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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  October 2, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it will bring us increased chances for some showers, even an isolated thundershowers. partly sunny mitterrand's this afternoon. breezy conditions. -- partly sunny later this afternoon. we could see when a gusee wind o 43 30 miles an hour. >> we have a little bit of volume. this is traffic in springfield. 66 has a brief delay in centreville. grade on route 4, route 5. nothing between annapolis and the beltway. grade at the american legion bridge on both sides of 495. it is running relatively
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smoothly. newschopper 7 will be a loft in just a little while. >> thank you. 6:01. the commander in ief has touched down in denmark. >> he has made his pitch for the olympic games to come to chicago. will the extra personal touch help? diana alvear is live in chicago with details. >> good morning. it may be white and chilly here, but all faults are on summer and bring the 2016 games here to chicago. everyone is saying yes, we can. president obama and the rest of the chicago 2016 delegation pulled out all the stops. >> i, as a faithful representative of the american people. we look forward to welcoming of the world to the shores of lake michigan and the heartland of
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our nation in 2016. >> my dad was my hero. when i think of what these games can mean to people all over the world, i think about people like my dad. >> the president, the first lay, even oprah winfrey are using their star power to bring the games to their beloved hometown. >> ♪ sweet home chicago >> it is the right vote, according to one member they are targeting. >> the swimming pools and vendues should be fine. we might want to check on transport in some of these cities. >> amid all of that olympic brotherhood has been the share of pickering. there was a formal protest against richard daley, angry over remarks that they felt
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criticized the rio de janeiro. even in the windy city, not everyone is feeling the olympic spirit. protesters are concerned the billions spent on the game should go to basic needs and balancing the city budg. the focus in copenhagen was firmly on the future. chicago's visions of olympic gold just hours with possibly becoming reality. despite the weather, things here in chicago are heating up. organizers are expecting thousands to hear the announcement live. we're live in chicago. >> thank you. developing details overseas. relief supplies are arriving in the south pacific. one estimate puts the death toll from powerful earthquakes at 1100. rescuers found a teenager alive in the rubble this morning.
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thousands more remain missing. military vehicles are bringing food, water, and medicine to the samoan islands. the death toll is now at 169. the senate voted down a request to hear from the top commander in afghanistan until after president obama has decided on a war strategy. democrats rejected a call by john mccain to force stanley mcchrystal to testify before congress by mid december. mcchrystal has said the war will fail without more troops. police are investigating a deadly shooting at about 9:30 last by. this was on walker mill road in district heights. fairmoa man was found with a gut wound. he later died. the victim of a high school
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being caught on tape will meet with the 16- and 18-year-old sister's charged with assaulting her at kennedy high school. the attack was posted on facebook. concerned parents and students met with the principle. >> i do not think it is a reflection of kennedy been a bad school. >> i think it was uncalled for. i just want to know why they did it. >> the principal said the school is working with police to review their safety measures. jim graham is at the center of a growing controversy. matt brock is live with what so voters are calling for his resignation. >> some are calling for its resignation because they say he is not being forthright on what he knows about this scandal and
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what he knows about his own chief of staff. since his chief of staff was arrested, jim graham says he knew nothing about on ethical conduct regarding ted loza. >> i am not a person of interest. >> court records show over the last few years, graham received a complaint that loza physically beat his girlfriend. graham was aware vapid loza was in a bar fight. graham has denied any knowledge about financial troubles. an e-mail says that graham paid loza so his former girlfriend could have an abortion. he loaned him $1,000 and cosigned loza's mortgage. >> it was a loan which he paid back in 30 days. >> now his constituents are
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feeling deceived. >> i would like to think he did not have knowledge of it. >> so it is not clear yet as to what mr. graham will do with the responses for his resignation. he did say he wants his constituents to be patient and that more information is likely forthcoming. he does not have anything to do with the bribery scandal. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. big behind-the-scenes drama that"the late show." there is an investigation involving david letterman. key technologies yesterday that he had sexual relationships -- he acknowledged yesterday that he had sexual relationships with female employees.
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>> i have had sex with women who work for me on this show. would it be embarrassing if it were made public? perhaps it would. especially for the women. >> cbs said the employee who has been charged worked on the show "48 hours" and has been susnded. letterman has been married since march. 6 clock dates,ut 55 degrees. >> when we return, stopping the spread of swine flu. " we do not wt to create a sense of panic. >> health officials have a new warning for pregnant women. >> it is friday and we are gearing up for the weekend. what can we expect in terms of showers? a look of the forecast coming up next. my name is quinn, and this is my eggo.
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on fridays, i have hockey before school, so i take two eggo homestyle waffles and put peanut butter inside. i add a couple chocolate chips when dad's starting the car.
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there's only one way to eat an eggo -- your way. l'eggo my eggo. good morning. welcome to beautiful germantown. on october 3 at ridge road park, welcome to oktoberfests. >> the boarding, washington. a good friday it is. -- good morning, washington. >> a warm front will bring warmer temperatures later this afternoon. but the storm scan and you can see what is going on. there is a frontal system off to the west of us.
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it will affect our weather tonight and tomorrow. we could hear some rumbles of thunder. here are temperatures across the area. mostly in the 50's. 55 degrees in downtown d.c. this morning. skies will turn sunday. wind gustss up to 30 miles an hour. daytime highs up to 77 degrees. we have a bit of a cooldown on the way. >> we have a slow down along 270. they are looking for a crash. it was reported south of 370. look at this back up after 370 on 270. they are trying to figure out where that crash is. things are changing out of
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germantown to get into gaithersburg. this is newschopper 7. see the big lollipop on the right side? that is the potomac mills sign. northbound 95 with the standard backup to get up to springfield. this is the beltway. plenty of traffic. lanes are open up to the pentagon. >> thank you. 6:13, up 55 degrees. >> wall street and main street are bracing for the latest unemployment reports. some experts say we could hit double digits. >> quality not quantity. the latest on the president's pitch for the olympic games. the latest on the president's pitch for the olympic games. what kind of person writes a thesis calling working women "detrimental to the family..." then lies about his opponent to cover up his own record? the post said bob mcdonnell took office and began passing his social agenda...
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and the post confirmed that he voted to deny access to birth control. they said mcdonnell even opposed equal pay for women. no matter what his ads say, bob mcdonnell can't cover up his record. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic.
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this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back. president obama and michelle obama urged olympic leaders in denmark to choose chicago for the 2016 summer games. officials are now hearing from the other contenders, how are you de janeiro, tokyo, and madrid. >> a stern warning to iran. the country has two weeks to let inspectors into it recently revealed nuclear plant or face more pressure. more talks are scheduled for later this month. >> elizabeth smart said she was raped repeatedly each day after she was abducted from her bedroom seven years ago. she is testifying for the first time about the 2002 kidnapping as part of a hearing to
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determine if for alleged abductor is competent to stand trial. the swine flu vaccine is expected to reach the public next week >> the first doses will be in the form of a nasal spray. pregnant women will receive an injection. >> through late august, we can report that about 100 women in the united states have required intensive care unit hospitalizations for h1n1 flu. >> 28 pregnant woman in the u.s. have died from the swine flu. health care workers also top the priority list for getting the vaccine. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we want to check in with steve rudin. >> not so bad out there. there is a straight shower or
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two. mostly cloudy skies this morning. only about a 20% chance to see a shower. temperatures in the mid 50's. the sunrise this morning at 7:05. the degrees in martinsburg. 52 in gaithersburg. satellite and raider shows the front off to the west -- satellite and radar shows the front off to the west. the wind will begin to pick up. wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour. there is a cold front off to the west. it will approach our area tomorrow. it will keep showers in the forecast. we have a taste of bethesda. we could be looking at showers during the afternoon hours.
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temperatures still nice, mid 70's for daytime highs. 72- degrees. winds out of the south. temperatures will fall to the mid 50's. mostly cloudy skies. chance for an afternoon thundershor. winds out of the south at 5 to 10 miles an hour. now back to the news desk. >> thank you. unemployment is expected to jump in september. >> stocks hope for a rebound. jeremy hubbard has the numbers. >> the labor department releases its monthly unemployment report. analysts expect about 175,000 more jobs disappeared last month. the economy is growing. employers are finding ways to do
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the same work with fewer people. stocks could be lower this morning. there was a drop of over 200 points yesterday. all the major indexes lost between 2% and 3%. the recovery will be slow. home sales rose in august. first-time buyers are driving the trend, rushing to take advantage of a program that expires in november. it was the biggest jump in nearly 16 years. americans have cut back on their energy use. prices have been pushed down. that is produced for consumers. the credit meltdown is still taking victims. cit is trying to stave off bankruptcy. the company may have to file
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for chapter 11. parents will be looking for bargains. toy sales are expected to fall 1% this year. expect to see fewer high-tech choices. one toy flying off the shelf squeaks and moves around for under $10. coming upon "good morning america," what is behind it possible delay in the delivery of the swine flu vaccine. 6:20. 55 degrees. >> searching for the origins of mankind. scientists make a shocking new discovery. >> one of oprah's favorit family stories.
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welcome back. metro riders can expect delays over the weekend because of maintenance work. on the red line, work is being done do the medical center. on the orange line, work is eing done near the stadium armory stations. sunday, metro will bopening at 6:00 a.m. for the army 10-miler race. researchers have presented a
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partial female skelton of a skelton that is 1 million years older and the famous lucy. ned potter has more. >> this 4 million-year-old find changes are picture of evolution. they call aarte and have assembled the bones into this female skelton. they think she may have looked like this. >> if you would ask what someone looked like, they would probably say that it would look like a chimpanzee. those conclusions are incorrect. >> many of those features are different from chimpanzees. there may have been inedible 2 million years before arte.
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>> not only has the human line been moving, but for the same 7 million years, the chimpanzees have been evolving. >> they believe she walked upright. her feet were like a ch imp's. she could easily climb trees. we have found our roots. they're different from what we thought. ned potter, abc news. 6:25. there is still another half-hour of "good morning washington." >> the fight for gay marriage in the capital. there could be a bill by next week. >> david letterman admits to having affairs with staffers. we will have more on why he made the shocking announcement on his show. >> a few scattered showers
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mainly to the north of the city
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. it is just about 6:30 of this friday morning. thank you so much for joining
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us. welcome back. >> your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. it is friday. we like to hear 75 and sunny. >> i wish, i wish. tomorrow is taste of bethesda. i will be there. you might need an umbrella. it will not be a total washout. look at the storm scan. a warm front will slip across the area. temperatures will rebound nicely into the mid 70's. off to the west, we're watching a cold front. if it looks like it will hit us tomorrow night. mostly cloudy skies this morning with a stray showers. temperatures in the 50's. breezy conditions at this afternoon. we could see wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour. scattered showers tomorrow,
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mostly cloudy. lisa baden, things kept really busy for you. >> they did. a motorcyclist is down on 270 before 370. non life-threatening injuries, i am told. delays begin before father hurley boulevard. take me to newschopper 7 on the other side of town, we seek 95 northbound leaving the harbor. it is good through dumfries. delays formic at the prince william parkway and into lorton. now to alison and julie. >> thank you. david letterman has spent years keeping his personal life out of the spotlight. >> that changed last night. he announced he was blackmailed into admitting of paris
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with staff members. >> letterman made this announcement during a taping of his show. the audience seemed confused on whether to laugh or just listen. he said the black male was a bizarre situation. -- he said the blackmail was a bizarre situation. >> there seems debate a lot of terrible stuff he knows about. he is going to put it into a movie unless i give him some money. >> pay the moy, letterman was told, or the sexual relationships will be made public. >> i have had sex with women who worked for me on this show. would be embarrassing if it were made public? perhaps it would. especially for the women. >> it is not the first time he
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is tried to diffuse painful situations with humor. he talked about a kidnapping situation this way. >> we were involved in some legal activity. i feel like i need to protect these people, my family, myself. i hope protect my job. >> he says the man threatened to write a screenplay and a book unless he was given money. letterman gave the man at a phony $2 million check. cbs released a statement that the alleged blackmailer is an employer of one of its own shows and was arrested by police and suspended by cbs. >> thank you. next week, d.c. will take another step toward legalizing gay marriage. the bill will be introduced on tuesday.
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it has the support of mayor adrian fenty and the majority of the city council. a public hearing will be scheduled in the pot -- in the coming months. police need help finding a 10-year-old boy from germantown. he was last seen at roberta clementi middle school at about 11:30 yesterday morning. he was wearing a black penguins t-shirt. if you recognize the boy, contact police. authorities are searching for a man who allegedly embezzled more than $65,000. the national children's alliance is based in northeast. the chief financial officer, marvin perry, was indicted for stealing the money. sources tell us he disappeared and is on the run. d.c. leaders hope to have students and staff vaccinated
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for the swine flu next month. health care workers will be the first to get the vaccine. schools and recreation centers will serve as mass vaccination centers. the vaccination is scheduled to arrive in a few days. hospitals are tightening restrictions on visitors. inova health system is banning the visitors under the age of 18. children and teenagers are more susceptible to flu and to infection. only two people will be allowed to visit a patient at a time. president obama is pressing lawmakers for a late-night session on health care reform. they worked until 2:00 in the morning, revising their version of the bill. senators voted to reduce the penalty for not having
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insurance. a final committee vote will happen next week. "the washington post is out with new figures on campaign spending. bob mcdonnell is outspending creigh deeds nearly two to one on tv ads. they began spending $1.7 million on tv ads in the d.c. market. these ads are attacking creigh deeds for his willingness to raise taxes. investors are watching distressed banks. >> linda bell has the latest business headlines. >> investors want to watch a system at a national bank. they appear on a list of 26 banks that are currently on able to collect on and least some of
6:36 am
their loans. it is more than five times the national average. take a look at stock index futures, indicating a lower en. the jobs report comes out at 8:30 this morning. the nation's social security program is facing new pressure spurred is spokesperson said applications for benefits have jumped almost 50% this year. people reduced early benefits as a safety net. there could be a bigger strain. a study says more than half of the children born today will live for 100 years, thanks to better treatment of heart disease. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. back over to you. have a great weekend. >> thank you. 6:37 is your time. >> when we continue, helping
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around the house could help you find a soul mate. >> i think men should do laundry, too. >> we will explain to relationship between marriage and those daily chores. >> i am matt brock. ihop the latest on the d.c. council bribery scandal. >> lisa baden will have more on these big backups along 270 near clopper road. a motorcycle crash happened. clopper road. a motorcycle crash happened.
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a very good friday morning to you. we are watching it warm front that will move across the area. it could give us an isolated shower. nothing that will amount to a lot. we have heavier thunderstorms off to the west. it will move through tonight and into tomorrow bringing us showers. temperatures at this hour for the most part holding in the mid 50's. we have 55 degrees in falls church. 58 degrees in downtown d.c. we will have partly sunny skies. windusts up to 30 miles an
6:41 am
hour. it pretty nice day ahead. here is lisa baden. >> busy right now on 270. a motorcyclist went do before 370 after clopper road. i believe everything is out of the roadway. this is the mixing bowl. 95 between 610 and the beltway. thread is traffic leaving the beltway to head up towards the pentagon. 29 into warrenton. there has been a crash before the eastern bypass, but before you would get into warrenton. all lanes ae black. does mr. murphy help with the chores arounthe house? >> no. he does not. he will say he mows the lawn and
6:42 am
takes out the trash. >> ok. maybe you should repeat this tonight. if guys are looking for a date, they might want to try the line, i can cook and i can clean. >> women are more willing to marry a guy if he will help out around the house. one resident said he doesn't always help his roommate with housework. he would be more helpful if he lived with a girlfriend. >> i would definitely do more work with a girlfriend. there are other factors involved. >> i think it should be equal. men should do laundry just as much as women do laundry. >> women who insist on sharing chores are often less desirable to men. >> is "insist" a nice way to say "nagging"?
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6:43 is your time. arch campbell has a check under weekend's best bets at the box office. >> david letterman's late-night sex just as we promise 100% fresh produce... and rancher's reserve beef, guaranteed tender 100% of the time. at safeway, we have a new promise. a commitment to thousands of new everyday low prices... with savings of up to 25%. so you can get what you want... when you want it. at the price you need. today... and tomorrow. that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back on this friday morning. 6:46. >> we start with the waiting game in denmark. in a few hours, we will find out
6:46 am
if chicago gets to host the 2016 olympic games. chicago is up against real addition narrow, tokyo, and madrid. >> the swine flu vaccine is expected to reach the public next week. it will be divided among 21 states and four largest cities by tuesday, with smaller shipments later in the weeks. >> david vitter and said he is that the point of an extortion -- david letterman said he is the victim of an extortion plot. he had to hand over $2 million. he set up a sting. the man was arrested. city council member jim graham is at the center of a growing controversy. >> some voters say it is time for him to go. matt brock has more. >> this is the result of his
6:47 am
chief of staff being oppressed. jim graham has not been arrested or charged with anything. since his chief of staff was arrested, jim graham said he knew nothing about the unethical conduct of ted loza. but now court raiders show over the past few years, graham received at least one complaint that loza physically beaten his girlfriend. graham was aware of that loza was in a bar fight. graham has said he does not know about the financial problems of loza. graham paid loza so that loza's could have an abortion. he cosigned loza's mortgage.
6:48 am
>> it was a loan which he paid back in 30 days. >> now his constituents are feeling deceived. >> we will have to see how this plays out. >> some are askg that jim graham tell more or resign. he, on the other hand, asked his constituents to be patient and said he will not resign, that he is not guilty of anything. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> steve rudin is in this morning with the latest on a weekend forecast that is sort of iffy. >> there is a lot going on this weekend. taste of bethesda. >> it starts at 11:00 a.m. >> all the julie parker fans,
6:49 am
come on out. as the errors were on, we will look for the warm front to move on through. bus stop forecast calls for temperatures in the 50's. here is a look at what's going on in terms of temperatures. 53 in leesburg. gaithersburg, 52. look at the temperatures out to the west. it is cold in denver. a cold front is pushing toward the mess. it will affect our weathercock into the daytime hours. a chance for some thunderstorms -- it will affect our whether into the daytime hours. wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour. temperatures will fall into the mid 50's. mostly cloudy with afternoon and thundershowers.
6:50 am
highs stoops 7 need degrees. temperatures will eventually warm. -- highs up to 77 degrees. here is an update on our rush- hour commute. >> are we rushing around? that would be a no. newschopper 7 is near little river turnpike to get up to 66. 270, delays from the scenic overlook to 80. a motorcycle crashed after clopper road has been moved out of the way. a serious crash out of warrenton to get into 66 -- everything open. standard delay in centreville and fair oaks. arch campbell is next. what is it to lead?
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at pnc, it's doing what most benefits our customers. whether that's building more certified green buildings than anyone on earth. creating online banking tools for the next generation. or making a 10 year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how we've always done business. and will for a very long time to come. pnc. leading the way. the choice in this election for governor is really pretty simple: do we move virginia forward by continuing the pro-business economic policies that i helped put in place... or do we go backwards with the failed economic approach that ruined our economy? creigh deeds knows keeping taxes low and controlling spending is the right way to keep virginia the best place to do business.
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and i agree. because rebuilding confidence in our economy starts with responsible leadership from a new governor like creigh deeds.
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good morning, washington. i am arch campbell with your weekend movie guide. >> these guys let themselves go. >> "zombieland"and woody harrelson place is strictly for laughs. ellen page discovers her inner roller derby power in "whip it."
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this is better than expected. three and a half stars. >> you are not in 3-d. a released to warm you up for next year's seco. michael moore takes on greed in "capitalism: a love story." here is a hint -- he is against it. these are the weekend's best bets. have been nice weekend, everybody. i am arch campbell, abc 7 news entertainment. here is a quick check on some of the stories to watch out for. kevin kelly will be sentence later today for shooting his estranged wife in a montgomery county church parking lot. >> mayor fenty will celebrate the grand opening of a new bicycle facility at deegan
6:55 am
station. >> joe biden will sort the georgetown capital breast cancer center. -- joe biden will tour the georgetown capital breast cancer center. very slow on 270 through germantown. there was an accident after clopper road. looking at 66 traffic. delays out of their legs and up to vienna with the lanes open. >> we are looking at a fairly nice and to our work week. partly sunny skies. a warm front will move through the area. saturday, a chance for showers, maybe even a thunderstorm. temperatures in the upper 7's. mid 70's on monday. chance for showers on tuesday.
6:56 am
-- temperatures in the upper 70's. hopefully the weather will cooperate tomorrow. you may need your umbrella. >> we will keep our fingers crossed. >> that does it for us. >> we hope you have a fantastic weekend.
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