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tv   Fox 6 News Election 2016  FOX  November 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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you decide-- 2016. the campaigns have been in the works for months... clinton says: "so many people are counting on the outcome of this election." trump says: "it's looking very good. right now it's looking very good. it all leads up to this -- as voters cast their ballots... making their voices heard. clerk says: "we always have long lines, first thing, in the morning, lunchtime, and dinnertime." welcome to the fox six -- election night special. polls -- and a half here in wisconsin... we're hearing -- for the most part -- everything has been going smoothly. there were some minor problems in waukesha county this morning. at one point -- a ballot shortage affected about 150 voters for a brief period in the town of lisbon. they were still able to vote -- by other methods.. so far -- we're not hearing of any major problems in milwaukee county. brittany shannon joins us live with more on that part of our coverage.
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people filing in here at cass street school so far...more than 1000 voters have been through. and many i talked to have said its been a breeze. according to election officials no major issues have been reported. provisional ballots have been handed out to an unknown number of voters who did not have proper about 85 percent of registered voters are expected to cast their ballot and officials say they think the numbes this year could surpass the last presidential election in 2012. voters were surprised at the ease of the election process... i work at 9 to 5 rush and left a little bit early to see if i could beat the rush i still got here a couple minutes after i wanted to and it was still pretty
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are open until 8 tonight. however, election officials say you must be in line by that time, or you will not be able to vote. also, remember to pack your id. in milwaukee, brittany shannon, fox 6 news. steph thanks brittany after a nearly two year long campaign season.... today -- voters will decide candidates -- in an all out blitz the past month to try and sway the undecideds. two big watch parties going on in wisconsin tonight for the presidential candidates -- and we're at both of them. theo keith in middleton -- but let's start with myra sanchick in oshkosh. the wisconsin trump campaign spent the day on phone banks getting out the vote of their supporters.
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earlier today in manhattan. despite the fact mr. trump is trailing in many polls, more recent polling shows a tightening race. mr. trump told fox news he believes most polls are phony. and his campaign is checking out reports of voter fraud. locally there is a lot of optimism for the trump campaign in wisconsin. i think we're in for the long haul. i think it's going to be a close race but we feel pretty good about our chances. the statewide trump campaign leaders are joining the ron johnson victory party in oshkosh, plannin oshkosh myra sanchick fox6 news steph thanks myra trump's challenger -- hillary clinton -- will also be in manhattan tonight watching the results roll in. our theo keith is at her wisconsin watch party -- in middleton. democrats are preparing to settle in here in middleton. question is, how late a night
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wisconsin -- she does lead the polls by 6 or 7 points. look across the electoral map, and donald trump has to run the table on a handful of swing states -- or some combination of swing states plus picking off a blue state like wisconsin or michigan -- in order to win. or michigan -- in order to win. wisconsin -- we have seen strong turnout -- not just in early voting, but now on election day in madison. as gop pollster frank luntz put it: it
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brad thanks theo besides the race for the white house -- another important race is the one for wisconsin's u-s senate seat. it's a rematch from 2010 -- for incumbent ron johnson and his challenger russ feingold. polling shows -- it's going to be a close one. we have team coverage on the race. bret lemoine is in oshkosh with feingold's camp.... but we begin with ashley sears -- who's following johnson's campaign.. for what they're hoping will be a victory party tonight. you mentioned, this is race is close, but senator ron johnson says he is confident. we caught up with him while he voted with his family in oshkosh this afternoon. he has been touring the state in a final push to win over voters. early on, johnson was down in the polls by double digits. some
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re-election. but the latest marquette law school poll shows johnson is just one point behind democratic challenger russ feingold. johnson says he wants to finish what he started. 45:29 this has not been grueling at all. i'm sitting here today as i promise, i'm the calmest guy on election night. i'll accept the wishes of the voters, buti'm truly hoping they send me back there. let me complete this mission. the party officially gets started here around 7. senator johnson says he'll be with family before making it over here. live in oshkosh, ashley sears fox 6 news. brad thak school poll shows feingold with a slight lead over his republican challenger. it's within the margin of error though. bret lemoine is in middleton with feingold's campaign. the madison marriott west here in middleton has played host to many russ feingold victory parties in the past... theres hope among the campaign that this night will be no
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up the crowd... but the general public wont start gathering here until after the polls close. doors to this party open at 8-01 tonight. feingold cast his vote early... two weeks ago in middleton. his spokesman says we wont hear or see feingold until after the election results have been announced. the campaign did release a video this afternoon, though, with feingolds final message to voters: 'get the job done.' reporting live in middleton, bl, fox6 news. another big race here in wisconsin is for the state's first congressional district. republican house speaker paul ryan going up against democrat ryan solen. over in the house, the republicans are projected to lose some seats but remain in control of congress. right now, paul ryan is speaker of the house and has said hed like to keep that job in addition to his bid for a tenth term in congress. a.j. bayatpour is live at the ryan watch party in jansville
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challenger ryan solen tonight, the real suspense for paul ryans future will play out over the next few days in washington. if the g-o-p maintains control of the house, will republicans in congress re-elect ryan as speaker of the house. there have been some rumblings from capitol that some republicans are upset with ryan, believing he was too late to get aboard the trump train. youll remember about a month ag from trump. that was in response to the leaked audio of lewd comments trump made about women. trump and ryan supporters then got into a shouting match at a g-o-p unity event in elkhorn because trump was uninvited. this past weekend though, ryan sung a different tune, saying he would be willing to campaign along side trump as a scheduled appearance... if our nominee came in west
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was gonna show up. why? because i think we need to unify as republicans and get out the vote. if ryan is to remain speaker, the next question is what kind of relationship would he have with the president, whether its hillary clinton or donald trump? first things first, hes running for a tenth term tonight and you can bet thats not the only house race the ryan camp is watching tonight. live in janesville, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 steph thanks aj paul ryan's challenger is political newcomer "ryan solen" from mount pleasant. solen is the clear underdog in the race for first congressional district our fox6's jonathon gregg is following the solen campaign tonight. not an easy task... challenging not only the current speaker of the house but a congressman who enjoys wide
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however democratic candidate ryan solen says he feels voters were indeed ready for a change. election day is finally here for the first time candidate ryan solen. months back the democrat set his sights on wisconsin's first congressional district. solens primary win was strong, pulling in nearly 60% of the vote...however it pales in comparison to paul ryans republican primary, racking up 85% of his party's vote. the solen camp believes todays head to head match up will be much challenger. reporting in racine jonathon gregg fox6 news. not going to be around a tv tonight? visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app on your mobile device. check out vote totals and candidate speeches streamed live. plus, you'll be a click away from the conversation on the fox6 news facebook page. following the election through facebook, twitter, and every
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coming up we take a look at the races as they play out online. plus, we've seen lots of donald trump in wisconsin, but not as many appearances from hillary clinton. what that means for the presidential
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vote yet... you're running out of time. polls close tonight at 8 p-m. workers with both the wisconsin -- and federal department of justice are watching over the polls today... making sure everything runs smoothly. milwaukee county is the only wisconsin municipality on the list of 67 jurisdictions that's going to be monitored by d-o-j civil rights division from democratic lawmakers. the presidential candidates -- criss crossing the country in an all-out blitz these past couple weeks. donald trump made it here to wisconsin several times... but hillary clinton herself -- did not. ted perry has more from the newsroom -- with political expert mordecai
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election day 2016. you know what that means -- tomorrow brings an end to the seemingly endless political ads. coming up -- how today's election has gone so far -- on a national scale. plus -- we're going in-depth with the wisconsin senate race. how it could have a huge impact
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months of campaigning -- all leading up to this. voters heading to the polls to determine several key re until eight p-m tonight... and you will need a voter i-d. we have breaking news out of california right now-- at least one person is dead and three others are injured after reports of a shooting near a los angeles poll station. officials say one person was dead on arrival and two of those injured
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confirm they had been shot. an elementary school that's also a polling place was on lockdown. we'll bring you updates as the night goes on. it's not just the presidency up for grabs tonight. many eyes are on the race to see who will control the u-s senate. the democrats or republicans. ben handelman has been following the big senate races across the country -- he joins us in the studio. hey guys. welcome to our about the balance of power in the senate. 34 seats up for re-election tonight. republicans are defending 24 seats. hey guys. welcome to our interactive set. i want to talk about the balance of power in the senate. 34 seats up for re-election tonight. republicans are defending 24 seats. democrats are defending ten. when you take out the independent senators--- who both caucus with the democrats--- the magic number for the dems is
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vice president breaks the tie--- so if tim kain is the v-p the dems need 4. if it's gain of 4 or 5 to win back control. vice president breaks the tie--- so if tim kain is the v-p the dems need 4. if it's mike pence, the democrats need 5. so where can the democrats pick the republicans are already predicted to lose 1 seat. senator mark kirk from illinois is down big in the polls. that gets the dems within 3 or 4. we've counted 9 races that are considered toss ups. that includes of course the big race here in wisconsin. if russ feingold can steal the seat the democrats would be within two. could republican incumbents kelly ay-ott ayotte in new hampshire and roy blunt in missouri lose?can the
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nevada-- he's retiring. we'll see. just a reminder--- we are livestreaming the craziness from the newsroom all night long. there are special guests lined up. take a look behind the scenes on this very busy night. just head to our facebook page. you can also join in on the conversation while you're there. polls set to close in about an hour... we're checking back in with our crews to see how things are going .. after this
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little more than an hour in several states... including here wisconsin. even with early voting, turn-out in the city of milwaukee has been brisk all day. we check in with derica williams one more time ? tonight. she's in downtown milwaukee. i'm here outside of the zeidler municipal building which is one of 195 voting sites across the city of milwaukee. as we wrap up one of the peak
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. of course a little busier since folks just got off work. most of the day the average wait time has been about 20 minutes during peak times. so far no major problems to report... you still have a little more than one hour to get to your poll. if you are in line by 8 p-m, you will be allowed to vote. remember to have your photo-id ready.... such as a wisconsin driver's license, state i-d, passport,military also register at your polling location, just bring proof of residence with you if you do not have an acceptable can cast a provisional ballot. voters i spoke with were excited, anxious and relieved that this this is all coming to an end. -many are experiencing voter fatigue. wisconsin has one of the highest voter turnout rates in the country. were on target to see 87% of registered voters turn out. that equates to about 70% of the city's
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steph thanks derica now let's check in on voter turn-out in waukesha county... a county that often hits record-high participation at the polls... fox six's justin williams is live in menomonee falls. just as the waukesha county clerk said it would, the pace has slowed, significantl, menomonee falls public library polling place, as we go into the final hour of voting. in a county where 85 percent of voters participated in the 2012 presidential election, the clerk says she expects a similar statistic, this election, and, the expectation is supported by what is witnessed at st. charles
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poll official tells me 174 people were waiting in line, when the polls opened, at seven a-m. throughout the county, today, pollsters report very busy polling places, which may have an impact on the effort to tabulate absentee ballots. without time to count them, during the day, these ballots would need to be tabulated, after the polls close, which may delay the reporting of results. stay tuned to fox 6 news, and remain logged-on to fo- updates. for now, this is the latest, in waukesha county. im justin williams, fox 6 news. brad thanks justin anchors adlib. if you're away from your t-v, visit fox6 now dot com or the
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totals as well as victory and concession speeches streamed live. also, join the conversation on the fox6 news facebook page -- we're expecting it to be quite the chat. just a reminder--- we are livestreaming the craziness from the newsroom all night long. there are special guests lined up. take a look behind the scenes on this very busy nigh. you can also join in on the conversation
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coverage continues with shepard smith right now. it's 5:00 on the west coast, 8:00 on the east coast. on a historic election night in america. i'm shepard smith at fox news world headquarters in new york city hillary clinton, the first woman presidential nominee of a major political party, facing off tonight against donald trump, who defeated 16 republican rivals including senators and governors to clinch the gop nomination. the polls have just closed in more than a dozen states in the united states. including the biggest battleground of them all, the state of florida. right now, the fox news decision team cannot yet call the state


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