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wrong for this, yes i want to find to more answers " a statement read on his mothers behalf expresses their feelings toward the incident and the driver during the fatal crash. "the family wishes to express their anger and frustration that this person took their loved on from them " police say an 18-year-old woman fled from police after being stopped due to a license plate issue. the speeding car crashed into another car and a passenger, died at the scene his 18- year-old cousin was severely injured. "i want justice she hurt a lot of lives and it wasnt just shawn it was his friend mario who is fighting for his life " mario harrells mother whos by his bedside, tells me her son is hospitalized with broken legs, hips, fractured bones in his face along with a bad brain injury. loved ones of both victims are distraught, claiming the boys were good kids who never had legal trouble. "he had dreams he had
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him " "he was a very good child, he did not want to be in that situation " milwaukee police say they have presented the case to the the milwaukee county district attorney's office, and it's currently under review. so details about charges should be available in the coming days. as for oliver there has been a go fund me account set up to help with funeral expenses. the info posted on our website, fox6 derica williams, fox 6 news. mary thanks derica killing five-year-old rickyia langham -- then driving away -- pleading not guilty in court today. 30-year-old sherman liddell is charged with one count of hit- and- run resulting in death -- and one count of driving with a suspended license resulting in death. he is being held on a 100-thousand dollar bond. nearly four months after a milwaukee man is injured in a car crash that police say was caused by a teen in a stolen car... he says the legal process is preventing him
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fox6's madeline anderson explains why the victim says he's having a hard time putting the crash behind him. the physical pain remains constant for kenneth lewis... three and a half months since he was the victim of a crash a block away from home. i had the second vertebrae to my spine was broken, i had nine broken ribs, two broken fingers.but the emotional anguish is worse... lewis says he can't file a clai insurance company to replace his totaled car or seek justice against those responsible without a police report of the incident. i havent gotten anything. you cant move forward without the police report. and they wont release it. the internal affairs keeps telling me its ready, even the incident report is ready, and i can go and get it, but they wont release it. on july 31st... milwaukee police say a 16-year-old driving a stolen toyota camry was speeding northbound on 42nd when he blew
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with lewis' car heading westbound on fairmount. officers were nearby but police say they were not pursuing the vehcile. on october 18th... the driver was charged as an adult with two felony counts of driving on a suspended license. an mpd spokesman tells fox6... records of the incident were not available to the public during that period because the case was an open criminal investigation. the charges have since been dropped. lewis says now that the case is closed... he is hoping to obtain the police report fox6 has also requested a copy of the report. i asked the milwaukee county d-a's office why the charges were dropped in the case... but have not heard back. a third vehicle and a home were also damaged at the scene of the crash. charges are filed against the man -- who police say -- broke into several homes and shot at a milwaukee police officer. 23-year-old "dabreon jefferson" faces one count of attempted first degree intentional
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complaint -- an officer confronted him as he tried to break into a home last thursday near 26th and ruby. gunshots were exchanged -- but nobody was actually hit. jefferson was arrested a short time later. a 50-year-old man is in custody after a stabbing on milwaukee's north side... it happened late last night near 6th and reservoir... officials say a 29-year-old man is recovering from multiple stab wounds -- and we're told he's in stable condition. investigators are now working to figure out what led up to the stabbing. a milwaukee hunter is found dead today inside a cabin in rural reeseville... that's in dodge county. a second hunter was also found in the cabin with a potentially life- threatening medical problem. authorities say they got a call yesterday evening to check on the welfare of two men staying in the cabin after they failed to return to milwaukee after a hunting trip. deputies found them unresponsive... a 46-year-old milwaukee man was pronounced dead -- and his 69-year-old father -- also from milwaukee -- was rushed to a hospital.
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looking into carbon monoxide or other environmental causes. a physician from alabama is facing federal charges after the overdose death of former 3 doors down guitarist matthew roberts. officials say roberts died at the west bend hampton inn back in august while visiting. west bend police worked with officials in alabama to discover who prescribed the drugs. investigators say doctor richard snellgrove prescribed drugs in the names of different individuals -- intending for them to go t instead. authorities in lake mills are asking for your help finding a missing teenage girl. 16-year-old kendall humphries was last seen tuesday, november 1st in lake mills. she is five feet, four inches tall -- weighing 130 pounds. she has brown hair and blue eyes and a scar on the left side of her upper lip. if you know where she is -- please contact lake mills police. if you're heading to relatives for the thanksgiving
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some areas tomorrow. flurries or even a mix of rain and snow could make roads bit slick in parts of the state... weather expert tom wachs is in the weather office with a look ahead. weather precip will arrive this evening as a rain/snow mix inland then transition to rain overnight. rain showers will continue in our area wednesday but accumulating snow is likely in northern wi, so be careful dry and seasonable but there is another chance for light rain/snow mix by black friday. tonight: light rain. breezy. low: 36 wind: se 10-15 mph wednesday:overcast with rain showers likely. high: 42 wind: se 5-15 mph thursday: partly sunny. am low: 35 high: 43 wind: wnw 5-10
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stay ahead of the weather anywhere -- any time. just download the fox 6 storm center app -- it's free and available for android and apple devices. "are you ready to die?" that's what a mother told reporters... a chattanooga bus driver asked the kids on his bus before yesterday' the remains of that bus -- which was nearly split in half -- were removed from the scene this afternoon. at least five children were killed -- and more than a dozen others injured. six of them are in the intensive care unit this evening. now -- federal officials are investigating. stephanie grady is in the newsroom with the latest on that investigation. while it's still unclear exactly what caused that crash... the driver of the bus -- a 24-year-old man -- is in police custody. he's now facing multiple charges -- including vehicular
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"a school bus flipped off the roadway. it's occupied with children. they believe there are ejections." a school bus packed with children slammed into a tree the crash practically split the bus in half -- and flipped on its side. "up in the back, i can see an arm moving, but i don't know if anyone can get to it." according to the children's elementary school -- four girls and a boy were killed in the crash. three were in fourth grade. one in first grade . and one "it could've been my kids and these are babies that was trying to get home." police arrested the driver -- 24 year old johnthany walker. he's charged with five counts of vehicular homicide -- reckless endangerment -- and reckless driving. "he wasn't paying attention. he was going real fast. and he had hit a garbage bag and he hit a mailbox and then we flipped over and hit a tree real hard." as the investigation continues into what caused this tragedy
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unnatural thing in the world, for a parent to mourn the loss of a child. there are no words that can bring comfort to mother or father, city is praying for these families." tennessee authorities say the bus was traveling well above the posted speed limit of 30 miles-an-hour when the crash happened... walker's first appearance in court is scheduled for next tuesday. ted thanks steph president-elect donald trump -- backing down from his pledge to have his democratic rival hillary clinton investigated. mr trump says it's something he no longer feels strongly about. political reporter theo keith joins us -- theo, this was one of the hallmarks of his campaign. candidate trump said he would tell his attorney general to start an
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today, a change of opinion. lock her up! lock her up!it was a rallying cry at president-elect donald trump's campaign events. and remember what mr trump said in october, during a debate with hillary clinton: if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation but tuesday, on msnbc, trump campaign manager kellyanne conway said the to pursue any charges over clinton's email or the clinton foundation. if donald trump can help her heal, then perhaps that's a good thing. if the president-elect does try to initiate an investigation, milwaukee attorney frank gimbel says it would break with historical precedent. gimbel, a former federal prosecutor, says it's the f-b-i's job, not the president's, to investigate potential violations of federal law. a president stands in no different position when he or
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allegation of criminal wrongdoing against somebody. they can start an investigation by calling the cops as for the political reaction: im guessing that there are some very disappointed people but uwm professor mordecai lee says mr trump's supporters shouldn't think of this as a "broken promise." you campaign one way but you cant necessarily govern exactly the same way. so this is sort of, welcome to the world of politics didn't want clinton investigated, the justice department would have the final say. however, the f-b-i did investigate clinton's use of a private email server as secretary of state and found no criminal wrongdoing. decision delayed. the milwaukee common council pushes back an ordinance to replace lead pipes in the city... up next... why some aldermen say it's just too soon to move ahead with the plan. plus... the numbers are in for the first weekend of wisconsin's
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reopen a decision about 'big health concern' in the city of milwaukee has been put on hold until next month. were talking about an ordinance to replace lead water service
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fox6s angelica sanchez tells us the mayors office is disappointed by this mornings outcome. angelica? ted and mary... this is an ordinance that was introduced as part of the mayors 2017 budget plan that would help cover the cost of replacing lead laterals in 70,000 homes. some alderman at this mornings meeting felt not enough milwaukeeans are well informed on the ordinance and its impact. 'whats happening in milwaukee is whats been happening in the city that has most of its housing built in the 1950s when we stopped using lead.' at tuesday's common council meeting aldermen expressed concern for the next steps in addressing the city's lead problem...which impacts an estimated 70-thousand homes. "we need to take action on this today and it is a tough vote." the proposed ordinance sponsored by alderman hamilton and bohl would make it mandatory to replace lead water service lines--- and imposing special assessment for lead water service lines on private
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portion of a lead water service line must be replaced if a leak occurs. failure to do so could result in a fine. the city is offering to share the costs so the private owner only pays the lesser of one third of the average current cost or $1600. a payment plan would be worked out with the home owner. some aldermen feel constituents need more information before a vote is taken. "...if you ask one of your neighbors i can almost guarantee they are unaware of what is being imposed right now.' ordinance for a vote until next month-- a choice that officials with the mayors office aren't thrilled with. 'i think were disappointed the mayor put this out as part of his 2017 budget. its something that milwaukee has been very proactive in dealing with and i think weve seen ourselves sighted as a national leader in dealing with this problem.' if council doesn't take action next month-- it's unknown what will happen to the funds and grants set aside to address the lead problem. 'that money will be in limbo we wont have a clear message to take to
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city officials encourage all milwaukeeans to get informed on the issue by logging onto milwaukee water works. a link is available at fox6 now dot com reporting live outside city hall i'm angelica sanchez fox6 news. ted thanks angelica until laterals get replaced -- there are hundreds of homes where water filtration systems are encouraged. the city is coordinating a distribution of filtration products ne for homes that qualify. search "water filters" on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app for more information. it's time for your news and weather together. an investigation is underway after a woman is hit by a car early this morning. it happened near 23rd and lincoln. milwaukee police say a 34-year-old woman ran into the street and was struck by a ford focus. the driver of that car-- a 33-year-old woman-- stayed and the scene and cooperated with investigators. the victim was taken to the hospital for
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at sports venues in milwaukee. in a 14-to-1 vote today-- the milwaukee common council agreed to ban smokeless tobacco from venues like miller park. if you are caught "dipping" or "chewing"-- you will first be given a warning-- the second time you'll face a fine up to 250 dollars. in the opening weekend for gun deer season -- hunters killed about 5 percent fewer deer this year compared to last year. in preliminary estimates from the department of natural resources -- killed this opening weekend. that's compared to more than 120- thousand last year. the nine day hunt runs through this sunday.
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precip will arrive this evening as a rain/snow mix inland then transition to rain overnight. rain showers will continue in our area wednesday but accumulating snow is likely in northern wi, so be
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traveling. thanksgiving looks dry and seasonable but there is another chance for light rain/snow mix by black friday. tonight: light rain. breezy.
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wind: se 10-15 mph wednesday:overcast with rain showers likely. high: 42 wind: se 5-15 mph thursday: partly sunny. high: 43 wind: wnw 5-10
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light rain/snow showers. am low: 33 high: 41 wind: wnw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly sunny. am low: 30 high: 45 wind: sw 5-10 mph sunday: increasing clouds with showers in the evening. am low: 34 high: 46 wind: s-se 5-10 mph precip will arrive this evening as a rain/snow mix inland then transition to rain overnight. rain showers will continue in our area wednesday but accumulating snow is likely in northern wi, so be careful traveling. thanksgiving looks dry and seasonable but there is another chance for light rain/snow mix by black friday. tonight: light rain 10-15 mph wednesday:overcast with rain showers likely. high:h thursday: partly sunny. am low:: mostly cloudy with lightrain/snm w: 30 high: wind:w 5-10 mph nday: incasing clouds with owers in the evening. am l: hig student athletes at alverno college have spent weeks collecting food donations. and they've had plenty of motivation to make sure all families had a thanksgiving meal. how they added friendly competition
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-- but it gets amplified during the holiday season. and one group is making the holiday special for thousands... two thousand to be exact... and as beverly taylor reports -- people will get to enjoy the fruits of their labor this week. look at the stacks of boxes. this is the result of weeks of fundraising by alverno college's student athletes. student athlete advisory committee president samantha korn says they started collecting donations a few weeks ago.
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of their meal plans any dollar amount that they'd like." ...and they gave a lot. well as the faculty and staff-- and then, the food services matched that. so what you're seeing is boxes with 280 turkeys that have the potential to feed two thousand people. "it's really great that we can feed people in need.... and a little friendly competition doesn't hurt either. it's called "hands across the conference". athletes from the northern athletics collegiate conference try to "out donate" each oth on top-- and kept the traveling trophy for six years. "our goal is to win number seven because our student athletes take great pride in winning this trophy. :but more importantly helping families. :26 and have a great thanksgiving dinner." so, tuesday morning it was all about getting the turkeys to the hunger task force-- their designated charity. there was a lot of stacking them up...... wrapping them up..... rolling them up...... and load them up....... "we have all that we need so why not
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besides the monetary donations used to purchase the turkeys-- people in campus also donated non- perishable ite and put them in bins all across the campus. that food, too, was donated to the hunger task force. hunger task force cannot accomplish its mission without your help. visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app to learn how to donate money or volunteer your the organization. just click "links." the new bucks arena is set to open in the fall of 20-18. so when it finally opens-- will it bring in more big-name music acts to milwaukee? local business owners weigh in on what that could mean for them. president-elect donald trump laying out his first 100 days in office. what he's planning to do in with
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before he digs in for thanksgiving -- president-elect trump is trying to clear his political plate of as much as possible ... mr. trump again meeting with some familiar faces as he makes his goals clear for his first few months in the white house. joel waldman has more from


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