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tv   WIS News 10 at 4PM  NBC  February 3, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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are just joining us, we are in special coverage, severe weather moving through the mid lands it does including the tornados warnings are in effect east of columbia, and we're watching the storm system that continues to move through the area, the central parts of columbia, it has now passed through, we are taking a look at the damage, and you look at points east there is the possibility of more damage, and more--er and people are urged to take shelter >> we are going to start our 4 o'clock show, and i would like to get an update from them, and you will hear me ask our fraser in the booth right now do we need a break for the start of the show or get right to ben >> we want to give you an upat a time on where this storm is headed where it's been, and what we can expect especially at this moment and and the next hour, ben >> worst is over guaranteed for most of of the mid lands, columbia, that includes you lexington there will be still be
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afternoon, but now the strong and the leading end of these storms, the strongest section and the leading end of these storms is moving there across lee county. you mentioned that lee county was getting out regular schedule; is that right? >> i believe they were holding them. >> look at how this thing has blown up in the past 14 minutes or so. most of the storms this afternoon have not had vivid lightning displayst all. you've heard thunder a couple of quick bolts of lightning, but the story has been the wind, and the wind damage with the straightlane winds that have been at 60, to 65 winds, with winds even higher than that, and the worst of it is still? the heart of bishop villain it is moving east at 40, this is going
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it. it is going off the east, we are done with the significant storms in the central and northern counties, however when you go back to the south and west, i will will show you some of the storms in eastern georgia, they are right there, and it is more of a broken lane, but still pretty active south of i 20 and that's will be clipping across banberg, clarendon county for the next two hours, for the next hour that is the segment of the state that we have to watch for, what could be another tornado warning if we start to get some reports of funnel clouds or a couple of thunderstorm warnings, one last note here, flash flood warnings for another 28 minutes until 4:30 for five points, and that section of downtown columbia
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two inches fell fast, and rocky branch creek went up fast, and now it will fall quickly, dangerous travel in downtown columbia for the next 30 minutes or so >> we are getting jump dates fromsulter county schools, we have word that the students have been released according to their regular schedules there has been some delays, actually at the sumpter schools, we are standing by for any further word on possible delays, what that will boil down to, what we've from sumpter is that students were released according to regular schedule, they too might be delayed, if your students are going to be delayed, be advised this is probably [inaudible] and we have word of at least several systems, kershaw as well as lee county even richland where the delays have been -- well, the students have been released but the entire process has now
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>> do we've any more pictures in, twice, from our viewers?. >>. we were wanting to see what you were dealing with. we did see what looked like funnel clouds in west columbia, and that's where we saw some earlier reports of possible tornado, and that does look like funnel cloud, and that is the kind of conditions we did see materialize very quickly, and in some cases, we are seeing scattered reports, and the official word we're seeing from richland county from the city of columbia, as well as from kershaw county, no official reports from first responders, what we are seeing is some instances of -- that maybe
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>> and i'm looking for other damage here, and i am quite pleased we don't have a lot of damage to report on at all i am waiting on applauser to give some more videos or pictures to show our viewers >> this was from earlier out on garners ferry road, and the rain coming down not as heavy as it subsequently got but this is what was happening on garners ferry road probably 45 minutes ago >> we want to get another update now from ben tanner on where the storm system is >> lee county that is lady county under the gun for the next 15 to 20 minutes. hear is radar if we can look this up. . you will see the squall line, along the front of the line is where the straight line winds
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60 miles per hour, and the weak tornados still strong winds, we call them gustanados, with gusts up to 80, 8590 miles an hour, and the main threat is done from columbia up north, and the national weather service will go back and- it is like the hurricane scale, and they go back afterwards, the stafford simpson, you're finding out what category it's in, and categories are opposite, and they survey the damage, and they have a scale of what they use to determine what size or if in fact it was a tornado, but the strongest section right there, moving the east at 40, into
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severe thunderstorm for that part of of south carolina, and there are a lot of thunderstorms moving the east at 45 miles an hour, darlington,sulter, florence, you're looking at about up to 5 o'clock, and from top to bottom you will be in the path of the storms. the other part of of the state that could be impacted by some big storms here south and west of columbia, the storms that have been in georgia, and there is a strong cluster of storms going into bamberg, counties, and it will go up to orangeburg into clarendon county so this is the part of of the state we will be monitoring closely for the next hour to hour and a half time because of the heavy rain that fell in downtown columbia, the
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the downtown, hard in streets, five points, maine under a flash flood warning for 25 minutes, it was initially an hour long flash flood warning that started at 3:30, and it will expire at 4:30, it will come down fast even though we have some moderate rain behind the squall >> ben, i know it's been so nice and warm. how did that warm temperature factor into this today? >> well, that's a good -- >> you want to know what's interesting, there's literally, dozens, and dozens, and dozens of the best scientists in the world that work at the storms prediction center, it is the center that issues watches, tornado watches, severe thunderstorm watches, never had a watch today. if they didn't see it -- we've been saying, i remember last thursday in the editorial meeting, i said showers and storms next
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get a couple of severe and sure as day here we are on wednesday, have had a stronger severe line of storms, but we didn't anticipate to have the tornados like we had today and some of these not necessarily confirmed but from the pictures we're seeing some very strong funnel clouds oftentimes you can't tell -- a lot of times these are taken from cars, and people are looking up out of the window, can see a tornado, it is just that funnel cloud, unless it is making a touchdown with the surface as well >> we saw conditions, and we saw tornados blowing up from the system in alabama, and in georgia. a little bit unusual for it to maintain this level of strength this fairest? >> oh, yeah, it is unusual for us to get tornados period in south carolina, coming from 70, to 70 plus degree days, that does set us up for severe
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south carolina, you can get tornados anytime of the year, it is not just spring, summer or fall. we have our biggest outbreaks hands down in the string spring, with tropical depressions, hurricanes, they can come out of the gulf, calm off the atlantic either direction we get that spin in the atmosphere. today is a little unusual but if you remember, and i don't know if you saw the video of that wedge tornado over in pickens county alabama yesterday near aliceville that was a mass i have tornado they will probably on go back and survey that, it is probably an e f three or even higher, these are more likely 0 or 1, and the weather service will be surveying the damage tomorrow >> let me give you the information, leastville, lexington they talked about a tornado touched down on that area, highway 178, they say that
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in these areas, and they are checking for injured people in aiken county line near lexington, that would have been about an hour ago >> no, no, no these storms were moving from aiken county into lexington, it was closer to two >> a couple of hours ago >> and then at 2:30, and that is when we started to have those same cells as the squalls came down columbia, the fair grounds, oh, little yeah mills, bluff roads, 378 near hopkins, just west of hopkins in richland county that's when we had the real well defined signature of what appeared to be a tornado on the ground, and we have a few pictures or videos come in from that as well >> besides the system moving the east and away from a lot of the central portions of the mid lands what about when we start to get into the evening do we
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forces creating all of this >> right now we are, i can show you we have the strong storms that are weakening and diminishing a little bit in coverage, although that one started to pick up some steam in barnwell county, this is about 50 or 20 miles in width, in sumpter county, it breaks up a little bit, and then you get down to the bottom in barnwell county, you see a line of 15, 20 miles in width, we will just have rain that's all it is going to be, continuing through tomorrow morning, and then we're done with it. and then cloudy, and more showers on saturday and sunday >> thank you so much >> and we're continuing our coverage of this situation including taking a look at what we've heard of word of possible damage to a church in lexington county, and that is something that we're still working on confirming, we have a crew out
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situation we're still staying on top of >> another accident, i 26 westbound at 126. that is the columbia, the right exit ramp is closed right no you, so that's i 26 westbound south carolina dot, let us look there, that is through i 26 west at mile marker 105 and a half, i'm talking about i 26 westbound at i 126 in columbia, that right exit ramp is closed. don't know why. just want to let you know if you have to travel that way, try to avoid that if you can >> and any word from the national weather service, forest acres, and central columbia, under a flood warning until the next 17 minutes until 4:30. let's check with ivonne >> we are actually looking at
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over to max two, to look at the storm track. what we have on our storm track across the entire state. the storms are actually moving at 40 miles per hour, so what we have in place right now is basically a storm that is actually going to continue to move right on through, it is expected to hit allendale by 4:18 or so, by 4:29 we will see it in and around the florence area, holly hill, 4046, king street 4:54, by 5 o'clock, it looks like we are going to start to see things weakening and winding down, this is a storm system that has been holding its game, it has been holding onto a lot of that energy, we want to show you a few of the reports that we've had across the area, this is in the last few hours, these what weed east, over near mcin tire, and this is telling us about thunderstorm wind because, the becauses got up to 47 miles per
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thunderstorm wind damage coming in from pine ridge this is thunderstorm wind damage that kind of moved through and we do have reports of rotation, and funnel cloud there on the 3200 block of old charleston highway. we had a lot of these coming through, notice how we see trees coming in the roadway, this is coming in from connie wright, this came in about 2 o'clock, and this is coming in from irmo, and this funnel cloud is the one that we saw over there on west columbia, i do think that we had some video from that earlier on, that was also from pine ridge, possible funnel clouds there, and it was reported at the 3200 block of old charleston highway at about 2:31 so all of those came in for us. let's talk about how much rain that we've seen, look at this area, just beyond the city, almost an inch, inch and a half in some areas,
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have those heavy ranks moving through on the beginning of the storm system, we had some areas, about an inch and a half in other areas barely breaking just beyond about a third of an inch or so. so it's either feasor famine, lake murray, you're coming in at 38. kershaw county we've seen a lot of rain moving through that area, look at the line, broken in nature but still holding its own, we do have some lightning in here. it's starting to push out of lee county and starting to move into sumpter county as we kind of break it up there, as it begins to move into the western portion of florence county. this line kind of starts to fill back in. it's really going to be powerful for us, as we head over toward springfield. this is lifting out to the north, and this is the area that we will really have to watch out for the afternoon, i think for the next
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storms moving at the 40 mile per hour rate we will have to watch these storms moving fast and as they move fast they are dumping a maximum amount of rain hence the reasons for us having the issues with the flooding, as we go through our storm track, this is what we're looking at as it continues to move about 40 miles per hour, holly hill, 440 is six for you, and a flood at 4:29, and we will be tracking this as we continue right on through the evening >> thanks. we are keeping an eye on what's going on out there. out there in the middle of it. we heard from mike out there, going through that washing machine, he is out there on bluff road >> i'm standing out here on bluff road, just minutes ago, it seemed like it was over, it was finally driving out on bluff road as you can see, i'm still
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coming town. i started off at 2 o'clock, i was working my way down here, and it was clearly like a washing machine like you said. 77 was a completely heavy downpour pour, over here to i 70 self and bluff road, which is where i'm at, can see that it had a lot of rain that came down in this system, and as i was working my way over here hours ago, didn't really see any major damage from the storm, even at this case, with people going home, and traffic moving ever so slightly down the road with business as usual at this hour, people working their way town the road. the fact that so much rain came through here the last couple of hours, one thing that you need to be aware of when you're making yourself out on the roads, a lot of standing
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of roofs, and coming from buildings, and into the parking lots and into the roads. even as we are's working our way through the storm >> that flash flood warning is still in place for central richland county >> a few high spots >> you know columbia five points those areas as well. we want to remind you as you're out and about keep aware of the weather with the wis, weather app, just searching your app store, you can text 480310, of course messaging and data rates may apply >> the flash flood warnings are still in effect. but the tornado warning has now expired and that threat has passed but the question is what kind of damage will we see out there.
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>> >> we continue our coverage that is been blowing through this area. severe storms, the tornado warnings have expired although there were several throughout the midlands. >> flash flood warnings for the normal hot spots that flood normally in richmond county >> lexington district two, they are apparently functioning more or less normally, they did have some flooding and delays for dismissal and students are being allowed to return. lexington one of the areas first to see this, and it is pretty much passed through this area at this point. >> let's get an update on the weather, and traffic as this heavy rain has affected our roadways >> many accidents out there. the worst of the heavy rain has manufactured through downtown columbia, and through most of the midlands, but check out the radar display, as hopefully i can get this to move forward we have an accident first stop
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richland county. i twenties bound at i 77, he not a good place for an accident. to grove wilson at cooper road, and at bull swamp, it has been a very very busy afternoon, at i 20, i didn't realize there there were that many accidents, there is still some flash flooding ongoing in the fifth points area, and certainly down at main, and the rocky reasoning crap of will be coming down. and the high pressure mavs in for the next few days, and then we will have a good look and finish to the week and then some showers back into the forecast on sunday. here is futurecast with 8:30, and those are just some embedded heavy downpours, but nothing like we had. we start out cloudy with a few showersee east of south and east
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persist through tomorrow night, and then finally tomorrow night, friday it will become increasingly sunny on your friday. rain totals in addition to what you have had, in addition to what you have had today, probably on the high end, but you could see another half an inch of rain, 56 as the storms are possible early south, and then lingering showers as 56 is your low, tomorrow morning showers a high of only 60, it is a mostly cloudy day on your thursday with the rain chance at 50 percent in the morning, and now the 7-day forecast is for a beautiful friday and saturday, feels more like february, sunday a 50 percent chance of rain, and how about next week, be monday through wednesday, it is going to be cold again with a high again of only 40 on wednesday afternoon, and a low temperature down well into the middle to upper twenties.
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damage reports, and we're hearing scattered reports of damage, but the latest we have from aiken county emergency management report saying no related storm damage, >> which one was that you just said >> aiken county. paul matthews from the aiken county emergency department, and no damage calls coming to them in their first responder capacity. and kershaw county as well, and while we are already getting flooding in central parts of the midlands, for example, the city of columbia, and richland county that is ongoing and the warning for flooding in that area goes on for about another three and a half minutes, the word from the city of columbia fire is no indications of storm damage in the city of columbia either >> just looking at lexington county the sheriff says that hoards deputies are out
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damage, but he says for the most part everything looks good.
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moment to prepare for our 5 o'clock show. and we will give you an update on what is happening right now. >> we are talking about these storms to the south and if we can go back to number one, we have a severe thunderstorm for orangeburg county and it is until 5:30 and there is the cell moving very quick willy to the north and east at about 40 miles per hour, orangeburg, bamberg, the leading end of it has a history of producing 60 miles per hour winds, we will be watching this very carefully >> if you see anything that is going on out here, and you can do it safely, send us pictures to our facebook page. our weather app will give you the very latest as it comes in. >> and you also can text weather to 80310, and we will give you updates that way, as well. giving you
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fan favorites week.
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