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tv   FOX 6 News at 5  FOX  November 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CST

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express what we are feeling." dassey's brother went to facebook, writing, he's not getting out...the seventh circuit judge denied the request. then tweeting, thanks for ruining our holidays brad. hope you feel mighty and proud of yourself. good buddy. so far no statement or reaction from the dassey legal team. when the ruling came out this kathleen zellner tweeted, never easy. live in the newsroom myra sanchick fox6 news mary thanks myra in manitowoc county -- many are still just digesting this news. fox 6's ben handelman continues our team covereage -- he's live in mishicot -- the hometown of dassey and steven avery. ben? good evening guys-- the avery property where dassey and his uncle last lived is just
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not take long to find people who had some connection to the two, whether through family, friends, or school. to be honest-- most of the people we talked to today had not yet heard the news that dassey must stay locked up. those willing to go on camera are not happy with today's decision. it's been a confusing week of newswi contradicted themselves. that's the result of judges overturning decisions so quickly. that confusion is pretty evident here in miochicot. this case has taken on new life thanks to the hit netflix docu-series "making a murderer". it's not a town used to news media coming here. the school district for example has sent out a note telling employees not to share opinions with the media. of those who are willing to share-- many feel dassey should have
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small town in the spotlight. with brendan's future in doubt-- it will remain the talk of the town. live in mishicot tonight--- ben handelman fox 6 news. ted thanks ben when there are significant updates in h can be among the first to hear about it -- if you have the fox6 news app on your mobile device. we'll send an alert. and you can "like" the fox6 news facebook page for updates and "live" reports as this process unfolds. now to a developing story-- 8 point 5 million dollars. thats how much a milwaukee woman is asking for in a lawsuit against the county sheriffs office. she accuses the sheriff and his staff of neglecting to give her medical treatment that could
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jail cell. fox6s angelica sanchez spoke with the woman's attorney. "she's very depressed. she's distraught. i've never seen anybody break down that emotionally as she went through the story." --the emotions attorney jason jankowski says his client-- 30-year-old shade swayzer has been going through since the loss of her child over the summer. on july 6 2016, she was arrested after an altercation with police. she was eight and a half months pregnant. prior to jail she was taken to a local hospital for examination. her attorney claims her pregnancy was progressing normally at the time. despite this and a history of mental illness, swayzer was placed inside the maximum security unit also known as the special needs unit. she alleges she was given prenatal vitamins only once and for days received zero medical attention. then on midnight of july 14th, she went into labor. she says she tried to alert guards that her water broke and was 'laughed' at.
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alive long enough for her to breast feed, but later died. swayzer claims guards checked in on her six hours after she gave birth. the medical examiner has not ruled if the child was a still born or not. jankowski says hes tried to obtain documents from the sheriffs office but his requests have gone unanswered. "i take this very seriously...i judged her credibility from day one and i find her to be credible." we have reached out to the sheriff's office for comment on the lawsuit.... we have yet to hear back from them. the corporation counsel office tells claim. back to you. 'we deserve better and we expect it' those words from a milwaukee alderman tonight-- asking for more police on the city's south side. bob donovan is one of four alderman writing a letter to the police chief asking for more resources. julie collins joins us live from district 6-- one of the areas in question. the letter outlines the size of the districts and the number of
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coverage. alderman donovan shared several letters with me from his constituents whove witnessed an increase in crime and they too are asking for change. dozens of letters from concerned citizens have been sent to alderman bob donovan in the last 3 months... all outline the increase in crime. one of the letters came from the president of notre dame s milwaukee. 'my goal is for collaboration. in his letter he outlines a series of crimes that happened in the streets surrounding his primary school campus. a hit and run on greenfield and south layton bvd and then an attempeted robbery at the corner of greenfield and 26th both incidents happened as school was letting out. hes asked alderman donovan to help him
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'absolutely, we have 240 students at this campus another 180 east of here so we want this area to be as safe as possible for our students and for our families.' alderman donovan has heard these concernes from his constintuians and sent a letter to milwaukee police chief ed flynn - the letter signed by aldermans borkowski, zielinski and perez askes the chief to deploy more officers to district 2 and 6...saying the five aldermanic districts on the citys southside are home to approximitly 220- thousand residents. currently there are 215 officer assigned to district 2 and 6. 'anything would be a plus.' alderman donovan understands the lack of resources mpd has but say 'the chief is going to have to make some difficult decisions. but i want him to know and the mayor to know there is indeed a south side to the city of milwaukee and were sick and tired of getting a half a loaf." we reached out to milwaukee police regarding this letter
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this evening - common council president ashanti hamilton released a statement urging these council members to rescind their letter saying they ignored their responsibility to represent the public safety concerns of the entire city. anchor tag julie, thank you. ted thanks julie milwaukee police are still searching for a suspect after an 18-year-old is shot and killed -- and another teen is injured. it happened wednesday evening near 68th and congress. police say it started with an argument... and the victim -- identified as jahlin lopez -- died at the scene. later -- a 19-year-old showed up at a hospital with a non-life- threatening gunshot wound suffered in the same incident. authorities are still trying to figure out what led up to the shooting. with gun deer hunting season kicking off this weekend in wisconsin... a menomonee falls man has a warning for all non-hunters. this after he says he had a scary encounter with a hunter while walking his dog on public land. fox6's madeline anderson is live at menomonee park... with more on what happened. menomonee park stretches more
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waukesha county... which prohibits hunting anywhere on the land. but many of the park's trails run right along the public-private property lines... creating some conflict between hunters and park- goers about who can claim the area. a walk in the park sunday morning for neil fleischhacker and his dog brutus... turned out to be anything but, well, a walk in the park. stand on the north property line. he got very upset that we were there and was telling me that i have to leave the area immediately, i don't belong there, and i'm infringing on his hunting zone. while fleishhacker says the hunter was on private property... he and his short haired german pointer were on public property along the menomonee
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fleischhacker says the answer he got from the dnr: i can't tell you you can't walk in the park, but if you walk back there, you know what's going to happen. so it might be better just to avoid conflict. waukesha county also sent a statement to fox6... it reads in part quote "we want to remind hikers that they should be aware of their surroundings at all times, especially during the hunting season." with no clear path toward a solution... fleischhacker hopes his experience will at least help both hikers and hunters better coexist this hunting season. if you're walking in public parks, and you think you're safe from hunters, you you're a hunter. not everybody that's coming up on you has the intent of wrecking your day. you have to have some compassion for the people who are walking in the parks. waukesha county says park users should contact the sheriff's department if they have hunting concerns. reporting live in menomonee falls... madeline anderson fox6 news. a couple weeks ago -- we told you about a woman who tracked her own stolen car -- but lost it again before police could arrive. but still ahead... she finally has it back -- and you won't want to miss what it took to make that happen. plus... a customer is shot
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a good look at the suspect. we broke a record high today, reaching into the 70s again. but this weekend will be a bitter cool-down. your
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search for a west allis shooting suspect. today -- we're getting a better look at the man police are looking for. justin williams joins us live in west allis with the details. justin? tonight, despite their heroic inclinations, would-be witnesses are being reminded that their role involves remembering as many details as possible, when they see a crime being committed. in other words, try to retain your status as a witness, rather than risk becoming a victim. can you help, were hoping that me walking along, or working in one of the businesses that was open, might have seen something. catch a criminal? we had a robbery on, about highway 100, and cleveland, at a cricket store, there. thursday, west allis deputy chief of police, bob fletcher, updates the investigation into a wednesday night shooting, inside this cricket wireless location. the individual, or suspect, entered the store. he had what would be described, either, as a sawed-off shotgun, or a short-barreled long gun. after the suspect,
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cuts-in. unfortunately, the victim of the shooting did try to intervene, and was shot, while intervening. the suspect steals an undisclosed amount of money, then, flees, on-foot, southbound, before, investigators think, he goes west, on national. meanwhile, as the victim, im told, continues to recover from a gunshot to his arm, i would not advocate actively becoming involved. i can understand the frustration of somebody, seeing it occur ... deputy chief fletcher shares words of caution those who might mimic the shooting victims actions. we want people to be good witnes dont want them to put themselves in harms way for , for, for property being stolen. this cricket wireless shooting suspect is described as an african american male, in his late teens, or early 20s. he was wearing a black hoodie with some sort of red logo on the front, along with dark jeans,
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or have any information which may help investigators, you're encouraged to contact the west allis police department. live, in west allis, i'm justin williams, fox 6 news. it's time for your news and weather together. a husband and wife are killed in a crash in sheboygan county. it happened last night in the town of rhine. officials say 80 year old lewis schmid stop sign- hitting another car. schmidt and his wife 79 year old geraldine-- from elkhart lake-- were killed. the 72-year- old driver of the car that was struck was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. a 22-year-old man is facing battery charges for allegedly attacking his pregnant girlfriend. this is hector acevedo -- milwaukee police tell us they are unsure how he was injured. according to the criminal complaint, acevedo pulled his girlfriend off the couch, then kicked her in the head and stomach. the woman told
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knocked over a tv and threw a chair through her living room window. mitchell international airport is the temporary home to an "airbus 380" -- a plane that's not typically seen around here. the plane landed around 12-30 this afternoon. airbus-380 will be flying out of mitchell for the next two they conduct icing tests on a new jet engine. toss to weather high temperature for today! very windy tomorrow with highs in the
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60s early then falling into the 50s by dinner time. a few showers are possible in the afternoon. there is the chance for light rain and snow mix at night and into early saturday then expect decreasing clouds plus blustery and cold conditions. wind chills saturday and sunday will stay in the 20s. tonight: partly cloudy. low:
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mostly cloudy with a few afternoon showers possible. high: 65 wind: sw 20-30 mph saturday: lingering rain/snow mix then decreasing clouds. very windy with wind chills in the 20s. am low: 34 high: 38 wind: nw 25-35 mph sunday: mostly sunny and chilly. wind chills in the 20s. am low: 25 high: 38 wind: nw 5-15 mph monday: mostly sunny. am low: 24 high: 43 increasing clouds with rain at night. am low: 32
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thank tom the milwaukee city christmas tree is in a new location this year... and it'll be lit up for another holiday season in just a few minutes... where you can now find the city
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like christmas. at least singing in about 10 minutes when the city christmas tree is lighted in a special ceremony. beverly taylor is at city hall where the event will take place. bringing in the holiday season—on this, a very unseasonable november day. but then again the warm weather, may cause more people to come out... and as you can see there are plenty.
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dressed up with decorations. in fact its been going on for 103 years in milwaukee. but that doesnt make this year any less special. 'ah, i love this tree. :27 i think every one is going to be so excited to see it. note: unable to connect to opus super: david caruso/tree decorator david caruso owner of dynamic events is the tree decorator for this massive 38- foot colorado spruce. he had more than 5- thousand lights and 150 ornaments to work with. 'the stars of this tree are the 12 signature ornaments that local artists created with their own creative and unique though and they really stand out as the most beautiful ornaments on the tree.' :18 in past years the tree has been located at red arrow park.... this year it returns to city hall at the corner of water and wells. this tree was donated by rex hays and anna maria wallace. after submitting it for the past few years it was chosen. takes big ornaments to complement the big tree. each one has a story to tell. 'what i love about this ornament is that its filled with blessings and wishes. little notes from her neighbors
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about what milwaukee means to them.' :05 nat and here is the switch that will turn on the lights of the beautiful city tree. they should throw the switch in a matter of minutes. in the meantime, there is plenty of entertainment, including santa, characters from the nutcracker and lots of festive music. well set up and be ready for the lighting and bring that to you later. live from city hall, beverly taylor, fox 6 mary thanks bev it's just the start of a festive weekend in milwaukee. tune into fox6 saturday morning to watch the milwaukee holiday parade -- which kicks off at 9:30. we'll also be streaming it on fox6 now dot com, the fox6 news app -- as well as the fox6 news
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car... one local woman is able to get it back... but it wasn't easy... how she found it -- and what it took to get the car back in her possession -- next. plus... how a city basketball tournament -- has grown to become much more... that's just ahead. [ tower pinging ] [ whistling ] we've got a problem, friend. half off any smartphone for anyone who switches? what's the problem? the naughty list shouldn't get deals!
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tree lighting ceremony is underway! this is a live look outside city hall right now -- as the crowd awaits this year's christmas tree to be lit up. you can see there are quite a few people out there on this warm evening... last month, we told you about a woman who tracked down her own stolen car. though, the car was gone. well we've got an update: marie cunningham has her car back...and has a heck of a story to go along with it. here's a.j. bayatpour with a story you'll only see on fox 6... those are their slippers and their odor eaters, trust me. inside marie cunningham's toyota corolla... worlds finest chocolate, made in the usa. the thieves leave behind trash and some parting gifts. they left me a full unopened can of coke. where did she find her car this time? abyss towing, im racking
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towed the car from an apartment complex in west allis and called marie once the company ran the vin number. at first, marie says she got a bill for about 700 bucks. i said google fox6, blah blah blah, so within 5 minutes, she calls me back, shes like oh my god, i watched it with the owner, were gonna waive your fees. last month, we met marie when she first found her car on the north side. it was stolen when her son left it running at a wauwatosa gas station. milwaukee police 40 minutes to respond. they told me they would make this an emergency. maam, i already put it in as a higher priority. the police log shows marie called m-p-d at 9:20 am on october 22nd. she said her car was already used to steal someone else's vehicle in brown deer. by 10:02, no one had shown up. i called it in and the police never responded so now my vehicle, that stolen vehicle i was sitting by, got


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