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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  November 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm CST

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adrienne: t.v. moms. tonight, we remember florence henderson. florence henderson passed away last night in los angeles. she was 82 years old. she played carol brady on the brady bunch and most recently competed on "dancing with the stars."
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actress suffered heart failure. tonight on 20/20. he hardly communicated as a child, but now, his words are helping millions understand what it's like to have autism. owen suskind stopped speaking at three years old and didn't speak again until years later. when he finally spoke, owen's parents found out he understood the world through disney movies. abc's deborah roberts spoke to owen who is now in his 20's. >> he has dreams and hopes and ideas for his life. and you see this kid emerge and blossom. it is really just an amazing thing to see. and also may offer hope to a lot of families. adrienne: you can see owen's story and his message to parents tonight on 20/20. it starts at 9:00, followed by wisn 12 news at 10:00. when it comes to black friday in wisconsin, it doesn't get any more milwaukee than this. hundreds of people lined up outside lakefront brewery early this morning to get their hands on the limited edition black friday brew. wisn 12 news tim elliott had the
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lakefront brewers were fishing on paying, waiting for the rush. -- lakefront brewers were fist pumping, ready for the rush. at 8:00 a.m., dave armstrong was the first through the door. >> i've been first in line every year. 9:00 p.m. thanksgiving night to get lakefront's black friday imperial stout. the line overnight seemed to go on forever, hundreds of people all bundled up, some getting an early start on the party. >> i'm drunk. [laughter] you shouldn't put me on tv tim: all hoping to get their hands on the exclusive beer aged in bourbon barrels. >> i love the beer.
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5:30 this morning. >> this crowd is awesome. i mean everyone is bottle sharing passing beer around everyone is drinking at 6:00 in the morning. so why not. and it's a great crowd great atmosphere. >> we put everything possible in it to make it the biggest tastiest beer we possibly can . tim: russ klitsch with lakefront brewery says this is the 5th year of the black friday event. 4,000 bottles, 3 bottles per person, max. >> is grown -- it has grown to be a big event i think we have the largest crowd out there very today the weather has been nice that's a good thing. tim: armstrong says the event is
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and you can bet he'll be right back here, same time next year. adrienne: the bottles of beer sold out this morning. but don't worry, if you're looking for a taste, they have it on tap at the brewery. you can even get a cat or a dog at a discount at the elmbrook humane society. adoption fees are waived today through december 23 thanks to generous donations. >> you can use that money you would normally spend toward the fee to pay for treats and toys and added care for the animal. adrienne: slater, do not look at the screen right now. [laughter] the milwaukee area domestic animal control commission is also offering free pet adoptions. their deal runs through cyber monday. a tree from wisconsin is at the white house tonight as the official christmas tree. ? first lady michelle obama welcomed the tree this morning. the tree will sit in the blue room. the first lady was joined by her nephews instead of daughters
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when you have teenagers, those two are asleep and these two are up. the balsim fir was harvested earlier this month in oconto at whispering pines tree farm. the owners joined the first lady for the ceremony this morning. definitely an honor representing wisconsin. it was a bit chilly for all those shoppers earlier today. that's why we do online shopping. how's it looking for the rest of the night? lindsay: this weekis we have a little bit of rain, a little bit of nick's. let me break it down for you. this is what is happening over the next few days. this weekend, mid and upper 40's. that is not bad this time of year. typically, we are at 41 degrees. we do have this next system arriving as we head into monday night, leading into tuesday. this system will bring us mainly rain.
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snow issues. but we could see accumulations between half an inch to an inch. again, rain. this is rain, folks. don't get too excited. not snow quite yet. that right there is the direct reason why we will stay more mild over the weekend. i am i not next weather system read about here. obviously, they all come from this direction, but you can see this low eventually will get some moisture and eventually work its way towards area in southeastern wisconsin and then bring some decent amounts of rain. we honestly do need it. but this will happen by the time we get to monday. saturday, look at that. 50 in medicine.
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sun. by the end of the day, i think we will get more sunshine. for sunday, dry and mild. not a whole happening. like i said, i do anticipate more cloud cover tomorrow morning. generally, we will see more that sunshine. by sunday, it starts good. see all that rain behind me? that is the warm front get it will be moving its way as we head into overnight sunday, here that says 6:30. you are good to go sunday. but monday morning will be a soggy mess. be sure you keep that in mind. you can see potential rainfall as we head into monday and tuesday. a quarter of an inch to half an inch. half an inch to an inches
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traveling, saturday and sunday look good. mondays when it starts to get soggy. waukesha looks good. it felt so cold with that we do today. tonight into the 30's. some stubborn clouds. but they help to keep the temperatures warmer than they normally would be without them. tomorrow, mid 40's. not too bad. crazy the rain lasting through tuesday and a little more rain wednesday. we might have a mix of rain and sleet on thursday. friday looks good. it's a little cooler. heading into this active pattern as we get closer to december. we will be at the parade in grafton tomorrow. we will be throwing a lot of
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she's in the middle of her 12 days of giveaways. wisn 12 viewers will have a chance to win all of the 12 days prizes, that's right, all of them. go to and scroll to the bottom to register. be sure to watch monday for an all new show, to see what you could win. it was a big day for the badgers football team. and steven: and they did not even play. the packers will have another running backo work with on
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stephen: the badgers control their own destiny. maybe all the way to the college football playoffs. it continues tomorrow against minnesota. but thanks to a little help from their friends in iowa city this afternoon, the badgers have already secured a spot in the big 10 championship, in a game you may have seen right here on wisn 12. all iowa from the 1st quarter. akrum wadley with the quick feet and he has daylight. 75 yards to the house. it's one of two 70-plus yard touchdowns in the 1st quarter alone from the hawkeyes. they roll over the huskers by a final of 40-10.
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the badgers would have the head-to-head wins over both iowa and nebraska. bucky is headed to indianapolis next weekend as big ten west champs. but this badgers team has no intention of letting paul bunyan's axe leave madison on saturday night at camp randall stadium. a win would also keep them in the hunt for the college football playoffs. but they aren't ready to talk about that quite yet. >> honestly, we really don't pay attention to that in the locker room. guys probably think that in the back t. week and give it our best effort. >> the fact that we're getting closer to the end doesn't mean anything has changed for us perspective-wise or anything. i feel we just need to stay focused and locked in to what we've been doing. stephen: the packers aim to get the offense going early on monday night against the eagles, and it starts with the run gamee the only one who's scored a
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rodgerwas also the packers leading active rusher unwhen the he averaged over 50 yards per -- when they acquired christine michael. he averaged over 50 yards per game and scored six rushing touchdowns with the seahawks. he told us he is a part of the packers game plan alongside james starks on monday night, >> he scored six touchdowns. very quick very a flood. and he's happy to be here. he's looking for an opportunity. stephen:nd some good news on the defensive side of the ball adrienne: this is one of our last newscasts with one of our
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and look, the forecast is nicer her the whole weekend. when you can see monday is when the rain happens.
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>> i heard you had a starbucks in your house. >> you heard what? >> and that all the employees have to wear cashmere. >> i'm very willing to come here and hang out with barbra at any given moment. ? ask what i want and i will see ? >> now that she's back singing live, i had to know. what is one thing that barbra streisand must have with her when she's out on tour in. >> a person like you that says my name right. they call me all kinds of strange pronunciations. >> let's set them straight. >> okay. >> barbra streisand. >> streiiand. >> i'm happy i got it right. you know what i mean? >> thank you. i applaud you. >> i'm glad you got it right
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don't mess with the legend. you're going to hear barbra's husband james brolin on the album, talking, not singing. they celebrated 18 years of marriage this summer. here is another lady who knows all about making love last in hollywood. pam dawber is one of our favorite all time stars, and you may remember her from mork and mindy. when she sat down with nichelle turner, she explained why. i don't think people can work all the time in show business and stay married. >> pam marriee mark harmon, she was starring on the sitcom my sister sam. after giving birth to the couple's two sons, she alked away from fame for family. >> i did everything you can do in this business. and i had children. i wanted to drive my kids to school. i wanted to be there for their birthdays and bring cupcakes and
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festivals and all that. and i did. and my husband was working all the time. >> and still is. >> and still is. >> you guys were our, like, you know, hollywood couple. >> yeah. >> you were. you were our it couple. and you -- >> i know. >> when you're married, that's real life. to go and -- i'm not for that. plastering your kids on the cover of the magazines, my have never seen anything i've done, i'm just their mom. they don't care about what i did. they care about that they're doing. their father is iconic enough for two boys. they don't listen to me. dad used to bring you here when you were little. >> earlier this montt, pam made a rare tv appearance on the odd couple to pay tribute to garry marshall who created mork and mindy and had given her and robin williams their big breaks. >> what are you doing?
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>> it is emotional for pam to talk about robin. shortly before his suicide, he coaxed her out of retirement so they coold reunite on his show the crazyone. >> you are aware it is after 1:00 in the morning? >> oh, yeah. >> what do you miss most about robin? >> i hadn't seen robin for 20 years. and i did that wanted to be with robin. i wanted to see robin. that was a gift. that was such a gift. >> such a great lady. you know, try as they might to keep their sons away from hollywood, the boys wanted in. 28-year-old shawn played mark on ncis and 24-year-old ty is a screenwriter. >> announcing their birthdays in the entertainment tonight birthdays soon. which garages with a the birth
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app. welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which anchorman ar was the first place for -- that is christina applegate. she turned 45 today. >> we hhve run out of time. we'll leave you with a little sneak peek of monday's "e.t." >> monday on "e.t.," mariah moves on. >> are you going to keep the ring? >> after a nasty breakup with her next move, should her ex-fiance be worried? and dolly parton reveals her favorite holiddy memories.
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? (man) today, children everywhere are making preparations for an event of world-shaking significance-- the annual visit of santa claus. informed sources report legions of junior citizens are making monumental efforts not to cry meanwhile, letters by the thousands have been flooding postal facilities at the north pole. doggone thing always conks out when you... well, hello there. uh, my name's special delivery kluger-- s.d. for short. oh, i've got lots of letters for santa today. and every year, they're the same.


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