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tv   FOX 6 News at 6  FOX  December 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CST

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dangerously cold temperatures are on the way. the snow is gone -- and tonight the windchill falls below zero. weather expert tom wachs is in the weather center with what to expect. tom? clear and cold tonight with temperatures in the single digits and wind chills below zero. it will feel like -15 in the morning. partly sunny, windy and bitter cold on wednesday with a high around 12 and wind chills between -5 and -15 all day. getting even colder on thursday with morning wind chills in the -25 range. high temperatures will only reach the the forecast friday and saturday. significant accumulation possible, but too early for specific amounts. stay tuned. tonight: clear and cold. low: 2 wind: w 5-10 mph wednesday:partly sunny, windy and bitter cold. high:
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stay ahead of the weather with the fox 6 storm center app - - it's free and available for apple and android devices. president-elect donald trump will thank his supporters tonight i first trip here since wisconsin pushed him over the top in the electoral vote on election night. political reporter theo keith is covering mr trumps event - hes live at state fair park. mr trumps campaign aired radio ads yesterday asking supporters to come out tonight. and it looks like many of them listened - several hundred people have come through the
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house speaker paul ryan - his first appearance with mr trump at a rally. for a variety of reasons, that never happened during the campaign. congressman sean duffy, a potential candidate for u-s senate in 2018, will be here. so too will governor scott walker, who told us earlier what he wants to hear from mr trump tonight and in h 'my hope is that in particular they send more power and responsibility back to the states for medicaid, transportation, workforce investment and other fundings so winsconis can use those dollars to spend on schools roads and our programs in ways that i think are more effective, more efficient than wahsington can.' this rally was scheduled for the
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a day early and it showed mr trump actually won by 131 more votes than he did on election night. mr trump addressed that in a tweet last night, calling the recount a 'scam' - well see if he has more to say tonight. live, theo keith, fox6 news. brad thanks theo watch mister trump's speech live on our website fox 6 now dot com -- on the fox 6 news app or the fox 6 news facebook page. breaking news -- two people are injured in a crash near four mile road and nicholson road in caledonia caledonia fire officials say a man had to be removed from his vehicle and taken by flight for life to the hospital. a woman in the same car was
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remember a teenage girl who was shot and killed inside her home last night. they say the bullets could not have been meant for 15-year-old melanie johnson. a.j. bayatpour is live outside the home, where a vigil was held tonight... the vigil took place right outside the front door. family members say they hope these images will prompt anyone with information about the shooting to come forward... she was full of life. it wasnt a day that you can go without melanie making you smile. sister, melanie johnson, was in the kitchen of her familys home near 35th and silver spring monday night. another relative says johnson went into the kitchen to get her infant-age nephew when the shots started. thats when she was hit. she went back to save her nephew because he fell and when she went back to rescue him, thats when she was shot. johnsons younger sister was home at
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and then when she got to the hallway, she dropped. twana townsend says another sister tried to keep johnson conscious. she was like stay with us, she was like im trying but thats when she died. milwaukee police say theyre investigating the circumstances of the shooting, which includes determining the intended target. johnsons father tells us off-camera he is certain it was not melanie. she wasnt the target, someone else but we cant comment on that because its an ongoing investigation. told possible persons of interest were taken into custody today. a police spokesman says he is not aware of anyone being in custody in connection with this shooting. live on the north side, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. steph thanks aj smoke detectors are being credited with helping save five
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the cudahy fire chief says the situation could have been significantly worse at the creekside condominiums. two condos were destroyed -- but the five people inside escaped without injury. the chief says a preliminary investigation indicates the fire began in -- or near-- a fireplace. as homeowners across the state open their property tax bills this month... governor scott walker says they'll be in for a pleasant surprise. at a news conference in waukesha this afternoon... the republican governor says property tax bills this december are expected to be they were in december 2010. walker says prior to his property tax relief reform... taxes were on pace to be more than 400-dollars higher today than what they currently are. so 1700 dollars more is what somebody would have to pay in property taxes if it continued at the pace they were in the decade before we took office. meanwhile... democrats say the cuts have come at the expense of public education... forcing districts to vote to raise their own
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milwaukee is moving ahead to tackle a big problem in the city. but it comes with a big price tag. the common council votes to start replacing tens of thousands of aging lead lateral pipes that bring drinking water into homes. fox6's myra sanchick tells you more about what will happen. it's not fair to the homeowners to require that they pay for that. we pay too much money to the city willie hart owns a home on milwaukee's underground pipes and the water supply should be 100 percent the city's responsibility. they should take care of that . it's not fair to the property owners as homeowners pay property tax bills on the first floor of milwaukee's city hall. on the third floor the
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passes with that a multi million dollar plan will go into effect, to replace milwaukee's aging lead pipe laterals beneath city streets. lead leaking into the drinking water is a primary concern. under the plan a homeowner would pay up to 16 hundred dollars, or no more than a third of the cost of replacing the section of pipe under their property. the city would pay the rest., the homeowner could pay the cost over ten years. we understand there are going to be families who can't afford this right now. at the same time there are absentee landlords who would not be doing this if we did not have this as a mandate next year the city will start replacing pipes that bring water to day care centers and pipes that have histories of breaking. in 2018 other homes will be involved, homes built before 1951. there are approximately 68-thousand of them. just in from our partners at the milwaukee business journal -- port- washington based allen edmonds has been acquired by a missouri shoe
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made the deal for 255-million dollars -- saying the acquisition would grow its footwear business. allen edmonds has been making shoes since 19-22, when it opened its first factory in wisconsin. a saint francis man is charged today -- after allegedly asking a 13-year-old girl to have sex with him. what else he's accused of doing to young girls in the past. and the hunt is on for two coyotes -- after they attacked and killed a small dog. where i
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a 33-year-old man is facing two charges related to a suspected child enticement in cudahy. investigators say matthew botcher asked a 13-year-old girl if she wanted to have sex. the alleged incident happened last tuesday near edgerton and swift. according to court documents -- botcher was also accused of making inappropriate comments to 13- year-old girls in 2005 and 2007. offering a 20- thousand dollar reward for information after a post office was held up yesterday. it happened a little after 3 monday afternoon near 35th and capitol. we're told the suspect showed a gun and got away with cash. whitefish bay police are warning about coyote attacks. a small dog was attacked and killed by two coyotes last weekend. the homeowner was shoveling with the dog outside -- and lost track of his pet. he later found it dead next to
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the department of natural resources is investigating if these coyotes are related to any other attacks. police want to remind you -- if you have a small dog -- do not leave it unattended outside. if you see a coyote -- whitefish bay police ask you to give them a call. it will be dangerously cold tonight -- how soon we see windchills fall below zero. plus -- a meal made for sharing. how this holiday food giveaway -- is helping residents stay healthy
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the real inventor of the reuben sandwich may be debatable, but its great taste is not. at subway, this authentic classic is stacked with lean corned beef, bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread. only at subway. reopen priority list. today, some milwaukeans were giving away free holiday dinners and free health screenings. beverly taylor explains. temperatures were just pushing past the single digits as people stood-- outside in line-- some as much as an hour and a half-- waiting to get into the isaac coggs heritage health center. nat once inside they were greeted
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"did you get the ham?" "i got the ham and more." the holiday giveaway was for patients and the community. "molina healthcare, one of our sponsors, we got a call from them and they wanted to donate money so people in the community could have holiday dinners." for many, it was right on time. kevin collins lost his job recently and told pamela clark about it. "i offered him a ticket to come and he came today." "she told me to come they're doing for our community." to give christmas back to people who are having such a hard time."fortunately, for collins he has already found a new job, but this food will go a long way to supplement what he's able to provide. "we want to say thank you to the community and ms. pam for what she's done for us." others were thankful too. like those who got the free health screenings through milwaukee health services--- and the person who got the free reading glasses.. nat the holiday giveaway will help put a lot of christmas dinners on a lot of tables. but, just as important, essential health screenings will help make sure participants have many christmases to come.
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this is the first year milwaukee health services has done a christmas holiday food giveaway. adlib to weather weather clear and cold tonight with temperatures in the single digits and wind chills below zero. it will feel like sunny, windy and bitter cold on wednesday with a high around 12 and wind chills between -5 and -15 all day. getting even colder on thursday with morning wind chills in the -25 range. high temperatures will only reach the single digits. snow returns to the forecast friday and saturday. significant accumulation
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specific amounts. stay tuned. tonight: clear and cold. low: 2 wind: w 5-10 mph wednesday:partly sunny, windy and bitter cold. high: 12 wind: nw 15-25 mph thursday: partly sunny, blustery and bitter cold. am low: -5 high: 7 wind: w 5-15 mph friday: am low: -3 high: 20 wind: se 5-10 mph saturday: cloudy with the chance for snow. am low: 20 high: 27 wind: nw 15-25 mph sunday: mostly cloudy and cold. am low: -1 high: 8 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny and cold. am low: -5 high: 11 wind: sw 5-10
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start your morning with fox6 wakeup at 4:30-- if you thought today was cold... tomorrow will be even colder. our fox6 weather experts will have the forecast. shopping for your dad, brother or husband? we'll help you find the perfect gift for guys. plus carl is live with the milwaukee ballet and a preview of the nutcracker.
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real one? the unit that started strong-then was atrocious-during the 4 game skid. or the unit that has been outstanding in the midst of the 3 game winning streak. somewhere in between would be nice. a key to that injury-riddled secondary all season has ben veteran safety morgan burnett. the playoff push continues...packers/ bears, sunday, high noon on fox. tim and brandon live from soldier field right afterwards. they'll have lots of locker room reaction and defensive lineman mike daniels. we'll wrap the whole day up on the fox six sports blitz sunday night at 10:35.
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alshon jeffrey. he's scheduled to return from a 4- game ped suspension in time for sunday's showdown. that has to help quarterback matt barkley-who hasn't had much of a supporting cast since coming on for the injured jay cutler. brewers gm david stearns and his staff have been busy in the trade department today. they've sent catcher mar-teen maldonado packing. maldonado has been dealt to the los angeles angels, along with a minor league exchange for from 2 thousand 11 through 16--the 30 year old maldy was good field no hit. 26 year old jett bandy batted 234 with 8 homers and 25 rbi in 70 games last year for l.a. in a separate deal-the crew signs 4 players to minor league deals- including infielder outfielder ivan dejesus who played in 104 games with the reds last year. the bucks continue play sloppy defense. the latest example? last night's feeble
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by as many as 26, as the raptros made it 6 in a row and 12 of 13 over milwaukee.. giannis and jabari combined for 57 points-but if the "d" is a no doesn't matter how many they score. the badgers trailed marquette by 5 at halftime saturday at the beemo harris bradley center. but they strutted their stuff after the tune of 58 points en route to a 93-84 up to 14th in the polls-nigel hayes and company showed why they could made another deep run in the ncaa tourne follow breaking news 24-7 by
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ct. air optix? colors features 3-in-1 color technology to blend right in for a naturally beautiful look that stays comfortable, too. with 9 colors to choose from, which color will you love? get ready to play your way with air optix? colors. try it for free! visit today. harvey: so donald trump couldn't pass up the meeting, and accepted kanye west's request. however, there were security concerns. >> ultimately it was up to trump's immediate staff. >> people are saying like he's officially gone. it's done. no more kanye. >> i'm past outrage. >> are you over him now? >> i'm beyond over him. i wish he never would haveome about now. [laughter] >> william m. macy at the grove. his co-star emmy rossum is in a contract dispute.
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she deserves everything. >> she should get 100% of what she can get. >> it's not as simple as go in and give me what i'm worth. >> of course, he's a hugely powerful actress with giant representation. and she shows her boobs! [laughter] >> chrissy metz from "this is us." and she said -- >> do you think i can be an actor? >> who is he to journal her acting skills? >> you know what's in the constitution, pursuit of happiness! >> it doesn't say that in the constitution. good try, though. stay out of our documents. announcer: thomas lennon at the grove. he's telling us how he went to sealantia clause. >> i could tell while i was sitting there that i was getting a boner. [laughter] >> you're a good man. announcer: that's president-elect donald trump with kanye west at trump tower


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