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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 19, 2009 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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this morning, terror ties. the man at the center of an alleged terror plot admits he's been trained in explosives by al qaeda. what was his target? and what else does he know? obama blitz. the president takes to the air waves in on unprecedented push to sell the nation own health care reform. and this morning, he talks about how much race is a factor in the heated debate. will to live. a woman badly injured in a car accident, spends five days and nights crawling in the colorado wilderness to safety. her amazing survival story. and soda wars. another city wants to tax sugary drinks to curb obesity. now, the industry is striking back. who is to blame for america's bad health? who is to blame for america's bad health? people or the pops? captions paid for by abc, inc.
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good morning, america. >> good morning. it is saturday, september 19th. we're going to see a lot of president obama this weekend, as he tries to sell the divided nation on his health care reform plan, with that bitter debate raging. we're going to look today at a rare point of agreement. what that common ground could mean for you. >> even the insurance companies want this to happen, which makes some people suspicious. it's been several months since the twitter revolution was snuffed out in iran. but frustrations have flared out again. and tens of thousands are filling the streets, chanting death to the dictator. we'll take you there. also, we're going to show you great gadgets this morning. can you believe this tiny, little thing, in new nano, it's a video camera. you can shoot video. they want me to play it. there you go. >> it really fills the room. >> it's tiny.
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it's high-quality video. and low cost. >> that's the beauty of it. >> there's a whole bunch of cameras like this. and also, you know, for the last five years of this -- for the last five years of this show, we've ended the broadcast with a little segment, sublime in its stupidity. after my begging to kill it off, it's a reincarnated "news you missed." >> you want to stay tuned for that. >> pausing for applause. >> back by popular demand. first, the real news. >> news you never miss. ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a colorado man who intelligence sources say has admitted to having direct ties to al qaeda. he's the main suspect in what the fbi says was a very real and serious terror plot against new york city. abc's chief investigative correspondent, brian ross has more. >> reporter: the break came at the fbi offices in denver. 24-year-old najibullah zazi, had
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been grilled for 16 hours over the last 2 days. and today, officials say, he finally admitted he had ties to al qaeda and began to negotiate a plea deal. officials were privately ecstatic. but hesitant to reveal many details publicly. >> we will make sure if there were crimes that are committed, they will be charged. and people will be held accountable. >> reporter: new york police say they do not know the intended target of the alleged plot. authorities say they found videos of new york's grand station in zazi's computer. and there's always concern about the new york subway system, especially its vulnerable underwater tunnels. also on zazi's computer was a recipe for a homemade bomb, that would be the same size and chemical makeup of the explosives used in the london subway tack attacks in 2005. >> i don't have any basis to believe that we're dealing with an ongoing threat. >> reporter: officials tell abc news, the case began about a
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year ago. and u.s. intelligence agencies discovered zazi had traveled to the pakistani city of peshawar. and they intercepted what they called troubling conversations. zazi supposedly received explosives training. authorities believe that zazi would be an intelligence windfall on al qaeda. >> he can provide telephone numbers. names. locations. he can provide intelligence of things that are about to happen. and seven former cia directors want to stop a criminal investigation into the harsh interrogations of terror suspects, which took place during the bush administration. the exspy chiefs signed a letter that they sent to president obama saying the investigation could discourage counterterrorism work. and asking him to reverse attorney general eric holder's decision to assign a special prosecutor. and tens of thousands of demonstrators marched in tehran. the protests came on a day set aside by the government to rally
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against israel, leading to clashes against government supporters and opposition protesters. police used tear gas and batons to break up the crowd. we'll have more on this story. and indonesian police are confirming that the leader of al qaeda in southeast asia has been killed. authorities say dna tests show that a man killed on thursday, is top, the suspected mastermind on attacks in western indonesia this summer, as well as the 2002 and 2005 bali bombings. and how do you clean a tyrannosaurus rex? very carefully. they used a vacuum and a long hose and a feather duster. that's a first look at the headlines. is zach still into his dinosaurs? >> yeah. he would have liked it. >> her son, zach. >> he would have helped with the cleaning of sue.
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>> is there a special attachment for that? or the couch cushion one? >> the couch cushion one. move on, marysol. >> i know now, all of you at home can sleep well. they all love dinosaurs. let's take a look at the videotape. a funnel cloud in baton rouge, louisiana. the makings of a tornado. but the tornado never touched down. a bout of severe weather in this part of the nation. it translates into rain and a lot of it. six states have flood watches. this is moving north.
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thank you so much. coming up, i'll tell you about the fall-like weather elsewhere in the nation. bill? >> okay, marysol. we turn to the battle over health care, as president obama leads the charge this weekend, the nation remains bitterly divided. this week, former president jimmcarter, said many of the president's opponents are not motivated just by theology, but by racism. but in an interview with george stephanopoulos, the president explained that controversy is much more complicated. >> the overwhelming part of the american population, i think, i right now, following this debate. they're trying to figure out, is this going to help me? is health care going to make me
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better off? now, there are some who, setting aside the issue of race, actually i think are more passionate about the idea of whether government can do anything right. >> that entire interview with george is part of the president's sunday morning barn storming tour. unprecedented and a public push from a sitting president. and abc's rachel martin is following the story and joins us from the white house this morning. >> reporter: media blitz, for sure. yesterday, the president sat down for interviews with abc, cbs, nbc, cnn and univision. he's expected to make an appearance on the david letterman show monday night. the white house is aggressively trying to sell health care reform to the american people, with the president as pitchman. if you turn your tv on sunday morning, you're bound to see the president, talking health care. >> sometimes they vote for me. >> the networks and even a comedy show likebetterson, will jump through hoops to satisfy and accommodate the president. >> reporter: which is why the
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president has made himself the public face of health care reform. >> there's only one comparison. and that is, of course, bill clinton, on health care. like obama, heas a young, new, democratic president, with a lot of energy. and one issue dominating his agenda, health care. >> reporter: but clinton's health care bill failed. and now, obama is facing chris schisms of overexpose sure. >> we've never had a president like this. we've never had a president with this all-consuming need to be on television, 24/7. this is castro-like. >> reporter: other presidents have faced similar charges, cluding lyndon johnson, grappling with the vietnam war. >> i can remember myself, when he opened almost every address saying, i come to you tonight with a heavy heart. after a while, people got tired of it. >> reporter: while president obama has given roughly the same number of official addresses as george w. bush and bill clinton, he has sat down for 124 interviews.
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his predecessor at this same point,ed a given 40. >> they have a shortage of surrogates who can speak for the president on health care and her issues. >> reporter: michelle obama and vice president joe biden are starting to do more heavy lifting. but they won't replace barack obama on center stage. >> this white house has just decided that in obama's first year, he must accomplish health care. they have no choice but to go all out. and that's exactly wt they're doing. >> reporter: the president has said, he has to get health care reform right. and he still thinks he can get a bill passed by the end of the year. if he succeeds, he's likely to get most of the glory. if he fails, most of the blame. bill? >> okay. rachel martin. one more reminder, if you check out one of those interviews, george stephanopoulos will have it right here on "this week," tomorrow. bill, to northern california, where police are using high-tech equipment to comb the house and yard of phillip garro. he stands accused of kidnapping and abusing jaycee dugard for 18 years. authorities also believe he was
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behind a series of grisly murders. the search is yielding clues. brian rooney has more. >> reporter: investigators say they might digging monday, in a specific patch of phillip garrido's yard, after it attracted cadaver dogs and something showed on this ground-penetrating radar. >> we did learn there was an anomaly noted in the same general area where the cadaver dogs hit yesterday. >> reporter: crews continued knocking down sheds and pulling up concrete slabs. in the process, they found another piece of bone. >> it was in a different location than the bone located on that property earlier in the week. and it's too early to even begin to guess what kind of bone that might be, human or animal. >> reporter: somewhere here, jaycee dugard was held captive for 18 years. investigators are now tearing this place apart, looking for clues to the disappearances of 9-year-old michaela garrity in 19 8, and 13-year-old ilene
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misheloff in 1989, whose kidnappings had similarities to do that dugard. garrido's property is the focus of attention. but also the neighboring property. the clearing of both properties has exposed a gray shed in the yard, with bars over the window. but the attention might turn to the spot where the radar found a ground disturbance. >> if it's dug and soil thrown back in, that creates a surface where there's a difference. a difference in density. it's going to see that. >> reporter: it could mean something was buried there. but he cautions, it could be nothing more than tree roots. for "good morning america," brian rooney, antioch, california. san francisco could soon become the first city to fight obesity with a tax on soda. it's a controversial idea that's been tried before. has the strong backing of the public health community. but does it work? here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: the mayor of san
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francisco calls it the new tobacco. and new york city is going after pop with the same shocking ads it used to go after cigarettes. all this for a can of soda? >> people don't have an understanding of how bad soda is. >> reporter: a new study found a link between soda and obesity in california. researchers say adults who drink one soft drink a day, are 27% more likely to be obese than those who don't. and 41% of children and 62% of teens drink at least one soda every day. the idea is to tax soft drinks, energy drinks, and sugar-filled juices. but not diet drinks. battle obesity and generate billions of dollars for health care improvements. >> a tax can be applied to a lot of things. but soda pop is the most appropriate because it's the one food or beverage that's been demonstrated in scientific studies to promote weight gain and obesity. >> reporter: the governor of new york proposed an 18% tax
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earlier this year. the state's health commissioner put up his own youtube video, vilifying soda. >> drinking three extra cans of soda a week, means that over the course of a year, we take in about 13 more pounds of straight sugar. >> reporter: the bovrj industry fought back, ultimately killing the new york proposal. and they're fighting back again, with new ads. >> they say it's only pennies. those pennies add up when you try to feed a family. >> reporter: the effectiveness of such ads -- it would take a 1,200% tax on soda to decrease obesity. and some are leery of putting a surcharge on soda. >> if most people really need to lose weight, they will. tax other things. but leave our soda alone. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linsey davis, new york. joining me now is susan mealy. she's president and ceo of the american beverage association. that's a group that represents good morning to you.
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>> good morning. >> lindsey mentioned this. a 20-ounce soda, right here, contains 17 teaspoons of sugar. that entire glass of sugar there. if you were to drink one soda a day over the course of a year, you're going to consume 39 pounds of sugar, which is these containers next to me. that's how much you get in a year. that's an incredible amount of sugar, susan. can we agree on one thing to start? that's unhealthy. >> i think your point is we have to watch our calories. all beverage consumption, is about 5% of our calories. we're getting calories from 95% of other foods a and beverages. we need balance. that's what i tell my kids. we have to watch our calories and get exercises. >> a group of doctors put a report in "the new engla journal of medicine."
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saying one cent per ounce. that means this soda would cost 20 more cents. what's wrong with that idea of using that money to help with anti-obesity campaigns? health care campaigns? children -- child nutrition campaigns? what's wrong with that idea? >> well, obesity is a serious problem. we need to tackle it. but look at the two states in the country that have a similar tax. they have among the highest obesity rates in the country. the tax will not work as a means to solve obesity. source of revenue, it's not going to work. the tax writers in congress have also looked at various ways they can pay for health reform, another important goal. and they said no to a tax on sugared beverages. >> you mentioned arkansas and missouri, the two states that have the tax firmly right now. >> arkansas and west virginia, actually. >> arkansas' had their tax since 1994. they've raised about $40 million a year, which all goes towards
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medicaid in that state. insurance for people with less income. what's wrong with that? they're using that $40 million to help others? >> well, those are very important programs. but there's lots of sources of revenue. and i don't think the people want this one. as the man said in the preinterview. the voters overturned it in maine in a ballot initiative last november. the people of new york spoke up. the governor said i have heard you. and i'm withdrawing the proposal. you have to talk to the people. >> we did talk to the people. and one woman in the piece said, i would buy soda no matter what it costs. i think there's a lot of people that will still buy it. are you worried about sales? is that what this is all about? >> we're worried about doing something that's meaningful. we need to tackle obesity. the beverage industry has taken the steps in schools to replace them with no-calorie beverages or those with small portion sizes.
7:18 am
that kind of education effort for our kids is going to make a difference, not a tax on one product. >> susan neely. thanks so much for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> bill? we turn to an incredible survival story. a woman who colorado who managed for a week to survive, trapped in the wilderness alone. she said her family gave her the will to keep fighting. this is really something. >> reporter: an amazing tale. cynthia hoover was driving home in colorado last week, when she swerved to avoid a herd of deer. her car went shooting off the roroad. anlanded upside down. she was badly injured and all alone. cynthia hover found herself among the twisted mass of wreckage, with 11 broken ribs, broken vertebrae, a punctured lung, and stranded in the middle of the wilderness, with no help in sight. for five days, she was alone, braving the rain, high temperatures, and dehydration.
7:19 am
>> she was scared most of the time because at night, when she was out there, she could hear the wild animals. but what really kept her motivated was her family. she kept having these thoughts of, i'm going to die here alone. but i've got to fight for my kids. and my family. >> reporter: using a golf club to help her move, hoover crawled barefoot, about 300 feet to a mining operation, where she faintly cried out for help. >> i couldn't understand why someone sitting there was calling for help. as i got closer, there was something wrong. >> my first suspicion, since the bruises were so purple and her face was wickedly beaten, i thought she was beaten and left off the road. >> reporter: within half an hour, she was rescued by helicopter and is in fair condition. her family isn't surprised she survived. >> she is very determined. >> she's a strong woman. and she showed that very well. makes you appreciate my mom. appreciate life.
7:20 am
she is lucky to survive the car wreck, let alone the five days in the wilderness. >> reporter: hoover's cries for help were heard by a small group touring that facility. it was the last tour of the day. if she would not have heard them, she wouldn't have been heard for another day, maybe longer, if she was still alive. >> my goodness. >> amazing, huh? >> she's in the hospital, now? but recovering. >> broken back. many broken ribs. >> we'll be right back. coming up on "good morning america" -- >> keeping insuricar in the black. tell me how that is possible? >> the insurance industry has long been mocked for having a cold-hearted approach toward the sickest patients. now, they want to cover everyone. why the change of heart? we'll explain. and picture-perfect. low-cost high-end video cameras that fit in the palm of your hand.
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>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. could saturday morning to you. our top story this morning -- a suburban baltimore neighborhood is drying out after a water main break drenched more than 100 homes. bulldozers work late last night pushing around massive amounts of mud and slush in dundalk, maryland. a 72-inch water main came apart friday evening.
7:28 am
we will take a look at the forecast with adam caskey. >> it is a perfect weekend. high pressure moves in behind a cold front. 53 degrees in arlington. there's a lot of sunshine. high temperatures today will be in the mid 70's. thank you (aouncer) what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy, came from an energy company. every day, chevron invests $62 million in people. in ideas. seeking, teaching, building.
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fueling growth around the world, to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron.
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♪ the ♪ the future's been longer ♪ ♪ in the palm of your hand what you're looking at here, is a split-screen. two, different cameras. one is our professional, pricey, real deal camera, in the studio, something like $40,000 or more. the other one, costs you less than $200. it's a flip camera, basically. >> can you tell the difference? should we revealwhich is which? cheap on the left. >> you can tell by the colors. other than that, darn. that's pretty good quality for under $200. yeah. we're going to show you the best of all of these cameras. good morning, america. i'm kate snow. >> and i'm bill weir. it's saturday, september 19th. moore's law, that everything gets cheaper and faster every two years. also, from t.e.a. parties and town hall screaming matches, there's a lot of angry disagreement when it comes to the health care reform debate. but there's one area of common
7:31 am
ground. eliminating pre-existing conditions from the way that insurance companies can discriminate against you. and if that's the one thing that changed, how would it work? would it be enough? we're going to take a look at that piece of legislation, coming up. and they say all good things come to an end. well, not if it's "the news you missed." you tried to kill it. you tried to send it on its way. but people wrote and said, we like "the news you missed." we changed it up. bill changed it up. new version. >> i had my pillow over its face. it was kicking. no. it's back. we don't want to give it away. >> gives us something to tease. let's go to ron claiborne. >> thank you very much. good morning, bill and kate. opposition protesters took to the streets of iran for the first major demonstrations in two month, as police used tear gas and batons to keep them away from government organized rallies. >> reporter: what began as a
7:32 am
planned protest, in solidarity with the palestinians and against iran's foe, israel, were iranian president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, said the holocaust was a lie, quickly turned into this. opposition supporters on the streets of tehran, hijacking the event to voice their anger. they say the elections were stolen by ahmadinejad. wearing green, the color symbolizing their movement, and shouting the names of their leaders, including miles an hour hussein mousavi. clashes broke out. this cell phone video shows police using tear gas to break up the crowd. even though protests against the iranian regime were banned, with police using brutal force, including beatings and arrests to stop them, the defiance of opposition groups on friday shows they will not be silenced.
7:33 am
and so, the question remains. with so many disputing elections in iran, can the government continue to ignore their cries? for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. and in other news, the federal reserve wants to oversee the pay of banking executives. o proposed plan would give the fed power to reject compensation plans. and 42 states lost zblobs august. the biggest losses in texas, michigan, georgia and ohio. 14 states plus washington, d.c., have unemployment rates of at least 10%. and in maryland, work crews are cleaning up after a water main break near baltimore. the water was waist-deep in some places. and even covered some cars. power was knocked out to about 1,000 homes. finally, a woman from alabama will pay more than $63,000 to have dinner with former alaska governor sarah palin. the defense contractor, kathy maples, was the highest bidder
7:34 am
an ebay action to benefit a charity for wounded veterans. that's a quick look at the headlines. now, to marysol with the weather. >> it's a change of seasons. ask the folks in the upper great lakes. frost advisories and freeze warnings. a fantastic start to air saturday. mid 60's in the area. there is a lot of sunshin & thanks so much. this weather report has been brought to you by the national association of realtors. bill? >> okay, marysol. well, when a president is yelled at by a member of congress, when thousands of people march to protest his ideas, it is easy to lose sight of the common ground. this morning, we take a look at the one thing everybody wants out of reform.
7:35 am
but is it enough to heal america's system, ranked 37th in the world in health care? >> under this plan, it would be against the law for insurance companies to deny you corage because of a pre-existing condition. >> reporter: will you look at that? a standing "o" from both sides of the aisle. and the most powerful lobbyist in the health insurance business. >> we are strongly for eliminating pre-existing conditions, so no american ever again has to worry about being locked out of the health care system. >> reporter: whoa. wait a minute. >> denied? >> reporter: isn't this the industry that make mrs. profit by denying coverage. >> you authorized payment on the worker policy? >> reporter: an industry mocked for its cold heart in movies like "the incredibles." >> tell me how you're keeping insuricare in the black. tell me how that's possible with you writing checks to every sob story that gives you a phone
7:36 am
call? >> reporter: auto insurance companies don't want to cover drunk drivers. and home insurers don't want to cover burning houses. why would a health insurance company suddenly want to cover someone like megan edellstein. >> i'm not a good investment. >> reporter: at being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 38, this law student needed chemo and 12 surgeries. in the middle of it all, her insurance company cut her off. >> she said i had cancer for a long time. and that i was aware that i had cancer. >> reporter: so, why the change of heart now? well, politically, the industry sees that ovation and knows that this change is tough to fight. and as long as the government forces everyone to buy coverage, it will be good for business. here's how. let's say i start an insurance company. i'll call it weircare. and i'll take on one customer, named kate. and charge her, say, 5,000 bucks a year, to assume the risk that she might get run over by a
7:37 am
horse and carriage in central park. if she does, heaven forbid, and runs up a hospital bill, weircare goes broke. but if i have 1 million customers, i can take a buck from each and pay for kate.. this is called spreading the risk. and the industry is happy to take on sick customers like megan, as well as the government gives them milons of heaealthy customers, as well. >> what we do by having everybody participate, you spread across the entire pool of individuals. >> reporter: but doesn't that mean that everyone's premiums will go up? good question. you see, one reason that health care is so expensive now, is that the uninsured are forced to make expensive trips to the emergency room. >> those patients often times don't have the money to pay the physician for services. now, they'd be able to visit a local physician, that would provide them ongoing health care coverage. >> reporter: this could lower costs. along with the insurance industry's new motivation to help americans lead healthier lives.
7:38 am
>> you have a food movement in this country to get us off processed food. and get us to eat fresh food, home-cooked. this industry needs a powerful ally, like the health care industry, to make big changes. >> reporter: but aside from hoping that blue cross will lean on berger king, much more needs to be done to bring health care costs down. so, who do you trust to do it? insurance companies that have raised premiums three-times faster than wages? >> now, weave to have the rest of the health care system, working together to find those efficiencies. >> reporter: or a government that's failed at health care reform for decades? >> an additional step we can take to keep insurance honest, is to make a not-for-profit, public option available, in the insurance exchange. >> reporter: while the debate rages, people like megan wait and hope. >> i try to make it with as positive an attitude as i can. i have no choice.
7:39 am
i cannot pay those bills. >> whatever happens, she has a long wait ahead of her. most of the bills on the hill would not provide health insurance for everyone, until 2013. insurance for everyone, until 2013. we'l and freedom of the outdoors for your indoor cat. specially formulated to promote hairball control... and healthy weight. friskies indoor wet cat food. feed the senses. friskies indoor wet cat food. turn modern makeup sand skin care that women love into extra income.
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does anybody remember the big vhs cameras way back? and you lugged them around on your shoulder. we've come a long way since then. cameras today can be packed inside mp3 playersnd cell phones. they're so small, they fit in your hands. do we need to buy a home video camera anymore? what's the right one for you? becky worley has the answers. and she joins us, via skype, this morning. hello, becky. >> good morning, kate. >> by video camera. is there a difference? we've been debating this all morning? is there a difference between a $100 camera and a $1,000 camera? >> there is a difference. but only in certain situations. for some situations, there's very little difference. i took simultaneous videos with one of these little sub-200 flip cameras. and with a $1,300 camera. and i'm hard-pressed to tell the
7:43 am
difference. the quality of the video is very good. colors are rich and vibrant. and it handles motion well. this is technology that has come a long way. and we, the consumer are benefitting. >> i thought the expensive one didn't look as good as the cheap one there. all right. walk us through some of these. for most of us, we're just trying to capture the family. take some home video. what's the best idea? >> you know, these little flip mino cameras are amazing. they're so simple. you push the red button and it starts recording. what's even better is, you do that, and you plug the usb connector right into your computer. it's that easy to share. now, what's great about these cameras, and now, the kodak also, which is very similar. similar price point. it has a few extra features. bigger screen. it has a microphone input, which is great. but they're so simple, anyone can use them. and anyone does. i have a big girl camera, a $1,300 camera. and these.
7:44 am
we use these for 95% of everything. >> they fit in your purse. i took the kodak one home last night and shot video of my kids. super easy. you could hear them. and it looked pretty clear. that's pretty good quality. >> that's the thing. the best videos are the ones where you actually capture real moments. not 10% better quality. >> that's my daughter trying to dance, by the way. there she goes. what about capturing the moments when you don't have a camera on-hand. and you wish you did. and you go, oh, i forgot the video camera? >> next time you buy a cell phone or look in the cell phone you have, for the video capabilities here. the quality of the sensors, the optics, has gotten much better. and sharing couldn't be easier. we're talking about e-mailing it to yourself. or sending it up to the web and getting a link. it's easy on a camera. you shot with the motorola from verizon. what did you think? >> i liked it. i found it -- i don't know. i don't want to say anything bad. it was a little clunky for me
7:45 am
because i'm not good at the buttons. it wasn't the easiest to use. but the video was pretty good quality. >> the other alternative, is the new ipod nano has a camera built into it. it's a tiny lens. and the video's pretty good. on the go jogging, and you might find a nature moment you like. this is an alternative for on the go. >> were you shooting that yourself, becky? thanks so much. becky worley, always great advice. appreciate it. you can find it on our website, coming up on "good morning america," a $200 zucchini and coming up on "good morning america," a $200 zucchini and the town i want new skin. i want what avon' got. introducing anw reversalist. it tells cel to make new skin faster... my skin doesn't just look new. so wrinkles fade quickly./ it is new. reversalist does it. and only avon has it. now you can have it. anew reversalist. with a love it or eturn it guarantee. call 1-800-for-avon or go to
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i tried to kill it. you protested.
7:49 am
here you go. it's the reincarnated "news you missed." we begin with extremely local news. the people-new harmony, indiana, needed $20,000 to fix their town clock. and enter, sally roth. >> i thought what can i do 20 help? i'm a gardener. i can grow a giant zucchini. >> there it is. sally's famous gourd sold. it's nice to see americans pull together. >> i'll grow a giant zucchini. >> thank you. from the criminal mastermind file, lisa newsome was busted in atlanta this week, after boosting a case of beer from the convenience store. the surveillance tape shows us her method. she uses the la ma's method. that's putting the 20-pound case between her thighs. that's how our crew settles disputes most mornings here. >> i have $20 on scottie.
7:50 am
>> find a way to open that now. imagine australian eric ratzu's surprise, in a recent ret room visit, when he discovered a nine-foot python living in his toilet. it took a snake wrangler four tries to get it out there. >> snakes in a potty. >> fellas, next time you forget to put the seat down, there's your defense. you're saving that lady from reptilian attack. south carolina's loni holloway lived a full life. and he wanted to be buried with his guns in the front seat of his 1973 pontiac catalina. there he goes. may he rest in peace. what would you be buried with, mary? >> the reptile in the toilet. i have no idea. in modern dating news, a oregonian named harley cries out on craigslist, single male, looking for a wonderful girlfriend and share a family, to share his toys with. well written, except that harley
7:51 am
is a chihuahua. his owner, mike, the cyrano to harley's christian. >> they would do a lot of playing in the yard and running. >> he describes a date with make. >> and a giant zucchini. >> set him up with sally. and deep tweets. soulful musics posted by celebrities on twitt. don't look where you fell but where you slipped. that's an african prove verb, by ryan seacrest. had my nightly cup of tea. and now, it's time to go in dream land. tweeted miley cyrus. i hope i'm dating peter pan again. that's my favorite dream. >> doesn't she work for does sni? >> all you fan boys crushing for miley, get the green tights on when you go see her. never hurts. there you go. you asked for it. and you got it. it's "the news you missed." >> i like it. it's "the news you missed." >> i like it. >> it's back.
7:52 am
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all right. out of show.
7:56 am
>> we're out of time. >> we have a little more time. >> 15 seconds to tell you should watch tomorrow. george's interview will air tomorrow. we'll have more of that. >> yep, we will. and other stuff. probably a "weekend window." >> yeah. autumn is in two days. >> >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. your time is 7:56. a pro basketball player was arrested this week after being caught with a load of weapons. cleveland guard delonte west was pulled over for cutting off a police cruiser on the beltway in largo. he was arrested when the officer realized he was heavily armed and carrying at least three guns. he has been charged with a traffic violation and two gun charges.
7:57 am
further charges are pending. baltimore neighborhood is drying out and cleaning up after a mass of water main break flooded the neighborhood and left 100 homes under water. rescue boats were called in to say people stuck in waist high water. the maryland governor's office says the state emergency management office will assist in the cleanup. let's go over to adam caskey for the weather. >> it is perfect outside today. high pressure is moving in behind the cold front. a clear and comfortable and try -- and friday. mostly sunny over the district now and 53 degrees. the dry air in place will allow temperatures to drop further tonight and tomorrow morning. our four guests today calls for nearly total sunshine on saturday.
7:58 am
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