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tv   FOX 6 News at 5  FOX  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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meanwhile... dassey's lawyers hope to have him out of prison by thanksgiving... they provided the court great detail on how his release would go. in what brendan dasseys lawyers call a 'comprehensive release plan'... they say the 27-year-old who has spent nearly a decade behind bars... will receive the support necessary to facilitate his positive re-integration back into society.' it states dassey will spend the first three northeastern wisconsin in a family owned trailer... about 100 miles from manitowoc. the intent is to minimize disruptions to the public..., the halbach family and dassey himself. during this time... he'll participate in the rent smart program in brown county... which will prepare him to someday live independently. the plan also addresses what dassey will do for work... detailing job training and educaitonal classes so he can begin work in his desired field of computers and video games. he also wants to volunteer at a
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support... a social worker from northwestern's bluhm legal clinic...will connect dassey and family members with group therapy. his lawyers say that support system... in addition to prison records detailing dassey's behavior... show dassey does not pose a threat to the public. as an inmate. dassey obtained his high school equivalency diploma in 2010... and got in trouble two times in ten years... once for receiving 5 packets of ramen noodles from a neighboring cell and another time for possessing a checkerboard.. which is the u-s probation office will supervise dassey's release. the next step is for probation officers to inspect dassey's address. reporting live in the newsroom... madeline anderson fox6 news. ted thanks madeline the dassey story -- along with that of steven avery's -- has been in the news for months. visit fox6 now dot com and the fox6 news app -- and search "dassey" to view stories we've posted going back as
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also breaking this afternoon.. a 10-thousand dollar reward! the feds offer ?cash for tips on who set a b-mo harris bank on fire during the sherman park ?unrest. new surveillance video has been released... it shows suspects breaking windows to get in... then setting the fond du lac avenue location on fire.. causing about 1- million dollars damage. the bureau of alochol, tobacco, firearms and explosives are offering 10-grand for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. turns deadly after a double shooting in milwaukee. police say shots were fired-- striking two women outside an apartment building near 74th and glenbrook road. fox 6s derica williams joins us live with the latest on the investigation. the suspect involved is no longer on the run. police say he was taken into custody around 11 this morning. what happened here still has neighbors and loved ones shaken
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my mind is racing right now vanessa love cant believe her friend she was a sweet lady, and former neighbor is gone... taken from her.. and from her own family. all i do is think about her kids, my heart goes out to them she says 30-year-old kortni thornton was a mother of three. a loving and kind person who ?she says-- was a victim of m definitely going through a lot over here i would try to be there for her police say the suspect is a 32- year-old man known to thornton. authorities were called to the area of 74th and glenbrook around 9:30 monday night after two victims-- thornton and a 57-year-old woman -- were shot. i never would have thought it would have come to anything like that right on the parking lot its so sad and its terrifying residents are now rattled by such a brazen act, so close.. it feels kind of miserable the 57-year -old victim was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries. but thornton did not survive. they have my condolences and love, has a message for anyone
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woman being abused i try to give them a word like dont accept that, dont keep taking that report it, get away from it we are not identifying the suspect involved because police have not yet named him. and we are awaiting formal charges by the district attorney's office. mary thanks derica today loved ones gather for the funeral of a 5-year-old milwaukee hit and run victim . while thats happening -- the driver who police say ran her over is facing charges for her death. fox6s angelica sanchez joins us live from the courthouse with a breakdown of the criminal complaint filed today. angelica. according to the criminal complaint after the accident the suspect tried to
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langham. but after confessing what he had done to a relative he said he knew he needed to do the right thing for the sake of the victims family. 'state of wisconsin vs sherman liddell.' 30-year-old sherman liddell of now charged with 1 count of hit and run resulting in death and 1 count of driving with a suspended license resulting in death. according to the criminal complaint on november 6th ... 5-year-old rickyia mothers hand as they walked to their car on the east side of west leon terrace. they were on their way to church when according to her mother the five- year-old broke away and ran into the street. when her mother turned around an suv struck her daughter in the head. the child died at the scene. the driver never stopped. surveillance video from a store captured the wanted vehicle. two hours later liddells girlfriend the owner of the suv reported her car stolen to milwaukee police. after police investigated her claims she
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told her to report the car stolen. shes now facing charges of her own. liddells sister told investigators her brother called her and admitted he was driving his girlfriends suv. he said he was not speeding that the child darted out in front of his car. and that all he saw of the victim was her head. he then told his sister he did not know what to do but knew he needed to do the right thing for the victims family. funeral services for the child were held tuesday at new pitts mortuary. 'had he stayed there... this may not at least not as serious as it is now.' liddell is a father and already had a pending bench warrant against him. he has seven prior convictions of driving on suspended license. hes due back in court november 22nd. reporting live at the courthouse i'm angelica sanchez fox 6 news. ted thanks angelica it could've been a tragedy. now, one community leader sees it as
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child brought an unloaded right across the street from a growing community garden. our a.j. bayatpour talked to the creator of that garden who says at first he was upset...but now, he's inspired... after five years, the community garden started by andre lee ellis bears more fruits and vegetables than ever. cherry tomatoes- we still have a snap pea bush. the garden at 9th and ring is at the same intersection as lafollette school. monday, it's where an eight-year-old student took a gun to school. ellis says the enir concerned. my kid, to me, brought a gun to school. my gun was left out for my kid to get. ellis says the incident strikes him so deeply because it eats at the core slogan of "we got this" and the garden at its roots. we have to take our hands off of the trigger and put them back into the soil. on tuesday, milwaukee police say they're still trying to determine why the kid took a gun
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home. according to the m-p-s handbook, the district can use metal detectors at middle or high schools if there's a reasonable cause for extra precaution. the policy does not apply to elementary schools. lafollette is a k-8 school. pull them into the auditorium or the cafeteria in the school and lets talk about it. ellis says he sees the incident as a chance for m-p-s students and families to discuss gun safety. he believes it's also a chance to reinforce the message he's trying to grow. when children know that you love them and youre genuinely concerned in your face, they want to do ellis will be meeting with m-p-s superintendent darienne driver to pitch the gun safety programs. classes did go on as scheduled today at lafollette school. house republicans have nominated paul ryan to serve a second term as house speaker... he was chosen
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today during a closed door meeting. tweeting earlier today... speaker ryan said quote: "it is a tremendous honor to be nominated by my colleagues to serve as speaker of the house. now it's time to go big." he must still win formal election when the full house picks its speaker as the new congress convenes on january 3rd. all democrats are expected to oppose him that day. ryan will need support of all but around two dozen republicans to meanwhile -- governor scott walker taking over as the new chairman of the republican governors association. governor walker says he sees an uncommon opportunity with republican control of congress and the white house... with republican governors in 33 states -- there will be more than at any time since the 1920's. walker will spend the next year laying the groundwork for 38 gubernatorial races slated for
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received a phone call today that made him emotional. it was a packers hall of fame representative... telling driver he was proud to inform him that he'd been elected to their hall of fame. tom pipines joins us with words from the team's all-time leading receiver. even at the peak of his 14 year nfl career, donald driver never dreamed of one day being inducted t of fame. the former 7th round draft choice out of alcorn state will be part of the class of 2017-which includes-mark lee-a fine cornerback in the 1980's-as part of a ceremony in the lambeau field atrium next july 22nd. driver was emotional when he received the call as he reflected on his humble beginnings-- donald has always been about family-- his packers family, you fans who've embraced him- and his own family. "hoping that my three kids, christian, christina, and charity be able to to say wow,
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him. all he wanted was an opportunity and he made the best of it. that's all i want my kids to understand and hoping that they can look back 10, 15, 20 years from now and say my dad did some amazing things on and off the field but more than that, i was a great new in sports..donald driver talks about why he went after every pass as if it would be his last. see you at 5:40p mary, ted..he's truly
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multiple carjackings... a milwaukee man learns his fate in court today. how long he'll spend behind bars -- still ahead. and... wisconsin lawmakers will soon consider a proposal to allow guns in some schools. we'll break down what would be allowed -- and where -- next. sunshine makes a return tomorrow
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reopen licensed gun owners could be able to carry on the grounds of some wisconsin schools. that's the plan one republican lawmaker says he'll push in the new year. political reporter theo keith live in the newsroom. theo, which schools would be impacted? k-12 schools -- although i'm told there will be renewed efforts by some republicans to target "gun free zones" at public schools and college campuses. schools cant defend themselves right now...wisconsin's concealed-carry law bans licensed gun owners from carrying on school grounds. state representative jesse kremer says the state should get in line with federal law, which exempts permit holders from a school zone gun ban. were setting parents up for failure. as soon as they drive
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to unholster their firearm - if theyre a law- abiding concealed carry holder - and put it in a lockbox under kremer's plan, a licensed gun owner could carry on private school grounds. administrators would decide whether to allow guns inside their school buildings. kremer says school administrators are hesitant to publicly back his proposal. but a forum at kettle moraine lutheran high school over the weekend drew supporters, including the washington county sheriff. is, schools should probably be able to decide that on their own kremer says that focusing on private schools will be more doable than broader legislation affecting private and public schools that went nowhere last session. republican leaders expect lawmakers to discuss the issue but wouldn't predict an outcome. democrats say the plan shows republicans are not listening to the concerns of school professionals. we need to listen to those people who are school leaders, school board members and law enforcement personnel, and unfortunately, i dont think republicans are going to listen to them
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public k-12 schools -- but he won't be the one pushing it and he expects resistance. he does plan to reintroduce a bill legalizing concealed carry on college campuses. that also did not pass last session. live, theo keith, fox6 news. ted thanks theo it's time for your news and weather together. a milwaukee county judge sentences the man convicted of killing the mother of his two-month-old child back in march. 19-year-old frank lopez, junior will spend the next 20 years beh extended supervision. in september-- lopez pleaded guilty to amended charges in connection to the fatal shooting of audrea williams. prosecutors say lopez shot her during an argument. the man accused of robbing a bank and leading police on a chase through several counties enters a not guilty plea in court. police say 41-year-old patrick paasch walked into the north shore bank near 60th and forest home on november first... handed a note to the
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threatened to shoot. he then took off -- leading police across three counties before stopping for cigarettes at a hartford gas station. he was caught shortly after that. one man is recovering from serious injuries after a garage fire in saukville this morning. the ozaukee county sheriff's office says a man was using a motorized siphon to remove gas from his boat's fuel tank when it ignited. he suffered burns on his hands and legs. the fire then spread from the garage to the rest of the home. one newburg firefighter was take heat-related injury. the residence is a total loss. toss to weather weather staying mostly clear tonight with lows in the 30s to around 40. sunny
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with similar highs in the middle 50s then a big warm up thursday into friday as high reach into the 60s. a strong storm system will bring rain late friday and may mix in with a few snowflakes. very chilly air by sunday tonight: a few clouds low: 40 wind: nw 3-7 mph wednesday: mostly sunny. high: 56 wind: se 5-10 mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low:
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mostly cloudy and windy with rain likely possibly mixing with snow overnight. am low: 50 high: 62 wind: s 15-25 mph saturday: cloudy, windy n showers. am low: 42 high: 40 wind: wnw 15-30 mph sunday: mostly sunny. am low: 28 high: 38
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lows in the 30s to around 40. sunny conditions expected tomorrow with similar highs in the middle 50s then a big warm up thursday into friday as high reach into the 60s. a strong storm system will bring rain late friday and snowflakes. very chilly air by sunday as highs only reach into the 30s. tonight: a few clouds low: 40 wind: nw 3-7 mph wednesday: mostly sunny. high: 56
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high: 66 wind: s 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy and windy with rain likely possibly mixing with snow overnight. am low: 50 high: 62 wind: s 15-25 mph saturday: cloudy, windy and cool. slight chance of snow showers. am low: 42 high: 40 wind: wnw 15-30 mph sunday: mostly sunny. am low: 28 high: 38 wind: nw 5-10
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service team -- and, chances are, you've seen their large, bright-yellow trucks either on patrol or in-action. during national traffic incident response awareness week -- justin williams shares why state transportation officials and the
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their role. your daily drive, we all have families. we all wanna go home, at the end of the night. is his due diligence. we, usually, try and assist, as much as we can. tuesday, a fox 6 camera comes along for the ride with gadiel romero--who is on patrol as a member of the milwaukee county sheriffs office freeway service team, or f-s-t. if we keep the road flowing, then, theres not gonna be any secondary accidents--which is what we wanna avoid. anytime you have a work zone, or anywhere, on the highway, we wanna make sure we maintain capacity. randall hoyt is a freeway service team program manager, with the wisconsin department of transportation. he explains, the f-s-ts five vehicles offer a variety of services--free of c help keep motorists moving. they tow vehicles. they change flat tires. theyll provide fuel, and theyll do minor, mechanical repairs / during what is designated as national traffic incident response awareness week, wisdot wants drivers to be aware of the fact that f-s-t operators need room to do their work. when you see stopped, emergency vehicles, the law states that you need to move over, or slow down, for em. its dangerous to work on the highway, especially, when youre towin vehicles, in a work zone--with limited shoulders, that its critical that, that, that drivers know to move over n give em space. when it comes to the freeway service team, highway, especially, when youre
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zone--with limited shoulders, that its critical that, that, that drivers know to move over n give em space. law states that you need to move over, or slow down, for em. its dangerous to work on the highway, especially, when youre towin vehicles, in a work zone--with limited shoulders, that its critical that, that, that drivers know to move over n give em space. when it comes to the freeway service team, there are a couple things for which you should be looking. the first is this decal; it's on all of the trucks. the other is this sign, which indicates, again, th i the drivers, i'm told, aren't even allowed to accept gratuities. this is the latest, in milwaukee county. i'm justin williams, fox 6 news. protests popping up across the nation against the dakota access pipeline. coming up-- why the company that wants to build it-- is heading to court to move forward. how long will one man spend in jail for 17 carjackings?
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the controversial dakota access pipeline has made national headlines, pitting large energy companies against native americans and environmental groups. that ongoing battle ?made its way to milwaukee today. 'our goal, really, is to educate people. to show the people at
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in wisconsin, we support them. we will continue to support them.' about 50 people gathering this morning outside the wells fargo bank to rally against the dakota access pipeline... the bank is one of the organizations helping finance the project -- which would build 11-hundred miles of pipeline from north dakota to refineries in illinois. that path takes it near a reservation belonging to the standing rock sioux -- who fe could pollute their water supply and destroy native sites. meanwhile -- work on the pipeline itself is delayed once again... the army corps of engineers is pushing back on the controversial project. william la jeunesse is in north dakota with more. the controversy over the dakota access pipeline is heading back to court. developer energy transfer partners is asking a federal court to declare it has the legal right


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