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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  November 25, 2016 12:32am-1:02am CST

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are on the record about her break up. >> keep the ring. >> a celebrity bake off in a star's kitchen. >> what is this? >> my son is everything. >> the dads and moms. >> he started singing and it's cute to hear him say. >> i'm looking at the turkey dinner with melissa mccy. movie. >> for november 24th, 2016. >> we are thankful you joined us. 2016 took an unexpected turn when she split from her billionaire fiance. >> you will not catch her singing the break up blues.
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with paradise. >> we get to see the gorgeous wedding dress. >> what goes through your mind? how emotional is that for you? >> i can sit here and be in an emotional moment about it, but i would rather say -- >> it's a safe space. say whateve >> those moments, you have to focus on whatever you are focusing on and keep it moving. >> have you had to reedit and your has changed. >> things change from day to day. we're got an advanced peek before the premier and aside from a quick shot, there is absolutely zero sign of her
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i would. >> then you just errored your question. >> something our female fans really love is inconvenience fee. >> we deserve so much more than that. we deserve everything. >> don't you dare. >> despite the split, there is no shortage of men in her life. her ex is supporting her through this time and so is her back u dancer, brian tanaka. >> she a hoty and the speculation that you guys are dating. can we clear it up? what is going on? he is fine. . >> you have to wait and watch the show. >> you are just being dramatic. >> in your personal life. >> how do you guys work that
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mind being on the show? it's just about being nice with the other parent and not making it a competition or anything like that. >> what are your plans for the holidays? >> the usual plan. santa claus comes every christmas eve and the reindeer as well. the snowy christmas in as it's my favorite time of year. >> she will be back on stage in honolulu tomorrow and saturday night. if you think your turkey day can be awkward, be thankful you are not a kardashian. >> i'm going to [ bleep ] the diet and kylie is making thanksgiving dinner this year. i can't ask her to make gluten free. i don't want to. >> you know the yams will be ready because they will be really, really soft.
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would look like. kim and kanye are talking about their plans as to when they return to social media. don't snap chat me in. everyone posts stuff about dinner and their clothes. >> i'm going to grab my phone. >> where does everyone sit? will kris will bring cory campbell. two years and they are still together. tyga used to be engaged to black china and she is engaged to hob and they are parents to baby dream. their son will go down to the kid's table with north and mason and reign.
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her niece's and nephews name. >> dream, north, and saint. rank the baby names from best to worst. >> i like north. >> north is best? >> which do you hate? >> north saint dream. >> here is a family who has been holidays. they will have o doerable baby luna and she has been tooking up a storm. that's topping my tuna casserole. >> she is all about the homemade comfort food. one look will leave you feeling hungry.
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break it off. no bad blood, just a lot of sweet treats. >> if you are looking for home cooking, go over to kate hudson. >> meatballs and past a. >> the mouth watering meals and the secret to success is keeping the kitchen organized. >> it's faster and pleasurable. >> her son helped with the cooking and eating, but not >> you washed yours? >> of course is not just about cooking up the perfect meal. it's a time to appreciate the loveds in your life. star dads make their families very thankful. >> r my son is everything. >> he keeps up with all the words to can't stop the feeling.
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bragging on his kid, but he is pretty rad. >> all the adorable instagrams of sil us. keep them coming. the posts show he is very hands on with his three. he lets the kids lay on top of him. cruz just might be a popular like his mom, posh. he is definitely proud. >> hearing david talk about pif-year-old harper. >> i have no power with that little girl. i love all my children equally, but i'm stricter with the boys than harper that gets me in trouble with my wife when she asked for something. i can't say no. >> matthew mcconaughey takes his children back home.
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cold and we swim in the river. my son d.j. had a great time. >> it's the law that proves there is nothing the sexiest dad alive won't do. >> my baby girl was at 8 pumpkin patch and there was a picachu and she went crazy. it's not only haee i am sweating my as off. hot in there. you want to dance? you want music? putting on music and making me dance? crazy. >> the rock is not the only reason to see that. we want you to meet the new talent. she has one of the most
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how to pronounce it. parve are demi going of the wind ask sea. >> lean legs and you add another. >> originally thought she was auditioning for a fund-raiser. >> you did not chase this job, did you? >> no. i was a freshman in high school and i was focusing freshman in high school. >> they saw her and she returned for an official audition. >> they want you to be the voice of moana. >> thank you! >> is about to change for this lady from hawaii who just turned 16. >> i have gone back to school and my teachers and friends call me that.
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this and what has it been like for them? >> incredible for all of us. my mom is along for the journey and it's the perfect balance between the celebrity that everyone thinks i'm living, but really i'm just normal. >> you are a star now. >> stop! >> carrie underwood tells us the five things she is grateful for. >> he is a great man and hot. >> her hubby and her son, but who rounds out the list? >> i'm on the set with melissa
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>> this saturday you can see the
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what a year this has been for carrie underwood. had he ever music continues to burn up the country charts. ever since she won "american idol" in 2005. she has so much to be thankful for, we made a list for her. >> it's just all about memories and eating and celebrating and being with each years, mike fisher. >> he's a great man and he is hot. i think so. he has a great heart and he works so hard. he is a good husband and father. >> number two is her o doerable little boy, isaiah. >> he loves music and loves to sing. >> right now he started singing
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it's cute to hear him say that. ? >> carrie sold more than 20 million albums, this one we are thankful to carrie for. her fashion parade is on point. >> what do i feel good in? that's what it's about when you dress up for any occasion and whether it's dinner out with yourself or the red carpet or feeling good about yourself. a concert on the cruise ship that we all should be grateful for the men and people who keep us safe. >> it's important to say thank you to our military families. >> gilmore girls is back before you can start bingeing, we are breaking down the reboot. who is returning and who is not.
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wonderful. we missed him. >> behind the scenes on melissa mccarthy's new might have. she is the funniest actress, but
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that's your writing! you after santa's job? it was a one-day deal. sorry, santa. it's no crime to gift yourself. get a samsung galaxy s7 this friday and get $500 back while it lasts. >> there a lot of things i am thankful for. is melissa carthy.
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went to visit her and she was shooting a scene on a racket ball court. she challenged me and i'm thankful to be alive. >> we are going to hit that ball. >> anything goes and the more you hit your partner, the more points you get. >> okay. >> i have to wear a cup. and go. >> that was >> no! >> nobody is in a game with melissa. not me. not the cameraman. not the other cameraman. speaking of not safe, melissa's husband has been in harm's way a
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that's melissa's lawyer in the boss and her boss in tammy. >> she is disgruntled. >> he is directioning life of the party where melissa goes back to college and pops in for cameos and almost all of his life's films. >> what's that? >> i have to get back to my seat. >> he always has a role. >> here didn't get hit by anything. that's the first time. w the boss. that's her youngest on the left and here is the oldest, vivian, plays a younger version of melissa. >> what's the matter with me. >> they are in it because i like them to know that when we are here and not with them, we are actually working. they do think sometimes it's good for them to see you have to do this. >> to complete the family affair, melissa and ben make
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moment. >> that's four seconds in the boss. i slammed the door. >> they slam it better than anybody. >> you moved the family to atlanta. >> we don't separate well. i get weird without ben and the kids. it's too quiet. i would do anything for quiet time and after 45 minutes, i'm like >> as for the encore competition, i got pay back. >> they are going to kill you. >> i swear to you that was an accident. >> good. it looks like it was me. i thought you did that because right before she was smoking it. >> she was wearing me out.
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on the set and it is always fun with melissa. they make it a family affair. thanks for having me down. >> it looks like a lot of fun. >> melissa mccarthy got her big break on gilmore girls. now she is back for the reunion. >> we have a limited time. we will keep it short. >> the reboot picks up nine years later. >> we jumped some days it feels like we never left. >> more than 37 cast members return for the 90-minute episode. >> they neat sustenance. >> i saw you grab those mini donuts. >> he may not stay that way. all three of her love interests are returning including her first love from super natural. the one that got away and the
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>> what's the contender. >> it's incredible to have this opportunity that can go back to these interactions. they are still the same people. they evolved quite a bit. >> one will be missing. ann herman passed away and his death was written into the reboot. >> that's wonderful. >> the whole world. >> his wonderful. we miss him very much. >> be ready for the final four words. she kept that a secret for ten years. i didn't stop the cast from making suggestions. >> none of my words were chosen. i was hot under the collar and made phone calls. i got hung up on and i felt like
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>> the original gilmore girl series, there are 153 episodes. it's going to take nearly 110 hours to watch them all. >> there are no commercials on netflix. >> this is true. >> let's move on to our birthdays. which actress auditioned for a
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12:58 am your destination for
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which emmy winning actress auditioned for the title role in katherine heigl who today turned 38. >> doing well though. we hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving. we know we did. we competed in the annual thanksgiving cook off. i did. yes, it is. everybody is really good. the best part is i have to say a food drive benefitted the food >> everyone deserves a happy thanksgiving. enjoy the rest of yours. >> enjoy, everybody.
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