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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  November 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CST

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plus-- a witness describes the moment an 18-year-old man was gunned down on milwaukee's northwest side. and-- an ad for a milwaukee bar is being called vulgar and tasteless. why the bar owner is calling out the neighborhood school. we'll get to all those stories in a moment-- but first: breaking news. a customer is shot during an armed robbery in west allis. it happened at a phone store at highway 100 and cleveland. our ashley sears joins us live ne police have been on scene here for hours. the investigation is focused on the cricket wireless store. they're trying to figure out exactly what happened. this isn't a bad area, so it's kind of shocking that something like would happen around here. at highway 100 and cleveland in west allis. police tape and squads
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officers investigate inside. i saw some papers on ground, knocked over stool and one of the tent things with a number three so i thought it might be a shooting. police say a customer was shot inside the store during an armed robbery. no arrests have been made. several departments are assisting west allis, keeping watch on area roads--searching for the suspect. we saw a bunch of cop cars, cops out that way. those who live nearby-- hope the person is arrested soon. still surprised by what happened just arou think it's important to be on your toes and have your head on a swivel. we are told that customer suffered a single gunshot wound. that person is being treated a nearby hospital. we are told the injury is not life threatening. live in west allis, ashley sears fox 6 news. and this story also breaking-- two people are dead after a crash in
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at a stop sign in the town of rhine-- colliding with another vehicle. an 80 year old man and 79-year-old woman were killed. the driver of the car that was struck is expected to be okay. now to the dassey case-- and deadline for his freedom. late this afternoon, the state filed an emergency appeal to keep brendan dassey in prison. it came just hours after a judge said he must be released by friday. now, all eyes are on the prison our ben handelman is live outside the columbia correctional institution in portage. ben-- good evening. members of the media have waited here, as a flurry of activity happens in court. judge's have set a friday deadline for dassey's fate. will this be one of the last night's brendan dassey spends behind bars? outside the columbia correctional institution in
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watch. dassey's conviction for his role in the rape and murder of tersea halch was thrown out in august. wednesday-- a judge upholding his ruling from earlier in the week that dassey must be set free no later than friday night. so far-- only prison employees have been seen leaving. dassey's fate-- still unclear after the state immediately filed an emergency appeal to keephi higher court-- the 7th circuit of appeals-- to keep dassey in prison as his case works through the courts. attorney general brad schimel argues the lower court did not have the authority to order dassey's release, and doing so would cause harm to the case. dassey's attorney says the state has not argued why they think dassey is a danger to the community. it's a 50 50 chance. but the judge's ruling is pretty cut throat. i think he should get out now. brad dassey-- brendan's half brother is hopeful this is
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prison. he says he is hopeful he'll hug him by the end of the week. he's prolly scratching on the walls wanting to get out. so right now dassey must be let out by 8 p-m friday unless the 7th circuit court of appeals steps in and makes a different ruling. time is ticking. live in portage--- ben handelman-- fox 6 news. you can read the judge's order on our website fox6 now dot com. the story's on our home page. y archive" to check out developments in this story going back as far as 2003. it all started with an argument-- that's what police say prompted a homicide on milwaukee's north side. an 18-year-old man was shot this afternoon. fox 6's bret lemoine talked to witnesses. mr 'i was over here doing some work for the neighbor and i heard some gunshots.' witness michael rode says he heard seven shots fired near
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4 p-m wednesday. 'thats my only brother!!' mr 'it was bad, terrible you know, to see a young kid like that shot.' milwaukee police tell us the victim is an 18-year old man. he died at the scene. rode says the victim was seated inside a vehicle... and the suspect came up and fired multiple times. mr 'went over toward the alley and he came back out a minute later to check to see what he did.' investigators believe the shooting was sparked by an argument. the watched from a distance as police pulled the 18-year olds body out of the car, wondering... mr 'i didnt go down there. im afraid.' ..what could have possibly sparked such a vicious act. mr 'i dont understand where they are coming from, you know? its a shame they have to kill each other.' milwaukee police say they are still looking for the suspect in this case. their investigation is on-going. reporting live at mpd d7,bl, fox6
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delafield man faces multiple felonies. he's accused of making and selling drugs. according to court documents - authorities caught on to 18-year-old jason makofski after he sold marijuana to a confidential informant. police got a search warrant and found marijuana, l-s-d and cocaine inside his home. that's on top of two different synthetic drugs. they say they also found quite a bit of drug paraphernalia. meanwhile in beaver dam-- the sheriff says they had a bust so big it will have a county. 27-year-old lucretia lightfoot faces 16 counts related to creating and delivering heroin and cocaine. she's accused of running a large- scale operation, with multiple, lower-level distributors. vulgar-- offensive and tasteless--- thats what m-p-s officials are calling a controversial ad recently published in a local culture magazine. it mentions pregnancy and abortion -- while calling attention to students at bradley tech high
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the studio with the details. the owner of sabbatic bar in walker's point tells fox6 the ad was designed to get the attention of m-p-s administrators. and it worked. it reads 'sabbatic is for lovers' and in bold print: 'our back alley: where 50% of bradley tech pregnancies start and end'. the man behind the ad-- jay stamates stuh-mah-tiss -- didn't want to appear on camera for safety reasons. he says his bar has been a victim of many crimes and he believes the crok school students. milwaukee police haven't been able to find a link between the school and the crime. still-- stamates says says m-p-s hasn't done enough to address the problem. 'these are words and i am not going to sit here and defend the first amendment. it was rude it was crass...' in a statement mps acknowledges the right to freedom of speech but they see the ad as vulgar and tasteless saying quote-- "we have a responsibility to speak out and stand up when false statements are made about our students. we will not stand by
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degraded." they also say they are reaching out to the naacp and lulac to discuss the matter. the milwaukee municipal court had to turn people away at the final "warrant withdrawal wednesday". the city says they reached capacity. the last 3 wednesdays judges have been clearing warrants and reinstating licenses for free. and they're helping residents set up a payment plan with the city to take care of unpaid tickets. the goal is to take away the financial stress that comes money and not being able to drive. the milwaukee bucks release new renderings of the planned downtown entertainment block. this complex will be built next to the new downtown arena -- on fourth street between highland and juneau avenue. the goal is to recruit restaurants and shops so it will be used all year long. it's scheduled to open alongside the new arena in fall of 20-18. balance. easy to want - hard to do!
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for in life same can be said for the packers right about now. tim van vooren has the blitz from lambeau field. "aaron rodgers has had some struggles this season, but he is third in the nfl in touchdown passes. he takes pride in that. he also takes pride in the fact that he's the only packer to have a rushing touchdown. "it's important to get in the end zone whoever gets in. i've been fortunate to year. however we get them, we need points especially in the red zone. we talk a lot about situational football the last couple of weeks. our third down and our red zone percentages have been down from where they need to be." "you have to run the football. it starts with running the football. you can't extend your offensive line and your run blocking, excuse me your pass protection the way we have. running the football is very important for a number of different reasons." "stressing that the offensive line could be troublesome this week because of health is troublesome for a couple of veterans on that line.
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in washington. at lambeau field tim van vooren fox 6 sports." the next few days are going to feel like a roller coaster. right now we're on our way up. before we plummet this weekend. weather expert tom wachs joins us now. windy and warm tomorrow. details coming up plus-- when you connect to wi-fi at your favor putting yourself at risk. simple steps to protect your data in tonight's contact 6 report. and-- tonight were asking for your help to provide food for families in need this holiday season - call our "food for the holidays" phone bank, 414-355-3160. just one dollar can provide 3 meals. 150 dollars will provide 450 meals. our friendly volunteers are waiting to answer your call, theyll be here through the end of this show. the number again is
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new at 10-- 24 fire recruits are now officially milwaukee
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held a special graduation ceremony tonight at the training academy. the recruits have spent the past 16 weeks preparing physically and mentally. it was an extra special night for one of the recruits. his 93-year-old grandfather-- a world war two veteran-- pinned on his badge. "my grandfather's my hero. i wanted to grow up and be just like him since i was a little little guy, just like my boys and to have him here today meant the world to me." "very, very proud. i had to hug him. it's been a lifetime dream of his and i'm so happy i could see it steinke stain-key served as a torpedo man on the uss laws from 1943-1946. many of us are constantly connected with our phones and laptops - but how careful are you with public wi-fi? in tonight's
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weak spots in your devices and reveals a few simple fixes to keep you and your data more secure. in todays mobile universe, working from home often means a home away from home --using public wifi. but how safe is it? 'public wifi carries some risks. but there are a few things you can do to keep your data safer.' it sounds basic, but start by making sure your firewall is turned on. its the first against viruses and malware. when youre on public wifi, the biggest worry is probably hackers. consumer reports security expert dean gallea created a fake wifi hot spot --allowing him to observe and capture someone elses internet activity. "i dont think people are aware how easy it is to do what i did." but several tweaks can leave you better protected on public wifi. including turning off settings
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sharing --that will make it more difficult for people near you to see your data. an 'open' wifi hotspot makes you particularly vulnerable,becaus e any hacker can join it without a password. you can also add a layer of protection to public wifi by using a virtual private network, or 'v- p-n.' "a lot of people are familiar with vpns from their work, because many companies require their employees to have a vpn if theyre logging on from home or when theyre traveling. people dont really know you can get a vpn yourself for a few bucks a month and i of security to their own computing." consumer reports says every adjustment can make a difference. another important step you can take to protect yourself, is to set up automatic updates on your devices -- and always install them when theyre offered to you. keeping devices like phones, laptops, and routers updated --ensures that they are armed with the latest protections. i'm jenna sachs contact 6. partly cloudy tonight with lows
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record warmth tomorrow in the upper 60s. thursday will be a tease though as a strong storm system brings the chance for rain friday afternoon and even rain/snow mix saturday weekend will only reach into the 30s and 40s. tonight: partly cloudy. low: 46 wind: s 3-7 mph thursday:
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10-20 mph friday: increasing clouds with showers possible in the afternoon. windy. am low: 55 high: 62 wind: sw 15-25 mph saturday: morning rain/snow mix then cloudy, very windy and h high: 40 wind: nw 20-30 mph sunday: mostly sunny and chilly. am low: 25 high: 37 wind: nw 10-20 mph monday: partly sunny and cold. am low: 24 high: 40 wind: n 5-10 mph partly cloudy tonight with lows in the low to mid 40s. breezy with near record warmth tomorrow in the upper 60s. thursday will be a tease though as a strong storm system brings the chance for rain friday afternoon and even rain/snow mix saturday
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30s and 40s. tonight: partly cloudy. low: 46 wind: s 3-7 mph thursday: mostly sunny, breezy and warm. high: 69 wind: s 10-20 mph friday: increasing clouds with showers possible in the afternoon. windy. am low: 55 high: 62 wind: sw 15-25 mph saturday: morning rain/snow mix then cloudy, very windy and chilly. am low: 34 high: 40 wind: nw 20-30 mph sunday: mostly sunny and chilly. am low: 25 high: 37 wind: nw 10-20 p partly sunny and cold. am low: 24
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another new face. we'll let you know who might get some carries as early as sunday night. but who will he line up behind as the a number of guys on the packers offensive line join the list of the injured. tim van vooren has that part of our packers coverage next in sports. let's take another look at our "food for the holidays" phone bank! your pledge to help fox 6 and feeding america easter wisconsin provide to folks in need this holiday season. a $30 pledge will feed a family of four for a week.
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it was the big question going into the season, how would the packers offensive line adjust to their changes at the end of camp. the answer was well. 9 games later, they're getting a similar question because of injuries to tj lang and david bakhtiari. tonight tim van vooren looks for a current answer. "the packers have had a lot of continuity on their offensive line so far this season. the same five starters except for the last two games at center where cory n tretter went down with an injury. don barclay got pressed into significant service at tennessee the other day when tj lang went out." "if i'm not starting tonight i gotta be mentally and physically prepared myself with the game plan, with the reps." "lang is questionable for this week. so too, david bakteari told me it's day to day on his situation. if he cant go, jason spriggs gets the
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play your game, don't over think it. it is really difficult but i mean honestly,it's not. just play your game and everything else sorts itself out." "i think you just have to adjust slightly. you have to make sure those guys get comfortable early, maybe you know slide don's way couple times. get him comfortable or give jason some help inside and out." "continuity may be out the window but the packers know their protection still needs to be as tight as possible for aaron rodgers on sunday. at lambeau filed, tim van vooren, fox 6 sports." the running back carousel continues for the packers as they have claimed christine michael off of waivers today. he was cut by the seahawks yesterday after seattle looked to be bringing back thomas rawls from injury. in a corresponding move, the packers have placed don jackson on injured reserve. the odds say that the badgers should be planning a trip to indiana in the near future. some would argue they could also look at a trip to the college football playoffs if they do everything right. what do they think about all of this talk? "i think it's something to be
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your team is at in the standings but it's not a huge focus. the only thing we can do is win every game and if we think about that stuff too much it takes off our vision on each week so not too much focus on that." the bucks were hopeful the schedule was on their side tonight after getting the last 3 days off as their opponents, the atlanta hawks are playing for a 2nd night in a row. the first quarter looking promising as greg monroe doing rebound and the hoop, they take a 26-21 lead after 1. but then things make a turn for the worse as the hawks start the 2nd quarter with a 19-0 run. during the run, miles plumlee even misses an uncontested dunk, symbolic of the period as the bucks score only 9 points and trail by 17 at half. they'd trail by as many as 24, but malcolm brogdon's bucket midway through the 4th gets them within 3 at 90-87. but the hawks hold off the comeback... and knock off the bucks 107-100. the panthers were in memphis
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win. cody wichman tries to set the tone, opening up the game with a 3. as the panthers would lead after the first 4 minutes.but memphis would control the game until the panthers cut the gap to 7 points midway through the 2nd on brock stull's lay up. the tigers, however, win the battle of the cats 68-54 is the final. up next for uwm is depaul on sunday. overseas today, the bucks were getting noticed, one buck in particular i should say as president obama mentioned him in a speech in greece. "greek or american, we're all cheering for giannis antetokounmpo who's cheers who seems to be getting better
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as we all get ready to sit down and celebrate thanksgiving, you've stepped up in a big way to help families in need! tonight our volunteers raised part of the food for the holidays phone bank. we can't thank you enough! our volunteers will stick around for a few more minutes-- but you can also donate on our website fox 6 now dot com. wakeup starts at 4:30! breaking
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ion the doctor will be with you in a moment. elaine: "difficult"? elaine, you shouldn't be reading that. now tell me about this, uh, rash of yours. um, well, it's--it's... that someone wrote in my chart that i was difficult in january of '92, and i have to tell you, i remember that appointment exactly. you see, this nurse had asked me to put a gown on, but there was a mole on my shoulder, and, actually, i'd specifically worn a tank top so that i wouldn't have to put a gown on. you know, they're made of paper, and... well, that was a long time ago.


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