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tv   FOX 6 News at 530  FOX  August 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm CDT

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good afternoon. the executive director for the city of milwaukee elections commission tells me theyre projecting turnout will be right on par with that projection of 16 percent of eligible voters.....he says thats about 18-20 percent of registered voters. he says the city has 193 polling locations today;and about 1200 poll workers. he says there was a good rush of voters early this morning-- ;some people were already in line when the doors opened.....but theres been a lull this afternoon. into this location near city hall this afternoon. he does expect there to be another little rush as folks head home from work.... he expects that to last until about 7. if you havent voted yet but are planning to this evening, keep in mind that this is a partisan primary. 'all five of the political parties have their ballots on one ballot and that confuses voters they think they can vote for some candidates
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from another party you cant do that in a partisan primary thats called cross-party voting and your ballots going if youre confused about how a partisan primary works, make sure you talk with a poll worker when you get to your polling location. polls are open until 8 this evening. if youre in line at 8, youll still get to vote. reporting live tonight in milwaukee, rachelle baillon fox6 news. mary thanks rachelle we will have complete coverage of all the big races on our website -- fox six now dot com, and your fox six news mb and check back after the polls close tonight for election results. it's time for your news and weather together. house speaker paul ryan squares off against paul nehlen in gop primary for the first congressional district. the contest drew national interest recently due to presidential nominee donald trump. trump gave nehlen major air time and attention in the past few weeks before finally backing ryan last
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consistently shown ryan hovering above 80- percent support. russ feingold facing scott harbach today in the democratic primary for u-s senate. feingold has been campaigning against republican opponent senator ron johnson for months, but still needs the democratic nomination to challenge johnson in november. johnson took feingold's spot on the senate six years ago when they last ran against each other. johnson has no one ru today. state representative mandela barnes hoping to earn the 4th district state senate spot. he's looking to the unseat the incumbent state senator lena taylor. since becoming a state senator in 2004-- taylor has never faced a primary opponent-- until now. whoever wins tonight is almost guaranteed the seat. that's because there are no republican candidates running
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with temperatures falling into the 70s. we'll drop into the upper 60s to low 70s by sunrise. partly sunny, warm and humid on wednesday with a high in the thursday with heat indices in the mid-90s. thunderstorm chances return thursday night. thunderstorm chances continue friday. 80s on friday and saturday with a break in the heat/humidity sunday. tonight: clearing skies. low: 71 dewpoint: 71 wind: sw 5 mph wednesday: partly sunny, warmer & muggy. high: 88 dewpoint: 71 wind: se 5-10 mph thursday: partly sunny, hot and humid with thunderstorms likely at night. am low: 72 high: 90 dewpoint: 73 wind:
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have to pay to walk along the lake front. milwaukee county officials are considering charging parking fees on the streets and in the parking lots around the lake. fox6s madeline anderson has more on what to expect. from couples whove been here twice in their lifetimes... i know they developed the trails along here. so we wanted to see what lifetime of memories here.... its been a social gathering where that the community can come together. the lake fronts beaches... paths... and parks attract thousands of people each day. anybody whos been on memorial on a hot summer day knows it gets pretty crazy.county executive chris abele is now hoping to cash in on the traffic. as part of his 2017 budget proposal... he wants to charge drivers a dollar an hour to park along streets like lincoln memorial drive... and at locations like the north
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free. if we can charge less than anyone else, less than the citys charging for parking, and generate more than a million a year and put that back into parks, were definitely going to look at that. the money will help fill the parks department's 2-and- a-half-million-dollar budget deficit. one of the issues we have is the cost of pensions, the cost of health care, not for active employees but for retirees goes up. :32 milwaukee residents versus visitors from madison are split on whether th wed be conscientious about oh, do we have money. is it coins? do we have credit cards? we're from out o f town, it seems like we gotta support the trails in some way. abele say's he's open to suggestions from the public. would you prefer to pay more in fees, would you prefer to pay more in taxes, cut services? if you'd like to weigh in... there will be a public input session on the proposed budget tomorrow evening at the washington park senior center. head to fox6 now for details. reporting along the lake front...
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the brewers missed out on a win last night by a matter of feet! former brewer prince fielder feats at the plate were amazing! now, it appears that his career is over! pip has the story next in sports. problems continue for delta airline passengers today. the reason for continued flight delays and cancellations. and a texas newborn is the first in the state to die of complications from
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when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringing ] ...what do you think they talk about? how the koch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin, even green bay, or how they spent millions to support johnson as he voted their way 90% of the time and supported special tax breaks for big oil polluters? whatever senator johnson and the koch brothers talk about, it probably isn't you.
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thanks to the paint fiasco icanceling the packers/colts hall of fame game, the packers preseason schedule's been cut to 4 games, rather than the customary 5..starting with cleveland friday night at lambeau. after announcing that they'd signed long snapper jesse schmitt and released linebacker ma-noah' pee cool' name, the pack
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talking about the paint on the field in canton. day 2 of badgers practie but 6-5, 245 pound junior t.j. watt-the 3rd and last in the line of talented watt brothers from pewaukee-is pumped to use his athleticism to open up big plays for himself and his buddies on defense. "i am extremely excited. i was just saying last year at this time i was one of the guys over around and my brother was sitting in the chair and i just switched to defense and i really didnt know my role at all. and now i fell like ive kinda set myself in a good position to help the team as much as
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the season with these guys." the brewers host the braves tonight in game 2 of a 4 game series. chris carter and company lost last night in 12 innings--after it appeared they had won it in walk-off fashion in the 9th. "carter, deep into left center, how far wil it fly? ohhhh its at the wall haha!" that had to be one of the longest shots chris c ever hit..without leaving the yard! brian anderson thought it was did everybody else---even bernie brewer! he was ready to do the home run slide. prince fielder belted 230 homers in his 6 plus seasons with the brewers. sadly, it appears the one-time prolific slugger is facing the end of his career at age 32. fox's ken rosenthal reports that fielder, now with the rangers, had a second neck surgery on july 29th.
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doctors won't clear him to play. so he's guaranteed 24 million dollars a year through 2 thousand 20. texas will hold a news conference tomorrow. if this is the end, prince fielder finishes with 319 homers-the same number as his father cess'ul. ironic-given their complicated relationship. thankfully, prince was reunited with his dad last year. and an adrenaline junkie at age 80. she went white water rafting
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in business news - master lock is moving its headquarters to oakc will fill the former caterpillar global mining campus on south howell avenue. the president of master lock says part of the reason for the move is it has increased its u-s job numbers by 35 percent over the last 5 years. he says the larger offices will help attract top local talent. master lock had considered areas in down milwaukee -- but chose oak creek after the city offered the company incentives to move to the oak creek location. southwest airlines is launching nonstop flights from general
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diego -- replacing an existing saturday only service. that brings the number of southwest nonstop flights leaving mitchell to 21. company officials say southwest airlines is now milwaukee's largest carrier. for more information on this and other stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on ours, it's time for your news and weather together. problems continue for delta airlines today -- as the company is telling passengers to expect more de it started with a computer system failure yesterday -- grounding flights for at least 6 hours. hundreds of thousands of passengers were stranded. delta says the computer system is back up and running ... but the after- effects are still being felt. delta says it continues to investigate ... exactly what went wrong. a newborn in texas has become the state's first zika-related death. health officials say the baby girl was born with a condition
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h child's head is abnormally small. health officials say the baby's mother had traveled to el salvador during her pregnancy-- and that's where it is believed she became infected unknowingly. police say a man grabbed an officer's gun in new york and killed another man -- firing 15 rounds. police were called to a bronx deli over a man causing a disturbance. two officers went to the deli and tried to escort the suspect out... when a struggle occurred. that's when police say he managed to get one oft his holster, and shot a 49-year-old worker from across the street. toss to weather weather clearing skies tonight with temperatures falling into the
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low 70s by sunrise. partly sunny, warm and humid on wednesday with a high in the upper 80s. hot and humid on thursday with heat indices in the mid-90s. thunderstorm chances return thursday night. thunderstorm chances continue saturday with a break in the heat/humidity sunday. tonight: clearing skies. low: 71 dewpoint: 71 wind: sw 5 mph wednesday: partly sunny, warmer & muggy. high: 88 dewpoint: 71 wind: se 5-10 mph thursday: partly sunny, hot and
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high: 90 dewpoint: 73 wind: s 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy, hot and humid with the chance for t- storms. am low: 73 high: 87 dewpoint: 73 wind: w 5-10 mph saturday: partly sunny, warm and high: 84 dewpoint: 69 wind: nw 5-10 mph sunday: partly sunny, cooler. am low: 65 high: 78 dewpoint: 64 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny. am low: 62 high: 79 dewpoint: 60
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thanks a wisconsin woman says she is 80... going on 18. for her 80th birthday -- she decided to try ziplining! she was smiling the whole time
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this for a couple of months..... she says she is no stranger to big birthday celebrations. she's 80-years-old, going on 18 and she likes doing these kind of extreme things that nobody else thinks she can do." "we're just waiting to see what 90 brings! we'll see what happens. out of a plane! the woman clearly loves adventure... for her 70th birthday she took her family white water rafting. nasa is giving us a high definition look at the testing of one of the they used a technology called "high dynamic range." even your smartphones have it. this is called nasa's high dynamic range stereo x, and it combines multiple slow-motion exposures to reveal what's actually going on behind the glare. this is so important because it allows rocket scientists to study, in detail, how the thrust works as that fuel is fed into the rocket. this particular test is from nasa's space
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it's hopefully flown in 2018 it will be the most powerful rocket ever built. nasa has a new look for its space shuttle program. this is the "dream chaser" -- and it will replace the old shuttles. those old shuttles were enormous, costly and included dangerous design flaws. the dream chasers are reusable, miniature shuttles completely controlled by computers... the dream chaser's first test flight is set for later this year. for its first mission - at the end of 20-19. the federal government sold off some of its old junk in an auction -- but now there's a battle over one of the items. the item in question -- looks like an unassuming white duffel bag. it just happens to be the one the "apollo 11" astronauts used, to collect rock samples during the first moon walk in 19-69. when nancy carlson, of inverness, bought the bag for a thousand dollars, she sent it to "nasa" to confirm
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but "nasa" kept it. carlson says she bought the bag, fair and square... and she's suing to get it back. "the simpsons" is celebrating a big milestone... and n-b-c universal strikes a deal with warner brothers... those details in tonight's buzz. n-b-c-universal acquires the broadcast and t-v rights to all eight "harry potter" movies and the upcoming "fanta films. the original eight films will air on n- b-c's broadcast and cable channels beginning july first, 2018. the partnership also gives n-b-c-universal digital rights to the "potter" films through april 20-25. "nsync" is back together again...but not to make music. justin timberlake posted this picture on his instagram page.
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simpsons" is airing their 600th episode this fall. the animated comedy is celebrating that milestone with their first-ever hour-long episode. keegan-michael key will lend his voice in the special, as well as taraji p. henson. the episode, titled "the great phatsby" will air in january. that's your buzz. rio isn't the only place with world- class athletes competing for the gold. after the break -- a look at the fierce competition in the "kitten summer
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? ? world are competing right now. but we're not talking about the summer games in rio.. it's the kitten summer games! the nation's most athletic
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... including kitten gymnastics.... wrestling.... and much more! the games are aired on the hallmark channel ... all the kittens featured are available for adoption! open now at six. election day across wisconsin. voter says: "it only took me a couple seconds to really figure it out." voters head to the polls. voter says: "it's the right thing a partisan primary -- with some potentially big implications -- in madison and washington. that is our big story at six. if you haven't done so already -- go vote! polls are open for a few more hours --- until 8 p-m. we have team coverage tonight. we're live in janesville -- where political rookie paul nehlen is looking to unseat house speaker paul ryan.
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mandela barnes. more on races in a minute -- but let's start with a-j bayatpour -- who's been checking in with the voters at the polls. this is one of the places where the oak creek city clerk says there were issues with electioneering: people campaigning too close to the polling location. there were similar reports in mount pleasant as well... its a learning curve, weve got volunteers from out of state. this man would not give his name to support paul nehlen in his bid to upset house speaker paul ryan. mount pleasant police say they had to fill him in on wisconsin election law tuesday morning. he had placed a couple signs on the village property and we instructed him to carry his sign if he so chose and to stay 100 feet away from the property. inside the polling places, voter i-d is in full effect tuesday. the recent ruling allowing affidavits for those who could not easily get an i-d would apply to november.


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