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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  November 24, 2016 1:05am-1:35am CST

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now at 10-- facing thanksgiving without their sons-- the families of men killed in officer- involved shootings have found a new plus-- get ready for a recount. why the green party is asking the state to take a second look at the votes cast in wisconsin. and-- a big payout for another victim of illegal body searches by police. we start with that fox 6 exclusive: the city of milwaukee-- on the hook for almost $2-million dollars. it's the verdict of another federal lawsuit involving an
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ashley sears with a look at the case-- and the decision. 56:14 were very thankful to the jury. it is the verdict one milwaukee man-- and his lawyer have been waiting for. 56:16 we believe they did a remarkably fine job. a federal jury rewards willie newman with close to $2 million dollars. his lawyer ron bornstein speaks to us by phone wednesday. 53:40 the allegations were that he was illegally strip searched and that maliciously and willfully. newman's case began about a year ago. but his attorney says his suffering started in april of 2010. according to a federal complaint, newman was approached by then milwaukee police officer michael vagnini and others in the parking lot of a north side restaurant. the plaintiff says "vagnini drew his firearm and ordered newman
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vehicle."and then proceeded to strip search him. police recovered "a plastic bag containing marijuana." and newman was charged with possession. 53:58 he was embarrassed and humiliated and treated as something less than human. four milwaukee police officers were fired and charged as a result of illegal strip searches. in 2013, vagnini was convicted of felony charges. this latest federal verdict, comes with relief. 52:44 it restores his dignity and it was really appreciated and the jury did what we believe was a wonderful job. this isn't the first time the city has had to pay up for illegal strip searches. in december of last year, the city reached a $5 million settlement with a group of 74 men. live in the newsroom, ashley sears fox 6 news. ted thanks ashley re-counting the vote! the wisconsin election commission in madison confirms they are trying to get in touch with clerks
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presidential race is very likely. fox6s bret lemoine has more on a movement thats impacting several states.. nat 'we want a hand count' at a rally outside milwaukee city hall... pleas for a recount... are answered. hm 'lets get this audit - lets get them hand counted.' on wednesday afternoon, one name on the ballot responds: former green party presidential candidate jill stein. because stein was on novem can request a recount in wisconsin. some believe there may be enough votes to change the outcome of the election - not to favor stein - but possibly to upset president elect donald trumps victory. hm 'even trump was saying the elections could be rigged! lets find out.' the state elections commission in madison confirms it has been contacted by steins campaign. officials are now proceeding as if a recount will happen - notifying clerks late wednesday night that stein will likely meet a 5 p-m friday deadline. clerks will determine how much a recount
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will be up to stein and the green party... to pay for it. hm 'we the people want to know whether it was hacked or not. we want to know.' a team of activists, lead by a university of michigan computer science professor, believes there is evidence votes were hacked or manipulated in three states - wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. steins campaign has already raised more than one and a half million dollars to pay for the recounts. to give you an idea of how those recounts could change the election-- take a look at the electoral college as it stands now. remember the magic number is 270. president-elect trump has 290 votes. and hillary clinton has 232 votes. michigan is still too close to call. if -- and this is a big if-- all three of the recounts turned out in clinton's favor-- clinton would win the election with 278 votes. mister trump would drop down to
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this morning. it was a nasty drive through northern wisconsin on one of the busiest travel days of the year. here in southeastern wisconsin-- it was mostly rain. a little tricky for people traveling or running out to the store! weather expert tom wachs joins us now with the latest. areas of fog tonight with rain tapering off this evening. temperatures will hold in the low 40s this evening, before dropping into the upper 3 thanksgiving with a high in the low 40s. flurries are possible on friday, especially in the morning. no accumulation, but it will be a cooler day with highs in the upper 30s. tonight: rain ending. areas of
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mph thursday: mostly cloudy. high: 42 wind: nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy with flurries, especially in the morning. am low: 31 high: 39 wind: nw 5-10 mph get the fox6 storm center app -- so you know what you're driving into this holiday weekend. it's free for -- and offers a powerful interactive radar. still developing tonight-- an older couple is found dead inside their new berlin home. each suffering from a single gunshot wound. our brad hicks joins us now with the details what police found early this morning-- stunned the neighborhood. a secluded house on the quiet street of hickory lane is now the scene of a death investigation. a 911 call at 6:30am lead to the discovery of a 76-year-old
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single gun shot wounds. the man was dead when police arrived. the woman was transported to a hospital where she later died their identities will not be released until all family is notified. police also haven't revealed who made the call for help. 'there was a male caller who did not identify himself but gave an address and said help was needed here. the dispatcher asked for more details and he just repeated that help was needed here thats all he said.' police say they found sevr they cannot confirm a murder suicide-- but no one is in custody and they are not looking for any suspects. steven avery says -- it will be a happy thanksgiving after all. today-- his attorney kathleen zellner tweeted out that a judge has given the go ahead for more testing in the murder of theresa halbach. avery has long-since claimed that manitowoc county officials framed him for her death .
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greenfield speedway. one of the suspects was wearing a ninja turtle mask. this happened monday at the location near howard and loomis road. if you have any information give police a call. greenfield police also investigating a fiery crash-- it happened at 76th and layton overnight. hales corners police say they were trying to stop a speeding car that ran a red light. that car crashed into another with two people inside-- and a retaining wall in front of "robert haack jewelry" before bursting into flames. miraculously no one was hurt-- thanks to the qui crews. our officers arrived on the scene and assisted hales corners in first of all getting everyone out of the vehicles. the suspect himself was already in custody by hales corners police say they'll turn over their reports to the district attorney soon. as for the damaged store-- it will be open for black friday. stores will be busy this weekend - but on black wednesday, or
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the wednesday before thanksgiving is traditionally a popular night to go out on the town. that's why extra police patrols will be on the roads this evening. 35 departments in milwaukee and waukesha counties make up the impaired driving task force. "46:11 theyre looking for anything from headlights out to speeding violations to maybe any type of impaired driving 16 and were stopping those drivers and making sure theyre sober 21 if not were going to stop test and arrest 23" the task force arrested 300 people for impaired driving over the course of to use services like uber, lyft, or to catch a cab. just hours until shoppers head to the stores-- there is not one, but two calls for shopping boycotts! it includes at one of our area's laest malls. fox 6's ben handelman with what protestors hope to accomplish. the family of jay anderson never thought the night before thanksgiving would be like this. cause he's
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police department wednesday, demanding transparency. it's been 5 months-- since jay anderson junior was shot and killed by a tosa officer as he sat in his car in madison park. police say he had a gun. the family believes their loved one did nothing wrong. they have a new plan to try and pressure the city to release the officer's name publicly, and dash cam video from that night. they are asking for a boycott of wauwatosa businesses--- the people join us and boycott from a financial stand point because that is all they know. the family is hoping the business community, fearing loss, will add pressure to the city. they are not the only ones asking for a boycott. at milwaukee's mohammed mosque--- it's time for us as a people to prosper. it's time for us to take back what they took from us. family members who feel they have been wronged by the justice system, want
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resources together, to change our condition. here at the mosque they are asking people to spend their money at african american owned local businesses. in wauwatosa-- we asked if that group would be at the mall protesting in the coming days. they have been there in the past. they told us--- no comment. live in milwaukee, ben handelman, fox 6 news. four women say one contractor has caused them quite a bit of stress. i need my house done before winter. he's given me nothing but runaround. jenna sachs sat down with him. he promised he'd make things right. but did he come through? the answer in tonight's contact 6 report. he was supposed to have a big year, but today the team announced that running back eddie lacy is done for the season. how his teammates reacted to the
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saturday fox6 is airing a special concert honoring the military, veterans and their families. it's called "america salutes you". tune in this saturday at 5 p-m- right here
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we don't have a lot of grocery stores here in our neighborhood and we want our neighbors to have access to good things at affordable prices. the only thing easy in our community is fast food. ?? well hello! wow!
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retirement, huh? (laughs) i mean, look at the size of this thing! who doesn't need a sweet potato that size? they took the time to care what our project was about. here you go. and that was something that i'll truly treasure. home is an act of trust. but what happens when that contractor violates it? four women reached out to contact 6 with complaints about the same contractor. and promised to make things right. but did he make good on it? jenna sachs has the story. talia russo's house in racine has been without siding ... since july. i need my house done before winter. what's more ... she paid someone nine- thousand dollars to get the job done. he keeps telling me it's gonna get done, it's gonna get done. he never shows up. nothing ever gets done. across racine ... a similar story. he's given me nothing but runaround.
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we were getting a lot of rain. garcia paid the same contractor ... more than ten-thousand dollars. every other excuse was, oh i'm loading up the truck and i'll be there within a half hour and he just never comes. both women are talking about jamey rehm ream ... of midwest home improvements.rehm sat down with contact 6 on november 4th. she expressed she didn't want me on her property. rehm says these because of conflicts with homeowners ... insurance issues... and difficulty finding quality crews. jamey: just not a lot of qualified people out there that go out to work every day. jenna: cause the people who have worked for you would say, well, it's because you haven't paid them. jamey: i don't pay them if they don't show up. if they show up one or two days, they get paid for one or two days when the jobs complete. we asked him when he plans to finish russo's home . we're going back there monday. contact 6 checked ... they didn't. her house will be done
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wasn't. as of today ... russo's house is still only partly finished. we also asked rehm about money garcia wants back ... for windows she now refuses to let him install. that's fine i will sent that out monday as well. garcia still hasn't gotten that check, her cousin ... ruth rodriguez ... is also waiting for money back from rehm. he kept saying next week monday, next week monday, or ill see you this afternoon. rodriguez had a contract with rehm to replace her roof ... which is literally fal contract passed ... and no roof. i feel like he's just a con artist. i'm not. i've had issues with workloads that obviously spilled into other areas of my jobs and i do work every day to try to get it taken care of so everything can run smooth. he's also had some issues with the law ... appearing in kenosha county court... for bad checks. in 2006 ... rehm was convicted of theft by contractor. a contract was miswrote on it and i had issues
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claims cases against him ... like amelia alcalan's. it's caused a lot of stress. a court has ordered rehm pay her 30- thousand dollars. this is the home equity loan that i took out to have the work done. rehm assures us ... he will start making payments to alcalan ... and will also send rodriguez her money back. the next time we talk youll see, i mean, its gonna be, everything is gonna be taken care of. it hasn't been taken care of. jenna: why would you say someone should hire you? jamey: i'm good at what i do. i have had some issues but i them. i'm not running from anything. i'm not hiding from anything. rehm promised us he would repay three of those women by today ... but so far ... no one has been paid back anything. as for talia ... the woman with the unfinished home ... we sent an expert from j and b construction to check out her place. he said it looked like the job had no organization or consistency to it. he said that job should take two
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months. why did these women hire him in the first place? because he was a family friend or was recommended to them. so even if it's someone you know ... make sure you do a background check ... or call nari for a recommendation. and never pay for a job in full until it's done. for more information on what to look for when hiring a contractor - we've got a web extra for you at tapering off this evening. temperatures will hold in the low 40s this evening, before dropping into the upper 30s by morning. mostly cloudy on thanksgiving with a high in the low 40s. flurries are possible on friday, especially in the morning. no accumulation, but it will be a
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sun returns this weekend with highs in the 40s to around 50 by sunday. rain returns late sunday night and monday. happy thanksgiving!! tonight: rain ending. areas of fog. low: 38 wind: sw 5-10 mph thursday: mostly cloudy. high: 42 wind: nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy with flurries, low: 31 high: 39 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: partly sunny. am low: 30 high: 46 wind: sw 5-10 mph sunday: increasing clouds with rain showers late at night. am low: 31 high: 49 wind: se 5-15
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and warmer. am low: 40 high: 51 wind: s 15-25 mph tuesday: cloudy with a chance for rain and snow showers. am low: 42 high: 42 wind: nw 5-10
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he was on the verge of having his most productive season. but then an injury cut it short. coming up, tim van vooren has more on how eddie lacy's season came to
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recall one player from injured reserve, the immediate future of sam shields and eddie lacy hung in the balance. on wednesday, everything shifted in the wrong direction for both as their season came to an end. tim van vooren has more on the finality from lambeau field. "packers coach mike mccarthybreaks the news on wednesday which is suprising and then again not suprising. running back eddie lacy and conerback sam sheilds, who have been on injured reserve for a while this season,
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"it's unfortunate for eddie and it's unfortunate for sam but based on all the medical information and the conversations to this point that's where we are." "it's tough to go on the ir. i was on the ir for five games along time ago and it's tough to be separated from the team but we think about those guys a lot. they're still part of what we have accomplished here." "i don't know if it's that shocking for either one of them but obviously every time you get that news it's not enjoyable so hopefully those upbeat as much as possible." "packers have tried a lot of bodies at lacy's and sheild's spots, but it'll be christine michael making his packer debut in the backfield, the offensive backfield monday night at philadelphia. makington dorleant is coming off the injured reserve list to make his nfl debut or at least be on the roster in the defensive backfield. at lambeau
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senior day comes this saturday for the badgers as does the opportunity for those seniors to lead bucky into the big ten championship game. they'll host minnesota at camp randall looking for a trip to indianapolis and a chance to hoist paul bunyan's ax in front of the home crowd. "i remember the first day i came to campus,2013, now it's my time to walk out the tunnel, being announced as a senior and playing my last game at camp randall. a lot of memories were made. i can't make any more this game so definitively taking everything i can." the bucks get tonight and tomorrow off as they don't play again until friday when toronto comes to the bradley center. but they're still practicing and today's workout had some very important guests on hand. more than 30 active members and veterans of the military were invited as guests of the team to watch practice and then meet with the players and coaches afterward. it's something that steve novak
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their eyes and see who they are. the people who are putting their lives on the line, who are sacrificing a lot of things with their families to protect us as a country is special." the badgers hawaiian trip comes to an end officially tonight as they're playing 4th ranked north carolina in the maui invitational championship game. so far, the tar heels are in control of this one in the later part of the 2nd half. at uwm panther arena, the admirals hosting an early thanksgiving with they feast right away as trevor smith scores 5 minutes into the game. they go on to win 3-1 and are off to get dessert. miller park was the site of some early festivities as well. this morning the brewers hosted a food drive as they teamed up with the hunger task force to collect food from hundreds of generous people. once again, ryan braun was there to greet many of those who donated. "branca throws. there's a long fly, it's gonna be, i believe, the giants win the pennet, the
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that was "the shot heard 'round the world" hit by the new york giants' bobby thomson in 1951 off of the brooklyn dodgers' ralph branca. today, branca passed away. former dodgers broadcaster vin scully said today he was closer to branca than any other dodger. branca was 90 years old.
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as a way to give back to others. in lieu of gifts for her 7th birthday party -- "elsa krueger" asked for items to help local homeless people. some of the things elsa dropped off today included blankets, soap, and toothpaste. it's part of the "housing first" drive -- put on by milwaukee county's behavioral health division. the program helps homeless individuals transition into permanent housing. wakeup starts at 4:30! breaking


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