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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  November 8, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm CST

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the states are lighting up for
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electoral votes.. clinton and trump supporters are on edge tonight let's go back to the campaign parties.. let's start with theo
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the donald trump campaign engergized tonight. fox6's myra sanchick is live at his watch party at the oshkosh
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race.. ad lib results ad lib results the feingold campaign is still waiting to see more of these results pour in... but there have been some favorable indicators for the campaign in the last few weeks.
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majority polled in the latest marquette university law school poll say they have a favorable opinion of russ feingold. feingold also was leading among early voters - twice as many said they cast their ballot early for feingold, compared to republican ron johnson. well see if that ultimately helps feingold as these numbers come in. reporting live in middleton, bl, fox6 news. ron johnson saying hoping to hold onto his seat tonight - his camp in oshkosh.. supporters are watching results come in here at the oshkosh convention center. this is a very tight race. we spoke with senator ron johnson earlier this afternoon when he voted in oshkosh. he says he's
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extensively trying to win voters over. senator johnson overcame a huge deficit the polls, bringing this to a dead heat. he's hoping momentum will bring him victory. back to you. it's been a long, strange campaign season many voters didn't like either of the choices.. u-w-m professor mordecai lee joins us
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and a live look at hillary clinton's election night venue.. she's set up inside the jacob k. javits convention center, in new york. election night cover continues - stick
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so how will this affect the
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handleman here in studio a with
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and our election coverage continues.. plus - will the nice weather stick around? weather expert tom wachs is coming up with your full forecast.
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adlib to wx weather staying partly cloudy tonight with lows in the midde to upper 30s. another sunny stretch of weather week and into the weekend but it'll be windy. temperatures will be up and down from 50s to 60s. friday into saturday look to be our coldest days with highs near 50 and lows around
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39 wind: nw 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly sunny. high: 53 wind: nw-w 5-10 mph thursday: mostly sunny and windy. am low: 38 high: 62 mostly sunny and windy. am low: 40 high: 50 wind: n 10-20 mph saturday: mostly sunny and windy. am low: 32
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mostly sunny and windy. am low: 36 high: 56 wind: sw 10-20 mph staying partly cloudy tonight with lows in the midde to upper 30s. another sunny stretch of weather is ahead for the rest of the week and into temperatures will be up and down from 50s to 60s. friday into saturday look to be our coldest days with highs near 50 and lows around freezing.
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mph wednesday:mostly sunny. high: 53 wind: nw-w 5-10 mph thursday: mostly sunny and windy. am low: 38 high: 62 wind: wsw 15-25 mph friday: mostly sunny and windy. am low: 40 high: 50 wind: n 10-20 m am low: 32 high: 50 wind: sw 10-20 mph sunday: mostly sunny and windy. am low: 36 high: 56
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anchors thanks weather new tonight: another vigil took place this evening in remembrance of a struck in a hit and run on sunday milwaukee police have made an arrest in this case. fox6's angelica sanchez was at the vigil where the community got a chance to mourn this tremendous loss. one by one -- loved ones light a candle to spell out the name of a life gone too soon. 5-year-old rickyia langham was fatally struck by an suv sunday night near the corner of west leon
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hit while holding her mother's hand. the driver never stopped. milwaukee police say they recovered the vehicle monday evening on the city's north side at this time they say they've arrested a person in connection to the hit and run but are still searching for the suspect who drove the car. a second vigil was held tuesday night for the community. "it just goes to show you how precious life is." at some point her grieving mother was taken inside. one of rickyia's kindergarten elementary school spoke of their last encounter together. "she was trying to learn the monkey bars on friday. she would not give up by the end of the day she was doing the monkey bars." a 5-year-old classmate told the crowd she was his best friend. "she was my best friend forever." the family asked for donations to help cover funeral costs. and asked that all those in attendance hug each other for support. angie tag out the family has a memorial fund set up in
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union in milwaukee. reporting from the the city's north side i'm angelica sanchez fox 6 news. a driver is under arrest after a fatal crash. a 27-year-old is now in custody after a pedestrian was hit and killed near 60th and norwich yesterday afternoon. the 50-year-old woman was hit in a crosswalk.. the driver did stay on scene -- and cooperated with police. he now faces charges of operating after suspension causing death. investigating three separate shootings. the first happened around 9 last night near 47th and clarke. police say a 25-year-old man and 27-year-old woman were riding bicycles when a suspect confronted them -- then shot them. both victims were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. police were also called out to a shooting on the city's north side. it happened around 10-15 last night near 49th and luscher. officials say a 29-year-old man was shot after being called to
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was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. police also investigating a shooting near 23rd and greenfield. a 27-year-old man was shot around 11-15 last night. officials say he was in a fight with two other people when someone shot in. the victim is expected to survive. police continue to look for a suspect in each of these shootings. more you decide coverage now .. it's a battle for the electoral votes.. ad lib results..
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the election is being closely watched by you-- the voter. but also by observers... who are tasked with making sure federal voting rights laws are followed. and as julie collins shows us wisconsin department of justice justice. millions have casted their vote today and people are watching. 'it is sort of an added layer of confidence i guess in case something does happen.' assistant attorney general, roy korte...hes 1 of many working with the milwaukee county district attorneys office...their job is to pay extra attention to make sure
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and fair. 'obviously were concerned with any delays or impediments to people being allowed to vote, or any disruptions.' the 2-person teams include a division of criminal investigation agent - they are added eyes and ears should any problems arise. 'the attorney generals office does have authority to bring actions to protect voting rights should that arise so were available should that happen.' also on hand volunteer poll observers.. 'i think if anything it can be intimidating and deter people.' it didnt keep carly feel different about voting. 'it was very strange it felt a lot more structured and it was kind of interesting.' milwaukee police will have also teams from each district roaving around the polling places looking for any issues... anyone who has concerns about disruptions or bad behavior should call police. reporting in milwaukee - julie collins. fox 6 news. and our election coverage will continue through the night - join us for fox6 wakeup -
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results and a recap of election night. 10pm open now at 10-- this is it! "its pretty nerve-wracking" after a year and a half of to see results. "i think everyone would say we are happy to get this election over with." so keep it right here on fox6 as we break down the big races. and we begin tonight with the biggest race of them all. let's take a look at the latest electoral college map-- but
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california and hawaii where the polls just closed. mary adlibs results tonight we have team coverage. myra sanchick is live in oshkosh wer trump can keep his lead. wisconsin democrats are in middleton. and that's where we find our theo keith. he joins


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