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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  November 29, 2016 1:05am-1:35am CST

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10pm open now at ten. a presidential official here in wisconsin. the one thing that needs to happen first. ----- plus. "i was pounding on the windows and doors and i knew someone was in there." the bay view family lucky to be alive -- thanks to some alert neighbors. ------------ and a fox six exclusive. criminals targeting those mourning the loss of loved ones -- at a cemetery.... we start with that: a grave situation. two cars have been stolen from mourners at a local cemetery. you wont believe the tactic one
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fox6s bret lemoine is live at the milwaukee police district on 69th and silver spring. both incidents took place just days apart from each other... at the valhalla cemetery. victims were mourning the loss of loved ones... now they are mourning the loss of their car! its a final resting place... an area to mourn... a space to remember. milwaukees valhalla cemetery near 91-st and silver spring
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reflection... but according to police... its increasingly become a hot spot for crooks to score a new ride. jw 'we can no longer take things for granted.' james wilbern, manager at the nearby silver spring neighborhood center, is appalled to learn whats been happening here lately. jw 'you know, thats tragic. its unfortunate that things like that happen in our community.' investigators say an armed robbery occurred here in broad daylight sunday afternoon. police say two suspects armed with a stun gun, approached a victim was placing a wreath on a loved ones tombstone. police say the suspects took the mans keys... and car. jw 'pay attention - look over your shoulder. make sure you lock your vehicles.' wilbern says his center offers programs for kids, adults and the elderly. he says in a neighborhood filled with good people... car thefts have become an all too regular occurrence. jw 'we have had some break-ins around the center.' just ten days before sundays incident... milwaukee police say another armed robbery took place at the same cemetery. this one... right at noon! investigators say a suspect implied he had a weapon and demanded the victims keys and took off with the victims car. in this case, police were able to recover the vehicle. jw 'be very sure of your surroundings and if something doesnt feel right - its probably not.' milwaukee police say they are
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connected. there are no suspects in custody. we reached out to managers at the cemetery but didnt hear back. reporting live in milwaukee, bl, fox6 news. steph thanks bret if all goes to plan -- the recount of wisconsin's presidential votes will start thursday. the wisconsin election commission totaled up costs county-by-county and set th stein and the green party must pay $3-point-5 million dollars by tomorrow afternoon-- in order for the count to begin thursday. the estimated cost of that recount is more than three times what the stein campaign expected to pay. and the costs could go up-- stein is asking a judge to intervene-- forcing all 72 counties to talley all the ballots by hand. a.j. bayatpour is live at the milwaukee
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the wisconsin elections commission says based on estimates from all 72 county clerks, a recount would cost three-point-five million dollars. thats because clerks say it will require extra workers and extra hours. were gonna need more people that are here assisting. at the racine county clerks office, those hands would go through 90- the wisconsin elections commission is letting each clerk decide how to recount their ballots. the dane county clerk says his office will do it by hand. the accusation being made is that the machines were hacked. the benefit of a hand count is that you show thats false. milwaukee county, on the other hand, says a hand count could jeopardize making the december 12 deadline. obviously, if you do a hand recount, wed need a lot more room than if we just do a machine recount. in racine county, it'd be christensen's fourth recount, the most recent being
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she says receipts from touch-screen machines will be recounted by hand but itd be faster to do the rest with a machine. sometimes, individual counts are off and...youre counting it two or three times instead and that does kind of hold us up. the stein camp is asking a dane county judge to order every ballot be recounted by hand. it says performing a recount with the same automatic equipment that may have been attacked by a foreign government risks tainting the recount that since voting machines arent connected to the internet, a foreign hack is extremely unlikely. christensen says if it does all have to be by hand, itll be rough, but she can handle it. i think weve got the process down as to how to proceed and be organized. as it stands, christensen says shes preparing for her staff to work at least 12 hours a day for each of the 12 days clerks will have for the recount. live at the milwaukee county courthouse,
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ted thanks aj stein also has filed for a recount in pennsylvania. she's planning on doing the same in michigan --- where -- just today -- state officials certified election results saying mister trump won. members of the wisconsin elections commission fielded questions from reporters for more than 20 minutes. watch all of their responses when you visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. the story is on milwaukee county sheriff david clarke meets with president-elect donald trump -- as he continues to fill cabinet positions. this is video of his arrival at trump tower this afternoon. clarke's name had been bounced around for a possible spot in the president-elect's administration... possibly for a homeland security position. he's been an outspoken supporter of mister trump throughout his presidential campaign.
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have taken over part of gatlinburg. mandatory evacuations have been declared for some spots. there are conflicting reports that the famous "dollywood" has caught fire. there's some relief though -- as rain is entering the area. plenty of rain around here. if there ever were a textbook "gloomy monday" -- this would have been it. rain fel day... but some good change is on the horizon. weather expert tom wachs joins
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download the fox six storm center app. it's free for apple and android devices. the racine man accused of driving drunk and causing a double fatal crash appears in court for the first time. 25-year-old levi row-nan ruohonen faces several felonies in the case. he was allegedly drunk when he got behind the wheel friday night. prosecutors say he rear-ended kevin dalley's vehicle in
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daughter were both killed. his 6-year-old daughter was also injured in the crash. row-nan's ruohonen's bond is set at 50-thousand dollars. only on fox six. the milwaukee man who walked away from a fatal crash is telling his story. this comes as the driver -- is officially charged. 18-year-old "samira coleman-wilks" was allegedly doing 83 in a 30-mile-per hour zone as she tried to flee police. her car eventually collided with a pole. shawn oliver died at the scene -- while another passenger had life-threatening injuries. the 3 people in the nissan also were hurt. not wanting to show his face -- a passenger in the suspect's car spoke about the horrific crash. "im just sorry about what happened out those boys and what happened to all of us, it shouldnt of happened like that i just wish i could take that day back." she's charged with multiple felonies. police say
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sort. a series of crashes in mukwonago ends in the death of a 48-year-old woman. it happened saturday night. police say the woman died after crashing into a pickup truck on sandy beach road -- near county highway-eye. there were several other crashes just before that-- a witness told police he first saw her vehicle hit another car near the intersection of eye and j. she kept going-- hitting two signs at a nearby bible camp... and then she hit crashing into the truck. an ohio state university police officer being hailed as a hero -- following a vicious attack on campus. school officials say -- if it wasn't for him -- the outcome could have been much worse. brad hicks joins us in the newsroom with more. this all started unfolding this morning on the school's campus in columbus.... officials say the suspect, "abdul artan", crashed into a crowd of people and then began attacking them with a knife. 28-year-old
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he failed to follow orders to put down his that point -- 11 people had been injured in the attack. the school's president says -- it all happened quickly. "i had a chance to speak with the officer who was the first responder to thank him for following his training and being able to neutralize the circumstances within roughly one minute." authorities are still investigating a motive for the attack. artan was a student at the school. he was born in somalia -- but he was of the united states. ted thanks brad only on fox six. a quiet southside milwaukee neighborhood now on high alert after a thanksgiving arson. a neighbor says seven people were inside fast asleep. fox 6's brittany shannon talked to the father and son who helped the family get out... she joins us
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they could help a family reach safety on thanksgiving night. now, police are looking for the suspects people here in this neighborhood remain uneasy... word of a thanksgiving arson...spreading like wildfire in milwaukee's bay view neighborhood... "13:10 it was pretty huge. probably 15 feet 12" around 1130... gabe ortiz says he noticed what he thought was a bonfire in his out to be something worse. 12:31 i called 911 and my dad was knocking on the door. 51:46 before tha cops came i was pounding on the windows and doors and i knew someone was in there bc we heard the dogs barking 55 an officer happened to be in the
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they went inside. 13:30 they were all sleeping. they had no idea the house was on fire apparently one of them just went to bed 35 52:13 by the time we got everyone out the smoke was really bad where the cops came out coughing and everything else 52:18 ortiz says, in total, seven people were inside the home. 54:39the husband and wife the two little girls uh i gues the husbands parents and then a sister 47 a neighbor two blocks away on potter avenue says the same night...her back porch was also torched. she says someone even left lighter fluid. neighbors here just hoping everything goes back to normal. 1 "5:11 i hope everything goes back to normal in this neighborhood " milwaukee police say they are investigating whether the reported arson is related to any other recent incidents. according to that neighbor, the homeowners did have working smoke dett bay view, brittany shannon fox6 news. steph thanks brittany ahead at ten. a grim discovery in lake mendota. the wife of a wisconsin businessman -- found dead this morning. what authorities say caused her death. plus -- call it controlled chaos. a look inside one of the busiest places in
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prominent madison businessman has been found dead. 51-year-old julie metcalfe drown -- after her s-u-v was found submerged in lake mendota. she is the wife of "tim metcalfe"... who owns the three metcalfe market stores -- including the one in wauwatosa. a family spokesperson says she had been suffering from depression -- and her death appears to be a suicide. the kenosha county farmer who starved dozens of calves on his farm has reached a plea deal. jeffrey count of "mistreatment of animals--causing death. 9-other charges were dropped in the deal. last fall -- investigators searched his "town of brighton" property -- finding as many as 50 dead calves. schmeckel says caring for the calves simply became too much for him to handle. it's been said that workplace productivity goes down on cyber monday. the one place that isn't true? the amazon fulfillment center in kenosha. as contact 6's jenna sachs reports ... today, there's was no time to slack
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activity at the amazon fulfillment center. a lot of people ... snuck in some online shopping at work this cyber monday. but here in kenosha ... theres no slacking off ... just amping up. we will have deals going on all week and all season. this is what happens ... the moment you click buy. floor level robots ... fetch pods with inventory. amazon staff sort your purchase ... and send it off to packa who send it to labeling ... and then to your doorstep. weve got trucks coming in here every hour or so. you can tell from this one conveyer belt the sheer volume of orders theyre getting today. last holiday season, amazon says it got 629 orders per second and this year they expect the number will be higher. weve got probably over a thousand people working today. the most popular items this year? tech gadgets like the echo ... amazons voice controlled speaker ... and
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sale. this is only 39.99 right now. also ... the original kindle .. and interactive kids toys. even during this time of high demand ... amazon still has free two day delivery for prime members. it costs 99 dollars a year . you can also sign up for a free one month trial of prime. in milwaukee in particular we have have one hour delivery available to prime members through prime now. keeping the people who work in this one million square foot facility ... buzzing like bees in a hive through contact 6. if you love deals, amazon's spokesman also recommends downloading the amazon app. then you can check out which deals are coming up ... and get a notification when the deal you're interested in
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rain continue this evening, coming to an end after midnight. many areas have received 0.50-1.00" of rain. becoming partly sunny on tuesday. of the week with highs in the middle 50s. clouds and cooler air return to the forecast for the rest of the week. we could see some drizzle wednesday and thursday with highs in the
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through the end of the week. tonight: rain ending after midnight. low: 40 wind: se 10-20 mph tuesday: afternoon sunshine. warmer. high: 56 wind: sw 10-15 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy and cooler. a few sprinkles possible. high: 45 wind: sw 5-10 mph thursday: mostly cloudy. a few sprinkles or flurries possible. am low: 36 high: 42 wind: wnw 5-10
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cool. am low: 30 high: 41 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly cloudy and cool. am low: 29 high: 42 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: mostly cloudy and cool. am low: 27
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the badgers heard all the
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last week, aaron rodgers talked about his feeling that-despite all their problems, the packers could run the table starting tonight in philly. step one: snap the longest losing streak since 2 thousand 8 at 4
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when henry burris was a 3rd string quarterback for the pack, aaron rodgers was still a teenager. now henry burris is a legend---in the canaia league. he's a cinch hall of famer after leading ottawa to the cfl x-ship. he's a 3 time champ and a 2-time cfl mvp. the 41 year old burris engineered his "redblacks" to a huge upset in the 104th grey cup in overtime, by throwing for 461 yards and 5 tds! badgers quarterback alex
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night's big ten title game versus penn state here on fox. he's in the concussion protocol. what more can you say about paul chryst's football team? with a daunting schedule, 500 looked like a decent season. but this bunch is talented, and their tight. you'll never find a group of young men so willing to play any role needed for the good of the team, coming out of camp--nobody believed, which was just fine with them. "personally i like to kind of carry that chip on our shoulder whenever there's doubters out wrong. and people would always come up to me and be like, wow that's a tough tough schedule, what''s going on? it's like, no that's a schedule full of opportunity for us and that's exactly what it's been." next up for leo musso and his buddies..the big ten championship game against penn state. saturday night here on fox; coverage starts at 6. a must win if the badgers are going to have a shot at a final 4 playoff berth. brandon cruz will be with the team in
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here. after getting bounced by north carolina in maui, the badgers basketball team came back to throttle prairie view a and m on sunday. disdaining the outside shot, nigel hayes operating effectively around the basket. the competition rachets up tomorrow night when syracuse comes to mad-town. oklahoma's in the kohl center on saturday. the orange will have their own motivation tomorrow night/ "the group we see tomorrow will be bigger, more athletic and a little anxious just because they came up short against south carolina in brookly. they'll be ready to go and they'll come in with great challenge." for the appears that the brewers are losing 41 home runs from one player in their offense. chris carter will reportedly won't be tendered. carter led the national league with those 41 dingers, but the 29 year old is also one dimentional. he hit just 222 and led the league in
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philosphy of getting on base early and often.


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