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now at 10-- a rally for unity-- nat 'spread love not hate.' after controversy in the classroom. plus-- president george w bush is in milwaukee tonight. what we're learning about his visit. and-- brendan dassey won't be leaving prison after all. tonight we reaction but first: our big story tonight--terror on the tracks. mukwonago police say a man pushed his girlfriend to the ground, moments later a train passed. the woman was left with devastating injuries. fox 6's ashley sears explains he faces just months behind bars. nats off county highway nn in mukwonago the sounds of the train breaks the quiet of a
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the led police here monday night. nats officers discovered a woman badly injured. her head on the tracks-- "her left arm was amputated." according to a criminal complaint, the woman was left here by her boyfriend 22-year-old brandon calkins. police say calkins pushed his girlfriend to the ground following an argument. the victim's mother told police she believed her daughter "struck her head on a metal rail" causing her to "lose consciousness" falling on the track by the train." 20:06 it's jarring. angela mancuso runs the waukesha women's center and is not associated with this case. but is stunned by the details. 19:41 i had a physical reaction. i mean, when you read about it, or hear about it, it's frightening. police say when calkins was arrested he became aggressive. he faces three misdemeanor charges. if convicted, he faces just months behind
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commit an egregious act of violence and potentially not be held accountable for it. mancuso hopes-- incidents like this can shine light on domestic violence--so others can be helped. 25:17 there's no place for violence in a truly loving relationship. it's unclear exactly why the charges are not more severe. calkins is in custody and due back in court next week. meanwhile in milwaukee-- a 22- year-old man is accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend. according to the criminal complaint, the attack happened when the victim asked hector acevedo to leave her home. during the attack, acevedo allegedly kicked her in the head and stomach. it's unclear why acevedo appears to have been beaten himself. police say there was a four hour window between the time of the attack and the time he was arrested--
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injured. not home for the holidays. brendan dassey will not walk out of prison this week. an appellate court making the decision today. this-- until they can review his case. reaction pouring in tonight, including from his hometown of mishicot. that's where we find out ben handelman tonight. ben. good evening guys. it's a small town-- and it was not hard to find people connected to dassey or his uncle steven avery. disappointment. brendan dassey will not be leaving this prison in portage this week. the 7th circuit court of appeals in chicago, overruling a lower court's decision to free dassey, as the state appeals. prosecutors are fighting a ruling that tossed dassey's convction in august for his role in the rape and murder of teresa halbach. the changing decisions have come so fast--- in dassey's hometown of
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outdated. in this small village-- brendan really got coexed into a lot of things. there is a sense of disapointment. that's wrong. it's like picking up mud and picking it up at a wall and seeing what is going to stick. the case-- the people that come in here do not think he should be in there. is the talk of the town in the busineeses down the road from the property where dassey and his uncle steven avery once lived. his hopes up. they should let him out. while they back dassey--- most we talked to don't feel the same about stephen avery. a lot of people think he should be free do to that making a mjrudere. it's not necessarily a documentary as much as it is pushing informative. with this story not yet over-- a quiet town-- well that's not right. will keep talking. brendan dassey's fate is now in the hands of the 7th circuit
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when they will make their decision. live in mishicot, ben handelman, fox 6 news. ted thanks ben did you get outside today? what a beauty! we broke another record today-- but get ready for a rude awakening. weather expert tom wachs joins us now with more on a drastic change. weve tied ou temperature for today! very windy tomorrow with highs in the middle 60s early then falling into the 50s by dinner time. a few showers are possible in the afternoon. there is the chance for light rain and snow mix at night and into early saturday. tonight: partly cloudy. low: 55
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now's the time to download the fox 6 storm center app. it's available on android and apple. now to a developing story. a woman is suing the milwaukee county mistreatment that resulted in the death of her newborn in the jail. 30-year-old shade shaw-day swayzer was arrested when she was 8 and half months pregnant. she was placed in a maximum security unit. her attorney says when she alerted guards that she was in labor nothing was done she claims she was forced to have the baby inside her cell-- and within hours it died. "she's very depressed. she's distraught. i've never seen anybody
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the medical examiner has not determined if the baby was born alive or stillborn. we've reached out the sheriff's office for comment, but haven't heard back. the county's corporation counsel office tells us it does have a copy of the claim. see if you recognize this man-- police say he's the guy who shot a customer during an armed robbery at a cricket wireless store last night. it happened at the location on highway-100 near cleveland. th milwaukee police are also searching for suspects tonight. two men were shot this afternoon near 36th and mount vernon . they are expected to survive. we're told officers are still looking for a motive. 'we deserve better and we expect it' those words from a milwaukee alderman tonight-- asking for more police on the city's south side. bob donovan is one of four alderman writing a letter to the police chief asking for more resources. they're asking the chief to deploy more officers to district 2 and 6.
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officers are assigned there. donovan understands there's lack of resources-- but says something has to be done. 'the chief is going to have to make some difficult decisions. but i want him to know and the mayor to know there is indeed a south side to the city of milwaukee and were sick and tired of getting a half a loaf." common council president ashanti hamilton is criticizing the should represent the public safety concerns of the entire city. new at 10-- former president george w bush visits milwaukee tonight. our cameras caught a glimpse of him leaving the pfister hotel. he was the keynote speaker at an event for froedtert and the medical college of wisconsin. they provided a photo of him speaking. it was a fundraiser for the digestive disease center. president-elect donald trump has made another appointment. senior officials say retired
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the job of national security adviser. flynn was a close adviser to mister trump through the presidential campaign. controversy in the classroom... a teacher at ronald reagan high school is called out by a parent... who feels the teacher is being too political during lessons. today, students spoke out in their own way- by holding a rally. fox6s bret lemoine takes us there. anon: 'the political views of any teacher should never be interjected.' but thats exactly what the parent of a rol happened after last weeks presidential election. anon: 'the teacher said, if anybody is not taking part in this discussion, people will assume you hate just like donald trump.' the parent... who wishes to remain anonymous... says political views are being imposed on her daughter in the wake of president-elect trumps victory. last week, a spokeswoman for milwaukee public schools said the district was 'looking into' the claim. nat 'spread love not hate.' on
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rallied on behalf of the 'reagan others' - a nickname coined for the minority groups who now say they feel marginalized after mr. trumps victory. dm 'there are ideals and political views and beliefs of certain people that a lot of us dont agree with.' but as a debate is now sparked about the role of politics in the classroom... anon: 'shes petrified to go back into this classroom.' these students hope their message of peace... can have an impact on bringing people together. jr 'we want everyone to know we are unified. we dont want anyone to feel left out.' we reached out to mps for comment on todays rally. a spokeswoman tells us: "mps believes that schools are places of healing where we can have respectful, safe conversations about issues that are important to our students and our community. our students at reagan were peacefully demonstrating their support for diversity." the rally was over in about an hour. reporting live from reagan
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most states. but not wisconsin-- and it's not even close to happening-- some say it's out of fear. but it's not that scary and it's far more scrary that we're doing nothing. the lawmaker fighting an uphill battle... and why the attorney general and other elected officials don't want
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problem--our dose of reality showed how prescription drug use often leads to heroin--and death. wisconsin attorney general brad schimel has led the fight against opioid abuse--he points to drug takeback events and law enforcement's use of "narcan" as tools in his fight. should he be adding another? tonight the politics of pot. most every night, "madelyn"--not her real name--goes out to the front bushes of her milwaukee home and smokes
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sneak it ...and for other people to understand. she knows she's breaking the law. she also knows she needs the relief. the major problem was major intestinal blockage... a series of surgeries last year left her in a great deal of pain--unable to work. "i went to the doctor and asked if she could refill my oxycodon and she said shouldn't be on that anymore" if her doctor was concerned about "madelyn" getting too depen had reason to be--opiod addiction is an epidemic in wisconsin--and fighting that addiction is priority one for the state's republican attorney general brad schimel. it's absolutely devastating..there's no bigger public safety crisis and it's driving everything..robbery.. burglarly. schimel has a lot of tools in his fight against opiod abuse. medical marijuna is one he has no interest in adding. so why start
1:22 am doesn't make sense. but it does-apparently make sense to 28 other states that have approved some form of medical marijuana use-that voted just last week to allow the medicinal use of pot. " voters in those states were able to vote directly for medical marijuna..somthing that's far more difficult to do here in wisconsin..this will have to be fought at the state capitol...and leading the charge is a mote never even tried pot. i'm not someone who's ever used marijuna...i was raised in the dare system. when she was first elected in 2010 from a very democratic district in madison, state representative mellsa sergeant never planned on being the flag bearer for legalizing pot but now she's the capitol's leading advocate for it. i came to realize after some
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the most dangerous thing about mj is the way we're treating it now. republicans--she says--would be smart to get on board simply from a financial perspective. in a state where my colleagues keep saying we're broke.... the department of revenue estimates that state could make 22-million million dollars by legalizing medical marijuana in its first year alone--triple that in year two. why not do this in a way we centers..licensed by the state of wisconsin..where people know what's in the product..where it's labeled. schimel--citing a lack of support from the american medical association and the f-d-a-- is far from convinced. is there anything that could convince you that medical mj is the way to go for pain the way to go. id want to the consensus of the medical community supporting that and we
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grandmother is back at work full- time--and easing her physical pain with a product nowhere close to being legal in her home state. i'm doing it for a reason and it's helping. we've certainly not made her public enemy number one..we should not treat her as a criminal. i'm's not fair..and i'm working hard to change that. sargent saw her bill die in committee last session but will be bringing it up again. asmb he's looking to see what the new congress does--as he says this is a federal issue--something the majority of states
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weve tied our record high temperature for today! very windy tomorrow with highs into the 50s by dinner time. a few showers are possible in the afternoon. there is the chance for light rain and snow mix at night and into early saturday then
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wind chills saturday and sunday will stay in the 20s. tonight: partly cloudy. low: 55 wind: sw 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy with a few afternoon showers possible. high: 65 wind: sw saturday: lingering rain/snow mix then decreasing clouds. very windy with wind chills in the 20s. am low: 34 high: 38 wind: nw 25-35 mph sunday: mostly sunny and chilly. wind chills in the 20s. am low: 25 high: 38 wind: nw 5-15 mph monday: mostly sunny. am low: 24 high: 43 wind: sw 8-12
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rain at night. am low: 32 high: 46 wind: s-se 5-10
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a missing link to the packers defense might be back in place on sunday. coming up, we'll have the latest on a defense trying to stem the tide of defeat. and the bucks are facing the heat, hoping to play much differently than they did last night. highlights from miami are next in
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the good news for the bucks was they had less than 24 hours to think about last night's disappointing performance in atlanta. but they had a real test again as they were in miami facing the heat. and they were looking to have a short memory. they play well in the 1st half as they jump out to a 20-6 lead when jabari parker finishes with the jam being tied at 48 at the half, they fall apart, scoring only 25 more points. and the heat would score 29 in the 4th quarter alone. going on to win 96-73. up next for the bucks, the golden state warriors in milwaukee on saturday night. the badgers back on the court tonight hosting chicago state at the kohl center. after leading by 8 at the half, they pull away in the 2nd half as khalil iverson scores a career high 11 points as the badgers win easily 69-51. they'll take on tennessee monday afternoon.
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said that he feels good about where he's at and fully expects to play sunday in washington. it couldn't come at a better time as the packers defense has struggled without him. but they're looking to stem the collapse this weekend. tim van vooren has more from lambeau field. "well, it is easy to point to the defense right now for the green bay packers. you hear defense wins football games and they have not been winning football games in green bay of late. three straight losses. after they beat the bears three games ago the packers were seventh in the league in total defense. not they're tenth. pretty evident where the trouble is." "i think obviously we know we can play better and we want to play better, that's the thing. but i don't think we're still out there making our calls, our adjustments, excited to play with each other. no one's pointing fingers. nobody's doing whatever." "we just gotta come out and play our game. fundamentally sound football game, just everyone do their job. and i feel like we're ready to get back on track." "we need some turnovers man. it's as simple as that. i was just telling one of the other guys the ball just hasn't bounced our way yet. we just need some tips, overthrows just to get us going then hopefully those turnovers start coming in bunches." "hyde's point about
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who wins and who loses nfl football games. the packers are 25th in the league. in the category turnover ratio they are negative four. the big day for the badgers football team. with a win over purdue and losses by nebraska and minnesota, the badgers will win the big ten west division and earn a spot in the big ten championship game on december 3rd. the state football championships are underway and cedar grove-belgium faced amherst today for the division 5 title. this was a see-saw affair, down 28-21 the rockets tie the game late in the 3rd quarter on the great pass by josh weiss to jason von heimburg. in the 4th, the two hook up again
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cedar grove-belgium. after amherst ties the game at 35, the rockets try to get tricky with less than a minute to go in regulation, but reid hilbelink fumbles on the hook and ladder play and amherst recovers. then with 9 seconds left, amherst kicks a game winning field goal taking home the state title in division 5, 38-35 is the final. after the game, weiss talked about the comeback coming up short. "we started getting a rhythm. we found some holes in their defense, tried to get it in the playmaker's hands. end up coming up just short but life goes on. it'll b and the cubs win again, at least kris bryant does as he was named the national league's most valuable player today. in the american league, mike trout gets the honor. toss to break the admirals have a night in cleveland shutting out the ahl champion lake erie
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honors for four local world war two heroes. they were awarded "knight of the legion of honor medals" -- from the president of the french republic. it's given to american soldiers who fought on french soil to help liberate france. the veterans are: carlos chavez of milwaukee, richard hanes of oak creek, and then jack hansen of


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