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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  September 11, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy, came from an energy company. every day, chevron invests $62 million in people. in ideas. seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world, to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron. captioned by the national captioning institute we began tonight with remembrance on this, the eighth anniversary of one of the ace -- worst days in american history. cynne simpson is live at the
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pentagon with the latest on today's solemn offense. >> if you look behind me, you will notice the american flag is flying at half staff at the pentagon. so many here were scarred by the events of 9/11, not only family members, but friends and colleagues. today, many of them wanted to come here to remember. hold on to memories, mourners continue to arrive late into the night, the anniversary of the day that forever changed the data states. [bagpipes play] honoring the memory of those who died september 11, 2001. they gathered for a moment of silence. it was a day that left an indelible mark in the hearts and minds. eight years ago, this manfte -- lost his older sister. she died when flight 77 slammed
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into the pentagon. ita bench bearing her name gives her a place to warm. -- gives them a place to mourn. >> the light still shines brightly in the darkness. the calls upon all of us to be strong and firm and united. >> president obama and the first lady greeted the family's one by one, filled with emotion. >> it is a way of communicating with him. we miss them. he was very special to all of us. >> a sentiment echoed by thousands who never had a chance to say goodbye. as you might imagine, there were many tears shed. it has been eight years, but family members say the state on the calendar is always tough. live at the pentagon, cynne simpson, abc 7 news.
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beams of light representing the two world trade center towers lit up the sky today. the construction of a memorial at ground zero began in 2006. they hope to have it complete by the 10th anniversary of the attacks in 2011. god bless you, and god bless america. >> former mayor rudy giuliani was on hand for a ceremony. more than 5700 people died there eight years ago. four minutes of silence were observed today at the precise times the jetliner struck the north and south towers of the trade center and t time that each of the towers fell. vice-president joe biden also spoke at the service. a similar theme in shanksville, pennsylvania, honoring the
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victims of flight 93. former secretary of state: pout and tom ridge attended. -- former secretary of state colin powell and tom ridge were there. >> eight years later, we still ask why. despite all the we have learned that day, the attacks upon our nation remained brutally senseless. >> bells tolled for the 40 victims who died on that fateful flight. there was a security scare after the war reports of a boat going up and down the potomac river and shots being fired. radio chatter said that coast guard boats were going around the river, but it turned out to be a training exercise. the coast guard said the transmission is common, and the media coverage made the situation worse.
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the question many of us have after the rain-filled week is, is more of that on the way? doug hill has a first look. >>hiftngars gettingr.ette te stop with - w-e start with the dopplerad w on the belfort furniturweather center, and unlike the ternoon and eveninghe, the rain is moving ir omhe east, pushing back to maybe a leftover showers overnight. thehe circulation pattern has gotten weaker, most of it diminishing. the news is good. the overnight, the forecast calls for cloudy skies and just a few more rainshowers past 1:00 a.m., 55-59, cool and breezy. the weather tomorrow will not be perfect, but it will be an improvement. the rain may have been a factor in a developing story from frederick county where there is part.
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and worry from family and friends after three teenagri iss involvedn a se iousou crash. th happenepe on would fill road near mt. airy. richard reeve has more. >> this is where the crash happened, just an absolutely destructive crashed. the police say it was driver error and speed that were the main factors, and now the community is devastated. twisted metal, broken glass is all that is left of this vehicle after a terrible crash that took the life of a 16-year-old and injured two friends. the door on the way home from school, traveling northbound at 3:00 friday afternoon when the driver lost control, the car crossed the center line, swerved off the road, and smashed into this tree. >> any time there is a life lost, it is a tragedy. however, when it is a young life
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lost in such a senseless tragedy, that was clearly avoidable. >> once again, you can see how destructive the crash was, the damage to the tree. a second girl has been treated and released. a third girl remains in the hospital. a family and friends are trying to come to terms with what happened in this terrible accident. richard reeve, abc 7 news. we just got off the phone with family members who tellus she had an incredible spirit, a big heart, love of horses and will be missed immensely by her family and friends. a bomb threat cuvan eioheat tatrc o evacuation at the offices of 600 block of pennsylvania avenue. tens of thousand of anti-big fmegornctve antivists are expected torro aw shinain won as part of a rally. abc 7 has learned new
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details on the murder of a pizza shop owner. a d.c. police officer hung himself at a house today and is believed that that officer was somebody involved with the woman who was arrested last month in the murder of the shop owner, who was killed inside of his pizza shop last month. at this point, the police are not say how the officer and the suspect areif secpically connected. .> sturges, police say e re st of a man who is responsible -- prince george's county police said have arrested a man who broke into some schools between august 17 and this past monday. surveillance video captured him smashing into vending machines after breaking in. controversy tonight between the white house and a plan backed by the naero's a farmer's market nearby that would force the police to shut down vermont avenueth. it is not sitting well with some. >> for people who work in the
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city, it is a good way to pick up some stuff and help local farmers. >> the city gave the go-ahead, approving the permit to close part of vermont avenue thursday afternoons, but some drivers are concerned. >> it will cause quite a bit of difficulty. >> i think they should examine it because it will impact the people traveling. >> theew farmers market has the support of the white house and opens september 17 and will run seven thursdays. >> we are excited about it. >> the co-director of the d.c. based french farmers market approached the obama family with the idea after they planted gardens of the white house grounds. >> we hope that it will turn out to be a nice model for markets around the country and a new weight to eat.
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>> organizers wanted to have the farmers market put on pennlvania avenue near the white house, but officials were worried about a security threat, which is why it was moved up the street. caught on camera, a legal text tips given by acorn emplees. and a theft worth millions and side of this house unfolding o.j. simpson, chris everett, and mohammed wholey perry -- and more, dolly. we want to make sure that we provide responsible lending,
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get your christmas club card and use it... to start saving up now... and we'll add a 3% bonus to your card -- just in time to shop for christmas! yes, the christmas bonus is back! one more way to shop your way, only at kmart and sears. major ramification tonight after we told you earlier about the grass roots organization known as acorn appearing to give a prostitute advice on it evading taxes. the census bureau has severed their association with the group. an acorn representatives appears to advise them on how to disguise he legal income by setting up a sole proprietorship.
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>> the undercover video was made by organization associated with conservative groups who question the nonprofit's tax status. acorn has already fired four employees. the south carolina congressman who heckled the president during his speech said he will not be intimidated. democratic leaders are saying he should apologize on the house floor at 3 yelling at the president. he has apologized to mr. obama away from the cameras. and multimillion-dollar heist pulled off and at los angeles, including art
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collections from sporting figures taken earlier this month. the owners were aware when the thieves came men and stole the art right off the walls. also, the tribute concert for michael jackson has been postponed and moved. the concert has been postponed until next year, and is being moved to london. jermaine jackson says is being rescheduled to accommodate everyone schedule. several singers recently announced they have not committed to the concert. a documentary hits the box office this weekend, but can a woman who inspired the character measure route? -- measure up? >> special movie honors this week for a documentary about the editor of vogue and a character who inspired "the devil wears
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prada." she may wear prada, but she is no double, 3.5 stars. "9" imagines the world after the apocalypse in which puppets' battle evil machines for the chance to rebuild the world. it is too scary for kids, but good for sci-fi people. 2.5 stars. have a nice weekend. i am arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. espn reporter erin andrews said today that she thought her career was over after nude footage is circulated around the internet. it should call the ordeal a nightmare and said she has been harassed by photographers since the story became news. she is now back on the news for espn this fall.
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oprah winfrey's new interview -- new season begins this monday with a special two-part intervie of whitney houston. the space shuttle discovery landed at edwards air force base about two years ago. it was the toward because of stormy weather in florida. it was the second day in a row that the rain prevented it from returning to cape canaveral. on the cape, there were no thunderstorms, but they wouldn't have had to descend from 80,000 feet to the surface -- they would have had to descend from 80,000 feet to the surface through the weather, and they are flying dead stick, so that was not good. 's leget to live super doppler 7 radarch oeck itut, heresk at is left of the storm ocally,atf p s aesinsraoscr the
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bwiwi airpo heading to the ststs ste cothorm antinues to ormove away from the east coast. the weatherbug, one stop, the rain totals, the heaviest rain totals, 650 stations, we asked for the biggest rain totals, here they are. they're off to the east and north. somerset county, lower eastern shore, almost 2 inches of rain, 1.85 inches of rain in columbia. our numbers today, not very impressive, feeling like late october. at 69, 59 high and low. 0.8 inches of rain. low 60's across the entire region, dropping a couple of degrees, into the 50's. the rain has pushed well to the northeast. warm temperatures late tonight, just to the southwest, and some
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of that is working in. the satellite radar, the storm center is moving off the delmarva coast as a dress to the northeast, lifting this out. initially, there will be sunshine in the morning. you might think it is a great day, thank you, but in the afternoon, a disturbance will be coming up bringing overcast conditions with isolated showers. then we clear out tomorrow night. as we get into it sunday and monday, very nice. on the surface, that is the storm, goodbye, showers going with it. stray showers tomorrow, then sunshine before and after. then i stuff on sunday and monday. -- then it that i stuff on sunday and monday. cloudy skies overnight, sunshine in the morning, climbing into the 70's, some cloudiness, isolated showers. the temperature shows a high of 77, but i would not be
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surprised if the overcast conditions kept us in at the low seventies. sunday through tuesday, this looks nice, sunshine, warm temperatures, the highs expected in the low 80's. tuesday, nice. wednesday, thursday, the next system comes in. today was awful. >> you have given us a beautiful picture. this will make you upset. >> oh, no. wildlife officials have come face-to-face with a monster, and it is from florida. (announcer) now more than ever you want to keep your loved ones safe and secure. give them the gift of financial security from new york life. we've been protecting families for or 164 years. new york life. the company you keep.
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the washington post calls bob mcdonnell a "culture warrior." and what does that mean for virginia? it means: bob mcdonnell introduced 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. he wants to outlaw abortion-- even in cases of rape d incest. and mcdonnell opposed birth control for married adults. learn more about bob mcdonnell's crusade to take virginia backwards. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for gornve and my campaign sponsored this ad.
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don't let times like these stand in the way of them. protect your family with the gift of financial security. backed by the highest possible ratings for financial strength. new york life. the company you keep. tonight, it is man versus beast as they lose their habitats to homes and the dangers they encounter. wildlife workers they have never seen anything like this. it took several men to lift this 18-foot-long burmese python at of its enclore in florida.
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-- out of its enclosure in florida. they say the snake was approximately 2.5 feet around and weighed 400 pounds. >> that is why we live here. we do not have to deal with that. >> that is why we are staying here. the redskins say they cannot wait to get started in new york sunday against the giants. it is now in the history books, derek jeter with a milestone. now you can save more every time that you shop, with thousands of items at prices that pop. now double the number of deals through the store, with your new card, you can't help but save more. it's specials each week on the things that you use, and real deal savings, now how can you lose? low prices every day in every aisle, top off the savings, so go ahead, smile. more and more reasons to fill up your cart, it's good for your wallet, your family, your heart.
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count down to game time is on for the washington redskins, getting ready to head to new york for their opening day game with the new york giants. the big difference, the redskins have a lot of weapons. defensive coordinator greg blache is looking to unleash his rookie. he says his guys are ready and so is he. >> until we get a chance to let this summer, it will be a moment for everybody. after all these years, it is still mayor of racking. i cannot wait until kickoff because then my stomach will settle down.
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>> two in a row for the washington nationals. at top of the sixth, we are tied. it goes off the glove of the center fielder, all the way to the wall. josh willingham scores. the nationals win the game down in miami, 5-3. history at the yankees- orioles game, derek jeter write down the first baseline, and right field. that is career hit no. 2722, pushing him past lou gehrig to the top of the yankees all-time hit list. michael jordan accepted his induction into the basketball hall of fame tonight. he is considered by almost everyone as the greatest to ever play the game of basketball. no. 23 was selected unanimously. he goes and fall as part of a
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very distinguished class with john stockton and david robinson. friday night, high-school football night, and a big early season game, with quince orchard taking on dematha. into the end zone, 27-13. fourth quarter, here they come again, 3-yard touchdown run. they would add two more touchdowns, and they beat damascus and a round. -- in a romp. the district attorney in san diego has dropped charges against sean merriman for assaulting his girlfriend. to the d.a. said it there was not enough evidence to pollute -- there was not enough evidence to prove there was any crime. (announcer) what the world needs now is energy.
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the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy, came from an energy company. every day, chevron invests $62 million in people. in ideas. seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world, to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron.
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one day of rain turned into a week. ek>> it will getbe , erttthe ra is movingthou ntntouo the subur, south of baltimore, north of annapolis. the next seven days, tomorrow is not perfect, overcast conditions, passing showers, and then sunday through tuesday, it looks much nicer as the high pressure builds, lots of sunshine, warming trend. monday and tuesday, the mid 80's. >> could we get an update on the snake down in florida? >> there is a name for people like me. people with a fear of snake. i have lots of brothers and sisters out there fighting the good fight. we do not like them. >> "nightline" is next.
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have a good night. this is your captain speaking,
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