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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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wisconsin. we're tracking how long that will last. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this tuesday, november 29th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. >> we are starting in the 40s and going up to the 50s. the clouds are thinning out and the visibility is good. the winds are south, southwest and going up to the mid 50s. the typical highs around 40 degrees. the clouds are coming back tonight. we are mostly cloudy tomorrow and starting a downward trend and the highs continuing to fall through the 40s. we time out a light mix in store for us wednesday and thursday.
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morning and getting ready. melinda: matt's line dropped here. we are looking at the drive times, everything is in the green... melinda: right now, we're following breaking news. members of a brazilian soccer team killed in an overnight plane crash. tim is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> people want cause dz the plane to crash. there is a possibility of the plane running out of fuel or a possible electrical failure. 81 people were on board the plane when it went down overnight in south america. most of the passengers and crew are believed to be dead. the crash happened in a mountainous area near medell?n, colombia. emergency crews are at the crash site right now. among the passengers were members of the brazilian soccer team chapecoense.
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the south american soccer federation has canceled all activities until further notice. ben, back to you. ben: thanks, tim. abc news is working to learn more about the overnight plane crash in colombia. look for the latest updates today on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 a.m. ben: looking ahead, protests are planned today at 20 airports across the country, including o'hare in chicago. hillary mintz is live from mitchell international here in milwaukee. reporter: mitchell is not on the list, but could be impacted. we have a couple of flighteds through chicago, all on time so far. that is a good news here. if you are flying through the cities with the strikes, you will want to check the flight time today. now this strike is for workers,
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handlers, cleaners, wheelchair attendants and private security officers and fighting for the $15 an hour wage, better working conditions and the right no unionize. the air traffic controller and tsa is not part of the strike. airport officials here in milwaukee waiting to see there will be impacts. it can trickle down. we haven't talked anybody with concerns here. they are hoping they get to where they need to go without any problems. live at the airport "wisn 12 news this morning." >> also a protest in milwaukee fighting to earn $15 an hour. fast food and retail workers and other workers are planning to take part in a nationwide
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mcdonald's at 9th and north in milwaukee and city hall and local mcdonald's. melinda: looking ahead, wisconsin is moving forward with a recount of the presidential election. former green party candidate jill stein is footing the bill for the recount and she has to pay up today. the deadline is 4:30 this afternoon. stein raised millions of dollars to pay for the recount. the wisconsin elections commission met yesterday to set a schedule. the plan is to finish the recount by december 12th. the federal deadline is the 13th. pennsylvania will have a recount too. stein filed the paperwork requesting the recount yesterday. she's also pushed to recount presidential votes in michigan. the race there was too close to call for weeks. it was only officially called for donald trump yesterday. >> milwaukee county's sheriff met with president-elect donald trump yesterday. sheriff david clarke was in new york city at trump tower. he didn't make any comments about the meeting but he gave cameras a thumbs-up after leaving trump's office. there's been speculation that clarke could end up with a job
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>> now to big 12 sports. it's an exciting morning for packers fans. green bay is celebrating a win over the philadelphia eagles. big 12 sports' stephen watson is at lincoln financial field with overnight reaction. >> good morning prosecute the city of brotherly, air roj rodgers throwing over 300 yards and finished with 313. 113 going to the new favorite target adams now the pac leading receiver. this was one we had to have, have to have them all, but we were in a pretty difficult position. came on the road and got a big one today. he's a play maker. he's growing each and every week, the confidence is growing big time and it is fun to watch. the more guys making the plays the better. they converted 71% of the third downs monday night, the highest
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among all of the nfl games. >> we were in the rhythm of making the plays and doing that throughout the game. across the board everybody was making the plays and putting us in the situations and we were getting the long drives. >> some people thought that rodgers was crazy when saying that the packers could run the table. the packers made the despite being under 500 at some point in the past four years. >> stephen, thank you. last night's win means the packers have now snapped their four-game losing streak. next up, they'll take on the houston texans at lambeau field on sunday. >> wisn 12 news time is 5:36. a teenage daredevil in trouble with the law. ben: the dangerous hobby that's getting him in trouble. authorities say it's not the first time he's been arrested for climbing too high.
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the mess they left behind when
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>> we are eyeing a few clouds and southwest breezes and a bounce on the camera as we look at mitchell international airport. the rain from yesterday lifting north of the great lakes and low pressure is stacked over minnesota and the dakotas. what we are looking at this morning, the temperatures 41 waukesha. 45 degrees at the airport. so with the extra shot of the hare spray. melinda: new this morning, a new jersey teenager is in trouble for his daredevil habits. ben: he's been caught climbing new york skyscrapers without any safety equipment. you have probably seen these videos before. the 19-year-old has recorded videos of himself climbing the buildings and showing off the views at the top. he's jumping on the roof.
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>> yes, that is important. >> instead of a rope. ben: back in 2014, he was arrested for breaking into one world trade and climbing to the top. he had to do community service. police say he could face more charges for his latest stunts. those are recorded and posted online for the evidence. ben: also new this morning, a mob of teenagers pour into a candy store. melinda: they grabbed candy and left leaving the store a mess. this happened in behind a lot of damage. police are studying the surveillance video trying to identify the teenagers. this morning the candy store is back open. >> 5:41. three generations of women survive a crash. >> a baby survived and where the
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ben: plus, flights to a forbidden destination.
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>> skies are beginning to clear this morning at 5:44. tuesday morning. as we plow through november, we are looking on the mild side. 50s today. right now 45 at the airport. the winds are southwest at 11. we at thanksgiving, first day of winter is 20 days away. spring is 111 days a way. sunshine for today and the temperatures reaching into the 50s. now to matt salemme in news chopper 12. >> the pavement is drying off nicely from the overnight. just a wet spot or two in the lesser travelled areas.
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moreland road into downtown. i will jump in the chopper and check back coming up just a bit. back to you. matt, thank you. melinda: right now, fires burning out of control near gatlinburg, tennessee. the fires are still growing. they've already burned dozens of buildings. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is following the latest information. tim? tim: the wildfires began near the great smoky mountains and are now putting several towns in danger. gatlinburg is known for its resorts, some have been evacuated this morning as fires get closer. some people are stuck in the town as roads are closed down. 30 buildings in gatlinburg caught fire. the city's aquarium has been evacuated but more than 10,000 animals are still inside. that building has not caught fire but it is in danger. ben, back to you. >> thank you, tim. ben: right now, investigators are trying to find out if terrorism is the motive behind an attack at ohio state university.
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yesterday when the suspect plowed his car into a crowd on campus and then slashed victims with a knife. the suspect, an ohio state student of somali descent, was killed by campus police. the man's mother says head complained about his grades at osu. ben: new this morning, an off-duty officer shoots and kills a suspect at an illinois walmart. police say the officer was shopping when he saw the suspect. he shot the man, who managed to get in a car and drive away. he was later arrested and died police in cahokia haven't said why the man was wanted by police. melinda: a family in arkansas survived a serious car crash over the weekend. now they're sharing their story. a semi clipped their car on the interstate. one of the women in the car says her mother was flung out of the car onto the road. she pulled her out of traffic. an eight-month-old baby disappeared from the car during the chaos. firefighters found her safe inside of a drainage grate about
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three generations of women safe and thanking god. >> i'm happy to be alive because -- you know, i sit and i cry. i think i could have been dead. my niece could have been dead. my sister could have been dead. my mama could have been planning three funerals but she don't have to because we are all alive. melinda: the driver of the semi has been cited for making an improper lane change. ben: right now, cuba is n official state of mourning after fidel castro's death. later today, cubans will gather in a main plaza for a demonstration. it's the same square where castro held a series of huge rallies. tomorrow, castro's ashes will begin a three-day trip to santiago where he will be interred. ben: yesterday, travelers flew from new york to havana, cuba for the first time in decades. jet blue operated the first commercial flight along that route. passengers applauded and cheered when the plane landed in havana.
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the island soon. delta and united will start flights to cuba this week. united starts flying today and delta starts on thursday. it's still illegal to visit cuba as tourists. americans need to fit into 12 authorized travel categories. like athletic competitions, educational research and family visits. melinda: new this morning, an update to a story we told you about yesterday. a world trade organization is calling a deal between boeing and washington state illegal. the organization ruled yesterday that a tax subsidy must revoked in the next 90 days. the wto is asking the u.s. government to end the subsidy. this conflict is part of a long standing rivalry between boeing and airbus, a european plane maker. melinda: black friday, small business saturday, and cyber monday. those are all over. so today, the focus is shifting to giving tuesday. it's a 24-hour-long push to get you to donate to any charity or non-profit organization of your choice. the better business bureau is reminding people to make sure
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groups. ben: new this morning, the u.s. capitol now has a christmas tree. take a look. the tree arrived yesterday. crews used a crane to get the tree upright on the lawn in front of the capitol building. huge tree too. that looks great. >> can't wait to see it dick rated. >> an and know on the capitol lawn. >> not so fast. >> snow lovers are the snow. it is a slow start here. the warmest fall on the record and on the way to a warm day. 56. normally the high is 40. >> we are two days from december? >> yes, day after tomorrow we welcome in december. 43 degrees as we get a look at glendale this morning. winds are light and southwest. but the southwest breezes are going to pick out throughout the
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winds help the temperatures climb us nicely. as we get a look at the clouds, drifting off to north and we are left with the sunshine. now we have low pressure wobbling outs of the dakotas and minnesota. here we are don't have to worry much. it is moving to the east and northeast and returning the clouds for tomorrow. with a little disturbance, a light mix or a for today, it is gorgeous. a good amount of sunshine. the clouds will begin to move in. highs at 56. now, over night tonight, this is mid night shs we have watch the clouds fill in for wednesday. this is tomorrow morning at 7:00. still in the upper 40s. we may very well, the model is painting a couple areas of snow showers. mostly that happens in the central part of the state. we could get a sprinkle going
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wednesday or thursday. but that moisture is staying very, very light if at all. take a look at the downturn for the temperatures. 56 today. 48 tomorrow. cloud us are stubborn for us. later on sunday and early next week for the potential for mix or snow. >> sal, thank you. melinda: right now, protests still going on over a pipeline in north dakota. now the state's governor has ordered the protesters to leave. following the latest developments. tim. tim: governor jack dalrymple is ordering the protesters to move out because their semi-permanent shelters don't follow building codes and because of winter weather. the land the protesters are camping on is controlled by the federal government not the state, but dalrymple said he has the power to make the order under the state's disaster legislation. right now there are between two and three thousand protesters
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officials say they won't take any actions to force the protesters to leave. ben: a mother in massachusetts is now facing charges months after she was found passed out inside a store. authorities say she overdosed inside a family dollar store in september. her two-year-old child was with her in the store. it took two shots of narcan to bring the woman back. she's been charged with reckless endangerment of her child. >> for several minutes the two-year-old was trying to get her mother's attention and crying. ben: her attorneys say the mother in the middle of drug treatment and keeping her behind bars would set back her progress. they're asking judges to reduce bail so she can return to the treatment facility. melinda: a couple in california disappeared in the snow. now there's a happy ending to their story. the couple was found safe yesterday. they had called their son on sunday and said they were stuck
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from them again. >> i'm telling them they're not going back four-wheeling again! that's for sure. you know what? the truck's buried in snow. leave it! it's not coming back. they can, whatever they want, they're not doing that again. melinda: searchers found the couple stuck in their vehicle. officials say they're both in good condition this morning ben: a former playboy model is in trouble with the law all over a snapchat post. dani mathers has pleaded not guilty to invasion of ac charges. last year she took a photo of an elderly woman criticizing her body. the post sparked a national discussion about body-shaming. mathers says she didn't try to invade anyone's privacy. melinda: right now, a group of sea turtles are getting treatment. they were found near boston cold stunned. it's similar to hypothermia. they've been flown to an aquarium in south carolina that has a sea turtle recovery center.
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after star wars characters. there's luke, leia, kylo and yoda. the smallest, yoda, weighs just a pound and a half. ben: wisn 12 news time is 5:55. a holiday celebration mystery. melinda: three people are dead after a church's thanksgiving gathering. the one clue investigators are working with to figure out exactly what happened. ben: plus, a presidential election recount here in wisconsin. why a former presidential candidate is now going to court weeks after voters cast their
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>> welcome back. new this morning leaders of samsung are considering splitting the company. >> a they are going to decide whether to divide the company. the move could be a win fall for the investors and seeing the dif deppeds going up the end of the year. >> at&t is launching a streaming service, direct tv launches tomorrow, customers can stream 60 to 120 plus channels. >> and a new report about the next generation iphone and a
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on the tenth anniversary of the iphone. apple is testing a number of the prototypes. and back to the future phone. >> 5:59. the news continues right now. >> good morning, welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. it is 6:00, november th team scores a victory over the philly eagles and what it took for the team to get back to the win column. >> fight for 15 rallies planned today, where you may run into the protestor this morning. >> first, a live look outside. matt is tracking the commute up in news chopper 12. first to meteorologist sally severson.
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7:01. a fair amount of sunshine for the day. the clouds have been moving out and continuing to thin out as we stay dry. the temperatures are opportunitily 41 and 45. look at the warm up today. low 50s. amp highs at 56. clouds are coming back tonight and while we are cooler tomorrow, still the temperatures well above normal. a look at the satellite and the radar, big low pressure cruising to the north. the mid 50s in place today. now to matt up in news chopper 12. >> sally, we are over 41, 45. right now, head lights are northbound.


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