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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  August 13, 2016 1:05am-1:36am CDT

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>> the horses would not let me in the stall. >> reporter: what did they do? >> turned their backs. so if i came in there, i might get kicked. >> reporter: were you a little nervous at first? >> yes, you have to get comfortable because they can sense if you are nervous. >> reporter: it is like any farm. there is hard work that needs to be done every day. grooming the horses. tending the pasture. and even when the chores are lifting to do. >> here are the things we're going to look at. >> reporter: judy mentors and supervises these inmates during the six-month long training program called groomed elite. >> that was perfect. >> reporter: is always an armed guard nearby, but judy does not see any danger in these men. instead, she sees a lot of potential. >> both the horses and guys were
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being great, everyone wants greatness. then something happened along the way. >> reporter: judy knows what she is talking about. she spent a career working with inmates on parole and probation. and came out of retirement to run this program. >> how can you not have a program like this? it just works. >> reporter: what is it that they get at the end of this program when they go into the world and back into the workforce? >> when they get out, they are different, gentler, kinder, it's happy the words they u. >> reporter: jackson is hoping to be paroled next year after serving six years of a 12 year prison sentence for assault and second degree murder. i asked marcus were working with the horses has done for him besides getting him out from behind bars. >> i've tried to become a better person, caring for the horses, it's like their pl here, therapeutic like our sanctuary.
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special bond with one particular horse. your favorite horse has a name. >> might favorite horse is dancer. >> reporter: dancer? >> it's a boy. >> reporter: why do you think you are so connected to him? >> because when i first get out, i'm not going to lie, i was kind of intimidated. he was the first horse that i actually felt comfortable with. he is very laid back, like me. second chances program has been a huge success. >> some have gotten jobs on the outside, dealing with horses. some left and went to do other jobs and have been successful. >> reporter: the maryland department of corrections expects these inmates will take away much more than the vocational skills they learn here. >> i think before i do stuff and more now, instead of just doing it just because i could. worrying about consequences
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>> reporter: and even though these forces will never be racing again, they become champions by turning offenders into productive citizens. >> this program helps them realize that they are still great inside. it does not matter what they did in the past. it matters who they are when they walk out the door and what they are going to do with that. >> reporter: just how successful is the second chances farm program? only 7% of the presenters who worked on the farm have returned to that is compared to 40% with the general population. >> announcer: still to come, this arrest warrant is one for the books. literally. the couple facing serious jail time because they filled to return dr. seuss back to the
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>> matt: it is time now for "wild about trial" where we cover the craziest stories going on all across the country. we are joined by the creator of the popular web site and criminal defense attorney alison triessl. as well as attorney and legal thank you for being here. our first story involves a denver man accused of robbing a pair of banks. this is not once but twice. the charges have been dismissed. now his attorney says the police department can expect a big fella -- federal lawsuit because of the wrongful arrest both times. i will come to you first. he says he has been affected in so many ways, homeless, lost his family, do you think this is a bright one happen? >> i absolutely believe they are
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he is living in a homeless shelter, lost his job. he has not seen his kids in months. even the bank teller said, on the stand, this was not the man. >> matt: there are two sides to every story here. is there an argument where there is smoke there is fire? >> that is that and the fact that the bank teller said 85% chance that he did do it in a lineup. so her story has changed. keep in mind, the reason he was officers is because when the surveillance cameras came out and started talking to the neighborhood, showing them on the news, his ex-wife and his two roommates called in and said, i know that guy. that is how he came before them. >> matt: let me pick up on that peer to there so many cases where we see someone charged but just not enough evidence to bring a conviction. is that not one of these? >> this seems more like a
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to him to the effect of, we are going to get you. remember, this is an ex-wife who says it is him. and he is 3 inches taller than the robber was in this case. they knew all of that. >> no, no. >> matt: 3 inches is tough to detect on surveillance camera. >> airtight alibi. >> matt: what was his alibi? >> airtight alibi for the t, not the second. the 3 inches is because of the conditions, fbi software, it's not because they know the person who did it was 3 inches piedmont to ignore the facial recognition software and believe the fbi hyped software. >> the facial recognition software was wrong. it does not mean that this man still has not had his life newnpd has a good claim for fale imprisonment, malicious prosecution and a really good claim for defamation because everywhere he goes, people tag him as the bank robber.
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to be had a witness saying it isn't, you say that's not enough for probable cause? then when she went on the stand thened, it's been dismissed now. there is no way they're going to have success. this is a part of the process. >> matt: nothing tells me were not going to reach agreement on the case so we move onto the next one. this one makes my brain hurt. in michigan couple is facing the prospect of very serious jail time for failing to return, would you believe, a dr. >> let them the place the book. i looked it up, ten bucks peer but they did not like, i agree with, this $100 for the restitution fund, they said, that is extortion, we are not doing that we will pay for the book and the fine. and arrest warrant for a dr. seuss book? what has the world come to, i can't take it. >> matt: they are not really going to serve time behind bars?
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a judge bably going to look at this once they have an attorney, which they don't have that which is a real tragedy because we are talking about jail time. >> dr. seuss people, we are available. >> once again time in front of the judge, and hope we see the charges go out. >> matt: thank you very much. for more about us between on, go to our web site, ? we're in too deep ? >> matt: this is going to be a difficult thing for you to watch. >> in the two frontal lobes.
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>> announcer: plus, holy night turns into real-life horror as a rookie officer and her partner e ambushed by decoupling maniac. >> once i realized he was dead, i took cover into a small parking lot. >> announcer: she is recounting her terrifying ordeal to our jason mattera. >> i did not sleep for 36 or more hours. could not close my eyes for a shower. >> announcer: the search for a killer with a twist no one saw coming. >> the irony. >> announcer: next week on "crime watch daily." >> matt: that is it for today's "crime watch daily." thanks for being with us. we will see you next time, everyone.
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now on fox 6 news.... conviction overturned. today, a federal judge threw out brendan dassey's murder conviction in the death of teresa halbach. tonight... we have reaction to the verdict... what comes next for dassey... and his uncle, steven avery. brendan dassey was a teen when he was found guilty of murder -- but he could soon leave prison a free
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murderer" documentary. fox 6's ashley sears is live in the newsroom with more. dassey could be free in 90 days--after a federal court overturned his conviction. a judge says he was coerced into a confession. it is a case thrust into the national spotlight-- the netflix documentary "making a murderer" shined new light on the rape and murder of teresa steven avery and his nephew brendan dassey. nats the case sparked protests-- nats and calls for the convictions to be thrown out. friday-- after years of appeals--a federal judge overturns dassey's conviction ruling investigators made false promises to him during his interview and his confession was coerced. the ruling states '...he did not seem to grasp the seriousness
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years old when he was arrested. once he was in custody--he confessed to helping his uncle rape and murder halbach. 57:48 his lawyer wasnt there, he was prompted, he was promised things, he had very clear mental limitations. former wisconsin supreme court justice janine geske says the video confession raised red flags. 54:14 more people, legal observers, that saw it, i think were very uncomfortable about the way that dassey is represented by two attorneys from northwestern law's cernter on wrongful convictions of youth-- they released a statement saying in part: "dr. martin luther king said that the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. it has taken a decade but the law is finally bending toward justice in the case of brendan dassey." dassey is currently serving his prison sentence at columbia correctional
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that he be freed from prison within 90 days... unless there is an appeal or the case is retried. steph thanks ashley so what about steven avery? how does this ruling affect his case? that's what our ben handelman has been trying to find out. avery's lawyer seemed thrilled sending optimistic tweets. ben -- good evening guys. steven avery is the man convicted of or not this is a game changer for his case--- depends who you ask. brendan dassey's conviction is overturned. a judge ruling his controversial confession was coerced by investigators. among those celebrating-- the lawyer for steven avery. attorney kathleen zellner tweeting "justice for brendan as another law enforcement fabricated confession bites the dust. convicting the innocent foiled by an unbiased court."
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ruling, now means for her client. i'm hopeful steven avery is next. avery's former lawyer jerry buting spoke to us by phone. buting and former attorney dean strang have convinced millions who've watched the netflix documentary making a murderer their client was innocent. those yet unswayed-- a jury, and appeals judges. friday's ruling may not lead to a new trial for avery. the main reason--- dassey's controversial confession video thrown out by a judge friday, was not used in trial to help convict avery. even though brenda was not used at stephens trial. the jury questioners made it clear that 99% of the jurors believed he was guilty and that was largely based on the false narrative. buting says what will give avery a chance, the jury relied on dassey's now tossed timeline of events. and it was not the truth. it was infact refuted by all the physical evidence which proved
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it happened. avery's new attorney writing "brendan's opinion shows cops made up crime story. steven's will show cops made up crime evidence-- end-in- sight. we asked attorneys if they thought all of the attention from the netflix series may have had an effect in today's ruling. everyone we talked to believed this ruling would have happened regardless if a series was made or not. avery remains locked up atthe waupun correctional institut read the complete judge's ruling on brendan dassey -- and see all of our coverage on this case on our website -- just go to fox 6 now dot com. tonight, milwaukee police are investigating a deadly shooting on the city's north side. the shooting happened near sherman and burleigh, around 6 o'clock tonight. police say a 33 year old man was driving south on sherman when he was shot. after the shooting - his car collided with another car. the man who was shot was taken to the hospital,
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minor injuries. police say they are still trying to figure out what lead up to the shooting. the kenosha man accused of helping his sister with a deadly shooting will face trial. derrick matthews was in court today, where a judge ruled there is enough evidence for a trial on charges of first degree intentional homicide. prosecutors say he provided the gun that was used in the murder of michael gayan. the victim was killed on july fourth, but his decomposing body was not found until july 26th. investigators say matthews sister, the victim, and is the person who actually pulled the trigger. milwaukee police are investigating a fatal hit and run on the city's northwest side. police are searching for a small dark colored suv who struck a woman near 91st and appleton last night. 64-year-old mary wills was hit walking in the croswalk at the intersection. emergency crews tired life saving efforts but she died on the scene. whoever you are that did this please come forward and turn
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according to the medical examiner the driver was speeding. witnesses say they saw the suv slow down then hop the curb as the driver tried to getaway. anyone with infoormation is asked to call police. chaos in cudahy this morning. it all started when cudahy police tried to stop two cars driving recklessly. that led to a police pursuit... where a police s-u-v crashed into a pickup truck. one of the cars originally involved in the reckless driving wound up we have three, stolen vehicles in impound. we have six suspects in custody. so, well see where the investigation takes us, from here. police say they are trying to determine the identity of all six of the suspects in custody. police say some of those might be under the age of 18. there is also new information about a crash involving a milwaukee police squad car. police say a squad
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near mlk and clarke. a third car stopped at the light was also hit. two police officers and several people in the other cars were taken to the hospital - although all of the injuries are minor. the driver of the car that turned left was cited for failing to yield the right of way. we finally got some rain today. some people even saw quite a bit of it. tom wachs is in the weather office. weather flash flood watch in effect until 12am for all of se wi scat locally heavy rain will continue this evening before tapering off overnight. temperatures will fall into the upper 60s by sunrise. mostly cloudy with a chance for a few isolated showers saturday and a high around 80. mostly sunny on sunday with a high in the low-to-mid 80s. dewpoints will drop from the upper 60s saturday into the mid 60s sunday. tonight: showers and thunderstorms. locally heavy rain. low: 68 dewpoint:
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for an isolated shower. high: 80 dewpoint: 69 wind: nw
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download the fox six storm center app. it's free for apple and android devices. the packers finally got to kick off their preseason tonight... taking on the browns at lambeau field. the game wrapped up just a few minutes ago, with the packers getting the win, 17 to 11. we'll have a complete look at the game coming up in sports. fans at the game got to see a lot of new players on the field. but that's not the only thing thats new at lambeau this season. fox 6's a.j. bayatpour has more from green bay. unchanged - like saving a few bucks by parking on someones front lawn. but this is a new experience for gretchen leanna. im just excited to do it period because ive never been here, and also, its also kind of exciting because weve got a little one on the way and so its kind of his first game and my first game. by the way - thats a non-alcholic beer shes got so dont worry. even for those whove been coming for 40 years, tailgaing at lambeau is still a thrill. a friend of mine asked if i would like to go and see
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did. ever since then, ive been packer fan. oh, this is great. we wouldnt miss it, we just like to come up to see the game, the stadium, and the people around us. the marzahls from burlington make friends with the shahs from milwaukee. that happens when youre sharing a prime lawn spot. theyll also share the first experience of going through metal detectors at lambeau field. new in 2016 -the detectors are at every game. but with an express lane for fans without bags or stadium seats, the couples say they arent worried. i just went to state fair park and i did not have any problems so i do not see any problems part of the whole thing; you kind of know it going in. it takes a while getting in but its alright. the metal detectors were in place for family night but of course, this is the first time theyre be used for a game. it is n-f-l policy this year for every stadium to have metal detectors at every gate. the best advice, as you might guess, travel light and line up early. live at lambeau field, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6
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wisconsin is getting more time in the political spotlight. coming up - when donald trump will be back in the badger state - and where he'll be speaking in milwaukee. plus - they paid their rent, but can't open their doors. a fox 6 exclusive with business owners who are speaking out against a local landlord. break you are watching fox 6 news at
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there are new details tonight


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