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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  November 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: wisn 12 news starts now with breaking news. adrienne: that breaking news, a dad and his nine-year-old daughter killed in a crash in racine county. ben hutchison joins us live from four mile road and old farm road in caledonia. what do we know so far? ben: say it was caused by age drunk driver. the father and daughter had slowed down to turn left into the neighborhood here where they lived and the truck behind them , slammed into the back of their car. the momentum of the crash carrying the vehicles about a hundred yards down the road onto the shoulder a 39-year-old man , and his nine-year-old daughter
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hospital. investigators now working to determine how fast the truck was traveling. the driver, a 25-year-old man from racine arrested on two , counts of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle. an absolutely heartbreaking tonight in caledonia. adrienne: thank you. incredible dashcam footage captured by a hales corners police sergeant. the crash happening near 76th and layton in greenfield after as you watch this, it is amazing to think everyone survived. >> early wednesday morning a car , speeds past hales corners police sergeant anthony henner on west force home. he starts to follow before turning on his lights. the driver exits at layton avenue, but refuses to stop leading sergeant henner the , wrong direction toward 76th street. moments later, the suspect runs a red light and slams into an suv taking out a sign and , retaining wall.
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contact vehicle on fire. >> here the suspect jumps out the passenger side. >> stay down. stay down. get away from the vehicle. >> as the car goes up in flames sergeant henner chases the , suspect, jumping a retaining wall. greenfield officers then arrive to help and arrest the driver who started the chaos. sergeant henner helps two men hurt in the suv. >> i'm going to try to get you out of here come all right? the vehicle is on fire. is anything wrong with your neck or back? >> amazingly those two men were not seriously hurt. police tell us the suspect in custody is a 20-year-old man for milwaukee county. more than two weeks after the presidential election wisconsin , is back in the political
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officially filed for a recount here and is expected to do the same in two other states. the move comes after some election-watchers saw what they call statistical anomalies in wisconsin's vote totals, and discrepancies with exit poll numbers. the questions are about voting machines. >> we are not doing this to the benefit of one candidate over the other. we're doing this for the benefit of the american public so we can trust that our votes are counted. >> hacking is subtle. you have to actually examine the votes, paper copies of the votes, and compare that result with your electronic result. adrienne: officials earlier told 12 news that hacking voting machines would be close to impossible. now as for the other states we were talking about the deadline , to file for a recount in pennsylvania is monday. michigan's deadline is wednesday. by federal law, final vote totals must be in by december 13. at last check, the green party has raised nearly $5.5 million to pay for the recount effort. they set a fundraising goal of $7 million. and we're following a developing story in president-elect donald
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clarke will meet with trump monday at trump tower in new york. that's according to a republican national committee official. trump is meeting with a variety of candidates to fill in his administration. clarke was extremely vocal about supporting trump during the campaign. a spokesman tells 12 news clarke has no comment tonight on the meeting. 12 news was the first to report this story today through our mobile app. you can get the latest break news as it happens by downloading our app for free to your smartphone or tablet. in the meantime, trump's transition team announced two other appointments today. he named campaign attorney donald mcgahn to be white house counsel. and fox news analyst k.t. mcfarland as deputy national security advisor. neither position requires senate confirmation. this will be a busy weekend for traveling, shopping, i don't know, more eating. meteorologist lindsey slater joins us now.
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excellent. our radar is looking good. some rain, drizzle, on and off today, and some mix and fond du lac in sheboygan counties earlier. now, 38, slowly dropping. this is the time of night when we tank, but some decent cloud cover, so that helps to keep the temperature stable during the trend through 4:00 in the morning, dropping near 30. an overnight load near 30 degrees, 29 sheboygan, 29 fond du lac. next, how the weekend is shaping up. plus, i'll next chance of rain and snow in the forecast. adrienne: thank you. you can track the weather on-the-go this weekend with our free app.
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interactive radar and keep an eye on the seven day forecast. shoppers hit the stores early this morning for black friday. we had crews spread out in our area. you are looking here at video from mayfair mall. retailers are happy about the long lines, of course but the , craziness overwhelmed some shoppers. >> we went to bath and body works and the line was wrapped around the whole store so we , were like forget it. we're not even going to bother. >> i'm going to pray my way through th. at southridge mall in greendale. plenty of early birds flocking to get the best deals but we , didn't see any really long lines. we had news chopper 12 checking out the crowds from above. you're looking at brookfield square. it opened at 6:00 a.m. the mall saw some steady crowds all day. a growing number of people are doing their holiday shopping online. a company that tracks online sales says we spent just more
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that is more than last year but $11.5 billion short of the some $2 billion experts predicted. they believe early discounts in the days leading up to thanksgiving cut into yesterday's sales. and the stock market ended the week with some new record highs. the dow gained 68 points, remaining above 19,000. the nasdaq rose by 18 points, and the s&p added 8. a local holiday tradition is back. candy cane lane opened for the season tonight in west allis. here's a look at this year's display, so pretty. the area around 92nd and oklahoma is lit up with holiday organizers ask people who drive through to try to make a donation to the macc fund, helping the fight against childhood cancer. good cause there. the green bay packers are getting ready to take on the eagles monday night in philadelphia. we are counting down here. wisn 12 sports' dan needles and stephen watson will be in philly for the game. coverage starts with the big 12 sports countdown to kickoff at 6:30. followed by the packers and eagles at 7:30. you can find it all right here
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about turning your hobby into a career? one local man made that dream come true. we'll take you to his unique new store. a tree harvested in wisconsin, all set to take center stage at the white house but tonight , there's been a glitch. we will share it. how much rain we could see and how much rain we can get, that's
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? adrienne: a tree from wisconsin is at the white house tonight, but not as the official christmas tree. we got demoted. you see first lady michelle obama and her nephews welcoming the tree this morning. the balsim fir harvested earlier this month in oconto wasn't quite tall enough to sit in the blue room. they replaced it with a tree from pennsylvania. still have a home somewhere in the white house. always a good holiday gift option if you ask me. we are talking about shoes. a shop in milwaukee carries some potentially rare finds. only on wisn 12 news, ben hutchison introduces us to business owner that has quite the collection. >> the first thing i collected was pok?mon cards. then i got into tennis shoes. >> friends call him rico, and he got into sneakers in a big way
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shoes in tennessee, and i was able to sell to my friends here. >> he sold his collection and started an online business and now has his own shop trusted , kicks downtown milwaukee. that includes a large selection of jordans varying from new to used common and rare. , customers can buy, sell, or trade. he wants to be able to mentor the youth. >> shoes and to show kids that if they put their mind to it, they have a chance to be entrepreneurs. >> one of his customers john henson of the milwaukee bucks . rico's constantly coming across high demand products. it is extremely rare. the price tag right around
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>> take a bunch of these and these. >> so we didn't work out a deal but meeting new people and , sharing his passion with others is what it is all about. >> doing something that i love. >> in milwaukee, ben hutchison, wisn 12 news. adrienne: he also just opened a clothing boutique next door. trusted kicks is located near water and michigan, in milwaukee. the big mac is getting some company. mcdonald's unveiled two new variations of its signature sandwich. the grand mac is super-sized, with one third pound of beef. while the mac junior will only have one beef patty. both will still have the fixings of a regular big mac. i can't talk about this today after thanksgiving. i am so full. the new burgers will be sold for a limited time, early next year. don't call it a comeback. this year the hottest video game system is actually 30-years-old. the nes classic is back on the market, but good luck finding it. the gaming system is flying off the shelves. originally released in 1985, the
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nintendo decided to release an updated version of the iconic system earlier this year. for 60 bucks you get the system and 30 games built in. games like super mario brothers, donkey kong, and zelda. >> the key to this console is really nostalgia. you are not getting this probably to play a lot those games. you're getting it because it reminds your of your childhood or your mid 20's or whatever it unfortunately it's in , really, really short supply. adrienne: if you're looking to buy the nes classic, try checking amazon regularly. the expert we talked to says that's your best bet to finding it before the holidays. and big news for star wars fans. advance tickets for rogue one go on sale this coming monday. we saw that on the official star wars twitter account today. rogue one is a prequel to the classic star wars story. it hits theaters december 16.
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for the stores but also some , shelters are getting in on the game. you can get a cat or a dog at a discount at the elmbrook humane society. adoption fees are waived today through december 23. >> we've a lot of bonded pairs for cats, a lot of puppies right now and some of our longer term , dogs as well we're hoping the , added attention will help them get homes as well. adrienne: the milwaukee area domestic animal control commission is also offering free pet adoptions. it is a journey of remembrance. this morning, this group started a run from milwaukee to chicago. they're doing it in memory of a friend who died of als one year ago. alfredo perro pedro loved running and he did this same trek a few years ago. it will take them between 28 and 39 hours for the 100-mile journey. the money raised benefits the les turner als foundation. one wisconsin band is getting ready for the national stage.
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of pulaski high school's marching band polishing their routine for the tournament of roses parade in pasadena, california. with about a month to go, they know their hours of rehearsals will be well worth it. >> it is preparation that started a year and a half ago, so seeing things come to life and getting the kids excited now is really rewarding. it is great to see them overcome challenges and get to be part of something special. adrienne: more than 200 students and chaperones will be heading 30 west for the parade of roses which takes place january 2. , there hasn't been enough snow to stick so far, but the skiers and snowboarders are already on the slopes. this is video from the live web camera at little switzerland in slinger. the hill has been making its own snow for about a week now enough , to be open for business. and a similar scene at tyrol basin, near mount horeb.
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thanksgiving weekend, but the weather doesn't always cooperate. >> the only thing we can't control these days his mother nature, so when it was in the 60's a couple of weeks ago, a week ago, it was nerve-racking, but winter is right around the corner. adrienne: two other ski hills in the area, cascade mountain and devil's head, hope to make enough snow to open in about a week. and today was on the chilly side. but we d meteorologist lindsey slater joins us now and lindsey, please tell me that's not the case for the whole weekend? >> a lot of folks will be traveling home or maybe they will extend that thanksgiving holiday fun. the weekend travel forecast for wisconsin, chicago, and to the west, looking pretty good, unless you are in minneapolis, where there will be rain for you.
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let's talk about the radar. this was but up this morning, rain, not a ton, than areas of fond du lac in sheboygan counties seeing a little of the frozen stuff mixed in with the rain. overall, not a lot of issues, no issues on the road, just great news, and let me zoom the map out here it i want to show you where our next weather system is coming from. off to the west, an area of low pressure crossing -- crashing to the short now middle, then eventually roll its way into wisconsin, knocking out the nice ridge of high pressure we have right now, and we will get in on some rain showers. we are warm enough to keep this one as rain. i do not anticipate any of the frozen stuff with this system. tomorrow morning, no problems. it will be cloudy to start, but throughout the day, some breaks in the clouds.
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mid 40's. very good for november. sunday, nine 30 a.m., no issues here, plenty of sunshine. sunday into early monday, that is when we see some things starting to light up on our radar. this is 6:30 a.m., nothing happening, cloudy, windy, but then we get all this rain, a warm front with that area of low pressure crashing into southeastern wisconsin, bringing us quite a bit of rain. it will not be here until about midnight or so, so sunday will be fine. mid and upper 40's, breezy, can't argue with that, but we could see with this system on monday all the rain here, and the low wrapped around the cold air, which allows for snow on the backside of it. as far as how much rain? well, some areas could get a
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areas getting a half to one inch of rain. that will lead into tuesday morning, but we will still be warm, 50 degrees. that's nice. the average high is 41. behind that system, we tank, some winter's stuff on thursday, more on that in a minute. right now, cathedral square let up, so beautiful, 38 degrees, chilly. through the overnight, keeping with the cloud cover, temperatures in the low 30's, and if you are heading to grafton, you will see two familiar faces. maybe an extra layer will help you out. don't forget, 26 days until the technical first day of winter, 30 until christmas. your week ahead forecast does feature all the rain from sunday
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on wednesday, may be mix on thursday. thursday is one i will continue to watch. adrienne: all right, thank you. if you watch ellen, you know she's in the middle of her 12 days of giveaways. wisn 12 viewers will have a chance to win all of the 12 days prizes, that's right, all of them. you can go to and scroll to the bottom to register. be sure to watch monday for an all new show to see what you could win. it's some of america's most hallowed ground, guarded 24 houra concern tonight that security at arlington national cemetery is not enough. we'll show you the changes on the way. and the loss of a favorite t.v. mom. hear how one of the brady kids is remembering actress florence
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. stephen: the bucks are in perhaps the toughest ten-day stretch of the season, a three-point loss to golden state, the raptors tonight and the cavaliers on tuesday, all threes at the bradley center. that's where we go for another highlight tape from giannis antentokuonmpo.
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of the steps on the way to that one-handed jam. later in the first, michael beasley leading the break, dish to jabari parker for the flush, 14 for him tonight. jumping now to the third quarter play of the game from giannis, , my goodness, spin cycle and the jam. just a treat to watch in transition. giannis with a game high 29 points, 11 assists tonight. game in the final minutes, demar one-point derozan pulls up and hits. he led the raptors with 26. he and antentokounmpo scored 18 of the final 23 points in this game. gian dunk and the staredown. but those other six points not scored by those two came from kyle lowry. he ices the game on that triple. the bucks lose 105-99 and fall one game below 500. >> when you're playing behind, it is hard to find a way to tie or win. if we missed some opportunities. we had some good looks. it is just that the ball did not
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six years, the badger football team is headed to the big ten championship game, and they didn't even play today. the iowa hawkeyes helped them out, a game you may have seen right here on wisn 12. big plays early helped the hawkeyes fly away with this one. akrum wadley with the quick feet and he is headed for daylight, 75 yards to the house. it's one of two 70-plus yard touchdowns in the first quarter alone from the hawkeyes. riley mccaron with the other one. they roll over the huskers by a final of 40-10. even with a loss on saturday, the badgers will have the head to head wins over both iowa and nebraska. bucky is headed to indianapolis next weekend as big ten west champs. i am a badger. i am ready for the party. i will be headed to indianapolis for the big ten championship to bring you badgers coverage. look for my live reports next saturday on wisn 12 news including right here on big 12 , sports saturday at 6:30 p.m. but before then, i'm headed to
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tough gig. one of the big questions, will jake ryan be joining me? i'll have the details coming up in our next half hour, adrienne. adrienne: thank you. we're following breaking news a deadly crash in racine county. also ahead wild weather. , we'll tell you the place that got so much rain today, that cars started floating. and it's a taste that only comes around once a year.
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announcer: leading the way with 10:00 with kathy mykleby, joyce garbaciak, patrick paolantonio, weather watch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden, and big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 12 news at 10:00 continues. adrienne: we're following breaking news tonight. a father and his nine-year-old daughter killed in this crash in caledonia. investigators say he had slowed


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