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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  November 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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apartments. you can see the large fire presence. we are told the fire happened on this section of the building. you can see the ladder up looking for hot spots now. and we're told by residents that is where two people jumped out of a second story window to escape. 24 different fire departments responding to this massive apartment fire. it started earlier this evening when residents say they heard a loud boom that almost sounded like people started running from the building, some carrying children and animals. a police car was used to back up to the building. residents tell us the two people trapped jumped out of the window and onto the police car. "i just happened to be looking at that door and heard what sounded like gunshots, boom boom boom, big, just big boom happen, i saw smoke pour out." "people were running, i heard screaming, heard police come up and yelling get me a ladder help me
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fire officials are not allowing residents to go back in the building. residents have been told they will not be permitted back in tonight. they are being told to go to uw whitewater for immediate shelter. while there they will be working to find housing for those displaced by this massive fire. no word from investigators what happened to start it. in whitewater bs fox6 news. mary thanks brittany more breaking news now-- this time from across the country. thousands of people are taking to the streets in several major cities to protest president-elect trump. our stephanie grady joins us in the newsroom tonight with the latest.
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this is a live look at the protests in philadelphia washington d-c, boston, oakland, and denver are also taking part. this is what the crowd looked like in chicago. thousands of people marched to trump tower this evening. then some protesters started marching into traffic it was a similar scene in new york city. two groups of protesters joined forces and marched down 5th avenue to trump tower-- chanting and carrying signs. and in philadelphia-- hundreds of people met at city hall
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drivers there to expect delays. milwaukee could see it's own protests tomorrow. the group "occupy milwaukee" is encouraging people to meet at red arrow park at 5:30. we will of course be there to cover it. live in the newsroom stephanie grady fox6 news. ted thanks steph all the votes have not technically been counted-- hillary clinton is still leading the popular vote. but she lost h today she tried to comfort her supporters. clinton says: "i know how disappointed how you feel i feel it too." an emotional hillary clinton delivering a concession speech the day after a stunning upset ... before teary-eyed supporters, she urged a divided country to unify under president-elect donald trump. clinton says: "i hope he will be
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americans." the former secretary of state also had a message to young girls hoping she would shatter that glass ceiling... clinton says: "you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance to pursue and achieve your own dreams." obama nats: "the sun is up. i know everyone had a long night." speaking from the rose garden, president obama reassured the nation there will be a cordial shift between administrations in obama says: "we all want what's best for this country. that's what i heard in mr trump's remarks last night trump nats: "i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans." republican leaders say they anticipate one of his first actions will be to send a supreme court nominee to
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to who the president-elect wants by his side. fox 6's ben handelman says many of the names being floated-- are wisconsinites. president-elect donald trump is heading to washington. the big question--- who will join him? there is already heavy speculation trump will reward loyalty. several wisconsin names are being floated for cabinet and high profile positions. citing two "senior sources" time reports r-n-c chair reince priebus of kenosha, is the favorite to serve as trump's chief of staff. says it would be a smart move. he always stood by him. so hed be perfect of understanding the machinery of how the executive branch works. politico is reporting milwaukee county sheriff david clarke has been mentioned as a possible homeland security
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to washington d-c--- governor scott walker. i love being governor. i am going to finish out my term. walker telling w-t-m-j radio host charlie sykes he'll instead focus on his role as the head of the republican governor's association. i told donald. i told my friend mike pence, i can best serve a republican administration by being the head of that governors association. lee is taking walker's response--- with a grain of salt. when the president of your party turns to you and says i need you its really really hard to say no. chatter--- pure speculation. also being speculated in washington-- will paul ryan keep his title as speaker of the house? he's got one solid backer. governor walker saying today trump should let ryan lead the way. mary. senator ron johnson is going back to washington. last night he beat his democratic challenger russ feingold 50 to 47 percent. and the numbers show he had stronger support from wisconsin voters than republican presidential candidate donald
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"what people were looking for is real change. and they certainly recognized that secretary clinton, russ feingold, theyve been career politicians for 30 years." johnson says he looks forward to working with trump. for 30 years." johnson says he looks forward to working with trump. house speaker paul ryan refused to campaign with or defend donald trump just last month. the two have butted heads often this year. but today he told reporters he's twice since tuesday night. for those people who are concerned, this is a time to unify, this is a time to heal, again, our president elect set the right tone last night with his speech which was to be magnanimous, to be presidential, and to bring people together ryan says trump deserves credit for republicans surging to power. fox6 has covered this election extensively. to hear more from the major players-- just head to our website fox6 now
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app and click the "politics" tab. now to a fox6 exclusive: crooks... stealing from crooks! three milwaukee county men are behind bars tonight... after allegedly impersonating milwaukee police officers and holding another man at gunpoint. fox6s bret lemoine has the surprising new details. when police showed up with a search warrant at this house near 67-th and carmen... the residents inside according to court documents... these three men... zedric byrd, justin figgs and brandon streff... banged on the lower unit door saying: 'search warrant, open the door!' streff allegedly wore a baseball hat with police written on it. one of the other men allegedly wore a black mask... and was armed with a rifle. as you may have already guessed, these three guys arent police officers at all. cs 'i am so disgusted and so hurt that he would even do anything like that.' figgs grandmother, cordia stinson, just found out her grandson is in jail. she last saw him wondering around her house a while back. cs 'he just didnt look right to me. he wouldnt come into my
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on drugs - i dont know.' milwaukee police say drugs were the reason this trio dressed up as cops: investigators tell us they were looking for the man who lives in the upper unit of this home. they allegedly stormed their way inside... held the man at gunpoint with a semi-automatic handgun and a-k-47... and took 200- dollars in cash and a bag of heroin from him. figgs allegedly told police they went to this house to rob the man of drugs and money... because the resident 'shortd cocaine a few months ago.' cs 'thats what ive been told.' neighbors tell us off camera this happened at around 2-30 in the morning friday. when the real police arrived... figgs, byrd and streff allegedly ran upstairs and hid in a closet. the alleged drug dealer they were after... is now also in custody... but has not been charged. all three men face charges of 'armed robbery,' 'burglary' and 'impersonating a peace officer.' streff faces an additional count of 'possession of a firearm by a felon.' reporting live at the
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a milwaukee police officer -- suspended from the force tonight -- charged for operating a firearm while intoxicated. it happened earlier this fall. we're told the officer is 42-year- old "michael anderson." he entered a "not guilty" plea in the case. anderson is out of jail on a 500-dollar cash bond. police have released a sketch of the man they say sexually assaulted two women in les if you recognize him. police say the attacks happened about a half-mile apart. the first was just after 6-am tuesday near 80th and acacia. the second attack happened near 76th and denver a little after 7 pm. if you have any information-- please give police a call. one year after tragedy. the family of a man shot and killed last year--honors their loved one's memory and looks for help in finding his killer. fox 6's ashley sears with their
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to me. inside god's hands outreach-- there is a small gym hidden in the upstairs of the church- 57:35 i feel his spirit when im here rosslind prescott-mclinton is a pastor here and has been working to restore the space in memory of her son. 44:39 basketball was the world to michael. michael prescott dreamed one day of having his own gym. but that dream was stolen fr the 21-year-old was shot and killed outside the home of a friend. police say the friend's ex-boyfriend dwayne chaney committed a crime of passion--in a fit of jealousy. chaney is wanted by police. 54:04 the pain never has stopped. it has never went away, but we forgive. now one year later-- a mother reflects-- 46:09 he meant the world to me, he was the closest of my
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taking suddenly. 46:24 i was able to instill the best of me into him. out of their darkest tragedy-- this family is finding peace. 40:27 weve got to love again. weve got to love again. family is holding a vigil for prescott tomorrow night at 8 at 12th and reservoir. they are asking the public to join them and pray with them. live downtown, ashley sears fox 6 news. we've already broken a couple of records this month-- can we break weather expert tom wachs joins us now. warm temperatures for tomorrow. details coming up plus-- they're a week away from becoming firefighters. tonight a up-close look at these recruits' final test. and the packers have been through quite a few running backs this season. including a wide receiver! tim van vooren talks to him-- in tonight's
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sergeant is back on the job today-- he shot a beaver dam man in august. now the district attorney's office has ruled his use of force was justified authorities say 53-year-old james quealy holed himself up inside his apartment with a gun. at one point he came out on the balcony and the sergeant says quealy leveled his gun at him. that's when the sergeant fired the fatal shot. investigators consider it suicide by cop. he keeps sending text messages stating he's sorry for what he's about to do ... goodbye.
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have a 32 handgun. after the shooting police recovered the gun and a bottle of alcohol. they also found two suicide notes. one a letter to relatives-- the other to police. new at 10-- it's the final test before becoming a firefighter. julie collins meets up with some of the ?milwaukee fire department's latest recruits... as they put their training to the test - before graduation. crews are deployed...but this is just a test. 'it feels more real than other training ive ever done before...' recruit phillip tadysak has trained with the milwaukee firefighters for 15.5 weeks leading up to this final test. 'i feel great, i feel great. been working 2 years to this so its awesome.' the training -- quite grueling... 'the milwaukee fire department is a para-military organization so you can compare it to the military, its
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do.' but worth every long day and difficult task to get to this moment. 'this is their first taste of that real world. we do some training burns at the academy but its in a very controlled environment in a concrete structure.' but here there are spectators - surrounding homes and power lines. 'everybody around here in safe. we put a lot of measures in place when we do these types of training.' there are seasoned field companies that are standing by should anything go wrong 'we wont need them, im confident in that but ye neighborhood is safe.' for recruit tadysak this final test gets him closer to his dream of becoming a milwaukee firefighter. 'it feels really rewarding but at the same time its really realistic because in a week and half form now this is how it might really be.' 'this class of 20 recruits will graduate next wednesday and that is when they become milwaukee firefighters. reporting in milwaukee. julie
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clear skies tonight with temperatures falling through the 40s this evening. we'll drop into the 30s by morning. mostly sunny, windy and
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66. the current record is 65 set back in 2012. a cold front will move through cooler air for friday. partly sunny on friday with a cool northeast wind and a high
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40s. 50s return for the weekend. tonight: clear skies. 35 outlying. 5-10 mph thursday: mostly sunny, warm and
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mph friday: partly sunny, windy and much cooler. you do what is best for the team and for the packer, ty montgomery is following that creed perfectly. coming up, tim van vooren has the story of his unique role in the packers offense.
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when the packers take the field sunday in tennessee, you just might see the return of jared cook and james starks as both practiced today. but you will also still see ty montgomery lining up in the backfield at times. tim van vooren has more tonight from lambeau field. "jame starks is back for the packers on the practice field wednesday and he may be back sunday at tennessee but one thing is certain. ty montegomery, the former wide receiver, will be in the back field game plan as well." "i think you have got to get past his number. he's not really 88. i mean he's a 225 lb, 222 pound man. he's physical, he's strong and he's really worked hard in the pass protection technique." "for his part, montegomery says he's holding up reasonably well given his new duties." "you defiantly get hit more playing running back than you do playing receiver. that's just a fact to the matter. unless you're getting 15 to 20 targets a game, you're not taking on those tackles, taking on those hits but it's not anything
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ckers offense, ty goes to the nner. atmbeau field, tim van vo, fox orts."you can see the packe titans right here on fox 6 sunday at noon. the cowboys and steelers game will follow. and remember the fox 6 sports blitz is at 10:35 where we'll lambeau field, tim van vooren, fox 6 sports." titans right here on fox 6 sunday at noon. the cowboys and steelers game will follow. and remember the fox 6 sports blitz is at 10:35 where we'll break down the packers game. on saturday, the badgers look to have an easy match up as they will welcome illinois to camp randall. but, they realize they can't think that way. if they're going to win, they have to get the offense going better than it has been lately. "just finish drives. points are good, field goals are ok but touchdowns are awesome. they're an
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you know, grind to get the ball across the imaginary line." voting is not over just yet. this is your final week to decide our game of the week as the high school playoffs have reached level 4, the semifinals. homestead versus monona grove in oconomowoc, catholic memorial takes on pewaukee at kettle moraine clinton at slinger. voting comes to a close tomorrow night at 10. tomorrow the bucks will try to avoid what could be described as a trap game. they'll host the new orleans pelicans who come in to the bradley center winless in 8 tries. the bucks are 4-3 so far this season. meanwhile the marquette golden eagles don't tip off for real until friday. but today was a big day as they signed 3 players. 6'7" jamal cain from pontiac michigan, ike eke a 6'9" 220 pound player from detroit and theo john from minneapolis all sign letters of intent to
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our program. i think we'll have immediate improvement in the size of our team. and we'll have an immediate improvement in the athleticism of our team. all three guys have really good positional size and length. and all of them are outstanding athletes." one local player who marquette was hoping to sign ends up choosing iowa state instead. riverside's terrence lewis, the all area player of the year thanked his family's role in making his decision. "i wouldn't say it was stressful. but, at so it was very confusing. but i had people around me to help me out to balance out my options. two people that are very loving very much and be on me everyday about grades and being a student- athlete instead of an athlete-student. so, i'm very blessed to have them as parents."
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of kindness. maier's my-er car outside a restaurant in brookfield. a stranger left him 20 bucks for lunch. we've done several stories on maier. he is paralyzed from the chest down after a motocross accident in 2014. the stranger saw maier getting out of his car and into his wheel chair. he wrote that he has a son at children's hospital-- and that he was inspired by maier's
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