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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  December 1, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CST

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joyce: now i store you will only see on 12, a restaurant server is filing a lawsuit for not being paid overtime and being forced to pay for things like lost silverware. patrick: terry sater talked to the former employee going after water street brewery. >> i believe i'm a hard dedicated worker. >> angela brandt used to wait tables here at the water street brewer o but this week she filed a federal complaint against the milwaukee-based restaurant chain and owner robert c. schmidt, jr. she accuses them among other things of violating the fair labor standards act, making servers pay for discarded silverware, even if someone else was to blame. >> weather i threw it in the garbage or the busser put it in the garbage by mistake, i'd get charged as the server? >> correct. the server would get charged for it. >> wisconsin law says no employer may make any deduction from the wages due by any employee for lost or stolen
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unless the employee authorizes the employer in writing. lost silverware or broken plates are considered an operating cost. >> after i spoke my voice and said, this is illegal. you cannot charge us for this and refused to pay. then, i was suspended. >> in part, the federal lawsuit accuses water street brewery of violating federal and state minimum wage and overtime laws. >> so we could work a 50 hour week, but only, but on paper it only looked like 42 hours. >> it's not just being under paid for overtime. she's also accusing them of not paying correct minimum wage. in wisconsin, law allows restaurants to pay servers $2.33 per hour plus tips. if the employee's hourly wage plus tips earned don't add up to at least $7.25 an hour, the minimum wage, the employer must make up the difference.
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>> i'm doing it to create a fairness with all the serving staff. patrick: that was terry sater reporting. the restaurant's director of operations wouldn't talk on camera, but responded to the claims saying, "we vigorously deny them and are eager to defend them." saying of angela and the complaint, "they have some of their facts wrong." patrick: the owner of water street brewery also owns several other popular restaurants including louise's, vagabond, the black rose irish pub, trinity three irish pub, the harp irish pub, and solo pizza. the clouds will be tough to shake tomorrow. joyce: mark, friday will be kind of a normal december day. mark: december often brings us a lot of cloud cover, and our high tomorrow is 38. tomorrow, 38 degrees. we might get some sunshine. first of the month, the average high is 38. i the end of the month, 30 degrees. we stay there throughout the
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month. the average snowfall and december, 10 point six inches. we may get some snow in this forecast. second warmest november and second warmest fall and third warmest year so far. the busstop tomorrow, no snow to worry about, just cloudy skies, 38 degrees. joyce: while it has not snowed yet we all know it's coming. , as wisn 12 news hillary mintz explain, when the first flakes do fall, waukesha county has a plan that could make for faster and cheaper plowing. >> it's a lot of ground to cover. >> we have 2000 lane miles. >> since waukesha county is responsible for clearing both kinds of roads all winter long, they're looking to make things easier on their equipment, crews and budget. >> less time, less money, less fuel, and still maintain
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peter chladil, says a new pilot program that merges snow plow routes could be the answer. >> this new pilot program could save them anywhere from 10% to 15% a year, a lot of extra money for other road repairs. >> pothole repair, pavement, better centerline markings, all sorts of things. >> but it's up to the dot to give this new snowplow plan the green light. in waukesha, hillary mintz wisn 12 news. joyce: the dot is going over the county's data. if they approve, crews would use the new snowplow routes this winter. patrick: just over two years after five-year-old laylah petersen was shot and killed while sitting on her grandfather's lap, the man convicted in her death was sentenced to 65 years behind bars. today, a milwaukee county judge also sentenced carl barrett to 35 years of extended supervision. police say laylah was shot and killed by a stray bullet that
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barrett was one of the men who opened fire. investigators say he shot up the wrong house. laylah's grandfather spoke at today's sentencing. >> i have nightmares after that. i've be sitting at home, can't sleep for two or three days. my health has deteriorated so much that i can't work right now. my depression, i was sitting at home and i had a pistol in my arm. if it weren't for margarita fogel coming to my house i probably wouldn't be here right now. patrick: prosecutors say two other men were involved in laylah's death. the other convicted shooter, arlis gordon, will be sentenced next week. paul farr, the getaway driver, received five years probation.
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back home after a bank robber held them hostage for hours. it happened in jacksonville, florida. just after 9:00 this morning, police say they got a 911 call about a robbery in progress. swat negotiators were called to the scene right away. the suspect made demands and threatened the hostages. after two hours, two people who were hiding from the gunman in a nearby room made a run for it. >> my life flashed in front of my eyes, but i knew one thing he , wasn't going to get me >> he created that window of opportunity that we needed to move inside and take him into custody. >> just a burden lifted off me, that i know that she is ok. joyce: the suspect is in jail. he is 23-years-old. a police officer fatally shot in washington state. this shooting comes just 24 hours after officers in arizona and tennessee were shot. as abc's alex stone reports, the number of officers shot in the line of duty is dramatically
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? >> just outside detroit, hundreds gathered for the funeral of wayne state university police officer collin rose. the 29-year-old k-9 officer was killed investigating car break-ins last week. today in tacoma, washington, a procession of law enforcement officers escorted the body of another veteran policeman from the hospital to the county medical examiner's office. and later hundreds attended a , l reginald guttierez who was killed responding to a domestic violence call. >> we love our police officers. we know every day when they go to work, there is always a chance that they may not come home. >> police were called because the suspect was fighting with his wife, and refused to let her back in the house. >> they said they just wanted to talk to him, and then gunfire started. it wasn't then that started it.
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inside the house. fellow officers were able to remove him. the suspect remained in the house for a tense 12 hours with two children before he was killed. >> i don't think it was even may be targeting police. >> there has been a 61% increase in police officers shot and killed in the line of duty since 2015, the most in texas, california, and louisiana. overnight, police into more cities came under fire. in tucson, officers trying to serve a warrant on were shot at both were shot, one seriously. and chattanooga police say one of their officers was investigating an abandoned building when a man came out shooting, hitting him three times. patrick: ecstasy could be used to treat first responders or veterans with ptsd. the food and drug administration has okayed a human trial, opening the door for possible approval down the road. the idea is that patients will be able to re-process difficult memories while their brain is in an altered state. if the study is effective, use
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early as 2021. critics say legalizing the drug could lead to abuse and could make it easier to get into the wrong hands. a first of its kind initiative to end drug abuse began today in southeast wisconsin. it's called the drug mail back program. the city of milwaukee has teamed up with cvs pharmacy and the milwaukee metropolitan sewerage district. through the program, you pick up a tamper proof drug disposal envelope with postage already paid, pre-addressed to the local police department. >> prevent unwanted, and needed medication getting into the hands of people who have an addiction or are starting a new addiction, it is critical to protect the public. patrick: the envelopes will be available at any of the ten area cvs locations. all the drugs will be stored at the police station. this is a two-year pilot program. a number of holiday events kick off tomorrow. joyce: looking ahead, the millercoors holiday lites
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the light show happens every 20 minutes until 9:00 at night. nearly 600 thousand lights are synchronized to holiday music. visitors will also see 1300 feet of garland, and holiday tree made of 150 beer kegs. patrick: also happening tomorrow, governor scott walker will light the capitol christmas tree inside the state capitol. the lights will go on at 8:00 in the morning. hartland will have a tree lighting tomorrow night. the festivities start at 6:00. santa will light the tree at 6:30. the tree is in the village square at the intersection of capitol drive, north avenue and hill street. u.s. housing secretary will be in milwaukee to tour the rebuilding effort in sherman park. julian castro will join county executive chris abele. they'll be looking at the adult build program. it's designed to address unemployment and lack of training skills with the fixing up of foreclosed properties. sherman park was the scene of violent protests this summer, following a fatal officer-involved shooting. local officers taking kids to a
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the year, the milwaukee police department will join waukesha and wauwatosa in the cops and kids foundation. the foundation mentors kids who need role models. as part of the expansion, the foundation will team up with the milwaukee admirals. police officers will take at-risk children to a hockey game. >> the only way to change people's lives is if you engage with them positively and build positive relationships. my job daily is to do that, and i feel fortunate and blessed. patrick: selling these one community bracelets to raise money for the mentoring program. they go for $3. they're sold at local businesses. joyce: a wisconsin teacher is getting world wide recognition for his class project. patrick: coming up, how he uses a race car to give students the extra edge for the future. joyce: then, a washington road continues to flood, even when there isn't rain. the animals responsible for
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patrick: there is a good chance something online. joyce: many of you probably already have. i know i have. online sales on cyber monday jumped nearly 12% year-to-year, totaling $3.4 billion dollars, meaning millions of packages are now being shipped. wisn 12 news' mike anderson got inside the local ups distribution center, where they are busy and looking for help. >> it's the busiest time of the year for parcel deliveries in america, and ups drivers are on the case like elves on santa's sleigh.
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santa's elves, and maybe you too. ups anticipates it'll deliver about 700 million packages between now and christmas, and they have job openings. >> there are all some opportunities for persons looking for extra holiday money. how great is it to be santa's helper and brown? it is a great opportunity, very flexible. you are able to get som >> ups encourages customers to sign up for a program called 'my choice,' allowing them to get an email when their package arrives and there are other ways to keep , your deliveries safe. >> we suggest that any of our customers try to get their package is rerouted to their work twice or being able to get those packages rerouted to friends or family members. >> the advice that is always good, get your packages out
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be sure to make it in time for christmas. patrick: always good advice. the rain isn't the only reason people in washington state are watching for flooded streets. it's because of beavers. they've been building dams in creeks, causing them to flood. crews aren't allowed to remove the dams or move the beavers. there are plans for a long-term fix, but until then -- >> we expect to close this road again. the rain's not going to go away and the beavers aren't going to , go away, and the road's going to keep sinking. patrick: elevating the road in the next couple of years. a class in wisconsin is putting high school students on the fast track. joyce: they learn how to build race cars. a technology and engineering teacher in ashwaubenon founded formula student in 2007. the students build a race car from the ground up. and they learn lessons that apply to much more than engineering. >> lot of big companies in the area have our students and , they're saying the experience they've had in the program has helped them get a leg up.
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you need to get it done in a certain amount of time and it needs to be functional and ready to go by that date. joyce: after ten years in wisconsin, the formula student program will be duplicated in australia. and a teacher in dubai has reached out about bringing the program there as well. i want to know who gets to keep the car. i love this story. a new take on a christmas tradition. patrick: a woman in london has invented what she's calling the first-ever cheese advent calendar. those are the seasonal counting down to christmas, there's usually a chocolate, but in this case, it's a small piece of cheese. there's only one prototype right now. the retail version is due out next year. people are already signing up on her website that they want one. joyce: we wanted to make sure that it was in a woman in new london, but it is london. patrick: cheese lovers all over the world. aaron rodgers was back practicing this afternoon for
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aaron making an impact as of late. coming up, hear what number 12 has to say about his fullback. patrick: plus, the badger football team weighs in on why they deserve to be in the college football playoffs with a win on stephen watson is in next saturday. with sports. right now though here are , tonight's winning lottery
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. stephen: through the first 10 games, not a single packers running back rushed for a touchdown. start a season, the 2009 cleveland browns. that all ended on monday night when another aaron found the end zone. aaron rodgers has three touchdowns this season on the ground, but it was aaron ripkowski who scored his first career touchdown against the eagles. mike mccarthy and aaron rodgers believe he deserves more snaps. >> i feel like i have learned a lot more. i feel more comfortable.
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running back in college, had very few carries, but he has proven this year that he is good with the ball in his hand. he is tough to tackle and has been catching the ball well. i look forward to somebody named something other than aaron getting a touchdown this week. patrick: packers get some help in a crazy finish. stephen: staying in the north, bears quarterback jay cutler has been placed on the season ending i.r. he is scheduled to undergo surgery to repair a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder. matt barkley will be the bears starter for the rest of the season. head coach john fox refused to
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chicago. it's the question everyone is asking, where would a win on saturday send the badgers this postseason? they are still ranked behind michigan, who beat the badgers earlier this season. at the very least, they need clemson or washington to lose this weekend, maybe even both, but it really comes down to how much the college football playoff committee values winning a conference championship. it's pretty clear where the badgers stand on the issue. >> whoever wins should go to the college football playoff, seal the big ten championship. i feel like if you are the big ten champion, that means you are the best team in the big ten that year. so, you should, obviously, go to the playoffs. >> we beat a few ranked teams, a few top 10 teams, this season. i feel our resume speaks for itself, especially once we win this game. hey, it's all up to them. stephen: i will be in indianapolis for the big ten championship. look for my live reports saturday on wisn 12 news, including big 12 sports saturday at 6:30 p.m. and finally, a tiger sighting in
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tiger woods made his first pga tour appearance in 16 months today at the hero world challenge. woods looked like vintage tiger on the front going four-under nine, par, but he finishes plus one on the day after double bogeys on 16 and 18. going back to the vikings lost tonight, it really helps out the packers. if the lions lose on sunday and the packers win, they are one game back. they play minnesota and detroit. joyce: story if they can turn the season around. thank you. patrick: we will get a final look at your forecast, coming up. joyce: after that, "jimmy kimmel
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s and ankles? . scholl's new custom fit wellness center measures your leg in 3d... ...and recommends our custom-fit support that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports. find the nearest kiosk at joyce: you think packers fans will have to deal with precipitation on sunday? mark: might get a little bit of snow. the temperature won't be that bad. tomorrow, no snow. clowns will be stubborn, so we
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38 degrees. patrick: it adds to the
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight jake gyllenhaal hailee steinfeld the results of our youtube halloween challenge, and music from keith urban. and now, you know him you love him, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i hope you had a pleasant


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