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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  November 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: wisn 12 news starts right now with breaking news. >> a decision on whether the recount is done by hand or by voting machines. >> it's tonight's big story. >> how they are learning to be part of the recount on thursday. >> then, more breaking news. >> we are live with the latest. patrick: we begin with breaking recount. joyce a judge has just ruled the : recount does not have to be done by hand. it was a hearing that lasted for hours and had the whole nation watching. the ruling, dealing a big blow to green party candidate jill stein, who filed the request wanting counties to count ballots by hand rather than electronically. patrick: we have live team coverage from milwaukee to madison. ben hutchison leads us off with the drama in the courtroom. >> the recount will be done by hand or electronic voting machines.
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say there is a chance that malware or hackers could have tampered with voting machines, but there is no evidence that ever happened. that played into the decision of judge valerie bailey-rihn. >> there has to be a link during the voting process. that link has not been met here. >> that the only legitimate way to verify the vote is to can't the hand ballots. >> a lot of folks will be relieved, and there are a lot of good points made by the plaintiffs attorneys, but in the end, it will go according to statute. >> attorneys for jill stein considered an appeal. it would have to be done tomorrow.
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use tabulation machines for the recount in madison. >> the state attorney general just issued a statement on the ruling saying, "i very pleased am with the judge's decision, particularly because she followed the law enacted by the legislature that sets the parameters for a hand recount. the outstanding effort of the department of justice attorneys and staff who worked on this case makes me extremely proud." patrick: green party candidate jill stein paid nearly $3.5 million for the recount, which she's also raised millions more for recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. donald trump won all three states. members of the state's green party are hosting viewing parties on how to train people interested in observing the recount. joyce: 12 news' christina palladino is live in milwaukee where the recount will happen at a secure warehouse. christina? >> anyone who wants to come down to a re-count facility like this one on kk can do so thursday. earlier tonight i was in muskego where hundreds are eager to , learn about this process. people from different political
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presidential recount. >> i'm interested in how the whole election process works and how it doesn't work. >> the effort is being funded and led by green party candidate jill stein who , addressed the crowd remotely through skype. >> we're going to start by recounting the votes in wisconsin. >> those in attendance were given guidance by members of the , lawyers on how they can properly observe the recount in their county. the guidelines discussed tonight are similar to tips given to observers during the recount of the state's supreme court race in 2011. >> it's about learning the process of what to look for, discrepancies wise, if there is a discrepancy on a ballot. >> payton says people are allowed to watch, take notes and even video record the recount process. many who came to the meeting tonight are not members of the green party and don't even expect a change in the outcome,
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interesting. >> i don't frankly expect there will be a change or anything but , i still think it's an opportunity. >> if you do see problems in the recount process you are allowed , to step in and say something to an official. every county will be doing the recount insecure buildings like this one. joyce: thank you. to recap, the recount begins on thursday across all 72 counties. patrick: there are 2 m a dane county judge ruled tonight they can be counted electronically or by hand. it's up to each county. the state hopes to be finished in 12 days. the electoral college is scheduled to meet on december 19 to formally elect the next president. more breaking news a shooting , outside milwaukee's vincent high school leaves one person in the hospital. joyce: 12 news' sheldon dutes is live at everts and granville. sheldon, the victim approached a student driver and their instructor for help.
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to school here, and approached that student driver and instructor after getting shot around the corner. the red and blue lights of these mpd squad cars lit up the parking lot of vincent high school as investigators gathered evidence. but the shooting happened across the street off campus here on north granville road near everts street. police say someone shot a 19-year-old man around 5:00 p.m. and took off. a studt- from the arcade driving school were also in the area. representatives for the driving school told me off camera their student and car weren't directly involved. but the injured man told them he'd been shot. police say that man went to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. hours after the shooting, investigators stuck around trying to piece together what , happened. a police source at the scene
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victim was picking someone up on campus and had five other people in the car. right now, the searches on for whoever may have shot him. patrick: arrests tonight of protesters calling for a higher minimum wage. west milwaukee police say they arrested ten people who blocked miller park way as part of their demonstration. they're part of a movement nationwide on this the so-called , day of disruption. demonstrators are calling for a joyce: now to the wildfire emergency in tennessee. thousands of people race through a hell-like atmosphere to flee the flames. >> it is time to go. joyce: flames ringed cars as more than 14,000 residents and tourists fled gatlinburg. fanned by hurricane-force winds, the flames damaged or destroyed more than 100 structures, and killed three people. officials say they believe the worst is over. six people survived a plane crash in colombia that killed dozens. the charter plane carried
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championship game in colombia. some of them posted pictures of their journey on social media. investigators say the plane suffered electrical failure near the end of the flight. the crash killed 71 of the 77 people on board. patrick: new tonight, a high-profile meeting between president elect donald trump and mitt romney. the two had a private dinner tonight in new york city their , second face-to-face meeting. wisconsin native and trump chief of staff reince priebus was also there. romney, who denounced trump during the campaign, is a candidate for secretary of state. the 2012 republican party presidential nominee spoke briefly after tonight's meeting. >> i had a wonderful evening with president-elect trump. we had another discussion about affairs throughout the world, in these discussions have been enlightening an interesting and engaging. patrick: meanwhile, the president-elect continues to fill out his cabinet. today, he selected georgia congressman tom price for the head of health and human
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chao, to lead the department of transportation. and former goldman sachs executive steven mnuchin for treasury secretary. mnuchin's announcement is expected tomorrow. and just minutes ago, trump tweeting this, "i will be going to indiana on thursday to make a major announcement concerning carrier a.c. staying in indianapolis. great deal for workers." v.p. elect mike pence is also reportedly appearing with him. joyce: robberies and carjackings at a local cemetery. milwaukee police say two incidents occurred at valhalla cemetery near 91st and silver spring. on sunday afternoon, two men robbed someone at the cemetery and stole the victim's car. the same thing happened to another victim earlier in the month. no one was hurt. police are trying to learn if the cases are related. milwaukee police say this man is breaking into apartment buildings and stealing from units. this video is from an apartment building on pittsburgh and barclay, where the man pried open a locked door early sunday
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this month. if you recognize him, milwaukee police want to hear from you. could a new brewery be part of the bucks new entertainment district? patrick: wisn 12 news has the documents the bucks filed with the city of milwaukee, where they mention on west juneau, a ?highly-visible, transparent building showcasing large-scale brewing equipment.? here's the rendering that appears to show that brewing equipment. in the documents, no specific vendors or restaurants are named. the possible brewery will be next to a year-round beer garden. the entertainment district and the new arena are expected to open in fall of 2018. new information on the rampage at ohio state university. joyce: one victim describes the attack. >> it was just chaos. i didn't see anything in particular, just lots of running individuals. joyce: this student and war veteran recounts what happened when he came face-to-face with the attacker. patrick: plus, dangerous de-humidifiers catching fire. the problem is so urgent that the company and government is issuing a second recall.
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about to kick in. when our temps fall and flakes fly next in weather watch 12. ,joyce: and it's raining teddy
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joyce: it was back to class for students at ohio state university, one day after a vicious attack injured 11 people. patrick: four people are still in the hospital. we're hearing from one victim tonight, who described the situation as chaos. anderson payne says he saw the
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hit people yesterday morning. as payne went over to help those hurt, he says the attacker got out of the car with a knife and started to slash people. >> then he turned and went to swing the knife at me, and i reached up with my left hand and i grabbed the blade so that it couldn't hit me, and that gave me enough time to duck under his arm and make my way back into the building to get away from him. patrick: the suspect was shot and killed by a campus police officer. investigators are trying to figure out if the motive was terror related. isis has claimed the suspect was soldier of the islamic state." joyce: more troubles surrounding the tomah v.a. this time with a dental clinic. a dentist treating veterans there was not sterilizing a tool up to the v.a.'s standards. because of that nearly 600 vets will receive free screenings for possible infections. they'll test for hiv and both hepatitis b and c. >> we hope there are no
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in and have the test to allay any fears they may have. joyce: the dentist has been removed from patient care. the v.a. is contacting potentially affected veterans by phone and mail. patrick: a west milwaukee mom injured in a hit-and-run has been declared brain dead. that's according to her family. 44-year-old peggy cetnarowski was struck last wednesday near mitchell and beloit while walking in a crosswalk. someone found her and called 911. the driver is still on the loose. cetnarowski has three children who lost their father to an police release new information about a murder-suicide in new berlin. an elderly couple was found shot in their home on hickory trail last wednesday. their names are william and karen krueger. he was 76. she was 71. police say the shooting was related to health issues and not domestic violence. they do not plan to identify who was the shooter. joyce: a warning tonight about fake money circulating across the state. lake mills police say this man
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the clerk cap the bill, and the man paid with a debit card and left. they're now trying to find him. police across the state have issued warnings about the fake bills circulating the past few months. they have a unique marking for motion picture use only. another recall has been issued for millions of dangerous dehumidifiers. the appliances were manufactured by gree and sold under several different brand names, including g.e., kenmore, and others. fire. the recall was originally announced earlier this year, but the government re-issued it today in an effort to get people to check their units. the numbers are in after wisconsin's nine-day gun deer hunt. hunters killed nearly 197,000 deer. that's a 6% drop from last year. the department of natural resources reports agents sold roughly 13,000 fewer licenses than last year. patrick: they call themselves the tennessee 20. a group of co-workers, 20 of them, have come forward to claim the $420 million powerball jackpot. they're employees of an auto
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tennessee, and have played as a group for years. they each get $12.7 million. the ticket holder said her son and husband woke her up after learning the ticket was sold in their town. >> they were shaking me and shaking me, and i run, grab my ticket and there it was, and i just started screaming. but i had to look again because i thought i was in a dream. they plan to stay on the j now to help train their replacements. that is worth losing sleep over. joyce: i would you like to be those people there? patrick: servicemen and women in the milwaukee-area are making sure local children feel the love this holiday season. joyce: the marines' toys for tots foundation and toys "r" us are teaming up for the 13th consecutive year to give less fortunate children a gift this year. customers can donate new, unwrapped toys now through next wednesday at all toys "r" us and babies "r" us stores nationwide. local marines say their favorite
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>> really, honestly it is the joy of me bringing out a bicycle and giving it to an eight-year-old, picking out barbie dolls for little girls and things like that, to see their faces light up, that is what it is all about. joyce: organizers say all toys collected will stay in the communities where they were donated. the packers' annual toys for tots collection will take place this sunday at lambeau field as well. u.s. marines will be stationed around lambeau field's parking lots to collect donations prior to the start of the game. patrick: and take a look at this. it was raining teddy bears at a western hockey league game in canada. every year they ask fans to toss teddy bears onto the ice to be delivered to local charities. nearly 24,000 were donated, so many that players dove onto the
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the ice. around here we can say goodbye , to the 50's. joyce: mark, we may not see those temperatures again for quite some time. mark: it has been a nice run. today was another beautiful day. now, let's talk about what is to come. milwaukee, 45 degrees, not too bad, but i don't think we get to the 50's tomorrow. the cooler air is working in from west to east. 32 west bend and sheboygan. it will be a cool night. morning, 30 seven degrees. inland, colder than that. then the clouds will be thickening. not a lot of sunshine in this forecast. i want to point out a couple of things, 54 is not a record. our average high is 39.
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that is how cold it can be. we have not had anything close to that. is this the last 50's of 2016? that is possible. keep your fingers crossed for maybe a day or two in december. the reality check kicks in. here come the clouds, a couple of shots at snow, and teat to cool down. it is the same low pressure center that does not want to move. the snow continues in the dakotas. we will see this move into wisconsin, the low pressure center to the next 24-40 eight hours, and because of that the clouds are on the increase, so be ready for that. some sun in the morning, not a huge amount, but early on, you may see a nice sunrise tomorrow.
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in a few rain showers as well. temperatures will be borderline. i don't think we see any accumulation. flurries or sprinkles on thursday, and all sorts of cloud cover, so snow chances tomorrow night and sunday night, both of those light, not much accumulation, then what is to come? the middle of next week, stronger storm system looks like it is taking shape. the panhandle hook, but the question pressure center. it looks like a powerhouse with a lot of wind, rain, snow? that will be that the question. if the low pressure center stays to the north, mainly rain here. if it goes to the south, we could be dealing with a fair amount of snow around here. it is a long way away, just an early heads-up, so be prepared. 37 tonight, partly cloudy. cooler inland.
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tomorrow, above normal, but cooler than today. 45 on thursday. a few sprinkles or flurries. 40 with partly sunny skies on friday. saturday, not bad, 42, then a chance for light rain or snow on sunday. a chance of light rain into monday, and fairly quiet conditions. 40's is above-average. we will keep eye on next week. stay with weatherwatch 12. joyce: tonight's holiday lights takes us to menomonee falls. this home is decorated with santa's sleigh and reindeer. little presents sit under a tree. and you can help us light up the holidays. if there's a display in your neighborhood you think should be on t.v., send us an email with the address. patrick: looking good out there. still ahead a cookout on , milwaukee's east side goes up in flames. joyce: how a nearby restaurant came to the rescue even before firefighters arrived.
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. stephanie: pretty big night at the bradley center when king james and the cleveland cavaliers come to town, but the bucks didn't roll out the red carpet for them. no, instead they shocked the defending world champions. first quarter, doing what he does best, 22 points. cleveland led by early on. the second the jam. another moment, watch this. top left of your screen. j.r. smith on the court comes over to give jason terry a hug. the guy smith was guarding gets the ball and dunks it. second half, the past for the dunk.
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ties for his best of the night. check out the move. the three. in thrilling fashion, the milwaukee bucks done the cavaliers. >> big team, excited. i decided to move the ball and be aggressive. if we play the same way we played of games come i think we would do a great job. stephanie: college hoops. greg gard and the badgers hosting syracuse in the acc/big ten challenge. first half action. ethan happ, the nice pass to germantown's zak showalter, who cuts back door for the layin. badgers up 12. still first half. nigel hayes makes the nice bounce pass to happ for the slam. badgers up at the break. second half now. check out the senior bronson keonig from behind the arc. he buries the three-pointer and finishes with 20 points. but it was an even bigger night for happ.
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badgers were up by as many 17 in the second half. as for mr. hayes, he chips in 9 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists. bucky crushes the orangemen the final 77-60. in college football news the , badgers are sixth in the latest college football playoff rankings that came out tonight. plus head coach paul chryst was , named big ten football coach of the year. and sojourn shelton and t.j. watt were named first team all-big ten. coming up in our second half our exclusive one on one with hour, jordy nelson. what the packers wide receiver has to say about last night's win. patrick: a big year for the badgers. a wisn 12 news investigation. a local trucking company under investigation, accused of forcing its workers to kickback parts of their paychecks. joyce: how much they say they were forced to give back, and what the owner does when confronted by 12 news. patrick: and surveillance video , showing a car being vandalized for nearly what's next for the
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patrick: we start our second


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