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tv   FOX 6 News at 5  FOX  November 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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meanwhile -- a vigil is set for about 30 minutes from now... to remember the little girl... and pray for her grieving family. fox six's justin williams joins us from the scene with more. this grief comes from the loss of the life, the frustration, from the fact that the person responsible remains on the run. a day later, we dont know if it was malice. we just know it was a tragic set of events. sundays leon terrace, near 65th and hampton, continues to consume relatives of five-year-old rickyia langham. the five-year-old was struck, while crossing the street, with her mother, on her way to church. this mother is hurting. shes, this was her baby girl. monday, rickyias mother, richele yarborough, tells me, off-camera, what she believes was an suv, traveling southbound on leon terrace, appeared to slow, as she escorted rickyia toward the street.
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yarborough says the suv accelerates, striking, and running over, her daughter. they, actually, slowed down, after the accident, and then, continued to speed past. radontae ashford is rickyias cousin. just look at how everyone is hurting. she was the, you know, she was the life of the family. ashford adds, the familys anguish is tempered, only, by the desire to determine who is responsible for this crash. were asking the community, at large, to, if they know anything in regards to this, to just, please, make a phone call. have a heart. the family is scheduled to host a prayer vigil, at 5-30, near leon terrace, and hampton. tuesday, were told a fundraiser will be held, to help cover funeral expenses. and, a memorial fund has been established, through educators credit union. this is the latest, in milwaukee. im justin williams, fox 6 news.
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fourteen hours to go. that's when the polls will open here in wisconsin. despite a record number of voters casting ballots in early voting... tomorrow's voter turn-out will ultimately choose the next president of the united states. fox6's myra sanchick is in the newsroom to tell you how the candidates spent their last day of campaigning, and what it means. the polling numbers from fox and others show the race may be tightening. that means no rest on the campaign trail. by looking at which candidate is going to which state you can guess what a campaign is thinking. trump is in north carolina, ohio, then grand rapids, michigan. clinton is in north carolina as well after pennsylvania. michigan too. all key battleground states. what about wisconsin? she thinks she's in pretty good shape. but she's sending her v.p candidate who's been here a half dozen times which tells us she's not positive. she wants to be sure. donald trump has been here
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candidate a few times . donald trump starting this last day of the campaign in sarasota. she's not going to get in folks. i don't see it. i don't see it. hillary clinton, in pittsburgh. i'm here to ask you to vote for yourself, for your families. vote for your futures ten electoral votes in a close election can mean the difference between who's president and who isn't. and so i think when trump tries to figure out the math. it's like a puzzle. moving the states around, figure out how to get to 270 , ten votes from wisconsin suddenly become really important. of course the candidates themselves and their appearances are only part of the picture. a massive effort on both sides to get out the vote is underway as well. live in the newsroom myra sanchick fox6 news ted thanks myra turning to wisconsins u-s senate race now-- democrat russ feingold is making
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feingold left racine about an hour ago... and thats where we find fox6s bret lemoine, live with more. feingold visited the u-a-w local 180 in racine... where volunteers were manning a phone bank to encourage voters to cast their ballot tomorrow for democrats. feingold told the crowd that he will stop trade agreements that send jobs overseas if hes elected. he says republican preside for the presidency... and that his opponent, incumbent republican senator ron johnson, backs corporations and big business. feingold says hell work hard to increase the minimum wage, offer family leave and take action on pharmaceutical costs if hes sent back to washington. feingolds lead in this race has slipped... hes only one point ahead of johnson in the latest marquette university law school poll. bl: 'what happened in the last two months? you had a very strong lead in october, but that lead has all but evaporated. what happened?' rf 'nothing happened. youre looking at one
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completely different picture. thats inaccurate. were in good shape.' from here, feingold will head to oshkosh for his last campaign stop. he will be in the madison area on election night. reporting live in racine, bl, fox6 news. mary thanks bret as for feingold's opponent -- senator ron johnson -- he's holding a campaign event right now in waukesha. both house speaker pal governor scott walker are with him at this rally. earlier today -- senator johnson and speaker ryan were here in milwaukee for a school choice event... fox6 political reporter theo keith has more. ron johnson, paul ryan and scott walker are speaking here in waukesha, the conclusion of johnsons statewide bus tour on the final four days of the campaign. 13:17:36 hey guys, how you doing? ryan
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school to promote school choice.johnson trailed russ feingold by double digits earlier this year but has climbed back into this race — largely without the help of national republicans, some of whom left him for dead this summer. now outside money is pouring in to attack feingold. johnson, too, is racheting up the criticism of feingolds record on the campaign trail, calling him a 'complete phony.' you can hear some of that when i was asking johnson about health care this weekend. ron johnson -- 12:36:36 the fact that hes proud of his vote, apparently pr making those pledges, those promises that no way theyre going to come true — that was a fraud. those were lies. and he needs to be held accountable for it :49 despite the record-breaking early voting numbers in democratic strongholds of milwaukee and madison, johnsons campaign says it can overcome that on election day with a strong republican ground game honed during governor walkers recall race. in waukesha, theo keith, fox6 news. wisconsin election officials say
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already cast ballots in this election -- beating the record set in 2012. in-person early voting ended in most areas friday. more than 797-thousand people cast ballots. that's well above the record in the last presidential election -- when about 664-thousand people voted early. in all -- the elections commission projects about 3-point-1-million people in wisconsin will vote in this election -- which would be just shy of 70-percent of the state's voting-age po those early voting numbers may help a little with the long lines tomorrow -- but local elections officials still predict a busy day at polling sites. fox6's madeline anderson joins us live in oak creek to explain what municipalities are doing to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. this polling site at parkway church is one of more than 280 across milwaukee county where residents can cast
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the ballot boxes wheeled out and the voting booths assembled. oak creek election inspectors spent monday preparing each of the six polling sites for election day. meanwhile poll workers at city hall assigned numbers to the 66-hundred absentee ballots already returned... prepping them for tuesday when they'll be opened and fed through the machine. "because weve already voted over 30 percent--31 percent--here in oak creek, we should be able to get the voters through pretty quickly. its the get long and kind of slow down the process. so the more prepared voters are with that information, the smoother and quicker that will go." i anticipate high voter turnout, so i encourage everyone to head to the polls as early as the county level... director of elections julietta henry was on hand to provide extra supplies
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its been extremely busy once the votes are cast tuesday... henry's staff is then responsible for tallying the results. weve tested the equipment, we ran the actual test ballots through every single machine, and theyve sent in their results. just a reminder... everyone must provide a photo i-d to receive a ballot. and for people who need to register... you must also bring proof of residence. as long as you are in line before 8- p-m when polls close... you will be able to vote... even if it's three hours later. reporting live in oak creek... madeline anderson fox6 news. ted thanks madeline and remember -- fox6 is the station to watch on election night. we will bring you expert analysis-- results-- and reaction throughout the night tomorrow. getting clean water in milwaukee...
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help people living in homes with lead service lines... plus... another disappointing showing from the packers... what head coach mike mccarthy had to say today about his team -- next. we managed another warm and sunny afternoon - but a cold front is going to bring us showers ... and drop temperatures by tomorrow. your full forecast is coming up. reopen hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to
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t out of them." vo: just one. over 80,000 wisconsin jobs lost to unfair trade. but senator johnson sided with corporate interests, calling for even more unfair trade, voting for special tax breaks for corporations shipping jobs overseas, costing taxpayers billions. and johnson's been exposed for using
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us. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. ot donald trump.
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blue and white uniforms finished off the packers in an upset, 31 to 26... green bay is now at 4 wins and 4 losses on the season -- with three straight road games next on the schedule.... tim van vooren is here with the facts on the pack..... mary and ted, the packers looked pretty flat yesterday in falling despite being favored by a touchdown.... and they now fall to third place in the nfc north division, which isn't exactly the land of the falling behind in on a kickoff return for a touchdown on the first play of the game makes for a pretty flat-looking effort anyway, so is it possible to determine just how much overlooking indy the packers did ?? after the game, the coach was direct, today, he changes course a bit.... "i was pleased with wednesday because wednesday's practice the week before was not very good. thursday's was excellent. you gotta carry it forward though. it's about preparation and performance and we were not sharp enough today." "when i addressed the team yesterday in the locker room i talked a lot about energy and things like that but after really reviewing the video i
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just think the attention to detail and the sharpness particularly in the first moments of the game we were not quite where we needed to be." the packers are currently tied for the eighth best record in the nfc, which means if the playoffs started today, they would not qualify.... their next three games are at tennessee, washington and philadelphia.... weather together. the family of former u-s attorney general janet reno says she passed away this morning... reno reportedly died at her home in miami after a 20-year battle with parkinson's disease. she was the first female attorney general -- serving under president bill clinton from 1993 to 2001. janet reno was 78.
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pleads not guilty. jasen rand-hawa is accused of killing three women from illinois and injuring their uber driver in a crash near 2nd and clybourn. investigators say randhawa initially left the scene after the crash but turned himself in a day later court documents indicate he had speeding and driving drunk at the time of the crash. today-- he was also bound over for trial. the milwaukee county board approves a wheel tax today. in a 17 to 1 vote-- board members agreed to an amendment county budget that will create a 30 dollar vehicle registration fee. milwaukee county executive chris abele initially proposed a 60 dollar fee in his 2017 budget plan. on top of a state vehicle registration fee of 75 dollars and a city wheel tax of 20 dollars-- residents will now pay 125 dollars a year just to operate their cars.
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weather as our next cold front gets closer, clouds will start to return to southeast wisconsin. those will arrive primarily after sunset - followed by shower chances after midnight. showers will likely linger into tomorrow morning, before leaving us with a mostly cloudy and cool sunshine returns wednesday. we'll see a brief burst of warmer air thursday before temperatures return to "normal" in the low 50s friday. tonight: mostly cloudy. showers after midnight. low: 48 wind: sw/w
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mostly cloudy and cool. high: 55 wind: nw 10-20 mph wednesday:gradual clearing. am low: 39 high: 56 wind: nw 5-10 mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low: 37 high: 60 wind: w 10-20 mph friday: mostly sunny. am low: 38 high: 50 mostly sunny. am low: 31 high: 50 wind: sw 5-10
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improving water quality for milwaukee residents with lead
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new partnership. up next... who's involved -- and how they plan to help those who are affected. start your election day with fox-6 wakeup. we have live team coverage on what you need to know before heading to the polls. plus the last push from candidates in the major races. and it could be a long night... where campaigns will be holding watch parties.
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an economy rigged for the wealthy. and ron johnson's made it worse. johnson took a shady $10 million corporate payout, then went to washington and voted to protect corporate tax loopholes for companies shipping wisconsin jobs overseas, supported privatizing social security, which would hand billions to wall street, and wants to eliminate the federal minimum wage. senator johnson works for wall street, not us.
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what greases the gears in washington? money. and ron johnson fits right in. six years ago, johnson took a shady $10 million corporate payout, went to washington, then voted to protect $21 billion in tax breaks for the world's biggest oil companies. $21 billion. a wisconsin senator, protecting tax breaks for oil companies.
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's washington. and he fits right in. end citizens united is responsible for the content of this ad. a new program kicks off later this month... designed to help alleviate concerns about the safety of the city's drinking water. fox 6s derica williams tells us how a new water filter ?distribution plan will be rolled out to residents. it's coming out of your sink...and could make you sick. from all points health commissioner bevan baker says the city of milwaukee is helping residents with lead service lines starting with the most vulnerable. we especially want to reach bottle fed infants. thats a key public health concern and we want to reach families where there is a pregnant or nursing mother there and any children under the age of 6 living in
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way of greater milwaukee and waukesha county to provide aquasana-branded water filtration products to those impacted. we have an opportunity to have immediate action the program offers two products, the aquasana claryum countertop unit and the claryum clean water machine powered water filtration pitcher. both these products are nsf certified and remove more than 99%of the lead from drinking water they area also certified to remove more than 65 other potential harmful contaminates including heavy metals and pollutants such as pesticides while its a helpful gesture, the city says it does have a long term plan.. and budget for it.. in place to get the lead hazards out of the ground. . there $150,000 additional for filters and $11 million in the budget hta deals with infrastructure we made daycare centers our top priority .. the filtration products and replacement filters will be
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sixteenth street community health centers on the north and south side. residents who do not qualify for the program are being offered a special discount... go to fox6-now-dot com... we have a link where you can find out if you are one of the homes dealing with this hazard. interested in learning more about the proper filter for your water set- up? visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and search "n-s-f logo." tonight. coming up-- where hillary clinton and donald trump are spending their final hours making their case for the presidency. plus-- how are you getting to the polls tomorrow? if you don't have an answer-- you'll want to stick around--
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over 80,000 wisconsin jobs lost to unfair trade. but senator johnson sided with corporate interests, calling for even more unfair trade, voting for special tax breaks
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costing taxpayers billions. and johnson's been exposed for using what looks like an offshore tax shelter for himself. ron johnson's just not for us. senate majority pac is responsible
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hillary clinton and donald trump are on their last campaign push through battleground states on the last day of the 2016 election season. most national polls show hillary clinton in the lead -- but the race is tight and will depend on voter turnout. chris welch has more from new york. on the final day of campaigning, hillary clinton, hillary, hil trump donald trump / -r- presidential candidate: thank you hitting the trail at break neck speed and focused on key battlegrounds. hillary clinton / -d- presidential candidate: in pennsylvania, it's all about election day. clinton campaigning today in the crucial toss-up of north carolina. also going to michigan and pennsylvania, where clinton's lead has narrowed in recent weeks. president obama, one of clinton's biggest assets on the trail, appearing in michigan and north carolina, before joining hillary clinton, former president bill clinton, and the first lady for a philadelphia


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