through winter. let's do it together. cloudy, jury again for black friday, even a few flurries, but then after we get through
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saturday and sunday, so let's talk about your holiday weekend forecast. 42 for the high temperature, so like it was today, a high of 43. a few passing flurries, sprinkles out there. i'm not expecting any accumulation. 45 on saturday, 50 on sunday, which will feel nice. it looks quiet on the doppler 12 radar network, tiny particles coming out of the sky, whether that is snowflakes or a does not show up well on the radar screen, but some flurries out there flying. also, parts of fond du lac in sheboygan county, right over elkhart lake right now, and that will work its way to the east. that is round one. additional snow showers headed towards eau claire out of the twin cities. that will move into our area at some point.
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snowflakes tonight and into tomorrow, but again, not expecting it to add up to a lot. road temperatures should stay above freezing. i'm not expecting freezing conditions on the roads, which is nice. cloudy saturday morning. as the day goes on, the skies clear out, warms up, and gets better by sunday. then by monday, another storm system moving and packing a pretty good punch in terms of warm again. so it means more rain and not snow. 42 for black friday. 45 saturday, 50 on sunday. that is pretty good. 53 degrees monday. not a pleasant day. not pleasant on tuesday either. more rain and wind. cools down wednesday and thursday, 40 degrees, some passing snow showers wednesday into thursday. in the meantime, hopefully you
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weekend. sheldon: thank you so much. another reminder that ellen in the middle of her 12 days of giveaway. and you have a chance to win all 12 prizes at once. you know where to go, head to our website, and scroll to the bottom to register. be sure to watch monday for an all new show to see what you could win. you might want to be careful where you shop for toys this holiday. adrienne: that's right. we'll tell you the hidden dangers that could come with the deepest discounts. sheldon: , christmas ornament based on the year's most famous hat. wait until you hear how much it
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. stephen: tryptophan is the amino acid in turkey that makes you tired. you are probably feeling that right now, and just like many of you, the packers had the day off to consume all the turkey they wanted, but they can't afford the side effects to last through monday night in philadelphia. the packers have averaged just 26 points in their last four losses, mainly because they've struggled on opening drives. in their last two games during the first quarter, the packers tallied five three and outs, and zero points. for the first time with aaron
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with three straight three and outs against the redskins. their first score came at the nine-minute mark in the second quarter. >> i need to be sharper from the start, and i will be. i am confident we can get this thing started off a little better each week, that we can get on the role and be tough to stop. now we have to go out there and do it. it is just idle words right now, but im stephen: all eyes in wisconsin on today's matinee between the vikings and lions. green bay watched their first place deficit drop to two and a half games behind the lions. and we may as well call them the detroit comeback kids, they have trailed in the fourth quarter in every single game this season. vikings with the ball in their hands last, or so we think. it is sam bradford under a minute to play, and he is picked
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minute, and it sets up matt prater for the game winning 40 -yard field goal. the lions are the first team in nfl history to have each of their first 11 games decided by seven points are fewer, and they are now 7-4 and in sole possession of first place in the north. the cowboys further cemented their dominance over the nfc tonight at jerry's world. dak prescott was held to a season-low 195 yards through the air, but he gets it done with his feet here, -- his feet here. ezekiel elliot had two of his own on the ground this afternoon. he finishes with and is now one 97 yard shy of 1,200 on the four touchdowns combined from the rookies and they win 31-26. that's 10 straight victories for the cowboys. and former badger and packer scott tolzein got the start for the colts tonight against the steelers. with andrew luck out with a concussion, tolzein threw the colts touchdowns in a pair of interceptions. they just lost against the steelers 21-7. sheldon, adrienne?
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turned into a thanksgiving tradition. sheldon: we'll take you to a local community dinner so
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announcer: leaving the way with important local coverage, wisn 12 news at 10:00 continues. adrienne: it's time to burn off all of those calories, or at least some of them, and shop. we had 12 news cameras at the best buy on mayfair road in wauwatosa this evening. you see people filing in as the first early black friday and here's a look at shoppers hitting the toys r us at 27th and howard. sheldon: an estimated 140 million people are expected to take advantage of thanksgiving weekend deals. abc's rebecca jarvis shows us some of the big bargains. >> tonight retailers battling it , out with never before seen thanksgiving deals. best buy, target, and kohl's all open right now. macy's too, opening their doors earlier than ever this year. sears with more than 50% off this dryer. macy's slashing more than half off the regular price of these


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