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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 2, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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and to use less of it. it's time to put our differences aside. will you be part of the solution? chevron. human energy. teachers ousted, parents out raged. new at 11:00, the anchor turns violent. >> of the city of chicago has obtained the least number of votes and will not participate in the next round. >> chicago shocked. the different olympic city says that they can. the impact on the president. only on 7, a family reunion 36 years in the making. >> i am excited about it. >> a mystery sister leading to the homecoming. captioned by the
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national captioning institute we begin tonight with a firestorm of frustration and anger over the firings of more than 200 public school teachers. districtwide, 388 employees and 229 of them teachers received pink slips today. it is aimed at closing a $44 million budget gap. it led to violence and arrests. we're live outside d.c. school headquarters with reaction from the parent who was placed in handcuffs. >> we spoke with the parent shortly after she was released from police custody. a long, frustrating day for students, parents, and teachers. the frustration boiled over. >> it was a scene of chaos outside of mckinley high school friday. >> they were upset to see the teachers being escorted by the
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police. >> students and parents spilled out of this parking lot as cool was letting out. >> a lot of teachers are going through cuts, and i think it was very disrespectful. dodge the interaction between a group of people turned violent. this video shows one girl on the ground. >> their manhandling heard. police are sparing -- spraying mace. >> she found herself in the midst of it all. >> i get sprayed in my eye, and i can't see. i am like, yelling. >> not all schools have the same reaction to the layoffs. the teacher's union might file a lawsuit. >> there is no way you can remove the 266 teachers and not have an impact.
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>> a 17-year-old rl was arrested. >> why do you choose to do it at the time the children are out there? we do not expect them to have a reaction? look at the teachers. >> d.c. police are not commenting on what happened, only to say that a couple of people have been arrested on disorderly conduct charges. they're holding hearings on the layoffs later on this month. there will be a series of rallies. it will be as early as monday. in northeast washington, richard reid. >> it turns out this was not the only violence in d.c. schools today. the national guard was called in o provide security during the high school's football game. the decision came hours after they cancel their contract with hawthorn security. d.c. police will be filling the void until security companies
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can take over. major developments tonight around the scandal of the taxi drivers and chief of some staff -- and chief of staff for councilman jim graham. they can obtain licenses for cap companies. in addition, the fbi arrested three dozen others as part of the sting. after the arrest, he had no role in any potential wrongdoing. >> this is further evidence of the fact that whatever is going on here, i am not a target or the bject. >> the the chief of staff pleaded not guilty to charges that he promoted taxicab legislation in exchange for cash. president obama is suffering aolitical setback on an international stage. the -- and they awarded to --
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and they elected to award the olympic games to rio. they are talking about who is celebrating right here in the area. >> a moment after returning from what has to be a disappointing trip from copenhagen, president obama was gracious. he congratulated brazil of four earning the first olympics ever despite the loss that is coming with it. the president believes it was a worthwhile endeavor. >> the olympic committee's decision has left them absolutely stunned. >> we don't even know what to say. >> chicago was considered a front-runner, especially after president barack obama flew into the capital to help with the final bit presentation when his adopted city was ousted early. >> it was the strongest bid possible. i am proud that i was able to come in and help make that case
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in person. >> now that the high-profile lobbying crashed early and embarrassingly, critics are attacking the effort. >> the world rejected obama first. they believe this is a huge black eye for the white house. >> he is powerless in this situation. >> in brazil, impromptu carnival have erupted. it has been hard for the brazilian staff to stay focused. >> we made it, and we can do it. >> they could not help getting emotional this afternoon when his home town was finally picked. >> there were a lot of problems in my country. >> this was the first time a u.s. president ever personally pitched an american city. chicago leaders are feeling some heat after investing $48 million
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in a losing effort. chicago does not plan on bidding again in 2020. >> thank you, john. before the president returned to washington, he met with the man leading the war in afghanistan. he had a discussion with general mcchrystal. robert gibbs told reporters that the president agreed that the drawn-out review of the war is a helpful process. it back in our area, the temperatures are dropping. chief meteorologist the hillas on your side with a first look of what we can expect for tomorrow morning. >> is pretty good news from the weather center. >> we're going to be in good shape. it has been a comfortable night. temperatures slowly going through the 60's. let's tell you about what is
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happening on the weather right now with the forecast as we had through the next -- let's go to storms can. maybe does get a little brain cramp there it shows you a couple little lines of showers moving through the area. in between times, there will be sunshine tomorrow and warm temperatures. a possibility of showers, but generally not a bad weekend forecast. will get the timing of it in a couple of minutes. new questions surrounding the maryland senator and the money lankester her campaign. they're reporting that she placed a $42 million in earmarked grants into a defense spending bill. $10.5 million have gone the three companies that are contributors to her campaign. tonight, she says that the campaign contributions have made no impact on her decision.
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of virginia governor tim kane is facing fire from capitol hill because he has not spent federal stimulus highway money. house leaders are blasting him because virginia ranks last in the nation when it comes to spending their federal transportation funds. as of august, they had begun construction on projects totaling 17% of stimulus money it received. at last check, they were working on a response. we turn now to the battle for virginia's next governor. rob mcdonnell is fighting back against people who say he is too conservative. the response to a conservative pieces he wrote in graduate school. he adds that future women that worked for with him are denouncing a tax based on the paper as false and dishonest. they show mcdonnell leading in what has become a tight race.
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only on 7, a family reunion more than three decades in the making starts in the nation's heartland and ends in our area. an oklahoma man traveled to frederick's bird virginia to meet with his long-lost family. this is 36 years after he was given up for adoption. he credited facebook for helping him make the connection. michele cannot help but think back on her childhood wish. >> out of four girls, i please need a big brother. >> it turns out she had a big brother all along. he is her father's biological son and was adopted by another family, raised in texas. it wasn't until five years ago that she realized -- she found his wife on facebook. >> to find a family is just
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completely amazing. >> i made a connection to my biological sister. i probably would have never known. >> she flew from oklahoma to d.c., not quite sure what to expect. >> is a relationship that involved -- that evolves. -- evolved. >> there are three sisters that can shine some light on his family roots. >> we are headed to the beach, we are going to catch up and laugh. we have 30 something years to catch up on. >> he also plans to meet an uncle that helped organize this trip this weekend. coming up, michael jackson's children after his death. a judge is weighing in on their care. and the extortions dead -- scandal surrounding the david letterman.
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on your side. >> of the body of an elderly woman has been found after a fire at a georgetown home this afternoon. the flames broke out in northwest. the woman who is believed to be the homeowner was in her 80's and appeared to have lived alone. investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fire. it does not appear to be suspicious. a virginia tech student faces vandalism charges in connection with racial slurs and swastikas that were found on campus. police believe that samuel has been painting graffiti across campus since the middle of august. there are also references to a of hitler and the gunmen that killed 32 people on campus in 2007. a cbs employee is out on bail after being charged with trying to extort millions of
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dollars from david letterman. letterman broke the story himself. >> i have had sex with women who work for me on the show. now, my response to that is, yes i have. >> to the comedian admitted to being sexually involved with female co-workers. the veteran producer for the cbs show "48 hours" has pleaded not guilty. letterman married at regina this last march after dating here for 23 years. also tonight, a california judge sees no need to get future updates on michael jackson's children after recent report found that they are adjusting well to their grandmother's care. the pop star chose kathryn jackson to care for his children. a courthouse appointed her to the permanent guardian. the state has begun paying a
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$60,000 a month stipend for their care. hoping to get a little bit of your money, arch campbell shows us which ones are worth your time and cash. >> $10 billion probably won't fit here. >> michael more has treated some of the most watched documentary's in history. he is against it. america suffers is on the epidemic in zombie land. harry would it -- woody harrelson plays this strictly for laughs. and ellen page finds her in a roller derby power in a better than expected a coming-of-age story. 3.5 stars. it is the best bet along with inglourious basterds and d
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istrict 9. >> thank you so much. it will not only be a movie weekend. there'll be a couple of opportunities for showers and a rumble of thunder every now and then from morning to midday. let's make a few stops in northwest washington. 65 degrees right now. 65 degrees -- really close together with the temperatures. now let's check the live super doppler radar. we had a few batches of showers earlier that have moved north least -- northeast. meanwhile, there are few more that we he been watching. they're moving across western pennsylvania.
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the individual showers are moving northea along its. we have more coming out of illinois. there is a pattern over night in early afternoon ahead of a low pressure center. we have the segments or lines of showers. the warm temperatures -- we are thinking that by 2:00 or 3:00, dry air will push all that away. the weekend will turn out to be pretty nice after a while. 72 and 56 the high and low today at reagan international. 73 and 55 the averages. a bit cooler in gaithersburg. 69 degrees in bowie. there is a chill in the air. lots of chilly air across the canadian border. we're actually looking at very mild temperatures in the next few days around here. we will not just get a push of moisture, but we will divided into segments.
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-- divide it into segments. another cold front is developing, and all of it will swing through the area. as we get to the midday,the heaviest banding should be off to the east. eventually, the drier air will move and afternoon clearing. we will be good to go tomorrow afternoon and through the day on sunday. here is your express' forecast for saturday. a few showers here and there. bricks of sunshine that will be pretty nice for a while. we just may see a random shower or robert -- rumble of thunder. more sunshine through sunday and monday. tuesday, there'll be a few showers. another area of high pressure will give us some beautiful autumn weather as we had through wednesday, thursday, and friday. there could be some showers at times tomorrow and early
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enjoy more savings -- only with your giant card. tonight on nightline, her addictiono shopping lead over millions of dollars of credit- card debt. turning now to sports, a big game this weekend. >> not only for the redskins, but i have the latest. the national carrier of four- game winning streak. i will surely the outcome coming up next. i will surely the outcome coming up next. the choice in this election for governor is really pretty simple: do we move virginia forward by continuing the pro-business economic policies that i helped put in place... or do we go backwards with the failed economic approach that ruined our economy? creigh deeds knows keeping taxes low and controlling spending is the right way to keep virginia the best place to do business. and i agree. becausrebuilding confidence in our economy starts with responsible leadership
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from a new governor like creigh deeds.
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brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving forward. >> of the redskins have their game plan, they had rehearsed it, and they have gone through the mental adjustment, confident heading into sunday's game with the buccaneers. they do not know if clinton forest will be able to go. his muscle has not completely bounced back. he is not 100%. the availability will be a game time decision. >> he is a force. he loves to play. he gets himself ready to play. that is exactly what i am going to do. i also want to be smart in how we deal with it. >> you have to have him.
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the terrapins open the season tomorrow. ralph is excited about conference play. i think if we can eliminate the turnovers and the penalties, we will give ourselves a chance. even though we did not play as good as we wanted to play, i think we are right in it. it is amazing. >> friday night lights, he finds the amazon and scores from 5 yards out with just under a minute and a half to play. he goes on to win at 28-21. the on the washington nationals are trying to end the season with some momentum that will carry into next spring. they will have their fifth strght win. let's go back to atlanta. he home run in the second and this bond the deep right field in the corner. brian zimmerman is on his horse. the national's going to win it--- 6-3.
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the blue jays and the orioles, bottom of the sixth. he on loads with the bases loaded. two home runs. baltimore beat them 13-7. they have won two in a row. the 14 year-old florida and continues to impress the professionals at the lpga event in alabama. so much so that the reigning u.s. champion has a five way tie right now heading into the weekend. she is 10 under par. their future hall of famers like laura davies. remember the name alexis' thompson. she is only 14 years old. forbes magazine reports that tiger woods has become the first athlete to surpass $1 billion in his career earnings. the $10 million he won last sunday got him over the mark. fees and endorsements and bonuses all have contributed. tiger woods now over $1 billion.
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it's what you drop in. claritin eye works on your itchy allergy eyes in minutes and lasts up to 12 hours. new claritin eye. now you can see claritin clear. a few showers tomorrow? >> we can check the storms can right now. there are a few showers northeast of here. the line is weakening across pennsylvania. all of these relate to a cold front and a storm system that will have an effect on us. it will not be raining everywhere all the time. we will give you a look at the seven-day forecast. thank you so much for joining us. i thought it was crazy feeding in the fall.
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